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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Joe lets Kendall and Ryan know that the results of the lab tests indicate that Spike would have become deaf regardless.  They also find out that Greenlee was not responsible for Spike’s deafness.  Adam visits Tad and lets him know that he will help him find his long lost daughter, Kate.  Tad is suspicious and wants to know what Adam wants in exchange.  Adam lets him know that he wants Tad to drop the custody case for Jenny.  Tad refuses to give in to Adam’s whims.  The wall begins to cave in on Greenlee and Zach and water begins to seep through the walls of the bomb shelter.  Quentin quickly pulls Aidan up out of the well when Aidan discovers that Zach and Greenlee are not there.  Aidan and Quentin re-cover the hole.  Erica walks in when Joe is giving Kendall and Ryan the news about Greenlee not being responsible for Spike’s deafness.  Julia and Kathy drop by Jack’s to invite him to a tea at Wildwind.  Erica doesn’t believe Joe when he tells them the news about Greenlee.  Erica arrives at Jack’s to let him know the news about Greenlee.  Jack still will not except Erica’s apology and will not accept her as part of his family anymore.  Aidan sends Quentin into town for more supplies before the winter storm hits.  Quentin finds the cylinder with the bomb shelter sticker on the outside, but soon discards it and it rolls under the bed.  Kendall arrives to let Aidan know the news about Greenlee not being responsible for Spike’s deafness.  Aidan blames Kendall for the mess that Greenlee is in now.  Greenlee and Zach soon realize that time is running out for them and they have no means of escape.  Greenlee and Zach resort to telling jokes to each other to reduce the tension of the situation.  Aidan insists that Kendall spend the night because of the snowstorm.  Tad enlists help in his search for his daughter, Kate.  Julia and Kathy arrive on Tad’s doorstep to invite him to a tea at Wildwind.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Sage overhears Carly ask Jack to spend Christmas as a family and pleads with him to consider this. Katie is emotional and rushes out when Brad mentions it could be because she is pregnant. Allison continues to wrestle with jealousy, as they wait while Sophie is in labor. Sophie needs an emergency C-section. Katie finds out that she is not pregnant and wonders if it is a sign. Brad tries to calm her down, but she is convinced there is a reason she is not getting pregnant and decides to call the whole thing off. Jack won’t spend Christmas with Carly, but lets Carly have the kids Christmas Eve day. Will and Gwen convince Sophie to have the surgery. Carly sees a sullen Brad and finds out what Katie decided. An emotional Katie tells Margo that she called things off with Brad, as Margo is relieved so she can go back to Jack. Katie realizes she made a mistake but still feels Carly is in the way. Sophie gives birth to a healthy girl, but she isn’t sure she wants to hold her since she doesn’t know if she can keep her, but Gwen convinces her to reconsider. Carly goes to Jack to tell him the news of Brad and Katie, but he doesn’t trust her. Carly tells him to fight for Katie because he is meant to be with her. Brad tells Vienna that Katie called the baby process off. Vienna doesn’t think it is over, but her judgment is clouded by the fact that she now wants a baby and is hoping Henry changes his mind for Christmas. Allison leaves to give Aaron time with Sophie, as he and Sophie bond as she holds her baby. Gwen can’t get enough of Sophie’s baby. Jack is thrown by Carly’s help, but he is sure there must be an ulterior motive. Margo tells Jack that Katie isn’t over him and that there in nothing in the way between them, as she convinces him to go to Katie. Carly breaks down, as Sam tries to cheer her up to no avail. Vienna offers to go Christmas shopping for Brad – she will buy Katie diamonds for him; she is sure this will bring Katie back to him. Jack shows up at Katie’s with a Christmas tree promising to make her Christmas a merry one.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Storm that she’s sorry to disappoint him, but she doesn’t think he is capable of murder. He still acts spooky and brings up the ring, the same ring their dad had years ago. Just maybe he shot Stephanie and set this up to make their dad take the fall? Before he leaves, he promises her that justice will be served. Stephanie calls Eric to make sure he made it home during the storm. A humongous Christmas tree has just been delivered and she wishes he were there to help her trim it. He warns her not to overdo as she is still recovering. Ridge walks in and she is pleased to see that he still cares. She offers him a drink while she has to restrain. He tells her that he loves her and while he can’t forget what she did to Brooke, he’s trying to get past it. She declares that she has changed, she just wish Eric could realize that. Ridge tells her it is the Christmas season and who knows, maybe there will be a miracle for her after all.

Donna returns to Eric’s in a downer mood as after Storm’s birthday party she had dropped in on her dad in jail. She wishes there was something she could do to find out who really shot Stephanie. Eric tells her regardless how this plays out, he will always be there for her; she can always come to him. She pulls out a small tree which only brings Eric back to other times......things Donna knows he will miss. Stephanie cherishes the decorations as she puts them on the tree and has pleasant memories of happier times at Christmas with Eric. He’s having the same memories…..only with Donna at his side calling him her snuggle bunny and how happy she is in love. Brooke tells Storm that Ridge is coming home soon and she wants to go straight to bed, but she shows up at the police station and demands to see the footage of the shooting and an enlargement of the shooter’s hand and gun. It proves nothing. She questions Charlie Baker that what if the real shooter is someone who knew her father well, all the intimate details of his life and is cleverly setting him up? He gives her a photo to keep which shows the hand and how they have measured it and it fits her dad’s measurements. He follows her out to the lobby and acknowledges he knows it is hard to accept that a member of her family could be the killer. She agrees, but yes it could be so. A person hidden behind a newspaper is revealed to be a menacing looking Storm.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick surprises Chelsea with a romantic dinner but Chelsea is too preoccupied with the recent drama at the sorority house. Chelsea rushes out on dinner when she gets word that Billie has stopped by the house to question the girls about Ford’s disappearance. Nick takes offense when Max lectures him about relationships in an attempt to keep him from going to the house to confront Chelsea. The sorority girls panic when Cordy has another emotional breakdown but Cordy goes missing rather than face Billie’s questions.

Lucas admits to Sami that the package contained his gun but denies having been at the church. Stefano shows EJ the threatening letters he’s been receiving. Sami insists on accompanying Lucas when he confronts EJ about the package. EJ requests that Sami and Johnny accompany him to Italy in exchange for returning the package. Bo arrives as Lucas and EJ are fighting over the package and Lucas is forced to hand it over to Bo. Bo tells Sami that Lucas hired a nurse so he could go to the church and Sami confronts Lucas about lying. Lucas admits to being at the church but claims he never fired his gun.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli finds Georgie's body in the park; Mac is devastated. After apologizing and accepting an apology from Lucky, Maxie has a date with Cooper, which he is late for. Kate barely misses being shot at the Metro Court when someone aims for Sonny. Sonny decides Johnny has to die. Lulu and Johnny meet on the docks and realize it was a set up. Kate starts to plan to leave town.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva calls Marah to ask her about Christmas. Josh is talking to Will about Edmund again. Josh tells Cassie he found Will at Edmund's hospital bedside. Remy is trying to tell Marina bout Cyrus and Harley. Marina is convinced it was only a friendly gesture between Cyrus and Harley. Remy explains that Harley is going through the same thing as Mel. And is using Cyrus. Cassie thinks James is lying about Will. That it could be another boy. Cassie can't believe Josh thinks Will pushed his uncle. Of course there has been trouble and shows Josh pictures Will drew or painted. Will walks in on their conversation and Josh asks him to stay. Cassie leaves and the two guys go outside. Josh says to Will that what happened to Edmund wasn't an accident. Will stays steadfast that he didn't push him. Will tries to leave and Josh stops him. Cassie calls Jeffrey. Jeffrey explains to Cassie that he's with Reva buying a Christmas tree. Cassie tells Jeffrey to bring her along. Harley sees Cyrus and Marina together and gives them advice to stay together no matter what. Reva goes into Cassie's while Cassie talks to Jeffrey outside. Cassie apologizes to Jeffrey about everything of not trusting him and going to Alan with help. Will is looking through Josh's photo album and sees pictures of Josh and Reva's wedding. Harley sends a text message to Cyrus but Marina thinking it is her phone reads it. Cyrus asks and Marina doesn't lie. She says she picked up his phone instead thinking it was hers. She ask Cyrus if this is what he wants. Cyrus is confused. She asks if he wants to be with her. Instead of telling her, he shows her with a romantic kiss. Jeffrey says he saw Edmund fall and saw no one near him. Jeffrey says maybe Edmund tripped. Jeffrey thinks Edmund made his accident look like someone pushed him. Meanwhile Josh and Reva are talking about Will. Reva questions Josh. Josh says he talked to James. Reva is very glad to see how much Josh cares about Will and this situation. And says if anyone can come up with a solution he can. They hug. Will is on the stairs spying on Josh and Reva and sees the hug. Later Jeffrey and Josh talk about Cassie and Reva. Then the subject turns to Will and Edmond. Jeffrey says that maybe God had something to do with it. Josh thinks otherwise.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr and Langston fight over the fact that Langston wants Cole to turn himself in and Starr is very much against the idea.  Rex lets Dorian know that he is going to ask Adriana to marry him.  Adriana and Sarah share drinks and discuss which of their mothers is worse.  Jared grabs Natalie and kisses her.  She, in turn, slaps his face.  Cristian visits Evangeline and finds out from the nurse that Evangeline is gone.  Cristian thinks that Evangeline died.  Roxy sits by Miles’ bedside, offering him support.  Cole insists on turning himself in, but John refuses to let him.  John admits that he took the blame for the shooting.  Jared and Natalie argue over the fact that he is her uncle.  Nash barges in on their conversation.  Adriana and Sarah drown their sorrows in a bottle.  Layla and Vincent walk in and tell Cristian that Evangeline moved.  Layla tells Cristian that their mother took Evangeline back to Silver Springs.  Roxy begins to recount her life’s history to Miles.  Starr insists to Langston that she doesn’t want to lose Cole again.  John urges Cole to do things John’s way.  John and Cole walk into Miles’ room.  Roxy goes on the defensive to protect Miles from John.  Nash orders Jared to leave Natalie alone.  Dorian points out the pros and cons of getting married.  Bo lets Jared know that he doesn’t buy his act.  Cole admits to Miles that he was the one who shot him.  Roxy admits to John that she loves Miles.  John and Natalie meet at Capricorn. 

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

J.T. basks in the news of being the father of the baby and assumes the responsibilities of fatherhood immediately (signing the birth certificate, etc.).  However, he is sympathetic to Brad and tells him he's welcome to come by and see the baby anytime, and if he wants updates to give him a call.  Brad appreciates this and congratulates him and decides to leave after Victor kicks him out.  Victor and J.T. bond over fatherhood and talk about what this job entails and the sheer joy it provides and then decide that this baby needs a name.  J.T. decides that Reed (Nikki's maiden name) would suit him fine.

Nikki's elated about the outcome of the paternity test but also sympathetic towards Brad.  This is short-lived, though, when Victor informs her that he wants his money.  Nikki is clueless and shocked to find out he called in her loans.  When David joins them at the hospital, Victor has a fit and leaves.  David tells Nikki he knew about this and she is furious.  Nikki decides that she is not going to take this lying down though and she goes over to see Victoria and gets a cold reception from Victor who wonders if she brought her checkbook.  Nikki threatens to sue Victor, because he was the cause of Clear Spring’s demise.  Victor welcomes the challenge and Nikki adds that she knew he would.

Cane is in turmoil at the Athletic Club as he thinks about what almost happened in the Jabot conference room with Lily.  Lily is working out with Colleen and shares what happened between her and Cane.  Amber interrupts Cane's daydream and tries to ask him to lunch.  Jill enters and tells Amber to get lost because they have important family business to discuss.  Lily joins Jill and Cane for lunch and they talk about the Faces of Jabot contest while Amber sulks as she observes from the bar.  Kay spots her and tells her to join her in the gym.  Jill leaves Cane and Lily to go back to work and Cane takes this opportunity to bring up what almost happened last night.  Lily is pleased and feels like this is a turning point but is mistaken once again when Cane (who's struggling to spit it out) beats her over the head with the age issue.  He tries to give her the “friend” speech but she angrily storms out which leaves Cane distraught and in turmoil.  Brad, distraught, finds comfort in Sharon and Colleen while Kay tells Amber to let Cane go because he does not love her.

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