Wednesday 12/19/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/19/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Zach know that the time is near and that they are going to die in this underground prison.  Greenlee asks Zach to teach her how to die.  Aidan and Kendall argue over the fact that Aidan believes that Greenlee and Zach are both dead.  Everyone gathers for the Christmas party at the Miranda Center.  Babe receives a phone call from J.R. telling her that he remembers some of the things that happened the night that Zach was hit.  J.R. asks Babe to come over to the house.  Babe, Krystal, Colby, and Little A all leave to go to the Chandler Mansion.  Krystal confronts Adam as to why he went behind her back to talk to Tad.  Adam lets Krystal know that he told Tad that he would help him locate Kate in exchange for him dropping the custody hearing, but he denies knowing anything about the little girl's whereabouts.  When Tad lets Julia know that he filed papers to gain sole custody of Jenny, she makes him see that he's acting just like Adam.  Aidan and Kendall make love but immediately wonder if that's the proper way to mourn the loss of their loved ones.  While Kendall finds the plans to the bomb shelter, Zach and Greenlee share some intimate moments as they prepare to face their imminent deaths.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Iris visits Sofie, as she wonders if Cole sent her? Aaron wants to pick up where he and Allison left off, but he isn’t met with the same enthusiasm. Craig researches a drug that causes miscarriages, as Meg catches him. Rosanna tries to get rid of Paul by sending him on some errands, so she can call Craig. Craig is caught in a lie when he claims to be doing last minute shopping; Meg saw he was on a medical website, but she thinks he was researching about the disease they are carriers for. Gwen goes back to see Sofie. Iris hands Sofie papers from Cole relinquishing his rights as a father. Sofie is devastated because she thought he wouldn’t be able to stay away once their baby was born. Allison doesn’t think she and Aaron should try to get back together, but Aaron turns on the charm. Gwen finds Iris with Sofie and threatens to call the police. Meg wonders if they should do more genetic testing, but Craig quickly shoots it down claiming he doesn’t want the baby hurt. Sofie wonders how she could ever give her baby the life she deserves and freaks out when a nurse asks if she wants to feed her baby. Allison seems ready to give in to Aaron when Sofie calls interrupting the moment and upsetting Allison. Meg seeks counsel from Emma and admits that she has never felt closer to Craig. Paul and Craig bump into each other and share words. Craig meets with a man to buy the drug he was researching. Sofie wants Aaron to come get her. Allison turns Aaron down his offer to get back together now. Rosanna is desperate to find out if Craig will tell Paul anything. Craig explains that he isn’t doing it for her; he doesn’t want his wife with the wrong man, as Rosanna is relieved. Allison tells Susan that she and Aaron broke up again because she won’t win if there is a contest between her and Sofie. Will and Gwen find Sofie’s room empty. Craig wants to have a private dinner with Meg alone, as he spikes her drink with the drug. Will and Gwen tell Sofie that Lisa is willing to let her stay at the Lakeview. Sofie wonders why they are being so nice? Gwen admits to Will that part of her still wishes they could have the baby. Paul and Rosanna trim their tree. When Meg makes an emotional toast to Craig, he whips the drink out of her hand, claiming there was a bug in it. Craig tells Meg he loves her more then he ever thought he could.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke begs Storm to tell her the truth – did he shoot Stephanie? He’s appalled and defends himself. How dare his father come back and blame him for what happened to Brooke. Storm says he cares, but he wasn’t going to let them be suckered in again, so that’s why he did it. He confesses; he’s in pain and he breaks but he explains how and why he did it. He didn’t mean to kill Stephanie. He thought it was the perfect crime, but it wasn’t. Felicia is shocked that her mother gave away the Christmas tree and wants to call the doctor; her meds must be affecting her. Stephanie explains that Christmas is too exhausting to be cheerful. They argue, but Stephanie maintains she is not doing Christmas, she wants to be alone. Stephen is brought to the visiting room, shocked to find Stephanie there. She has a short Christmas wish list, just one thing – his confession. She’s trying to get him to protect his children by preventing a scandal; keep it out of the public eye. He calls her crazy and only trying to protect her own self so things won’t come out what she did to Brooke. He won’t confess to something he didn’t do.

Katie is sick, she cries and begs Storm to tell her this is not true. Storm claims his dad may not have shot Stephanie, but he’s certainly not innocent. Stephanie explains to Stephen this is an open and shut case, but he disagrees since no one saw his face or placed him with the gun at the scene of the crime, only circumstantial evidence. She vows she will see that he is put away in the best penitentiary in the state; have a Merry Christmas. Storm claims it is justice, not revenge. He won’t even consider letting his dad out of jail or what they will do next. His dad can be acquitted. Brooke wants him to confess and Katie begs him not to make them choose between him and their dad. He thinks he earned their loyalty and now it’s their turn to protect him. He asks them not to send him to jail.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip helps mediate a plea deal for Kate. They turn down the first offer because it includes jail time. Philip reveals that he knows about Roman’s correspondence to get Marlena’s charges dropped and offers to have Kate help prosecute Stefano in exchange for getting her charges dropped as well. Stefano calls in a favor from a foreign dignitary to deal with the woman who has been sending him the threatening letters. Stefano gives a pep talk to the man he’s had Rolf working on in preparation to become Stefano’s newest soldier.

Max questions Stephanie about what he overheard but Stephanie won’t tell him the truth. Stephanie accuses Max of only being her friend in order to get into her bed. Max tries to convince Stephanie that he wants to be with her by kissing her but Stephanie runs away from the kiss. Hope helps Marlena sort through John’s clothes. They find an envelope John received shortly before his death that contains a small torn picture. On the back of the picture, the sender refers to herself as John’s mom. Marlena decides to seek out this woman to learn more about John’s past.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly tries to convince Sonny to not be foolish about Johnny and he maintains his innocence in the near miss young Zacchara and Lulu had. Carly believes him, but is still angry. Kate realizes she probably can't handle Sonny's world, not matter that she wants to. But she decides joy is worth danger. Lulu is shaken by Georgie's death. When Tracy breaks the news that he still needs surgery, Luke balks. Liz and Jason decide to have a clandestine affair. Trevor plans to start a war. Sam wants to make herself bait, over Lucky's objections.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley is having a bad day. First it's her roof leaking then, a run-in with Dinah. Daisy and Rafe are talking. Blake catches them and gives them some advice. Daisy doesn't like her advice and leaves. Rafe goes after her. Then Blake runs into Gus and Natalia near the Christmas trees. Gus picks one and Blake says it's Harley's and she is there holding it for her. Harley is at Marina's. Marina is giving her a number Buzz gave her. Harley makes an abrupt leave saying a contractor is on the way to fix the roof. Then Natalia sees Rafe and Daisy together and goes crazy. She screams at Gus that she doesn't know what the men in her life see in the Coopers. Zach sees Dinah and offers his scarf. Marina wants to know if Cyrus wants to go caroling. Cyrus says as a child growing up he did go caroling and they didn't have much. Harley is trying to clean up the water. Daisy is now upset at Rafe. Rafe doesn't like his mother with him. Daisy says you didn't even know who Gus was until recently. Blake talks a woman into donating her coat to the homeless. Matt then runs into Dinah. He tells her that Vanessa and he are not together and never will be again. He says they were never good for each other. Dinah can't believe it. Then when Matt leaves she starts throwing the trees around and anything else she can grab. She even chews a stranger out. Then Cyrus arrives to help her clean up and pick up the tossed trees. They talk about it. Marina arrives at Harley's. Harley says the contractor canceled on her. Marina helps Harley carry the Christmas tree outside to dry off. Alan gives Cyrus the final installment on their agreement to divorce Alex and to try and separate Harley and Gus. He declines the check. Dinah overhears the discussion, after Alan leaves she runs over to Cyrus to talk about what she heard. She offers Cyrus a Christmas tree. He says he can't afford it. She says don't you worry about it. It's on her. Daisy and Rafe are putting up a Christmas tree at Company. Rafe sees a decoration. He shows it to Daisy, who says she loves those. They talk about being mad at each other. Rafe admits he was mad at himself. Gus and Natalia run into each other at the hotel. Gus says he was visiting his friend, Olivia. And he means friend. Natalia rants and raves about it. She later apologizes for being a brat. Cyrus goes over to Harley's, they are all excited to see him. He's brought another Christmas tree and helps them decorate. Dinah is there too. After Cyrus leaves, Dinah stays and offers Harley some wine and advice. Dinah later shows up at Springfield PD. She talks with Mallet. She tells Mallet she didn't sell all the trees. Mallet tells her she is standing under the mistletoe and kisses her. While someone is singing, it shows the cast decorating their trees. Natalia even hugs Gus. Harley helps one of the boys put a star on their tree.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Antonio and Talia share some awkward moments together outside of Bos office.  Antonio lets Talia know that he cares about her.  This totally takes Talia by surprise.  Rex brings home a Christmas tree.  Adriana wants to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve, but Rex tells her that he will be out of town.  Blair and Dorian arrive back from a huge shopping spree.  Dorian lets Blair know about the al-girl Christmas celebration.  Todd fires his latest private investigator and decides to find his son himself.  The cook-off begins at the Bon Jour Caf between Noelle and Moe.  Viki gives Charlie an ultimatum.  Charlie pours out his liquor.  Viki starts to walk out on Charlie, but he stops her.  A catastrophe occurs with the judge of the pie competition which results in Marcie being fired. 

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The fight is on as Nikki versus the Great Victor Newman; Nikki is standing strong and determined to take Victor down with David by her side and Chancellor Industries joining the suit.  She has no doubt that Victor won't be handing over to her that half- billion dollars. 

Victor's superman though and is ready for the battle to begin from all areas: insurance company, Nikki and company and Genoa City Police, thanks to being informed by Detective Sullivan that his DNA was found at the scene of Ji Min's homicide. 

Since when did Amber strike it rich?  This is the question that Daniel would like an answer to as he enters the apartment and notices that she's gone on yet another shopping spree, and oh; what's up with those one hundred dollar bills in her purse.  Amber tells him its from her CD sales and then scurries off to Crimson Lights where she tries to become Devon's BFF just so she can get the inside scoop on Cane and Lily.  As for Cane and Lily, well if he did not realize it  before, he has now; Ms. Winters is stark-raving mad, thanks to his little speech she is no longer even being cordial.  Poor Cane. 

Neil invites Karen over for Christmas and yes, he has Lily and Devon's blessings; he also shares with her that Cane and Lily's relationship is caput thanks to Cane.  Neil has also (shockingly) offered to help Victor bankrupt Nikki although he knows it's morally wrong.

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