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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee gets a visit from Jack who asks her to call him Dad.  Aidan surprises Greenlee with a Christmas present of her tiger that he had bought earlier.  Kendall and Bianca have a sisterly chat.  When Bianca begins to ask Kendall what happened between her and Aidan, she wants to change the subject.  Bianca finally succeeds in making her sister feel better by assuring her that anything she did while grieving for Zach was justified. J.R. confronts Adam about the info that he obtained from Amanda.  J.R. tells Adam good-bye for good.  Zach pays Greenlee a visit to see how she is doing and they share a laugh.  Kendall and Aidan decide that they will forget what happened between them.  Bianca gives Erica some helpful advice about Jack.  Erica has lost all hope of getting back with Jack.  Jack and Aidan panic when they see that Derek posted a guard outside of Greenlee’s door.  Kendall arrives at the hospital, sees the guard, and declares to Zach that she can't tell the truth and go to prison and leave her family.  Kendall visits Greenlee and, when Aidan starts to leave, Greenlee notices the guard outside the door.  Greenlee begins to panic that she is going back to jail.  Kendall tries to get Greenlee to calm down by assuring her that it's just routine procedure. 

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Holden is glad Lily dropped by; they need to talk about the future. She feels hopeful until he says he thinks they need to finalize the divorce as soon as possible. Make a quick clean break. She doesn’t want that, but sees the futility of changing his mind. Jack informs Carly, Kit and Sam that they can’t hang the posters for the benefit in the windows, so Carly jokes that he will have to arrest her. She doesn’t see how they will be ready with Metro in time. Parker thinks Sam and his dummy are weird and does not like them staying with his mom, but Jack opines he has no control over that. Dusty thinks he needs to reign Chris in before any more happens with Bob. Carly bumps into Lily and gives her free tickets to the opening. Lily invites Dusty and he remarks it’s a date and they will drink to better times in ’08. He harasses Emily for wanting to celebrate before Bob really wakes up and throws Chris out on his ear. And taunts her that she really still has feelings for him, not Chris.

Jack brings a US Marshall by and informs Carly that he has a warrant for Kit’s arrest. Carly asks for more time with the opening being tonight, but no can do. Dusty calls Lily and says he is running late and they agree to meet at Metro. Chris gets a promise from a nurse not to let Dusty near his father’s room, yet Dusty manages to sneak in. He asks if Bob remembers what happened just before his stroke? Lucinda warns Lily that if she keeps Dusty in her bed, nothing good will come from it. It is not in the cards and it might be too late for Holden. Sam comes to a frantic Carly’s rescue so Metro will open on time.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Storm that Stephanie owes her; all she has to do is go to the police and tell them she is not sure who shot her. Storm can’t let her do that and he can’t let his dad take the fall either. Katie thinks it is a mistake too putting the fate of their family in Stephanie’s hands, and what she might do when she finds out the real truth, that it was Storm that shot her. Stephanie doesn’t want to take any more pain pills; they make her dopey, so she tells Bridget and Ridge that she will just take some aspirin if she needs it. Brooke asks Stephanie to give leniency to her father. Take her word, her dad did not pull the trigger. Tell the police she is having flashes of that night and it does not include Stephen. Despite just saying that she would do anything to repair their relationship and help Brooke, Stephanie is shocked that Brooke would ask her to perjure herself.

The evidence shows Stephen is guilty; Stephanie can’t believe that Brooke is still asking them to lie for him and concoct some story. Brooke repeats again that her dad did not do this and he is being falsely accused. She wants to heal with her father, but they can’t do that if he’s in jail for something he did not do. If Brooke’s forgiveness means so much, then Stephanie needs to do what she can do and set her dad free. She begs, set her father free.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stefano changes the locks at the mansion and orders that everyone be kept away now that his soldier is mobile. EJ sneaks in the back door but is knocked over the head when the soldier catches EJ searching through Stefano’s desk. Stefano won’t even tell EJ who his new soldier is but panics when the soldier leaves the mansion. Sami learns that Lucas left with Kate but Roman won’t let her join the search for Lucas. EJ checks in to make sure Sami didn’t take Johnny and join Lucas on the run, spoiling his attempt to hide his renewed ability to walk. EJ offers to help find Lucas in exchange for Sami not turning Johnny against him from the start.

Mr. Decker visits the sorority house to question Chelsea about Ford’s disappearance. Mr. Decker insists on searching the house until Billie threatens to arrest him for trespassing. Billie shows Mr. Decker the surveillance footage, not knowing that it was really Max dressed as Ford, but Mr. Decker isn’t convinced because Ford’s face isn’t shown. Max comes close to learning the truth about Stephanie’s rape but they are interrupted by Chelsea’s panicked phone call asking them to come help move the body before Mr. Decker can return.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny tries to convince Kate that she'd be happier back in Port Charles, with him. She is not in agreement. Finally, he offers to fit into her world. Carly and Robin argue over which one of them is morally superior, Robin the hypocrite or Carly the user. Kelly has to tell Carly that a baby is not in the cards. A future safehouse becomes a haven for Jason and Liz, until Spinelli calls needing Jason to keep Lucky from arresting him for murdering Georgie after the cops find her unsent love letter to him. The letter devastates Spinelli and prompts Jason to visit Emily's grave and thank her for loving him. When Johnny tells Lulu to stay away from him and taunts her that she wants him, she denies it and just says she does not want him to be killed.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Blake has a bad start at rehab, but gets a call from Bill. Seems this little stay at Rehab is so that Blake can keep an eye on Billy. Lizzie and Bill really fight it out. Lizzie tells Bill off. Saying she is a better person. Dinah tells Bill about being fired. Harley gets help from a stranger. Seems her walkie talkie didn't work. The stranger gets her name and then says there is a lot of Coopers in this town. Harley runs into Gus and Natalia. They tell her of their upcoming wedding. She says good luck with it and she means it. Ava is visiting Olivia and tells her of her sister's Christmas presents to Olivia. Olivia wants Ava to be happy. They finally love each other and love being together. Ava tells Olivia she loves her. And glad she found her. Ava urges Olivia to call Gus to come over. Harley feels she is going to die. Cyrus is there to help her through it. Dinah calls Bill to tell her that Dylan and Lizzie are now with Billy talking business. Rafe sees his mom in her wedding dress. He tells her he still can't believe it. Ava meets the same stranger that ran into Harley. Gus and Natalia go to Ava's expecting her to be there. Olivia is there instead. Seems Ava agreed to do Natalia a favor. Olivia says maybe Ava forgot. Harley is in an enclosed area, she is seeing a snake. Whether it's her imagination is another story. Bill is with a bouquet of flowers asking for Lizzie's forgiveness. She is not happy. She says she has no good reason to trust her. She slams the door on him. Then turns around to see her white puddle, whom she picks up to cuddle. The stranger's name is Rock and he's a friend of Jeffrey's. That is what he tells Ava. When he finds out who Ava's father is. Gus brokers a deal between Natalia and Olivia concerning the wedding. Meanwhile Harley is having a problem with the real snake. Cyrus finds out it is real when a boy comes around looking for it. They find the snake wrapped around Harley's head!

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cristian visits Evangeline in her room.  He tells her that he misses her now more than ever.  Sarah comes into work and finds Antonio there.  Sarah wonders where Cristian is.  She concludes that Cristian went to see Evangeline.  Adriana can’t get over the beautiful engagement ring that Rex gave her.  She questions him as to where he got it.  Marcie is angry when she finds out that Gigi sold her engagement ring to her ex-boyfriend.  Noelle is happy that she is going to have another chance to win the cooking contest.  She grabs Moe and hugs him.  John and Michael team up together.  Marcie tells Gigi good-bye and that she will never forget her.  Gigi leaves Marcie’s motel room when she runs into Todd and Ramsey.  Dorian and Blair find Addie at Capricorn.  Blair talks Addie into going home with them and spending New Years Eve with them.  Cristian gets a small response from Evangeline.  Antonio and Talia have another talk about her leaving town.  Talia lets him know that they have nothing else to talk about.  Cristian comes into work at Capricorn and meets up with Sarah.  Sarah, sort of, makes a date with one of the musicians for New Year’s Eve.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

In Genoa City the weather has worsened causing the mayor to call for a statewide weather emergency. Jack and Sharon's strained relationship has finally taken its toll on Noah who goes out in the bad weather to the Tackhouse and confides in Nick; Sharon goes to pick him up and they become stranded.

Jack is put out thanks to Glo's visit. The letter John wrote is authentic and Jack is now guilty of tampering with the will. Alone in the mansion, he seeks guidance from John (who's nowhere to be found), but to his surprise there's an unexpected knock at the door, and it's Ashley.

Karen and Neil have trouble finding a singer to perform at Indigo. After hearing Karen sing, he urges her to do it, but she thinks he can't afford her.

Nikki and Phyllis share a moment at Crimson Lights over tea. Phyllis explains how the feuding with her and Victor is affecting Nick's relationship with Victor. Phyllis tells her that it needs to be resolved before it destroys their family. Nikki agrees and tries to convince Victor to find a way to compromise for the sake of their family. Victor, of course, won't concede. Nikki wishes him a Happy New Year then prepares to leave when Victor orders her to stay due to the weather. Phyllis is stuck at the Athletic Club, while Sharon and Noah keep Summer and Nick company.

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