The TV MegaSite's Thursday 1/3/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall appears in court with Jack by her side as her lawyer and Zach and Ryan there for support. Erica is ready to go on the air with her “New Beginnings” show, but she wants a car to stand by so she can leave for the courthouse. Aidan comes to get Greenlee at the hospital, but she wants to go by the courthouse before she goes on home. Kendall hears the charges against her. Kendall pleads guilty to all the charges. Kendall tells the judge everything that had led up to her stealing the chloroform from the hospital, and reporting to the police that Greenlee had stolen her little boy. Richie puts his plan in motion to place all the blame on Annie for stabbing him. Richie cons one of his inmates to pose as a doctor and call Annie to come to the hospital because his time is near. Adam and J.R. have breakfast together. Adam tries to con J.R. into moving back in with him at the tune of fifty million dollars. Krystal and Tad can’t seem to keep their eyes off of Adam and J.R. Aidan and Greenlee appear in court. Greenlee asks to make a statement on Kendall’s behalf. After Greenlee makes her statement, the judge calls for a recess. The judge agrees to put Kendall on probation for five years, pay fifteen thousand dollars and five hundred hours of community service. Hannah walks in just as the hearing is coming to a close. She hurries out before anyone can see her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Craig’s meltdown continues in front of Meg, Paul and Rosanna. Dusty wants he and Emily to move forward, but she has other plans that don’t involve him. Lily and Holden talk about New Years, as he knows that Dusty never showed up, but Lily claims he was working, and then she admits to seeing Holden with Bonnie. Meg is able to wrangle Craig upstairs after he embarrasses himself and her some more. Paul is thrilled with Craig’s break, but Rosanna looks less thrilled. Emily tells Dusty that she is not leaving Chris for him and if he is looking for her to admit she loves him, it isn’t going to happen. Susan and Chris talk about Bob and his impact on Bob’s recovery and treatment. Dusty tells Emily that he knows she loves him deep down and he loves her. He won’t give up on her because she doesn’t belong with Chris. Dusty calls Lily in front of Holden and she does nothing to hide this. He asks to meet with her, as she tells him that she can’t wait. Meg wonders how much Craig drank on his medication, which is dangerous, as Craig continues to babble only somewhat lucidly about not taking a medication while pregnant. Meg doesn’t understand what he means. Meg thinks it is because Craig is worried about their baby possibly being sick, but Craig lets it slip that he is still mad about Paul. Meg and Craig have it out and both of them agree they don’t know if it is going to continue to work if he can’t get past it. Craig wants Meg to leave. Rosanna lies to Paul to go see Craig. Dusty meets with Lily and admits that he slept with Emily when he was supposed to meet her. Rosanna unleashes on Craig about almost giving up their secret. Craig admits to almost giving Meg something to cause a miscarriage. Rosanna is horrified, but reminds him that biology isn’t the only factor in considering a baby one’s own. Craig doesn’t know if he can raise his enemy’s baby. Rosanna suggests he find a way if he wants to keep Meg. Meg seeks out advice and ends up getting it from an unlikely source. Chris and Emily talk about Dusty’s vendetta; Emily hides her guilty. Lily is upset to hear Dusty’s confession. She is devastated that she believed they were good together, but Dusty explains that they both knew that their hearts were elsewhere, but Lily is getting more angry with him and Emily. She believed he would not abandon her and that he would always be there for her; she gave up fighting for her marriage because of him and now she has no one, as he goes back to Emily. Meg goes back to see Craig when she gets his message, but runs into Rosanna, who is forced to admit that she was visiting Craig after lying to Paul about it. Rosanna claims it was to protect Paul from Craig’s relentless attacks. Lily leaves heartbroken and furious to go face Holden. Dusty admits to Emily that he told Lily the truth. Emily is furious and worries that Lily will tell Chris. She tells him again she is not going to leave Chris for him. When Lily is noticeably flustered, Holden asks what is wrong? Lily is forced to admit that she and Dusty are over. She knows how much of a mistake she made and how much she destroyed her marriage because of that. She doubts he will ever forgive her? Holden admits that he doesn’t know if he can, as a tearful Lily leaves. Rosanna is worried why Paul is so obsessed with Craig’s bizarre behavior. Paul promises it has nothing to do with Meg; he promises Rosanna that she is his future. Meg is confused when Craig says something strange about Rosanna and secrets. She wants their marriage to work, but he has to as well. Craig breezes by her and tells her that he is going to sleep. Meg knows there is something else going on with Craig other then the obvious and she is going to find out.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Craig continues to badger Rosanna and Paul about the doll looking like him. Meg is concerned; is Craig still concerned the baby will be born with this mysterious disease?  Dusty questions Emily; even after they made love last night that she is staying with Chris? She needs a man like him, not a boy like Chris. Susan questions Chris, why did Bob have a relapse when he seemed to be doing better on Christmas Day? She is no fan of Dusty’s, but what did he have to do with it?  Lily gets a phone call from Dusty and makes plans within earshot of Holden to meet him. Lily guesses and Dusty confesses he is still in love with Emily; Lily feels betrayed and abandoned. Now she has been dumped and worse yet she has to go tell  her ex-husband.

Meg tells Holden she wants to give this marriage a chance and she is surprised that Holden tells her to cut Craig a little slack. Rosanna chastises Craig for undermining everything they are trying to do. She is shocked and makes him promise he won’t do anything to that baby. He fumes that she can’t ask him to raise his enemy’s baby. Meg questions Rosanna of why she went to see Craig.  Rosanna lies that she told him to leave her and Paul alone. Meg confronts Craig about it. She is not going to give up on this marriage or their family. Paul admits to Rosanna he laughed at Craig and he enjoyed it, but it had nothing to do with Meg. But he is focused on his future and is looking right at her. Emily is upset when she runs into Dusty again and he tells her he told Lily he had slept with Emily. And she vows this makes no difference; she will not leave Chris for him. Embarrassed, Lily confesses to Holden that she and Dusty are over.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke calls Storm and tells his voicemail not for him to go to the police and keep his mouth shut; Stephanie is on her way over to make a deal. Stephanie barges in and says she is prepared to go to the police and tell them both Brooke’s father and her brother are not involved. In return she wants Donna to walk away from Eric. Brooke questions this; what if Eric won’t come back to her, is her deal null and void? Stephanie tells her let her worry bout Eric, just Brooke worry about Donna. She will still go to the police, do they have a deal? Eric surprises Donna at Forrester’s with a private champagne dinner and an inspired showing….just for her…a trip and a flight she will never forget. Katie asks one more time if this is what Storm really wants to do? Charlie Baker warns Storm this better be good and not wasting his time.

Brooke catches Storm by phone and then Katie and tells them not to say a word and come home ASAP. Donna is summoned and she apologizes to Eric, but thinks she needs to go join her family for some emergency. Storm walks in and tells Stephanie he is ashamed of what he did to her, old wounds never heal, but his dad doesn’t deserve this and he offers his sincere apology to her. Donna comes in too and is surprised at seeing Stephanie there. As Stephanie leaves, she announces this is a one time deal. Brooke has to explain to Donna that her brother’s freedom is in her hands – the sacrifice of a lifetime. The decision is all hers.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip urges Lucas to fight the charges but Lucas can’t fathom getting away with his crime. EJ offers to help Sami protect Lucas from Stefano. EJ visits Stefano to ask that he not harm Lucas while Lucas is awaiting trial but Stefano reveals that his plans are already put into motion. Marlena calls Stefano but Stefano’s houseguest picks up the phone.

Shawn returns Claire to Belle but refuses to stick around and talk. Hope admits to Shawn that she’s known about Belle cheating all along. Rather than be angry with Hope, Shawn decides to handle his own problems. Marlena stops Roman from talking about Crystal while Belle is around and later they disagree on whether to believe Crystal. Philip comes to Shawn with Chloe’s warning of Belle being in danger but Shawn doesn’t want to hear it. Crystal and her accomplice trick Belle into leaving Sami’s apartment with Claire but they run for it when Belle panics at them asking her to come away with them. Philip tracks Belle to Sami’s apartment and arrives in time to comfort a scared Belle.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

As Tracy frets and the doctors work to save Luke, he enters a mental courtroom where he is the judge and both the prosecuting and defending attorneys as well as the accused as witness by witness, all his friends, enemies, and family lay out his sins. Despite this, he is found not guilty and wakes up. Jerry was the one who ordered Stan, Epiphany's son, killed, and seems to believe him dead. Jason tells Epiphany that Stan has not worked for him for months. Kate's influence and fast thinking up of bribes gets Sonny freed. Alexis agrees to allow Ric to babysit when she goes to the awards dinner.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina gets a shock from Cyrus. Coop talks to Ashlee about his Dad's acceptance speech. Doris is on the move to ruin someone else. Ava and Lizzie have an argument. Harley finds out about the election rigging from Buzz. At the same time Buzz yells at Harley about Cyrus being at her house and what he saw, them in bed. Lizzie wants to get into Bill's room. Lies to a maid to do it. Looks like Frank is on the top of Doris' hit list. She already is thinking of a new Chief of Police. Not to mention new colors for the jail cells. Marina questions Cyrus about being with Harley. Harley says there is nothing going on between her and Cyrus. Buzz is lead away by a cop. Doris meets with the Press. Ashlee finds her and fins out what Doris is up too. At the police station, Frank talks to Buzz about the election rigging. Coop overhears Frank tell Buzz off. Harley and Cyrus meet to clear the air and to tell him Buzz knows. Ava fights with Ashlee. Coop tells Frank to back off on Buzz. Frank can't believe Buzz could rig a machine or computer. That it takes an expert. Lizzie tries to get to Bill. Ava then has a fight with Lizzie over Bill. Then as Ava leaves Bill asks her if they can separate their personal and professional lives. Ava just laughs and leaves. Buzz has one request before being locked up. He wants to see Doris. Buzz tells her he is sorry. That he never meant to hurt her. Buzz says he admires Doris' legal mind and leadership. He gives her one bit of advice. Use her clout for helping people not hurting them. Marina tells Harley about Buzz and finding out the election was rigged. Harley is shocked. Harley thanks Marina for letting her know what is up and that she will call a lawyer. Bill and Lizzie go back to Bill's place after having a good laugh. Lizzie kisses Bill. The maid catches it. In Bill's room they continue their kiss in bed. Marina and Cyrus talk about the events that involved them. Harley is having a spell. She collapses. Coop stands up for Buzz with Frank. Coop wants Frank to go out and find who actually rigged the fraud. Ashlee then come in and confesses to the rigging. Buzz and Coop tell her not to.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Antonio takes all his frustrations out on a punching bag at the gym. Cristian walks up and wants to know what had happened the night before. At the diner, Sarah and Talia meet up. Talia lets Sarah know that she had spent the night before with Antonio. The judge rules that Lindsay is competent to stand trial for murder in first degree. Addie doesn’t agree with the judge’s verdict and she lashes out. Michael looks at a pic of Sally Ann (Marcie) and Gigi. Marcie prepares to go into Gigi’s apartment building. Ramsay instructs Shane as to what to do when Marcie knocks on the door. When Gigi doesn’t open the door, Marcie calls if she is alright. Gigi tells Marcie to run. Todd and Ramsay are in hot pursuit. Addie disrupts the court to have her say about Lindsay going back to St. Anne’s. The judge changes her verdict and rules, “Not guilty, by reason of insanity.” Nora is upset by the judge’s decision.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Is The Great Victor Newman capable of murder? This is the question that looms over Genoa City as Victor is arrested. Glo and Jill smell the deceit and conniving ways of Jack, while Kay says let's not judge too hastily. Michael Baldwin is summoned by Victor who refuses to spend another moment in jail. While At Newman, Nick and Neil prepare statements for the press; Nikki is supportive but that goes unseen in Victor's eyes who is released on bail thanks to Nick and Michael's quick work.

Glo has troubles and the culprit is none other then Jeffrey Bardwell, the evil twin. At the Athletic Club, Lauren witnesses their awkward exchange and confronts Glo who informs her that tomorrow night she will be hosting a dinner in which they all must be in attendance. Lauren shares this with Michael and they both agree that something just ain't right. Glo tracks down Kevin at Crimson Lights and tells him that it's time to bring out the big guns because Jeffrey has gone to far. He is having her followed and knows about her bank withdrawals; Kevin agrees with her suggestion that something must be done.

Jack and Sharon are lovey dovey once again until the news of Victor's arrest is revealed; Jack is pleased while Sharon feels sorry for the poor bloke this changes her mood to sour but she resumes with the plans of having a family night; movies and pizza.

Devon has enlisted Roxanne to help him play cupid and set Lily up with someone to take her mind off Cane, they succeed and arrange for the date to go down tomorrow night at Indigo. Lily is unaware of the date but agrees to meet them at Indigo. As she enters the Athletic Club she runs into none other then Cane, they agree that this little game their playing is getting stale and with Cane's urging consider hanging out, which Cane insists is a lot better then being friends. Lily asks him to the movies and he eagerly obliges, the "hang out/ date" is set for the night after next.

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