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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam and J.R. argue over the fact that Adam wants both Krystal and Jenny to move back in with him.  J.R. urges Adam to let Krystal go.  Adam will not agree.  Krystal reveals to Tad that she is running away from Adam.  Tad talks her out of it, by letting her know that she will never take Jenny out of his house.  Greenlee gets bit by a snake.  Zach has to cut the bite place and suck the venom out and then he bandages her arm.  Greenlee wishes that Zach had just let her die.  Aidan and Quentin search for Greenlee and Zach in the woods.  Aidan and Quentin find the place where Greenlee and Zach could be.  Aidan prepares to go down in the hole to investigate.  Joe visits Kendall and Ryan at the house and reveals to them that he found something wrong with the lab work concerning Spike’s loss of hearing.  Adam gathers all the info he can on who Kathy really is.  Tad and Krystal prepare to do battle in court over Jenny.  Adam arrives on Tad’s doorstep with news that he is sure that Tad will want to hear so that Tad will drop the custody fight for Jenny.  Joe lets Kendall and Ryan know that Spike would have gone deaf anyway and the accident was not the cause of his deafness.  Quincy helps to lower Aidan down into a pit where he hopes to find Greenlee and Zach. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Aaron buys an old friend's truck and takes Allison for a ride.  When the truck runs out of gas, Aaron asks Allison for a second chance she agrees and the two make love.  Sofie goes into labor and Gwen and Will take her to the hospital.  Craig wants to tell Paul that he is the father of Meg's child but Rosanna tells him to get revenge on Paul by raising Meg's child as his own.  Jack prevents Carly from getting a license to serve liquor at Metro but later changes his mind when Carly asks him to help get her business going for the sake of the kids.  Craig arrives home to a happy Meg who is excited about their son but he can't bear that the child is Paul's.  Once Meg has gone to sleep, he does an internet search for drugs that cause miscarriage.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke stares at the yearbook picture of Storm and continues to have her doubts, him with the ring on his hand….the ring that looks so similar to the one proven to be on the shooter’s hand. Storm reminisces about the state championships and wants to explain to her….he wrote his dad a letter begging him to come home for just this one event, all would be forgiven. But he didn’t, and it was not forgotten and nothing ever seemed good enough for him to fill in and be the man of the family. Nick returns home to find Taylor crying. She tells Nick she feels like she was being mocked by Brooke when suddenly she realized baby Jack had blonde hair. Somehow Nick manages to calm her and instills in her they just need to make this baby feel secure and safe. Donna visits her dad in jail, even brings him a piece of Storm’s birthday cake. He had totally forgotten the day and feels badly. He continues to beat up on himself for abandoning Storm and the girls years ago, forcing him to grow up too quickly and be the man of the family.

Stephen tells Donna that he has total faith in Storm, and he knows he will not let him rot in jail. Storm explains more to Brooke how much that ring meant to him. He wore it on a chain around his neck, and he shows her, never takes it off. With the thunder roaring, and no power on, spooky and dark, he realizes that Brooke is slowly backing up, actually afraid of him at this moment…..for mentioning the ring and what he is telling her about how he feels about his dad.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate denies knowing that Lucas had a second gun and refuses to answer either Bo or Roman’s questions about the package. Lucas calls Kate to complain about losing the package and Kate claims to Bo that Lucas doesn’t know what package they are referring to either. Bo learns who really has Lucas’ package. EJ feigns weakness when forced to go through with his physical therapy appointment. Sami confronts EJ about the baby monitor and though he denies it, she finds the receiver in his apartment. Sami questions Lucas when she sees his frantic reaction to losing the package.

Chloe flirts with Philip and convinces him to consider moving on with her. Hope demands that Philip leave Shawn and Belle alone but worries when Philip doesn’t seem ashamed at his actions in pursuit of Belle.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli's findings only convince Georgie even more that Coop is dangerous. Trevor opposes Johnny's desire for peace. When Logan finds Lulu at the docks, he is worried and doubts her claim she's there for her dad's sake and is hurt that she does not consider him her boyfriend. Lucky broaches the idea of him and Sam moving in together, but she is not immediately accepting of the idea. Sonny explains a bit of his history with Alexis to Kate. What he learned about a woman being strangled in Iraq in Coop's unit makes Spinelli panic and go to Jason with the information. Though initially skeptical, Jason begins to see that he is the possible killer. Trevor pretends to be the one wanting peace as he talks to Sonny. Jason enlightens Spinelli about Georgie's crush.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh wants to know why Will is so glum. It is because he misses Edmund. Cassie reminds Will that Edmund is going back to San Cristobel today. The dark figure Harley sees and attacks is Remy! He wanted to get his stuff. Harley picks up a blue jacket and is positive it's Philip's. Remy says it's his then Cyrus shows him out. Beth and Mel run into each other. They talk about Philip and Rick. Then Mel sees a pamphlet Beth has about Autism. Doris is having her word at Buzz's victory party. After punching Buzz, Doris is lead away. Frank tells Josh, Cassie and Will about the situation concerning Edmund. That Frank is going to assign a detective to go down to San Cristobel. Josh asks Frank for a favor. To give a heads up on Edmund's situation. Cassie goes to Will's room, he's gone. Cassie is scared and worried. Josh and Cassie start searching the house. Cassie grabs her coat. Josh wonders if Will heard what they said. They take off to find him. Remy, Harley and Cyrus are all calmed down and sitting down. Seems Remy has been in touch with Philip. Remy says that Philip misses his kids. Remy says they played cards. Remy says that Philip wanted to see the kids but decided against it. Mel gives Beth some advice about the baby, then tells Beth she is doing a good job taking care of her baby. Marina talks about the election with Buzz. Lillian tells a police guard to go take a break she will watch Edmond. She does some vitals and leaves. Later Will visits Edmund, walk away from him to the wall under the thermometer. Josh startles Will. Later Beth runs into Cassie. Cassie asks Beth to keep an eye out for Will, he's missing. Beth shows Cassie some papers. Mallet and Marina are at SPD and Mallet starts talking about the election. They leave the cell room where Doris is so that she doesn't hear what they have to say. They end up at the church. Marina asks Mallet to let it go. Back at Harley's Remy tells Harley about working for Philip. Finally he has had enough and goes. Harley is really scared that Philip wants to take the kids away. Cyrus comforts her by a kind hug. Buzz visits Doris in jail. The papers Beth shows Cassie are some drawings Will made. Cassie doesn't like what she sees in them. Josh tries to talk to Will. He tells him he is loved by Cassie and Josh. Josh tells him he knows he is holding back. Will says he isn't feeling anything. Josh asks about James and the part Will took from him. Josh asks about the events at the Ordination. Josh asks Will if he pushed Edmund. Will says Edmund is his friend. Will says he doesn't want to talk to about it anymore. Cassie can't believe what she sees. Lillian asks Buzz if he has second thoughts about being mayor. Doris comes by. She wants to apologize. Marina calls Buzz with Bad news about the election and Doris. Buzz tells Doris he wants her part of his team/cabinet. Cyrus and Harley are still talking about Philip and moving on. They shake hands on it. Remy is talking to Marina. He tells Marina to open her eyes that Harley is stealing her boyfriend. Marina is shocked.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Sarah lets Cristian know that she booked red-hot bands for the club.  Cristian suggests that they listen to both bands and then decide.  Sarah wants to know what Blair said to him.  Adriana visits Dorian and Dorian tells Adriana they are through.  Dorian asks Adriana how things are going between her and Rex.  Rex and the man deliveryman get into a huff when the deliveryman won’t leave the booze.  Nash offers his help.  Jared comes downstairs, wearing Asa’s favorite cufflinks, a present from Renee.  Nigel mumbles to himself that he cannot allow this to go on much longer.  Clint tells Cord that they can’t do much until the blood test comes back.  Cole tells Starr that he is not going to let John take the blame for the shooting.  Natalie questions John about shooting Miles to get back at him for the things that Miles did to Marty.  Roxy hurries up and tells them that she just heard that Miles had been shot.  Bo questions Miles as to who shot him.  John looks through the window at Miles.  Dorian asks Adriana if she and Rex are having problems.  Renee asks for Jared’s help in picking out Christmas presents for Asa’s granddaughters.  Jared wants to check on Natalie.  Nigel tells Clint that he can think of someone worse to be Asa’s son and that someone is David Vickers.  Renee asks Jared and Nigel to let her talk to Clint alone.  Jessica walks up and tells Rex to tie a bow around himself and put himself under the tree because that is all that Adriana would want.  Jessica wraps her arm in Nash’s.  John comes out of Miles’ room, and Roxy slugs him.  Miles tells Bo and Ramsey that he cannot remember who shot him.  Roxy orders John to stay away from Miles.  Ramsey tells Bo to arrest McBain.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Sharon's hostility towards Jack has become volatile, she realizes that she can no longer keep up the facade for Noah nor does she want to. Sharon confides in Brad who tells her that she needs to make the right choice for her and Noah. However, Brad comments on how Jack has been a great step-father to Noah. Sharon thanks him for this advice with a hug that Jack walks in on; he goes off on Brad and Sharon defends him and then storms out. Back at the house Sharon informs Jack that after the holidays she and Noah are moving out, just so she can maintain her sanity. Jack of course is distraught, and sad to realize he is losing her.

Victor confesses to JT who's stopped by to see Victoria that he hopes the baby is JT's instead of Brad. They both agree that Brad would be a poor father because he is selfish. Meanwhile Brad visits the baby and continues to address him as his son, he even gloats to Sharon about it during their conversation at Newman. Upon return to the hospital the doctor greets all three men with the news they've all been waiting for. The baby's daddy is JT Hellstrom. Victor and JT are pleased while Brad is in a state of shock.

Free Jana, Phyllis and Michael have breakfast at the club; Michael can't stop gloating about Jack's misfortune. Phyllis wishes he'd shut it and change the subject. Kevin visits Jana and meets her new public defender who still has his mother's milk on his breath; needless to say they fear the outcome won't be good for her trial. Kevin pleads with Michael to defend her or else he'll be forced to break her out himself. Michael refuses but asks Phyllis what her take is on Jana; Phyllis says she seems to have changed and she truly believes the tumor made her go crazy. Phyllis wary pays a visit to Jana and informs her of the talk she had with Michael, she also tells her that she better not have anything up her sleeve or else Phyllis will be her worst enemy. Michael visits Kevin and agrees to defend Jana but is curious to know if Kevin really hacked into the prison's site....Kevin pulls out the plans from his briefcase. Kevin phone rings as Michael prepares to leave and it's Jana. Kevin shares the good news that Michael will defend her and they are both ecstatic while Michael appears to be extremely concerned.

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