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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall, Zach, Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee arrive back at Greenlee’s for a celebration. Josh visits Hannah in her office. Hannah lets Josh know that Tad married Krystal. Richie is already to go through with his plans to set Annie up for his murder when Babe shows up. Richie orders Babe not to ever come back there again. Richie gives Annie a letter to give to their father. In the midst of giving her the letter, Richie scratches Annie’s arm. Richie, once again, tries to go through with his plan to set Annie up for his murder when Richie’s doctor shows up. He gives Richie and Annie the good news that Richie could live a long life. This info gives Annie the opportunity to get away from Richie. Hannah goes home and begins to set up her plan to get rid of Kendall permanently. Hannah aims her gun on each and everyone in the room which consisted of Ryan, Greenlee, Zach, Aidan and Kendall. Ryan gets up and walks over to the window. He notices something brightly shining on the window. He looks around and sees that the light is coming from a gun. Ryan hurries to get Kendall out of the way just in time, but the bullet hits Ryan in the head.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Meg is anxious to share baby news with Craig, but he pulls away and is evasive about his feelings. Dusty goes to the police station and tries to get Margo to run interference for him and get him in to see Bob. Tom joins and tells him to stop making accusations, where’s the proof that his brother has done anything wrong, and to leave his family alone! Lily takes exception that Emily puts on a little show with Chris for her benefit. She calls her not only a home-wrecker, but a whore. Emily defends by saying she is happy with Chris, she doesn’t want Dusty and their one night was a mistake. Frustrated, Lily walks into a bar and allows herself to be picked up by Jay who gives her a pill to cheer her up. Holden finds her later back in her hotel room conked out. She has forgotten to pick up Faith. In the chaos, he forgets about his date with Bonnie.

Meg checks with nurse Jan about the drug, xyphorex, Craig is taking for his infection. Jan says it is a good thing she did not come in contact with it, she could have lost the baby. Emily bumps into Dusty and rails on him for blabbing all about New Year’s Eve to Lily. He admits she is not his girlfriend and he loves Emily and he wishes she would be more honest to herself about her feelings. She says he had no right to be so damn honest about her personal life. She later convinces Chris not to try to help Lily as she is too stressed and is blaming everybody for her breakup with Dusty. Meg tells Craig that she had another doctor’s appointment and a sonogram and the baby will be the spitting image of him. He panics, does not want the boy to be named after him, and leaves her standing in wonderment. It’s clear that he no longer wants this baby, but why? She calls Jan to get Eli’s number to ask him about possible DNA test mix-ups. Holden offers to bring Lily back to the farm and take care of her. She jumps at the chance, but has false hopes and finally declines. She calls Faith who has to be made to even talk to her, her mommy took a nap and forgot her! Snooping around, Dusty finds Dr. Bob’s coffee cup on the floor in his office and calls to have it analyzed. Meg calls Paul and leaves a message that she has news about the baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Brooke that Stephanie is pathetic. She won’t do it, she won’t walk away from Eric. She refuses to do this; to hurt Eric. It’s unfair, and she rails at Brooke for putting this choice on her. Felicia overhears Eric on the phone ordering flowers, making plans for Big Bear and assumes he is getting back with her mother. They argue that he loves her mother, but they can’t live together. The divorce is for the best. Stephanie surprises Stephen with a visit and outlines her plan to get Eric back and free Stephen from jail and get help for Storm. That way they will both get what they want. All Donna has to do is leave Eric, a man that Stephen already despises. That is her gift to him – his family.

Felicia is appalled that her dad is going to marry Donna. He’s disappointed in Felicia for her judgmental ways. He respects her choices, now she must respect his. She smarts that she will take care of her mother’s hurt feelings, it no longer is his concern. Stephanie justifies her position, she can give Stephen back his family. Brooke heaps on more guilt. If Donna stays with Eric, every night Donna goes to bed, she will know that her brother is in prison and she could have prevented it. Stephanie calls Brooke and wants a decision; one hour to say yes or she will be in Baker’s office just down the hall. Brooke pleads more with Donna, make the right decision.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle rejects Philip and Marlena’s insistence that she needs protection. Belle and Marlena both tell Philip to leave. Crystal demands a face-to-face meeting to answer Marlena’s questions but Marlena won’t tell Belle how she knows Crystal. Belle goes against Marlena’s wishes and calls Roman to check on Marlena. Someone approaches Marlena in the alley and she pulls her gun on them.

Will won’t take Sami’s call so Roman calls before handing the phone over to Sami. Sami is upset to hear that Will knew about Lucas’ crime all this time. EJ rushes to the police station to warn Lucas about Stefano but the cops won’t let him see Lucas. Kate arrives to visit Lucas and EJ has her check on Lucas for him. Lucas refuses Kate’s help. EJ assaults a cop to get himself arrested and recognizes Lucas’ cellmate as one of Stefano’s henchmen. Philip convinces Sami to go visit Lucas in jail. Stefano grows impatient at the lack of progress in punishing Lucas. Meanwhile, Stefano’s houseguest stops Rolf from giving him another injection.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric and Jerry clash when they both arrive at Alexis' home at nearly the same time; Ric to babysit for a few days while Alexis goes out of town for the award ceremony and Jerry to ask her help on a deal. Epiphany tries to hold it together after Stan is killed. Carly turns to Jason for help in stopping Michael from turning into a mini-me version of Sonny. Lulu tries to reassure and cheer up her dad. Jason agrees to help Epiphany find who killed her son. Diane has to escort Sonny out of New York before going on her trip to the awards dinner.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley is still not feeling well. Cyrus gets a phone call but no one answers. It appears to be Harley. Ashlee is still convincing Frank into arresting her. Meanwhile Doris, who doesn't know Ashlee was involved says she is getting to the bottom of it, that is until she sees Ashlee at the police station. Ashlee gives her statement to Frank. Doris is not happy and lets into Frank and Buzz for putting her up to it. Ashlee tells her mother they had nothing to do with it. Frank gives Doris advice about Ashlee. Doris tells Frank to go ahead and do his job. Frank reads Ashlee her rights. Lizzie and Bill are in bed together. Marina comes to help Harley in her time of need. Lizzie locks Bill outside while he is not dressed. She will not let him in until he agrees to apologize to the Coopers. Frank gives Ashlee and Coop a minute to say goodbye. Cyrus visits Dinah. Harley tries to explain to Marina what is going on with her. Marina says that Harley can count on her for anything. Coop and Frank have a fight when Frank tries to tell Coop he is sorry for having to arrest Ashlee. Bill is out on the Balcony of his room unclothed and he tries to get in his room. He decides to crawl in another room to do so. Meanwhile, Lizzie finds something that shocks her and it isn't Bill. Dinah tries to convince Cyrus that he is good for Harley. Cyrus tells her there is no he and Harley. Marina tries to cheer up and help Harley. Marina tells her she looks up to Harley. Marina gets a call from Buzz and tells Harley they have to go. Buzz tells both Harley and Marina that Ashlee is in jail and it is his fault. Reporters converge on Harley and Cyrus about their "Relationship". Marina says to them Cyrus is her boyfriend. Bill runs into Doris literally. Doris gets a kick out of the way Bill looks. He finally gets dressed in front of her and she is loving every minute of it. Coop runs into both Bill and Doris and tells Doris about Ashlee and Buzz. Doris doesn't seem to care. Then Coop turns to Bill and asks him what happened to him. Dinah is in group therapy and for some reason Lizzie overhears Dinah tell the group her relationships were ok when they were good. Harley says she would never go after a guy Marina was dating. That it would be plain wrong for her. Coop goes to the Lewis office and looks around. Buzz asks Harley to introduce him at the Press Conference. Ashlee asks an officer to get a message to Coop. They won't do it. Doris gets one of the officers to go easy on her. To take care of her. Buzz says he needs to explain to the press what happened. Doris listens in on Buzz's speech. Coop gets drunk, with a roll in is hands he got from Lewis Office. He burns this roll. Cyrus is in the office when he sees the fire start.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marcie is in a car trying to get away from Todd and Ramsey. Ramsey fires his gun at Marcie and the bullet hits Michael. Charlie, back in Llanview, heads for Dorian’s. Jessica puts on her lipstick when Nash comes into the room. Nash wonders if they had plans for the evening. Jessica reveals to Nash what she is up to. Nash forbids her to go through with this plan when there is a knock on the door. It is Jared. Noelle and Viki arrive back at work at Bon Jour Café. Viki goes into the kitchen and doesn’t see the pic on the counter of Marcie, Tommy and Gigi. When Charlie is out of the room, Dorian goes through his things and sees the pic of him and Viki at the Bon Jour Café’. Marcie comes into the diner and meets up with Viki face to face.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

In the aftermath of Victor's arrest, Nick and Phyllis and others wonder if he could've really killed Ji Min, or has he been framed by Jack Abbott to deflect his own guilt? Jack reaffirms to Phyllis that he in no way had anything to do with framing Victor, who also suspects this is all Jack's doing. Nick can't get over it and just can't wrap his head around the thought of his dad being a murderer. Meanwhile, Brad is still professing his love for Sharon verbally and physically. Taking advantage of their surroundings, he kisses her behind the locked doors of the conference room at Newman. Conveniently Jack comes to pick up Sharon for drinks and dinner and realizes the door is locked. When Sharon answers, he questions why then cuts Brad a suspicious look.

Jeffrey proposes to Glo in front of a lackluster crowd at their planned family dinner. Michael and Lauren have found Glo's stash of jewelry and the check she wrote to him for 50,000 and know that something's up. Kevin knows what's going on but really can't care especially because he's trying to get his lady love Jana released from the Big House. Glo feels trapped by Jeffrey and when the proposal is announced seems less than overjoyed.

Daniel has a thing for Heather who turns down his dinner invitation only to run into him and share a quick bite and conversation at Crimson Lights. Amber is up to her usual scheming trying to figure out a way to get more votes on the Faces of Jabot contests. She verbally thinks of Kevin (Mr. Computer Genius) enhancing her chances of winning.

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