Tuesday 12/18/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan wakes up and finds Kendall gone.  Kendall is alone in the woods, begging Zach to let her know where he is, but she's unable to connect with her lost husband.  Amanda comes to visit J.R. and sarcastically tells him that she thought he would be partying with all of his blondes.  Janet lets Richie know that someone gave her daughter a pile of money.  Richie looks up and sees Annie just inside the door.  Greenlee and Zach are still trapped in their underground prison.  Greenlee thinks she can’t breathe because snake venom is in her lungs, but Zach tells her they are running out of air.  In the hospital's psychiatric ward, Annie and Richie argue, as usual, before she asks him how he wants to be buried: cremation or burial.  Aidan finds Kendall alone in the woods and offers her his coat which she refuses.  She insists that she is going to find Zach.  Zach and Greenlee become closer in their underground prison as he realizes he was wrong about her.  J.R. tries to kiss Amanda, but she pulls away.  Jonathan and Ava argue over her involvement with J.R.  Amanda and J.R. argue over his involvement in Zach's hit and run as she continues to withhold his alibi.  Back in the cabin, Aidan rips the map down off the wall and exclaims that Zach and Greenlee are not out there.  Kendall is angry with Aidan because he seems to be giving up hope of finding Zach and Greenlee.  Amanda and J.R. share a passionate kiss as he begins to regain his memory.  Annie leaves Richie alone with Janet.  In the hall, Annie imagines that she stabs Richie, but then he comes up behind her.  While Janet creates a diversion for the guards, Richie makes his getaway.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Chris is basking in his new job as Chief of Staff and doing all he can as a doctor to prevent Bob from waking up and reclaiming his position. Everyone thinks the world of Chris for handling the hospital so well. Everyone except dusty who is determined to bring Chris down. Dusty tells anyone that will listen about the fight he over heard between Bob just before Bob’s stroke. Kim doesn’t like Dusty’s accusation but gives him the benefit of the doubt and confronts Chris. Chris tap-dances around the truth. Kim turns her anger on Dusty telling him to keep his opinions to himself until he has proof. Tom is also beginning to notice there is something not quite right about Chris’ attitude.

Jack arrives with a Christmas tree for Katie on the advice of Carly. Katie lets him in but kicks him out again when she begins to enjoy herself. Brad is determined to win Katie’s hart and make a baby with her. Vienna helps him buy an expensive pendant that is diamond encrusted baby booties. Brad over hears Jack and Katie laughing and backs out of giving Katie the gift. Later Katie comes to brad. She wants to have a baby so badly and she doesn’t want to lose his friendship or get hurt. They agree to start again trying to have a child together but with one condition. No feelings or relationship. Brad agrees. That make love in the office at WOAK.

Carly is having a time trying to get Parker to come around and respect her again. He refuses to spend anytime with her over the holidays. Jack finds out and insists that Parker go to his mother’s house and act nice. Parker is more concerned about Jack getting back together with Katie. Jack promises he is going to get Katie back before the year is over. Carly finds friendship in Sam.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At home, Brooke stares at the photo Charlie Baker gave her and she tells herself that Storm was only trying to clear their dad’s name, but then she hears what he kept saying how mad and disappointed he was in his dad for so many years. Stephanie starts to decorate the tree and then wonders why the hell is she doing this? Donna and Eric decorate their little one and share their past Christmas experiences. Ridge drops by and tells his dad they need to talk about Mother. She is decorating and she doesn’t need to be lugging around boxes and climbing on ladders. Eric says he will go talk to her and leaves Ridge to explain to Donna. Brooke shows Katie the photo and they argue as to what it means when Brooke says she thinks it is their brother, Storm, that is the shooter and he was framing their dad. Storm is lurking and peeking through the patio doors. He comes in and grills them both as to what they were talking about when he came in, and where Brooke had been. He spots the photo and certainly wants to know where she got that.

Stephanie tells Eric that she doesn’t want to spend Christmas pretending to be happy. She won’t be happy and it’s exhausting trying to pretend. She wants to be alone that day; she’s canceling Christmas. He tries to change her mind, but she won’t budge. Donna dons her frisky Santa suit, and turns out the lights and plays naughty boy with Eric……only it turns out to be Ridge who gets an eyeful. She tells Ridge that the Logan’s Christmas also is not going to be all sugar plums and mistletoe this year. He follows with that he doesn’t think she can keep Eric happy and he hopes his dad doesn’t look back some year and wonder what happened to his life. Brooke begs Storm to tell her – did he shoot Stephanie and set their dad up? Will he take the ring from around his neck and put it on his finger and put it up against the photo? If he’s innocent, he will do this.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max accompanies Nick to the sorority house. Max and the girls keep Nick from checking the water heater, near where Ford is buried, when Carmen complains of a cold shower. Stephanie tracks Cordy to Chez Rouge where Cordy was contemplating suicide. Stephanie confesses her rape to Cordy. Morgan flirts with Max but Max breaks up with her. Max eavesdrops as Cordy urges Stephanie to tell people the truth. Kayla surprises Steve with a romantic night in so they can continue working on trying to conceive. Steve worries that Kayla could be risking her own health by getting pregnant. Marlena criticizes Sami for leading EJ on and insists that she be the one to fight the DiMeras.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emotions run high as word of Georgie's murder gets out. Diane forces Kate to tell Sonny how the attempt on his or her life affected her, and he admits that perhaps they can't work. He is determined to kill Johnny, while Lulu has run to Carly to ask for help in stopping that from happening. Sam gets a text warning her she is next. Liz decides she wants to be with Jason.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia is vacuuming Ava's place and looking at the nice clothes on the bed when Ava walks in and startles her. Natalia said she was just looking. Ava says ok. Gus gives Olivia a bouquet of flowers. Olivia asks him if he wants to go out to dinner. He says sorry he has other plans. Cassie and Josh are talking about Will. Josh tells Cassie that he told Will he was there for him. Daisy comes by and Josh offers an invite for dinner. She tells Josh she has plans. Then she ask Cassie about a babysitting job. She knows the other babysitter is a way. Josh says no. Cassie is shocked so is Daisy. Will is talking with Reva. After their talk Reva and Will hug. Back at Josh's, Daisy asks if this is about juvie thing, I am sorry about that and I have grownup since. Josh and Cassie say no. They see she has grown up. Daisy says is in the market for a car and can't use Harley's. Josh says are you in the market for a used minivan. Then both laugh and Josh and Cassie change their minds about the babysitting job and give it to her. Meanwhile Reva and Will are still talking. Reva still can't get anything out of Will. Ava gives Natalia encouragement to get out there and date. That she is beautiful. Olivia shows Gus out after their talk. The after Gus leaves she calls the restaurant and tells the maitre d' to bump Gus' reservation. Olivia goes to Ava's, they talk. Olivia asks if she can trust her daughter not to say a word of what she is about to say. Ava says of course. The Olivia tells her about her heart condition. Ava is stunned. Later Daisy joins Reva and Will. Things seem to go ok. Later Josh and Cassie argue about Will. Cassie is looking at a photo album and sees a letter written by Will. She reads it out loud. Then Will and Daisy appear. Cassie buttons up his jacket. Then Will asks a question (I didn't hear) and Cassie hugs him and promises. Josh and Reva get together talking about the good old days at first, then of Will. When Gus's dinner at the restaurant doesn't work. They go to Sp. Police Dept. In a jail a romantic candle light dinner is waiting. Natalia laughs. Ava hugs Olivia and promises anything she can do she will. Olivia asks to take care of her daughter, Emma. Then they talk about Gus and the supposed marriage proposal. Olivia says she may never see her baby grow up or Ava dance at her wedding. Ava, upset, says you don't know that. Olivia says she does. Gus and Natalia are having fun and laughing at dinner. Being funny Gus yells for a Guard to let him out. Natalia laughs. Then after a bit they kiss. Until they are interrupted by her cellphone. The boss is calling. Natalia says he's going to fire her if she doesn't get going. Gus stops her with a kiss. Josh and Reva talk about Will and the problems they are having. Josh is ranting about good and bad in people and Reva is smiling. Cassie tries to talk to Will about a certain picture. She wants the truth. Will says he feels lonely. Cassie asks are you upset it took her a long time to go get him from San Cristobel? Will looks away. She tells him she never wants to see him unhappy. They hug. Cassie tells Will this is where he belongs. Will wants her to finish a story they were reading. Cassie says later. Natalia returns the dress Ava loaned her. Ava goes on about Natalia and Gus and their old times. Natalia closes Ava's door. She runs into Daisy. Later Natalia leaves and then Daisy gets a call on her cell. It is Rafe with a Christmas Invitation. At first she says no she's going to spend it at Company with Buzz, the changes her mind. Will walks in on Reva and Josh in a laughing hugging moment. Then Cassie walks in and Will looks at her and she then sees what he was looking at. She is not happy.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John and Natalie wake up together.  Rex lands in jail with Michael and demands to know from Michael if he saw Marcie in Texas.  Michael insists that he was close on Marcie’s trail in Texas.  Marcie’s first day on the job as a waitress turns into calamities when she is charged twenty-five dollars for the dishes that she already broke and if she broke anymore, it would cost her her job.  Viki comes back to town and lands on Charlie’s doorstep.  Adriana gives Antonio and Cristian pointers on what to get Carlotta for Christmas.  Adriana advises Antonio and Cristian to get happy about Christmas or fake it.  Shane comes into the diner and shows his Mom a bad report card which states that he needs a tutor in reading and Marcie offers to tutor him.  John and Natalie share some quality time together over a cup of coffee.  Nash and Jessica welcome Jared to the family, but Jared is very suspicious.  John and Natalie spend some quality time together and she tells John that she remembers everything about last night.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Summer's first birthday party is the hot ticket in Genoa City. Everyone close to her has gathered to celebrate (Daniel, Noah, Victor and Nikki). Tensions run high though when Victor mentions calling in Nikki's loans and she shares that she's suing Victor.

Glo is on another date with Jeffrey; the game is definitely on as they go a little overboard with the PDA for Kevin's sake. Sharon still angry with Jack reads the letter he wrote to her when he was trapped in the garage. She shares that she does not want to end things YET, she just needs some time away from him to think things through for Noah's sake.

The tension between Cane and Lily is so thick that it could be cut with a butcher knife.

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