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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach and Greenlee are still trapped in their underground prison.  Zach seems to be in an awfully bad mood today, more than usual.  Greenlee knows the reason is that it's the day of Spikeís surgery.  Kendall sits alone in the lobby when Ryan and Annie come over to join her.  Ryan wishes they had a bottle of champagne to celebrate Spikeís successful surgery.  Ryan offers Kendall encouragement that by the time that Zach is home, Spike can hear him talking to him.  Jason brings Kendall a gift to give to Spike when he can hear again.  Ryan encourages Annie that now it is really over with Richie.  Janet tries her best to make friends with Richie.  Aidan searches through the woods for Greenlee when he encounters some bedding on the ground in front of him.  Aidan quickly hides behind the tree.  The man attacks Aidan, but Aidan soon gets the upper hand and demands to know whom he is.  Kendall introduces Jason Miller to Ryan and Annie.  Aidan enlists the manís help in finding Greenlee and Zach.  Aidan finds out that the manís name is Quincy.  Zach and Greenlee continue to argue.  Greenlee owns up to her mistakes, but Zach refuses to say that he is sorry for anything that he did to Greenlee.  Janet and Richie make friends.  Ryan lets Kendall know that he let Greenlee escape from the courthouse.  Janet tells Richie that she will help him to escape from this place.  Annie encounters Babe in the hospital corridor.  Babe wants to know how Kendall is.  Annie tells Babe that they had Richie committed to the psychiatric ward.  Annie warns Babe that Richie is deadly.  Kendall has a bitter confrontation with Hannah, who blames Kendall for Zach being missing.  Ryan asks Kendall if he hadnít helped Greenlee to escape would she have confessed to what she did to Greenlee or would she have let Greenlee hang.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke and Noah share a secret about Luke’s recovery. Rosanna comes home. Will banishes Barbara from his life, as Gwen wonders if she still wants to try to have a baby. Aaron goes to see Sophie and finds out Cole left her, but she kicks Aaron out too. Barbara unleashes her fury at Allison. Meg and Craig go to a check up, as Craig sees Eli and questions why he was talking with Rosanna? Barbara tells Paul what happened, as he voices his extreme displeasure with what she did. Luke asks Noah to spend Christmas with him. Allison goes to check on Will and Gwen and to apologize, but they don’t blame her at all. While Paul is yelling at his mother, Rosanna feels guilty and ends up defending Barbara. Luke asks Emma if Noah can stay with them at Christmas, but she gently turns him down. Meg and Craig learn she is having a boy. Gwen, Will, Aaron and Allison talk about Sophie. Aaron tells them he asked Sophie to stay at the farm, which Allison isn’t happy to hear, but she is glad when Aaron says that she turned him down. Emma and Holden talk about what is appropriate behavior under her roof, and Emma asks Noah to stay for Christmas, but downstairs on the couch, as Noah happily agrees. Aaron tells Allison that he is going to cheer her up at all costs. Emma asks Holden if he has talked to Lily about the holidays, and suggests he might want to tell her that she is welcome at the Farm. Gwen goes to see Sophie. Paul goes to see Will to try to smooth things over, but it doesn’t go well. Rosanna calls Eli and gives him money for the tape. Sophie turns down Gwen’s offer of help. Meg overhears Craig talking to a picture of Bryant. Noah is looking forward to this Christmas more then any other. Rosanna subtly threatens Eli if he hasn’t given her all copies of the tape. Meg gets a call from her doctor asking her to come in because there is a slight genetic abnormality in her CVS test.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke continues to try to persuade Ridge into accepting baby Jack so that she and Ridge, Taylor and Nick can be one big happy family. Ridge wonders why they are having this conversation; he thought they already had one big happy family. Now she is telling him that is just not enough for her. He states he has no negative feelings for this baby, just against the plan. He thinks if she wants Jack to have a happy, stable family, then she is going to have to back away completely. Felicia discovers from Ashley that Ridge confided in her and they discuss this so-called torture that may happen if Brooke considers herself Jack’s mother. Nick is disappointed and shocked that Taylor is going back to work so soon; being home is not enough for her. And when he brings up the fact that he sees no harm in Jack seeing Brooke every now and then, Taylor recoils. She doesn’t want Brooke involved in their lives any more than she has to be. He’s sorry he brought it up, privately he sulks.

Brooke too isn’t crazy that Ridge told Ashley about Jack. She doesn’t like the fact that Ridge calls it a “mistake.” Nick calls Brooke and they agree they have much to tell each other and agree to meet privately on The Marlin. They don’t realize that Ashley overhears this. Ridge likewise calls Taylor and politely asks her to keep them off the guest list for the christening. He wants R.J. and Hope to get to know Jack eventually, but for now not to get too involved. She agrees 100% and states she hopes Brooke sees it the same way. With their dobber down, both Brooke and Nick confide it didn’t go well with Ridge and Taylor and Brooke knows it would be even worse if Ridge knew she had already seen Jack. Nick keeps saying it was not wrong of her, but she thinks it is if she keeps it secret from Ridge. None of them ‘chose’ this, but it still is hard for Ridge to accept, too much confusion. Nick thinks they should let things calm down, give it more time. She says no, no more time, no more photos, no more updates, no more involvement of any kind. He wonders if she can do that? She says she has to, for Ridge, for Taylor, for the future. Weeping, she laments that she loves Jack, never doubt that, but she will have to give him up although it breaks her heart. He reaches out to her, strokes her face, wiping her tears, and she slips into his arms. Ashley just happens to be lurking nearby and sees them embrace.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ accuses Sami of knowing who shot him and of protecting Lucas. EJ demands that Sami move in with him to prove her loyalty. EJ eavesdrops as Lucas admits to Sami that he did have a gun but sticks to his claim that he was never at the church. EJ is satisfied that Sami doesn’t know who shot him. EJ calls the shipping company pretending to be Lucas. Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla assume having Steve and Kayla’s brakes cut was the work of the DiMeras until Bo finds the gas siphon left behind as a sign of amateur work. Bo calls Billie to meet about Lucas’ alibi and Billie stops by to question Lucas first. Lucas asks Billie to lie for him but Billie refuses.

Belle and Shawn put on a happy face as they make their acceptance speech. Shawn threatens divorce to get Belle to tell him the truth about the deal with Philip. Shawn wants to tell the truth about how he got the gun but Philip makes him rethink that decision by pointing out that Belle would be considered an accessory.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke's journey through Hell includes babysitting Logan and Lulu's juvenile delinquent brats and learning Mac is his best friend. He also finds that he is Lucky's partner, on the police force. Moreover, Scotty is rich, Tracy's husband, and successful. Tracy also shares him willingly with Holly (Emma Samms). Sonny and Kate admit to being in love. Back in the mortal world, Dr. Julian takes over from Monica. Outside in the waiting room, Scotty, Skye, Bobbi, Tracy and everyone else clash. Jason claims he wants nothing from Johnny, just for the cops to be able to focus on finding Emily's real killer. Luke survives and leaves Hell. Spinelli and Georgie try to figure who is texting the potential victims. Trevor moves against Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Billy pick up by a cop. Bill has a dream. In it is his mother, Vanessa with dark short hair. Later Billy is at Cedars getting a checkup. Lizzie gets angry. Later Bill arrives at Cedars. Bill says he is here to protect him from photographers. At Bill's, they are talking about how Billy has conducted himself of late. Vanessa's name comes up. Bill says that taking care of Billy isn't Vanessa's job anymore. Billy goes into his frig and grabs a bottle of wine. Lizzie arrives and she is steaming mad. She tells Billy that she promised the cops that she'd bring Billy back to the SPD. When she finds out who called the police on Billy it gets quiet and Bill leaves. Bill arrives at Buzz's and he congratulates him on his win. Bill runs into Ava and they talk. Ava says she has leverage and give it to Bill. Vanessa calls Bill about Billy and his drinking. She wants to have an intervention. She wants Bill there. First he declines, then when Vanessa gets her dander up he agrees to be there. When Bill gets to the meeting place he sees Bill, Josh, Dinah, Matt, Lizzie, Vanessa and Billy, who announces that the intervention is for Bill and not him. Bill wants out, Josh stops him. Bill starts fighting with all of them. Josh tells Bill he can sit down and listen and walk out of there with a clean slate. Then all of them except Bill start fighting. Billy tells Bill he is miserable. After tells his mother off, Bill leaves. Ava catches up with him and offers him a deal he can't refuse, to hang out with her. They get talking over 2 martinis and snacks. Then they go to bed together and make love. A cop comes by the meting place. Everyone that was at the intervention hugs Billy. Billy asks them to watch out for Bill. After a little loving, Bill says he's going out for some take out. As he opens the door there is Lizzie. She says looks like someone beat her too finding Bill. As Bill closes the door behind him and goes out into the hall he explains Ava's being there. Lizzie is giving him hell and Bill then says, She's jealous. Buzz is surprise to see Bill back so soon. Talking about the Mayor win. Bill can prove that Buzz's win is a fraud and he can prove it. Buzz asks Bill if he's blackmailing him. Buzz at going for it. After some more words of political wisdom, Bill leaves Buzz's. Buzz meets up with Billy. Buzz brings Billy some chocolate chip cookies. Buzz offers Billy advice. Bill winds up drinking alone.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr and Langston hurry downstairs in hopes of escaping everyoneís notice, but they are stopped at the door by Dorian.  Dorian insists that they eat breakfast before they leave.  Dorian questions them about the whereabouts of Cole.  She makes them promise that they will not get involved in his dire predicament.  Viki comes to visit Dorian.  Marcie is at her wits' end over her first day of work and because Michael was arrested and taken away in handcuffs.  Michael is taken into Boís office.  Bo wants to know if he contacted his lawyer.  Michael tells Bo that he wants to see John.  John is on the phone at the hospital.  Natalie brings him a cup of coffee.  Natalie questions him as to who shot Miles.  John remembers that it was Cole, who shot Miles.  Natalie asks John if he was the one, who shot Miles.  Gigi tells Marcie that she is doing what she has to do for her child.  Gigi tells Marcie about Viki.  Dorian lets Viki know that Todd and Blair were remarried.  Dorian also lets Viki know that Cole shot Miles Laurence.  The doctor comes out to give Natalie word on Milesí condition and it is good news.  John receives a call from the police station.  Ramsay arrives at the police station.  He blasts Bo for not finding Cole and arresting him.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The question of paternity still looms over JT and Brad; JT waiting alone prepares to drown his sorrows in alcohol, but is saved by Colleen. Brad is being banned by "The Great Victor Newman" from seeing Victoria and the baby. Brad outraged shares with Victor, that once he is confirmed as the "baby's daddy" he will do everything in his power to keep Victor away.

Glo, Glo, Glo caught in a rock and a hard place decides she will marry Jeffrey, but there's a condition; he must convince people that he has fallen madly and deeply in love with her. Michael and Lauren are becoming suspicious wondering why all the sudden they are so chummy. They lean on Kevin who refuses to leak any information.

The baby's bloodstream is returning back to normal; carbon dioxide free.

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