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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach gives Greenlee the silent treatment when she tries to talk to him.  Amanda arrives at the Chandler mansion ready for Adam to give her the five million dollars for the video that supplies J.R. with his alibi.  Adam, at first, refuses, but then he gives in, and agrees to give her the five million dollars.  Amanda also demands the ownership of the yacht.  Tad visits J.R in jail, and tells him that he is going to sue Krystal for sole custody of Jenny.  Kendall spends some quality time with Spike, and reveals that she cannot go through with her promise if he came through the surgery okay.  J.R. agrees to Adam’s terms to go home with him.  Krystal lets Babe know that Tad is suing her for sole custody of Jenny.  Babe takes Tad’s side and lets Krystal know that Krystal thinks that she owns Jenny.  Babe reminds Krystal that Tad is Jenny’s father.  Aidan visits Kendall at the hospital.  Greenlee gets bit by a snake in the bomb shelter.  Kendall asks Aidan if he has given up the search for Zach and Greenlee.  Kendall refuses to confess to what she did to Greenlee when she framed her for kidnapping Spike.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie gets jealous when a guest on Oakdale Now flirts with Brad although she denies it to Brad who knows she is jealous.  Jack tries to persuade Katie not to have a baby with Brad because Brad will only hurt her.  Jack's advice only pushes Katie to want to have a baby with Brad and the two make love.  Jack gets upset when Parker tells him that J.J. and Sage performed with Sam and Cowboy Jack at the Christmas bazaar in Old Town so Jack decides to teach Carly a lesson.  Craig and Meg discover that both he and Meg carry the gene for Gaucher's disease.  Craig suspects something is up since he has been genetically tested before and he has never carried the gene for Gaucher's disease so he demands Eli test him again.  Eli calls Rosanna and then as she talks to Eli, Craig listens in the stairwell as Rosanna tells Eli she will get a DNA sample from Paul so that nobody will find out that Paul is the father of Meg's little boy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie assures Thorne that she is getting stronger every day and feels fine. She just misses his father. She was hoping after he saw that Stephen shot her, Eric would come to his senses about Donna. She smiles when Eric walks in. She would be happier if he had a suitcase in hand. Just say the word, and she would take him back in a minute. They don’t even have to share a bedroom, she just wants him to come home. He declares he has made his decision and he doesn’t want to go through this every time he comes over. At the police station, Lt. Baker and Storm argue about the flimsy circumstantial evidence of Stephen being the shooter. After the police station, Storm returns to Brooke’s where the girls have set up a surprise Happy Birthday for him. As usual, they end up arguing about Stephen’s guilt or innocence. Ashley reluctantly tells Felicia that maybe it was tacky but she followed Brooke to The Marlin and she saw her and Nick embracing. She feels uncomfortable having this information and doing nothing about it; yet Ridge would be devastated. She wants to cut Brooke some slack because of everything she is going through, but she is going to keep an eye on her. If Brooke keeps seeing Nick, she will have no choice but to tell Ridge.

Storm confides that being angry with his dad never was the answer. He doesn’t want to let anyone down and he’ll do all he can to get his dad out of jail and he will continue to look after the family. They all hug and assure him he is the best. Alone and looking at old pictures, Brooke recognizes Stormy at the captain of the water polo team and him wearing his own class ring….flashes of the shooter captured in print.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo questions Billie about Lucas’ whereabouts the night of EJ’s shooting and Billie is forced to tell Bo the truth. EJ, pretending to be Lucas, arranges for the package to be delivered to him instead. Bo assigns a cop to follow Lucas. Lucas soon realizes he is being followed and tries to lose the cop by leaving in Kate’s car. The cop reports to Bo and he and Hope confront Kate. EJ, now keeping it secret from Sami that he can walk again, complains to Sami that she avoids being close to him. Sami finds the hidden baby monitor and recalls that it belonged to EJ. Belle and Shawn argue about telling the truth about how Shawn got the gun. Shawn demands that Belle choose between him and Philip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Maxie won't listen to her sister's warnings about Coop. Sonny opts not to retaliate against Johnny, and Johnny wants to negotiate peace. Alexis gets a restraining order on Kate's behalf against Sonny. Coop acts suspiciously with his cell phone. Trevor plans to kill Lulu and frame Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley is having moments of blurred vision. She calls Cyrus and Marina. She tells Marina she is closing shop today for her sons basketball game. Buzz tries to help Billy. Zack answers a phone call. When Harley asks who it was, Zack lies. Buzz visits Marina and Cyrus with coffee. Buzz talks to Marina about the election. Buzz asks did he rig the election thinking that is what Marina was going to ask. She says she wasn't going to ask. Doris is fuming about loosing the election to Ashlee. Ashlee tries to calm her down. Doris says she is giving up. She doesn't want to chase ambulances anymore. Cyrus says to Harley that he knows she had another attack. Cyrus also tries to be a nice guy toward Zack. Zack then confesses who he was talking to on the phone, his Dad. Harley shows a shocked look on her face. Harley asks Zack what was said. Zack says he was going to be at the game. Then Harley says maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to see his father. After Zack leaves, she changes her tune and tells Cyrus no way is she going to let him see Philip. And that he's (Philip) not going to do this to her son. Coop goes to get more bubbly for the victory party. Ashlee says she'll help. Ava stops her to tell her she knows Ashlee rigged the election. Ashlee is stunned. Then Ashlee says she has party to go to and to leave her alone. Ava shows her a photo on her cellphone of Ashlee and a guy. Ashlee says she knows Ava hates her, so what, that's fine. Ava says she is going to keep a copy of this photo. But when Buzz becomes mayor, Ashlee is going to help her out. Buzz and Coop are outside when Bill comes by. Buzz asks Coop to go back in the pub. Bill threatens Buzz, that when he becomes mayor that he will give all construction deals to him. At the church Harley and Cyrus are staking it out. Suddenly a figure in black comes in. Harley and Cyrus tackle this figure to the ground......

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cole hides out in Langston’s family home.  Langston and Cole quickly hide when a real estate agent and a client arrive at the house to look around.  Starr pays Miles a little visit at the hospital.  Natalie finds Starr snooping around outside of Miles’ room.  John and Ramsay have a conference with Bo about Miles.  Talia and Antonio have a heart to heart talk on why Antonio led her on into believing that something could develop between herself and Antonio.  Todd comes home and finds Viki there.  He lets Viki know that he and Blair got remarried.  Blair arrives at Capricorn.  Viki finds out that Charlie fell off the wagon and got drunk.  Viki lets Todd know that Starr told her that the police were looking for Cole for shooting Miles Laurence.  Miles reveals to Starr that Cole was the one, who shot him.  John tries to make Bo believe that he was the one, who shot Miles Laurence.  Blair and Cristian have a talk about Evangeline.  Blair advises him to pay a visit to Evangeline, and to see how he feels about being around Evangeline again.  Natalie blasts Starr for being in Miles’ room.  The police arrive to question Miles.  John owns up to Natalie that he was the one, who shot Miles.  Starr hurries over to Langston’s house to let both Cole and Langston know that John confessed to shooting Miles. 

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and David actually get to spend some quality time together as he meets her at the hospital and then follows her back to Sharon's old place.  David brings over some groceries to make the place more hospitable and because he wants to make Nikki a home-cooked meal.  Victor calls and tells Nikki he'll be at the office so if she'd like to drop by to see Victoria she can.  Nikki goes and finds that Victor is still there and they are civil and reminisce about old times.  Nikki then decides to leave and finds that David has finished cooking dinner, she thanks him for his consideration with a kiss, and Victor witnesses it from the door window.

Colleen is still baby-sitting J.T. who tells her he'll be fine; she refuses to leave.  J.T. continues to argue that he'll be fine; Colleen wants him to eat something, Lily calls and agrees to meet them at the Club.  Colleen convinces J.T. to leave because Lily has put off studying so she can cheer him up.  Colleen meets up with Lily; and J.T. calls and states he's at the hospital and will have to take a rain check.  Lily suggests they order take out and join him and when they arrive, they find J.T. and Cane talking.  J.T. tells Colleen that Cane brought food for him.  While Colleen keeps J.T. company, Lily and Cane bond in the waiting area.  Colleen checks on Lily to see if she's ready to leave and she says she's fine and can stay longer; Colleen asks if Cane can give her ride and he tells her no problem.  He tells Lily he needs to make a stop at Jabot first and then asks if she'd like to grab a bite to eat.

Daniel is feeling the heat because he just hit Heather's car; trying to alleviate the situation he offers to pay for the damage if she'd agree to take it to a body shop instead of the dealer.  Heather says no and asks to see his insurance and discovers that it is expired, and, of course, being the ADA Heather reads him the riot act.  Amber offers to help him by hooking him up with Vlady a mechanic she knows that does great work.  Daniel informs Heather of this and is in the clear until Cane and Lily show up.  Cane reveals Vlady's real identity and Heather realizes she's actually busted this guy on several occasions.  Daniel gets chewed out AGAIN by Heather and thanks Cane for not minding his own business.  Cane tells him he was just looking out for him, tempers flair, discussion gets heated and Gina comes over to mediate and tell them that the kitchen will be closing shortly.  Cane and Lily leave and Daniel tells Amber where to go after throwing his car keys at her.

At Jabot, Cane and Lily look for an important file for Cane's AM meeting.  Lily locates it and things heat up tremendously as their eyes lock and Cane goes in for a kiss that does not happen thanks to the roaring sound of a vacuum cleaner.

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