The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/2/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam calls Stuart and tries to set up a time for them to have coffee together. Hannah comes in with a folder in her hand and tells Adam that she had what he wanted, Zach’s head on a platter. Jack visits Greenlee and inquires if she trusts him. J.R. visits Babe, bearing gifts. He lets her know what had happened and how Amanda had set him up, and that Adam had known about it all along. Kendall is brought into an interrogation room. Zach walks up to the door and asks her why is she throwing everything away. Jack comes into the room and tells Kendall that he would like to represent her. Aidan visits Greenlee. Greenlee tells him that she thinks everyone had done a 180. Aidan was friends with Kendall and Greenlee was friends with Zach. Greenlee can’t understand why Kendall is doing this. Hannah fills Adam in on what she had done to Zach and how everything now belongs to Adam. In putting the presents under the tree, J.R. finds one to Richie from Babe. Richie’s doc from the prison visits him. Richie lets him know that he has chosen the day in which he is going to die, but he is leaving the insurance money to Babe instead of him.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Craig has a bad dream that Meg went back to Paul when she realized the baby was his. Will and Gwen prepare for Hallie Jennifer’s Christening. Barbara receives bad news from her doctor. Aaron bumps into Allison shopping and asks her to go to the Christening, but Allison wonders if there would be room for her since he is probably taking Sophie. Carly is sick, but Rosanna passes along a gift from her to Gwen – Parker and Sage’s Christening gown. Meg finds Craig trying to bandage his cut back up and sees that it is infected. Craig fights going to the hospital, but Meg wins out. Aaron explains that Sophie isn’t going, but Allison still turns him down. Barbara calls Paul, but he is about to leave for the Christening; Barbara pleads that it is important, as Paul doesn’t want to admit where he is… until Barbara hears a baby cry. She changes her tune and immediately tells him that he is where he should be and she will talk to him later. Barbara asks the doctor to keep her test results quiet. Chris sees Craig and confirms he has an infection. He gets back the test results and asks to speak with Craig alone where he tells him that he had a trace amount of a drug that causes miscarriages in his cut; where did he get a hold of that? Craig pretends that he must have put his hand in something at another lab they were considering if the Memorial deal fell through. Craig asks Chris not to mention this to Meg so she won’t worry. Will and Gwen ask Allison and Aaron to be Godparents, and they happily agree. Meg goes to lunch with some friends, as Craig goes home and starts drinking. Barbara sadly wanders downtown alone. Gwen and Will baptize Hallie Jennifer, and just at the end of the ceremony Sophie shows up. Aaron and Allison are a bit uncomfortable when Sophie asks who Hallie’s godparents are? Meg calls Craig and asks him to join her at the lunch. Aaron stays with Sophie after everyone leaves to go back to Will and Gwen’s even though Allison suggests Sophie might want to be alone. Craig overreacts angrily when he sees Meg and her friends joking with a fake baby. Sophie talks with a minister about her decision. As she is about to leave the church, she sees Barbara talking to herself and asking for a favor. Meg is confused by Craig’s behavior. She is irate though when he talks bout Lucy taking away Johnny. After her friends leave, Meg and Craig fight. Craig is talking strangely about the fake baby looking like him? Gwen wonders if Allison is ok with being Godparents with Aaron and them not being together? She is fine; they are just friends. Gwen teases that is all she wanted from Will and now he is her life. Sophie listens as Barbara pleads for simply more time with her kids to see them happy and for them to forgive her… before it is too late. Gwen and Will are thrilled, as they lie on their bed with their new baby in between them. Craig babbles on about whom the baby looks like, as Meg is furious that he is drinking on the medication. Craig won’t be deterred with his inquiries as if the fake baby looks like its father, and when he sees Rosanna and Paul, he races over to ask them the same question.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke demands that Stephanie go to the police and make this happen. Tell them she knows who shot her and it was not her father! Stephanie offers that she is asking her to deliberately lie. She says Brooke is not being realistic about this, and she can’t do it. Brooke begs, she needs her to help save her family; this is what she is asking her to do. Stephanie advises her to go to her brother and say goodbye. Tell him to pack and get his affairs in order. Turn himself in or she will have to go to Baker herself. Brooke leaves in a huff blasting that Stephanie won’t do anything except for herself. Storm tells Donna this could be called obstruction of justice; this is not what he wanted to turn his sisters into. Eric interrupts by stopping by and Donna can’t get into it. He reminds her that he’s on his way to see Stephanie and taking the divorce papers to her. Donna is worried about the timing and suggests perhaps he should wait. Eric decides to go anyway and tells her whatever happens they can handle it.

Stephanie is devastated when Eric presents the papers to her. She promises she will do ANYTHING to prevent this from happening. She lays the papers down and says she can not sign them now. Storm overhears Brooke telling her sisters about the bad news from Stephanie and he’s prepared to face the end. After he leaves Brooke’s, Stephanie calls and after finding out that Storm is going to confess, she asks Brooke if she can catch him and stop him? They might be able to help each other if she meant what she said, that she would do ANYTHING to save her family.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena sees it as a sign from John when too much noise from a neighbor’s New Year’s Eve party convinces her to attend the friendly gathering at Chez Rouge with Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla. While at Chez Rouge, Marlena imagines that she sees John in several other men. Marlena confronts Crystal at the restaurant and Crystal warns that Brady needs her help.

Philip offers to help Chloe get out of jail on the condition that she get close to Shawn to break him and Belle up. Chloe reluctantly takes the deal before telling Philip that the men who kidnapped Brady were also interested in Belle. Marlena confronts Chloe but Chloe denies knowing Crystal. Belle begs Shawn for forgiveness but Shawn wants a divorce. Philip rushes to be Belle’s protector but Belle tells Philip to get lost before rushing to Marlena for comfort.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Diane and Alexis are both nominated for female litigator of the year, unbeknownst to each other. Diane focuses on finding the right shoes while Alexis tries to dissuade Jerry from being her escort, as he wishes to be. Spinelli throws himself into cyber work for Sonny and Jason. Upon hearing that Sonny was arrested, Carly is angry at the way his relationship with Kate affects his life. Despite Tracy's policing, Luke manages to get some cigars from his supplier, but immediately goes into an attack. Skye and Ric flirt to the point of having sex, until Alexis interrupts. Nikolas' spectral romance continues. The health inspector busts Spinelli and Sonny's coffee house, but Diane is able to B.S. them into the clear. Epiphany is on the phone with Stan when something bad happens to him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz is depressed so he goes back to Company. He finds Zack there. Zack says he loves him. Zack leaves and Buzz calls Marina but gets her machine. He goes to Harley's but no answer. Harley and Cyrus are in bed together. Both naked. Then it all hits them. Cyrus then gets up and goes into the bathroom. Next Harley is at her front door talking to Buzz telling him she will see him at the ceremony. Doris goes to her daughter, Ashlee for fashion advice. Doris wants to look like a good, happy looser. Everyone but Doris and Buzz seem happy about today. Even Bill is happy. A reporter asks Buzz what his parents would think? She says they may be proud. Buzz not really listening asks her to repeat the last sentence. At the victory party Buzz blows up. Lillian tries to calm the situation saying the good guy won. Cyrus talks to Buzz about Harley. Buzz wants Harley to be happy, Cyrus agrees. Mallet runs into Buzz and asks him to take a walk with him. After a bit, Buzz winds up at the church. He looks at the back of a blonde's head to find out that it is Ashlee. She is there for the same reason. she thanks him for what he did for her mother after the election. She gets up walks over to him and kisses him on the cheek. He says thanks. Marina finally calls Buzz from NY. She says she got a lead from an internet cafe about the election. She gives him the bad news. Zack then calls him. He needs his tie. He forgot it, so back to Harley's he goes to find it empty, he goes in and opens Harley's bedroom door calling for her. He looks for the tie when there is a knock on the door. It is Cyrus, then Harley's voice comes. They are talking about when they were in bed together. Neither of them knows Buzz is there. Later back at Company, Zack asks Buzz about his tie. Marina tells her Dad about what she is doing. Doris is angry at Ashlee. Frank introduces his father. In his speech, Buzz says he didn't win the election, Doris did. After everyone leaves, Buzz tears up all the party stuff.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Charlie pays Jared another visit. Michael knocks on Marcie’s door. Marcie gets a phone call from Gigi, telling her that she needs to see her. Marcie tries to make up an excuse to keep from seeing her again. Todd and Ramsay are there during the call. Dorian still cannot understand Addie’s change in appearance. Addie and Blair sport a new tattoo, and tries to convince Dorian to get one. Bo and R.J. gather at the courthouse for Lindsay’s hearing. Charlie urges Jared to give him another chance. Noelle comes home from the cook-off sporting the blue ribbon. The judge rules that Lindsay is competent enough to stand trial for murder one. John and Michael search Marcie’s old motel room. At the Bon Jour Café’, Michael sees a pic of Marcie and Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Great Victor Newman has physically returned to work and is ordering his peons Nick and Neil to forge ahead with a countersuit. It does not matter that both strongly agree that it's a bad idea and settling would be the wise choice. Victor states that "settling" is not in his vocabulary and that they better do what he says. On a happy note JT has bought a new picture of Reed for him to take to Victoria and Ashley has paid him a visit; he repeats how much he's missed her and his happiness to see her.

Meanwhile Maggie and Heather are preparing evidence to take him down; they discover the security camera was tampered with and that Victor was the last to see Ji Min alive...In rapid speed they get a warrant for his arrest and haul his backside off to jail.

Sharon has made her decision and it's to stay with Jack no matter what Brad says, who's steady bad-mouthing Jack while telling Sharon how much he cares for her. As he clutches her hand, Jack notices and rushes out of the Athletic Club.

Neil is having a hard time swallowing the pill that Victor is giving but continues to be his yes man; as he relays the news about the countersuit to Cane. Cane thinks this is utter nonsense and tells Neil he knows Clear Springs was caused by a methane explosion, but Neil coldly states that he is just the messenger. Cane walks away frustrated but lights up when he sees Lily; he also takes the opportunity to compliment her with a corny line (about how fresh her face looks today) and mentions the Fresh Faces of Jabot contests is drawing to a close adding she's a shoe in to win. Devon notices that Lily is still hung up on Cane and shares this with Neil then suggests he hook her up with one of his friends. Lily at Crimson Lights is doing her best to keep her eyes off Cane while hiding behind a magazine but their eyes meet. But she remains strong and does not offer him a seat but instead lets him walk on by.

Heather is still dealing with Daddy issues and Maggie offers her a listening ear. Paul warns JT to enter the Newman world with extreme caution and Nick and Victor are still butting heads. Ashley also offers words of advice to Sharon and shares that she feels Sharon is good for Jack.

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