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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan manages to get Greenlee out of the bomb shelter, but it is a struggle to get Zach, Kendall, and Quentin out before the walls of the shelter cave in.  When Adam offers him a drink, J.R. takes the liquor decanter and tosses it against the wall.  After J.R. takes off, Adam is confronted by Father Clarence, who reminds him that he holds in his hands what would cause two people to have a Merry Christmas.  Ryan arrives at Babeís and lets Richie know that he is taking him back to the psychiatric ward of the hospital.  When the police arrive, Richie tells Babe he called them, because he doesn't want to cause her any more trouble.  After Derek takes Richie away, Ryan warns Babe to stay away from Richie.  Aidan, Kendall, and Quentin rush Greenlee and Zach to the hospital in a van.  J.R. visits his motherís grave and remembers what happened the night that Zach was hit.  J.R. pays a little visit to Amanda and confronts her about the night she recorded his confession.  At the hospital, Aidan finds out from Joe that Greenlee is badly dehydrated and her kidneys are shutting down.  Greenlee goes into full cardiac arrest.  Seeing Zach in one of the exam rooms, Richie remembers what he did to him and worries that he will talk.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

In a special holiday episode, the cast of ATWT makes a dollhouse come to life and portrays similar stories as in present day. In story 1, Lily, a widow with four children, must choose between Dustin Donovan and Holden, a stable boy who works for her. Once Holden discovers that Dustin is only marrying Lily to steal her money, so he can run away with Emily, Lily throws Dustin out and asks Holden to spend every Christmas with her. In story 2, Paul must take care of his ill wife, Rosanna, and forsake his love for Rosanna's nurse, Meg, who is forced to give herself to Dr. Craig, so he won't reveal the affair to an ill Rosanna. In Story 3, Katie meets Captain Jack and is taken with him, but a widow named Carly arrives with her three children, and since Jack feels like he has met her before, he decides to spend Christmas with her instead of Katie. In story 4, Will and Gwen are unable to have children but soon discover that Gwen's mother, Iris, made them think their baby had died and sold it to an evil orphanage owner named Barbara. Sofie can't hide the truth anymore and gives Will and Gwen back their baby for Christmas.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

To say he is stunned is an understatement, but Stephen is shocked that his son admits he shot Stephanie and set it up to look like Stephen was guilty. He thought they were starting over, healing old wounds, but now he sees that he still despises him. And now it has brought him to this….betraying his principles. He’s not mad at Storm, only at himself. Both men volley back and forth as to who is more responsible for the damage that has been done. Storm admits that years ago he ordered his father to grow up and leave the family and start acting like a man. Stephen says he will now support him and treat him like the son he never did. They are not going to lock Storm away for this; Stephen will confess that he shot Stephanie. The girls are against it, but Stephen says he should pay for the crimes he has committed in the past. He’s not going to let Storm throw his life away for his own mistakes. Storm deserves that much, a better life that he gave him.

Eric tells Donna that this time history is not going to repeat itself with him and Stephanie. Before he can say more, Ridge drops by. Eric doesn’t want her to disappear and insists whatever he wants to say that he can say in front of Donna. Ridge wants them to all come together for his mother tomorrow; Eric being there will make all the difference. Donna tells Eric they will have many more Christmases together, tomorrow he should be with his family. Eric can’t wait, he gives her a gift – a honey bear, just like Eric. Only this one has a diamond bracelet around his neck. But better than that, right after Christmas he is going to ask Stephanie for a divorce and make the commitment to Donna that she deserves. Stephen tells Storm that he loves him and while he hasn’t said it since he was a child, he has thought of it every day. The men hug and declare their love for each other.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn enlists Maggie’s help in planning a surprise anniversary party for Bo and Hope.

Philip tries to convince Belle that Shawn was bad for turning her in but Belle insists that she’s glad Shawn told Bo the truth. Belle immediately reports Philip’s uninvited visit when Shawn returns home but makes up a fake story when Shawn asks her to confess any other secrets. Shawn warns Chloe that Philip has changed but Chloe still wants to date Philip. Philip takes Chloe to Titan for their date to show her that he’s unable to love. Chloe seduces Philip to change his mind.

Lucas asks Billie to be Ali’s godmother. Billie shares her worries with Maggie about Lucas only asking because he intends to go to jail. EJ vows that members of Sami’s family will die if she leaves but Sami is undeterred. Sami tips over EJ’s wheelchair in an unsuccessful attempt to force him to reveal that he can stand up on his own. Lucas welcomes Sami home.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax is itching to know what Carly's secret surprise is, but she keeps her mouth shut except to say "not yet." Tracy is delighted with Lulu, who convinced Luke to have the surgery he needs, but Alexis' visit is the one that cheers him the most. Until Maxie delivers her eulogy, the funeral goes well, but then the girl goes off on her mother, forcing Felicia to leave the service in tears. It turns out, Carly is not with child, so no surprise for Jax. Robin melts down on Patrick's shoulder.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cyrus talks to Doris about going back to her D.A. job. Harley mentions Christmas with Marina and Cyrus. Marina says Cyrus hasn't asked. After a talk with Cassie, Josh says to Will nothing is more important than Christmas with family. Cyrus wants to right a wrong with the Coopers and wants Doris' help. Buzz asks for Doris's help too concerning Marina. Doris says she won't incriminate Marina. Josh talks to Will about frustrations by doing things with his hands. Will says he's not angry. Josh says whoever pushed James off the stage had to be angry. Josh says he always talked to H.B. while doing a project together and it made Josh feel better. Then asks Will if he wants to talk. Reva and Cassie get together. Cassie thinks it's a peace offering. Reva says Maybe? Then the discussion changes to Jeffrey. Seems he's been staying at Reva's. Cassie is smiling at what Reva describes as a morning ritual with Jeffrey and waking up in his boxer shorts. Reva wants to get him something, but not sure what. Harley runs into Cyrus and congratulating him for giving away all that money. Mallet still working at trying to figure out the election allegation. Mallet thinks Doris rigged the election. Marina asks Mallet what does Doris prove on doing that. Daisy walks in on Will. She asks him what he thinks about her being a his baby sitter. Will says he doesn't care. They go upstairs. Josh comes in to see Will gone, he's confused. Reva and Cassie have a nice time looking over a family photo album and talking. Then the subject changes to Cassie seeing Reva talking to Josh at the church. At home Josh is still looking for Will when Cassie returns. She is concerned when Josh tells her that he left for a moment to do something and he took off. Finally Daisy calls to say she took Will Christmas Shopping. Mystery solved. Then Josh explains what happened and Cassie gets angry. Reva asks God to keep Jonathan safe. She goes outside and sees something, her face turns to question it. Harley and Cyrus start working together to get Marina's job back. An officer Harley knows comes into Company. This guy tells Cyrus he either wants to stay in the country or really wants to help Marina. Cyrus says both. Cyrus continues by saying Marina is completely innocent, that it was all him. The police detective says Cyrus was planning to leave the country with the money. Cyrus says he gave it all back. Reva runs into Josh and Will. Reva mentions trying to get Jonathan. Will runs off and hides in a bush nearby. And hears Reva's discussion. Harley gets another mysterious message. Buzz scolds Doris for not going home when later he finds her sitting in the same chair as before. Marina tells Cyrus and Harley she is taking off. Not sure when she will come back. Harley catches Cyrus and Marina kiss. Reva, Josh and some kid get locked in the Mall while shopping. Will gets a call from a guy who tells him the job is done.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian confronts Blair, Langston, and Starr as to where their holiday clothes are for the Cramer women extravaganza.  Sarah and Layla exchange Christmas gifts before they leave for Christmas holiday in Silver Springs.  There is a knock on the door and Sarah is surprised to see that it is Cristian.  Natalie lets Jessica and Nash know that Viki met a man in Paris, and refuses to reveal any info about him.  Jessica sees that there isnít any reason to keep fighting about Jared.  Natalie lets Jessica know that she slept with John.  Jared looks at the Christmas ornaments when Cole and Nora join him.  Nora makes the necessary introductions.  Nora tells Cole to make himself at home.  Cole tells her that this will never be his home.  Rex starts to make a call when he hears a voice from his past.  When he turns around, he and Gigi are face to face.  Rex and Gigi have a heart to heart talk.  Rex wants to know what she is doing here.  Gigi tells him that he has a lot of nerve asking her that after what he did for her.  Viki accompanies Charlie to an AA meeting.  Charlie tells Viki that he is glad that she came back to Paris.  Charlie lets Viki know that he never stopped thinking about her.  Matthew lets Nora know that Lindsay is better now. 

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Christmas Eve Genoa City style, everyone tosses aside their differences except of course "The Great Victor Newman" and comes together to start new traditions or celebrate old ones.  In the form of new traditions, Kay and Jill agree that celebrating Cane's birthday will be the kickoff to their annual holiday celebration.  For Paul it will be Heather joining him and Maggie for dinner and midnight Mass. 

J.T. spends time with Reed at the hospital, while the Wintersí keep with old tradition of Aunt Mamie's cookies and the reading of, "Go Tell it on the Mountain."  Festivities are in full swing at the Tackhouse with Summer enjoying her first taste of eggnog and Lauren being surprised by Michael's unexpected arrival.  Over at Crimson Lights, Jeffrey and Glo exchange gifts.  Jeffrey gives Glo some Jabot face cream and Kevin looks on with great suspicion.

Jack and Sharon spend the day apart.  Jack receives a visit from John, Sr.'s ghost while Sharon hangs out at the Wintersí.  Noah's at the Tackhouse and Victoria is still knocked out...Amber also gives Cane a gift that he cordially accepts...Merry Christmas...

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