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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee goes into full cardiac arrest.  Joe and the nurses work frantically to get her back into normal sinus rhythm.  Aidan urges Greenlee to fight for her life.  Erica, Jack, and Lily arrive at the hospital to check on Greenlee and Zach.  Lilly seems to go back inside herself once again when she sees how frantically the doctors are working on Greenlee to save her life.  Erica helps Lily by giving her hope that there will be a happy ending.  When J.R. blasts Amanda for what she did to him the night that Zach was hit, she informs him that his father has the DVD that can exonerate him and paid her off with five million dollars and his yacht.  Adam refuses to let Tad know that Kathy is his daughter until he is reminded once again by Father Clarence what happened the day that Krystal went into labor and he refused to help her.  Krystal assures Tad that she is all right with what they have done.  Babe, Little A, Julia, and Kathy arrive to spend Christmas with Krystal and Tad.  Kathy is happy to receive a tree ornament from Tad making her a part of the Martin family.  J.R. urges Amanda to have Derek get him off the hook.  Adam shows up at Tad's house to tell him about his daughter and is stunned to learn that Tad and Krystal got married.  While Aidan holds Greenlee in his arms and tells her he loves her, she miraculously takes a big breath and opens her eyes while Father Clarence wishes everyone a Merry Christmas from the door of the ER.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Sage tells Carly that it won't be the same without Jack on Christmas and when he does shows up she is overjoyed; she knew he would not stay away on Christmas Eve. Kim calls everyone to the hospital. Chris is nervous and runs to his fatherís room, all decorated for the holidays. Kim states that Bob has never missed a Christmas with his family and heís not going to start now. Heís coming out of his coma! And she can say she has tried everything. If she gets her Christmas wish, Chris wonít have to fill those big shoes much longer. Tom surprises all with Daniel. Sam and Cowboy Chuckie give Parker an angel figurine to give to Carly, but he slips off and leaves it behind. But he is blown away by a Mike Eurozine jersey which Carly went to great lengths to find. Mike was the captain of the 1980 USA Olympic team who defeated the mighty Russians. Kim rallies the family around and asks them just to say to Bob what is in their hearts. With Chris leaning over him, Bobís eyes pop very wide open. Bob does try to speak but Kim quiets him. She tells the family he is awake and wishes them all a Merry Christmas.

Sofie brings the baby to Will and Gwen. She wants a chance to know this baby girl, to be part of her life. They assure her that she can. Emily convinces Chris to allay his guilty feelings, he did not cause his dadís stroke. Sam explains to Jack that Parker needed help in saying how he felt to Carly thus the angel. Jack abruptly leaves and Carly follows, begging him not to leave angry. Itís been one of the best Christmasís ever. Jack warns Sam not to come around the house or kids anymore. Emily and Chris make love, Jack broods on the front porch, Sofie tells Aaron that she did the right thing while she cries and he comforts her; Kim displays family portraits to awaken Bob, Will and Gwen delight in their new miracle.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie meanders around the house, not wanting to listen to the usual Christmas music. Eric drops by and insists that she ditch the inner Scrooge, but she leaves him alone while she goes to church. Felicia flies in and she and Eric decorate the place and determine to make it a Christmas that Stephanie will never forget. Stephanie stands before the altar and makes peace with her Lord. She questions her life, saving her from that bullet but letting her wander around the house all by herself. Everything she loves is drifting away; why did he let her live? Christmas, isn’t that it is all about – love, forgiveness – what does he want her to do? Give her a little guidance….and she wishes him a Happy Birthday. Ridge practices his mistletoe on Brooke who’s rather down from seeing her dad in jail on Christmas Eve. The kids beg her to go to grandma’s too, but she begs off as being too busy. Stephanie returns to find the house all festive and her heart instantly melts from all the family gathered – Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Phoebe, Bridget, Rick, Ally, Dino, R.J. and Hope. However, she calls Eric outside and puts him to task for going against her wishes and doing this. He reminds her that life goes on, and especially this year, life is beautiful. Brooke joins them, telling Ridge she couldn’t stay away, she had to be here.

Stephanie is shocked but sincerely welcomes Brooke. She appreciates hr coming and says she means it, but if there is ever anything she can do for her, just ask. She also thanks Eric for being the one that brings this family together, though he says she is the glue. Eric plays the piano and they all sing carols. Happy Holidays to All.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas uses Will as an excuse for his absence on Christmas but Sami can tell he is lying when she realizes he doesn’t have his passport. Lucas tells Sami that he’ll wait to leave until they talk to Will. EJ calls Tony to the church to tell him about Sami leaving. Tony advises EJ to stand up to Stefano and get Sami back without any conditions. EJ asks God for another chance with Sami.

Philip stops the lovemaking with Chloe and throws her out when she taunts him about Belle. Philip orders a background check on Chloe and learns that she’s a suspect in Brady’s disappearance. Hope’s reaction to seeing Belle at the surprise party is strained. Chloe crashes the party and pulls Belle into the ladies’ room to let her know about Philip’s snub. Unknown to either woman, Hope is also in the ladies’ room and heard their conversation.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke briefly stops in heaven, but surgery seems to go well. Dillon and Alan wait with Tracy. Though Kate and Sonny miss each other, they don't directly ask or call the other. Sonny and Jason visit Carly and the boys; she's not feeling well. Maxie remains hateful to her mom.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie has put up the Christmas Tree and Will is drawing. She asks him about the drawing. He seems not willing to answer. Meanwhile, Reva and Josh and RJ. RJ is not in a good mood. Reva tries to cheer him up. Josh calls Cassie to tell her they got locked in the mall. Beth is also locked it. Beth is shocked when she hears Alan's voice. Seems most of Springfield is locked in the part of the Mall. Gus runs into Olivia in the dressing rooms. Reva asks Josh if he's heard from Shayne. Then Josh says he wishes that this was a Christmas they used to have. They reminisce about Christmas' past. They Josh's phone rings, it's Shayne. Josh tells him that Reva is with him and will give her his phone so that she can wish her son a Merry Christmas. Then the connection becomes static, then they loose communication with him. Reva wants Josh to try him back. Josh tries to call him back. Alan and Beth at the mall food court talking and eating anything they can find and talking. She asks him why he was out. He says he was on his way to the jewelry shop to by a ring. Beth starts to look at him funny. He at first thing she is upset with him. She says she is having a contraction. Lizzie, Ashlee and Daisy are having a blast talking about anything. Gus and Olivia are still together in the mall. Josh goes to find a way to get his cell to work to get back Shayne. Cassie is talking to Will. She says she called the manager. She says she can't believe it is taking so long to go to the mall to open a few doors. Reva are outside on the mall balcony several stories high fighting about Shayne. RJ wants to go home. Josh says they haven't had their locked in the Mall Christmas yet even if they are saved. Lizzie, Ashlee and Daisy are still talking about the year's events. trying on clothes. Then one suggests they go to the food court. Alan tries to comfort Beth. He goes to the store's balcony and calls down to stranger they need help and that his wife is having a baby. After a bit Reva and Josh's mood changes. They are happier fooling around with RJ, then his cellphone goes off again. It's Shayne again, he wishes them a Merry Christmas. Reva and Josh wish the same to him. They end their phone call with a We love you. While I'll be Home for Christmas is playing. They talk more about Christmas' they used to have. Alan and Beth interrupt their talk with Beth's labor pains. Beth says there is no time to try and get any help. She is going into labor. Reva give a look to Josh that mean, what are we going to do. Ashlee girls are still talking about their lives. They seem like old school friends talking. Gus has Olivia in his arms. He is getting all mushy. Olivia makes joke about it and they laugh, then kiss, passionately. Josh tries to open up the metal door, while Beth's water breaks. It is about this time Gus and Olivia arrive. Gus says he's delivered a baby or two and tells Beth look at what kind of stories to tell the little one. Then the pain subsides and Beth says its a false alarm. Everyone is relieved. Then Jeffery arrives and says well lets all go home. Josh is not happy to see Jeffery for some reason. Gus asks Olivia if she needs a ride. She says she's ok. Then Rick arrives. Alan mentions Beth, then Rick says he can take care of his wife and baby Then Lizzie, Ashlee and Daisy find out they are free. Ashlee in fun carries out Lizzie while Daisy is laugh behind her. Josh tells Cassie that Reva was with him when Shayne called from Africa. They all decide to stay in the food court while Josh reads the Story of Christ's Birth. The cast and crew then wish all of us fans a Happy Holiday. As I do you too.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica pretends that she is Tess and even begins to fool Nash.  Natalie tells Jared that she had moved on with her ex.  A new improved Addie arrives for the Cramer women festivities.  Rex and Gigi briefly hug before he leaves the diner.  Rex questions Gigi about Marcie.  Rex notices the ring on Gigiís finger and asks her if she is married.  Charlie and Viki share a first kiss.  Gigi tells Rex that she has something to tell him.  Rex asks Gigi to buy the engagement ring.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

No new show aired on Christmas Day!

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