Thursday 12/20/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Zach are asleep in their underground prison. Kendall finds the cylinder under the bed which contains the blueprints to the bomb shelter. Richie arrives at Babe’s door. At first, Babe refuses to let him in because of her son, but Richie is so weak and cold that Babe asks him to come in. Tad lands on the doorstep of a church and is greeted by Father Clarence. Krystal is on the phone with a lawyer in New York who will help her fight for custody of her child. Adam offers to help, but Krystal insists on doing this herself. A flat tire brings Krystal to the same church as Tad where they express their love for their daughter.  With Father Clarence's help, they realize that neither wants to take Jenny away from the other. Tad agrees to drop the custody lawsuit. Annie tells Ryan that she wants Richie to find her, so she can give him an early Christmas present by killing him, but Ryan discourages her from doing that. Aidan and Kendall find Greenlee and Zach underground. Aidan manages to get Greenlee to safety and revive her. Kendall goes down into the bomb shelter with Zach, who still remains unconscious. While Richie takes a shower, Babe calls Ryan who arrives to see Richie. Before Quentin can get Zach out of the bomb shelter, the walls start to crumble and debris falls on top of him and Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah spend Christmas with the Snyder family at the farm while there he gives Luke a Christmas card that says I love you on it. Luke tells Noah that he loves him too and he understands that it is hard for him to express his feelings out loud. Luke surprises his family by walking on his own for the first time since the shooting. Lily and Holden are happy sharing Christmas with their kids and agree to put their differences aside for the sake of their children. Bonnie arrives and gives Holden Court side tickets to a basketball game for his Christmas present and Lily gets jealous of Bonnie. Henry gives Vienna a puppy for Christmas and she isn't happy about it at first but soon loves the puppy when it eats Bonnie's day planner. Kim asks Will to read Twas the Night before Christmas to the children at the hospital since Bob is ill. Sofie gives Will and Gwen her baby since she realizes that she can't take care of the baby alone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Storm goes off on this is Stephanie they are talking about. Do they really think he deserves to be punished for that? And for a man, their dad, so arrogant that came back and wanted to push him out of his life, he wanted to protect the girls again. Storm keeps coming back full circle. Okay, his dad didn’t shoot Stephanie, but no one has to know that Storm did. He can get his dad off. He begs Brooke and Katie to come through for him in a big way. Will they choose their father or stand behind Storm? He needs to know right now. Brooke asks that he trusts them to help him. She wants him to do the right thing; go to their dad and tell him the truth. Stephanie drops in on Eric, but finds only Donna. She invites Stephanie in as she wants to make things more tolerable for all of them. Sarcastically, Stephanie doesn’t think there is anything she can say to make things better. Donna asks how selfish can she be, wanting others to suffer because she won’t participate at Christmas? Donna says she knows Stephanie would like to rip her face off right now, but just know – she will only take so much abuse and then she will fight back. She gloats that Eric wants her as his wife. So don’t cancel Christmas, just realize the marriage is over and move on. There is nothing she can do about it. Stephanie just grins and walks out. Brooke and Katie visit their dad in jail. He’s grateful they are there to support him. They tell him they know he is innocent. He tells them about Stephanie being there earlier and taunting him. But he’s grateful that Storm is defending him, he’s a damn fine son and he’s so proud of him. Ashamed, Storm refuses to be hugged and finds it hard to say what he came to tell him. Stephen wants to know who framed him.

Crying, Donna tells Eric that Stephanie was there and she wants him. She divulges they have so much history together so how can she compete against that? She knows Eric still cares for Stephanie and now she needs to know just how much or if he is really committed to Donna. Stephen insists they tell him and he blabs on and on until Storm shouts at him to stop. Stephen feels like they should be celebrating, but they are acting like they just came from a funeral. Slowly Storm tells him how it happened, the camera was set up on purpose. Storm can’t look his dad in the eye, but he confesses to everything.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena calls Roman over to help move the boxes of John’s clothes. Roman is able to get Marlena’s charges downgraded to a misdemeanor. Marlena asks Roman to look into finding John’s mother. Lucas admits to Kate that he shot EJ. Lucas agrees to let Kate help him get out of the country rather than face charges. Sami accuses EJ of faking the paralysis but EJ acts offended. EJ demands that Sami act like his wife in all areas in exchange for not pressing charges against Lucas but Sami tries to slap EJ in response.

Hope questions Belle about her meeting with Philip prior to the reunion. Shawn threatens Philip with telling Bo about being set up but Philip makes Shawn feel guilty about getting Belle into trouble. Shawn asks Bo not to tell Hope about Belle’s involvement but Bo tells Hope anyway. Belle is so panicked when she hears from Shawn that Philip forced him to tell Bo, she calls Philip to complain. Philip claims that it was Shawn who ratted her out and not him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Dillon completely melts down when he learns Georgie is dead. When Felicia turns up, Maxie is cold, but Robin can understand why she did not return; she was working with Frisco for WSB and deeply undercover. Jax comes home where he hears about Kate almost being shot and goes ballistic, wanting to move away from Port Charles, but Carly refuses. Just after Sonny asks Kate to spend Christmas with him, Diane comes up with a plan that lets her leave town. Luke finds his condition terribly frustrating and also the fact that Skye, Tracy, and Lucky are forcing it on him. Michael skips school to tell Sonny that he has to kill Zacchara and whoever else took Emily and Leticia from him. Lulu's tears change her father's mind. Kate leaves. Michael declares he will one day run Sonny's business.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Billy and Lizzie are talking about their "relationship." Billy wants it purely professional and Lizzie is fine with that. Then Billy says that in 28 days he's taking back Lewis Oil. Coop and Ashlee are having a good laugh about themselves. He leaves and Ava comes by and wrecks the good mood Ashlee is in. Lizzie stops Bill in the hotel hallway, and they take off. Ava tells Ashlee she knows she rigged the election so that Buzz would win. When Doris visits Buzz, Lillian is also there. Lizzie lays it into Bill until he answers his phone. Lizzie wants to leave, she feels stupid being there. Bill assures her she isn't and tells her to stay while he takes a shower. Coop sees Doris at Company. This after Lillian tells him what transpired. He doesn't go to her, Ava stops him with a question not even dealing with the election. Lillian goes to talk to Doris about Buzz. Lillian tells Doris to leave Buzz alone. Doris mentions the Spaulding men. Lillian says after years of dealing with Buzz, she can handle him. Mallet and Dinah are in bed together, then he gets up. They continue to talk about being fair with each other. Dinah says Mallet made her a better person, but there are things she has to do on her own. Lizzie asks Bill what he's up to. She asks about Company. He says it's going to stay where it is. Then the discussion moves on to Billy and his stint in rehab. Bill doesn't seem to care. Lizzie mentions a project Bill stole and rants about belonging and that with Bill she feels she belongs with him as a friend. He's stunned. She asks Bill about the holidays. He asks her about what she did. She tells him about when she was little with Philip and Beth. Bill tells her about him as a kid. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Lizzie at first goes into hiding. Then when she sees it is Ava, she takes off babbling. Buzz talks with a man who is treating him like a waiter until Doris tells the guy off, telling him that he's speaking to the Mayor-Elect. In Billy's hospital room, Dinah, Vanessa, and Bill are there. Dinah says she knows Vanessa lied to her about Matt. Dinah slipped a note to Vanessa. Dinah tells them she wanted to hurt them but is not telling them this because of Billy; she is also checking into rehab. Buzz thanks Doris. She says that's what he hired her for. Later Buzz gets some unsettling news from Mallet. Ashlee can't believe Coop found her. Coop says he's been looking all over. Ashlee doesn't want Coop to make her laugh. He does hug her though. After Mallet finally gets off the phone, he tells Buzz that he and Dinah are making their divorce final. Bill is watching with delight Lizzie's interview concerning Lewis Co. Then she tells the interviewer what Bill did to her in stealing notes, and what he did to his father. Bill doesn't look pleased.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex arrives in Texas just outside of the Bon Jour Café.  Adriana has a visit from Layla, who bears gifts.  Gigi visits Marcie and brings back her uniform for work at the café.  Marcie lets Gigi know that she is not going back to work at the café.  Nora comes into Bo’s office and wants to discuss the Miles Laurence case.  Bo leaves it to Nora to decide what to do about the case as he leaves the office.  Bo and Matthew go to visit Lindsay at St. Anne’s and find R.J. there with her.  Moe and Noelle still argue over the fact that she lost the pie-baking contest.  Todd is caught putting presents under the Christmas tree by Jack.  Blair and Jack join them.  Todd owns up to them that he will not be home for Christmas because he is going to search for their baby brother.  Rex gives Moe some helpful advice on how to deal with women.  Rex questions Moe about Marcie and even shows him a picture, but Moe denies knowing Marcie.  Marcie breaks down and sells her wedding band to get money to leave town.  Cole, John, and Michael come into Bo’s office to find out what Nora intends to do about the Laurence case.  Nora lets them know that she will not seek an indictment.  Nora shows Cole Marty’s last will and testament.  Nora asks Cole to move in with her and let her care for him.  Cole agrees, much to John’s disgust.  Rex is on the phone when Gigi comes in to work.  Rex and Gigi are shocked to see each other.  Bo lets Lindsay know that he will stand by her through the trial.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Kay thinks asking Jack to join her and Nikki in suing Victor would be a very wise business move.  Nikki and David are skeptical but when Kay asks them to compare the lesser of two evils (Jack or Victor) the answer is clear.  Jack meets with them at the AC and says he'll think about it.  After going to Sharon for advice and coming up empty, he decides to join their crusade in taking Victor down. 

Sharon and Nikki roommates?  Who'd a thunk it?  Well in light of Sharon's marital issues, she is in need of a space and clarity.  Nikki needs to be close to Victoria so, in spite of their differences, they toast and decide to give it the old college try.

Daniel finds out that ADA Heather Stephens does have a soft spot and, per her request, offers her some advice on giving people chances.  This prompts her to reconsider Paul's invitation to celebrate Christmas with him and Maggie.  Locating them at the AC, she tells them she'd love to join them. 

Victor is still on his soapbox, ready to take on the world, ignoring any voices of reason (Neil and Nick).

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