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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall assures Greenlee that she will not be going back to jail.  Kendall and Greenlee decide to work together to get them both out of this.  Aidan enlists Zachís help in keeping Greenlee from going back to jail.  Zach agrees to help Aidan keep Greenlee from going back to jail.  Greenlee lets Kendall know some of the things that she and Zach talked about while they were trapped in the bomb shelter.  Zach questions Aidan as to how he and Kendall found out about the bomb shelter.  Bianca visits Babe at Fusion and brings Babe a gift.  Babe lets Bianca know that she slept with J.R.  A private investigator comes to Tadís, inquiring as to the whereabouts of Andre.  Andre disappears from Tadís without letting anyone know where he was going.  Tad and Krystal arrive at the Comeback Bar to a celebration of their marriage.  Krystal and Tad share a passionate kiss.  Krystal asks Tad to make love to her.  Bianca and Miranda say good-bye to Babe.  Bianca and Miranda visit Erica to say good-bye.  Erica is given a note to meet at the Yacht Club.  Jack gets a note to meet someone at the Yacht Club.  Adam visits Erica in her office.  Erica lets Adam know that it is over between her and Jack.  Hannah comes to visit Zach at the hospital and Kendall orders her out.  Hannah imagines that she kisses Zach and he thanks her for getting him away from Kendall.  Kendall asks Zach and Aidan to join her in Greenleeís room.  Zach is anxious to hear what Kendall is about to do.  Derek arrives much to Zachís dismay.  Kendall confesses to Derek that she framed Greenlee and Kendall was the guilty one.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Nerves are frantic and Sam tries to cheer Carly up, just breathe, everything will be all right. Where is Dusty?, Lily worries. Dusty is in Bobís room trying to get him to divulge what happened just before his stroke. Luke tries to convince his old man to come with him and Noah to the party Ė itís New Yearís. He knows he declined just because he didnít want to see his mom there with Dusty. But word of advice Ė if she has moved on, so should Holden. Chris is furious with Nurse Jan for leaving Bob alone and allowing Dusty access to the room. Carly is in a pickle; she forgot to confirm that the band would be thereÖ.the only reason that Jack agreed to come and Katie to cover the event. Brad is being obnoxious and Katie rebuffs him that she is working, this is no date, no party. Jack asks for her to save a dance for him. Bonnie is going to Metro with Dallas when Holden calls and wonders if she has any plans for tonight? Brad horns in every time that Katie and Jack get close to each other. Katie tells him to back off or the whole baby-making thing is off. Customers are leaving so Sam improvises. Jack says if he pulls that dummy out, heís going to shove him where the sun donít shine. Sam tells the audience that B. B. King had his Lucille, well hereís Esther and she rocks. He drags out his electric guitar and it does rock.

Dusty is escorted to his car by security. Emily jumps in before he can leave and wants to know what in the hell was he doing by going to Bobís room? This has to stop, right here, right now. She argues that Chris would never hurt her like Dusty did and heís only doing this to get back at Chris. Dusty admits he hated it when she came back with Chris and her problem is that she still loves Dusty, just like he still loves her. Chris prevents his dad from trying to talk and orders a strong medication that could even bring on another episode. Lily leaves and bumps into BonnieÖ.saying that itís like Valentineís, everybody travels in twoís. Holden gets ready and coaches himself that itís like riding a horse and itíll come back. Noah turns down Luke for a dance. Luke jokes that the last thing Noah wants is for people to think this isnít just two guys hanging outÖ.that they are actually on a date. Sam sings a slow song and Luke doesnít think he can hurt himself dancing to that. Noah agrees that maybe now would be a good time to dance, but who leads? Dusty repeats that he thinks Chris is dangerous and he doesnít want Emily to be next. He wonít let her out of the car and grabs her and plants a big kiss on her. Carly hugs Sam and tells him that he was great. This does not go unnoticed by Jack. Katie promises Brad he can treat her to ice cream then itís straight home. Lily goes to the farm but changes her mind about looking in on Holden. She strikes out again with finding Dusty and cancels his morning breakfast, then sees Bonnie and Holden toasting the night. Brad warns Katie that she not only canít trust Jack, she canít trust him either. From now on, no more ice cream, they will sleep together, thatís all. Emily returns Dustyís kiss and they are groping each other while Chris is leaving a voicemail that he hates to ruin her New Yearís but heís not going to be able to leave his dad tonight.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke reminds Stephanie that she said she would do anything for Brooke’s forgiveness. So make her believe it by telling the police she doesn’t know who shot her. Tell the police they have the wrong man. Nick comes home early and is dismayed that Taylor thinks Jack doesn’t like her. Katie visits her dad in jail and they review all that has happened. And she reveals that Stephen may not have to find another attorney as Brooke has a plan that could free him. He won’t like it, but it’s a favor from Stephanie. He states that Stephanie will want her pound of flesh, if not from him, then from Storm. Katie says Brooke is not going to mention Storm being the shooter. But Brooke does mention Storm; she blurts his name out to Stephanie. She is shocked but even more so when Brooke says they are not going to the police. Storm knows what he did was wrong, but they are not going to let him go to prison for this.

Nick and Taylor have a little afternoon delight and declare that everything is alright now. She can be the perfect wife and mother. He reminds her that Jack is a whole person, not just half of someone else, so don’t let that eat away at her. Stephen won’t let Katie apologize for anything. She vows to make a deal with him; she’ll stop feeling guilty if he will. She cries that she won’t judge him again either. After a heartfelt talk, they hug and say their I Love Yous. Brooke laments to Stephanie that she knows she wants to forget all of this and not send Storm to prison. He just snapped, he’s never done anything like this before nor will he do it again. He needs help, but not in prison. And don’t say no. Stephanie has fought for her precious Forrester family, so now Brooke is fighting for hers. She never thought after her rape that she could forgive Stephanie, but now is her chance. Just tell the police she knows who shot her and it wasn’t Brooke’s father or her brother. Pointing her finger at her, Brooke tells her that she OWES her this!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena tells Hope about Crystal’s declaration but Hope thinks it’s a scam. They return to the psychic’s storefront but find that the building has been unoccupied for months. They don’t notice Stefano’s soldier or Crystal watching them. Stefano and Rolf search the town but the soldier returns home on his own.

EJ helps Sami use GPS to track Kate’s car to the airport. Kate has to convince Lucas that running away is the right thing to do and that she must go with him. Sami reluctantly leaves the twins in EJ’s care and arrives at the airport just as Lucas is leaving. Billie arranges to conduct the search without Mr. Decker being present. Stephanie keeps Billie and the detective upstairs while Max and Chelsea use the old water heater to smuggle out Ford’s body.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate's gay assistant is definitely impressed with Sonny and thinks he ought to model. When Nikolas comes home, he finds he can see Emily again and reports that the doctors can't help him. He does ask Lucky to help find who killed Emily, even if it's himself. Alexis and Jerry have an early meeting during which he flirts outrageously. Trevor and Johnny meet and discuss strategy, with Johnny trying to make it clear that he is not letting Trevor run things. Fearing the mob war, Sam asks Jason if she needs to get her family to safety and tries to play the guilt card a bit more. Nikolas finally reveals he has an inoperable brain tumor. Spinelli seeks work at Kelley's. Jax has a business proposal for his brother.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh questions Will about Josh and Reva's and others being locked in the Mall and how to just get them out in time. Josh wants to know what is going on with him. Will takes off saying he wants his mom not Josh. Harley, Cassie and Cyrus are talking about Harley and her scare with the snake. Then Harley and Cassie get into it about Dinah. Harley says she is trying to be honest with Cassie. Ashlee finds out that Doris helped Coop find a dress for her. She is shocked. Later Coop leaves and Doris and Ashlee talk. The conversation actually is very civil. Then Ashlee sees something she doesn't like. Ava shows her a picture of her and the computer geek she hired. Daisy goes to see Cassie for a favor. Cassie invites Daisy in. And they walk in on the argument between Will and Josh. Daisy confesses she is the one who got everyone locked in the mall not Will. Josh has egg on his face. He apologies to Will. A lawyer from Spaulding brings over a settlement for Cyrus on his divorce from Alex. He and Harley celebrate. Ashlee tells Coop see is going to Chicago. She is sorry about the dress. Then she suggests a couple of girls they know that can go in her place. Daisy says the reason was to get Josh and Reva talking. Josh says they are going to tell Harley about this. Cassie tells Will to give her and Josh some time to talk. He leaves and catches up with Daisy. Seems Daisy lied for Will. Josh still thinks Will is behind it. Edmund wakes up and tries to tell the Dr. there what happened. Then passes out again. Buzz and Frank run into Ashlee. She asks Buzz if he really wants to be mayor. He says yes. She hugs and congratulates him and leaves. Josh tells Billy about the events of that night at the Mall and Will. Josh says he feels guilty sometimes. Cassie talks to Will. He says he doesn't feel good. Cassie gives him hot chocolate and a thermometer. She leaves and he sticks the thermometer in the hot chocolate. Harley and Cyrus are now drunk. They take start to take the elevator upstairs and change their minds and go out. They wind up at Harley's. Cyrus points Harley to the stairs and goes up to her room with her. Cassie is checking the temperature of Will and suggests he go to bed under the covers. The Dr. that is in Edmund's room calls Josh. He gives him the phone. Edmund tells Josh Will pushed him. While music is playing everyone is doing there thing. Josh asks for Edmund. Jeffrey appears in Edmund's room and shuts off his I.V. More about Finding Your Light.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Markko arrives at Dorianís for the New Years Eve celebration.  Starr comes downstairs and lets them both know that Cole hadnít showed up yet.  When Starr calls Cole, he lets her know that he isnít in much of a party mood and he will see her later.  Roxy arrives at Milesí room with all the party supplies.  She starts to tell him something when Natalie bursts in.  Roxy demands to know what she is doing here.  The crowd rocks at Capricorn with the sound of the new band that Sarah booked especially for tonight.  Cristian sees Talia at the bus station.  Talia lets Cristian know that she is leaving town for good.  John and Michael visit Rex and Adriana.  Rex fills them in as to what happened in Texas.  Michael spies Adrianís engagement ring and lets them know that it looks like the ring that he bought for Marcie.  Adriana takes off the ring and lets Michael read the inscription.  Adriana gives the ring back to Michael.  John and Michael head to Texas to find Marcie and Tommy.  Cristian comes to Capricorn and lets Antonio know that Talia is at the bus station.  Antonio rushes to catch Talia before it is too late.  At the bus station, Antonio grabs Talia and kisses her.  Starr goes in search of Cole to get him to spend New Year's Eve with her.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

A new episode did not air in the US on Monday, Dec. 31, New Year's Eve.

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