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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Krystal argue over her involvement with Adam.  J.R. lies on his bunk in his jail cell when Adam comes to visit him.  Adam asks J.R. if he remembers anything about the night that Zach was hit by a car.  Adam tells J.R. that he just paid his bail.  Amanda watches a video that she made the night that Zach was hit when she was with J.R.  Kendall, Ryan, and Annie arrive at the hospital with Spike for his cochlear ear Implant.  Erica comes in and tells Kendall that everything was taken care of.  Joe comes in and offers Kendall encouragement about the surgery.  Ryan spends some quality time with Spike before the surgery.  Kendall assures Spike that they will be waiting for him when he gets out of surgery.  Joe explains to Erica, Ryan, and Kendall how the Cochlear ear implant works.  Kendall begins to have doubts about Spikeís surgery.  Josh comes in with one of Zachís sweatshirts.  Kendall cries and hugs Joshís neck.  Adam tells J.R. that he had it all worked out that he would trade his jail cell for being under house arrest at none other than Adamís mansion.  J.R. will not agree to the terms of his bail.  Tad tells Krystal that he will sue her for custody of Jenny.  Much to everyoneís surprise, Jack arrives at the hospital.  Amanda promises to make the Chandlerís pay for their past crimes.  J.R. refuses to let Adam help him to get out of this mess.  Amanda makes big plans for the money that she thinks she will get from the Chandlerís.  Amanda lets Adam know that she has the proof that will clear J.R.ís name and she will give the info to him for a price of one million dollars.  Adam finds out that Juliaís daughter is really Dixieís and Tadís daughter.  Krystal lets Tad know that he is in for the battle of his life when he attempts to take Jenny away from her.  Joe tells Kendall and Ryan that the surgery was a success. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Hughes family an friends arrive to offer Kim support as she sits by Bob's bedside and fears she will lose the love of her life.  Dusty talks to Lucinda and pleads with her not to make Chris acting chief of staff because he is too immature and not ready to handle the job yet.  Chris admits to Emily that Bob was so angry with him that he fired him and shortly after that had a stroke.  Chris blames himself for everything, but Emily encourages him to prove to his parents that he is capable of being the man they want him to be.  Lily and Holden drift further apart as she tries to ask him to work on their marriage.  Lily gets jealous when she sees Holden laughing and joking with Bonnie and later refuses to sign the separation papers.  Once Chris is appointed chief of staff, he approves Evan's research project and lies to Kim that Bob changed his mind about the project.  Dusty is angry that Chris approved the project and doesn't believe Chris when he tells him that Bob approved it.  Dusty is determined to prove what Bob really wanted done at the hospital and Chris fears that Dusty knows the truth.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge finds the need to confide in Ashley that Taylor’s child’s biological mother is Brooke's. She’s stunned and asks how many others know? Ridge states that this is too important; he knows Brooke is aware how he feels about Nick and she would never do anything to undermine their own relationship. Brooke comes aboard The Marlin and shares moments with Nick and Jack as he had requested. She is somewhat concerned that Taylor does not know. Nick beams as she feeds Jack and sees that he seems so snug and content in her arms. Eventually Brooke says a tearful goodbye to Jack and feels it best that she go. But she returns saying she can not turn away from this baby any more than she can with R.J. He vows that he will do whatever it takes to get Ridge to calm down and everybody get along so she can continue to stay in touch with Jack. He wants her to go to Ridge and him to Taylor and present their case, they will deal with it.

In a good frame of mind, Brooke presents her case to Ridge. Why can’t Jack be the one who could bring their families together? Can he accept this little boy into his heart? It won’t change the way she is committed to him or loves him. Please accept him, not let him divide them. In time for Christmas, they need to let this little boy do this for them.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve convinces Kayla to use their lack of a workable car to their advantage and make love in the back seat. Hope accidentally opens the door on them. Kayla advises Hope to tell Shawn the truth about Belle. Abe and Bo get a search warrant for Lucas’ place. EJ hides a baby monitor in Lucas’ apartment and overhears him talking with Kate about shipping the gun to himself. EJ accuses Sami of being involved in his shooting.

Belle, Shawn, Philip, and Chloe attend their high school reunion. Chloe flirts with Philip and argues with Belle over stringing both Philip and Shawn along. Chloe decides to tell Shawn the truth about Belle and Philip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Despite Tracy's protests, Monica will have to perform the surgery on Luke because the other doctor is not available. As he prepares to go under, he seems resigned to death. Amazingly, Trevor wants Johnny to remain in jail while Jason wants him out, after the boy is hauled in for questioning. Neither of Mac's daughters is able to recall more than vague details as they try to pin down who attacked Maxie. Trevor threatens Jason for helping Johnny. Monica freezes during surgery, resulting in Emily's spirit trying to help her and Luke going to Hell.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ashlee is listening to a news report about the election. Coop tries to comfort her with words of encouragement. Buzz and his family and friends are talking about when he becomes mayor. Lizzie visits The Doris for Mayor camp. She is not happy. She sees Bill there. She is fuming that Bill would go against his family. Doris is confused. She doesn't believe a Spaulding would work for a Lewis. Lizzie says she isn't a Spaulding anymore. Gus and Olivia are getting even closer. Lizzie is pissed at Bill for campaigning for Doris. From news reports Doris is ahead. Ava arrives at the Doris for Mayor camp. Doris asks who's side she is on. Ava says yours. Doris says, "Good now get me a drink." and walks away. Ava taking this time to snoop does so. She sees some papers on a table. They look like drawings for buildings. Gus visits Bill. Lizzie is summoned to the hospital. Billy is injured, but awake. Lizzie asks him if he's drunk. He says you bet I am. Meanwhile at Buzz's Campaign Headquarters things look dismal. Lizzie wonders why Billy didn't go to rehab. Billy says he was half way there. Gus gives Bill advice about Olivia. Bill signs some papers. Bill gets a call from Lizzie about Billy. Ashlee and Doris are having what Ashlee thinks is a heart to heart and it turns ugly. Then from another room someone "Whoops it up." Rafe and Olivia are having it out about Gus. Rafe wants Olivia to leave him alone. Olivia tells him to grow up. and if he doesn't like it leave. Ashlee goes to some guy to ask him to fix the election. She wants Gus to win. Bill and Lizzie have a talk about Bill outside his hospital room. Buzz wants to call Doris to concede. Doris goes to Buzz instead to congratulate him an a good race. Frank reads her the riot act about thinking she won. Doris leaves in tears. Buzz goes after her to talk. The discussion turns to Ashlee. She then says if you are going to concede call her ASAP. When a nurse asks Billy about family. He says he has none in town, that Miss Spaulding is the closes thing to family he has. Bill is shocked. At the Doris for Mayor camp, Ava is back helping Doris. Then we hear there's been a stunning development. Ashlee is at Buzz's Headquarters with Lillian by his side on a couch. Then Ava turns up the sound. The Announcer declares Buzz Cooper the new Mayor. Billy tells the nurse that he doesn't want Bill there as she wheels him into a room. Lizzie tries to comfort Bill. He tells her to go into is Dad's room then goes to find an officer to report his dad as a drunk driver. Buzz makes his victory speech in front of a camera. Ashlee and Ava talk. Ashlee is crying when her mom, Doris appears. She then meats the guy (Einstein) who fixed the race. Lizzie is with Billy as Bill looks through a hospital window. Celebration starts at the Buzz Cooper Campaign Headquarters. And Ashlee is alone.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

The police barge in on Michael and Gigi.  David looks at the lottery ticket that Viki gave him.  Jared talks to Nigel on the phone and tells him to calm down that David doesnít know that he is Asaís son.  Natalie tells Viki that Jessica is taking Martyís death hard.  Natalie realizes that Miles and John must be devastated over Martyís death.  Miles is rushed into the emergency room by ambulance.  John tells the doctor to let him know about Milesí condition.  Ramsey barges into Dorianís and demands to know where Cole Thornhart is.  Ramsey reveals to them that Cole shot Miles Laurence on the docks tonight.  Starr tries to comfort Cole after he reveals to her that he shot Miles.  Viki feels so awful about Marty.  Natalie begins to question Viki about the men in Paris and if Viki was interested in any of them.  John waits vigilantly outside of the emergency room doors for news on Milesí condition.  Charlie comes into his hotel room and looks at a picture of Jared when he was small.  He takes two bottles of liquor out of a paper bag.  John continues to try to call Cole, but Cole refuses to answer.  The police arrest Michael.  Ramsey insists on searching Dorianís house for Cole.  Todd steps in and tells Ramsey that he is not searching Dorianís house. 

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

In the aftermath of Jack's resignation, everyone adds their 2 cents to the situation especially Nick who states that this is the lowest he can go.  Jack fears that Sharon will leave him and Phyllis tries to offer words of encouragement that she won't.  However, when she expresses Jack's fears to Nick he confirms that they are valid.  On a positive note, they all agree on one thing; the welfare of Noah, who's taking the news of Jack's resignation well.

Lily finds herself suffering from writer's block, unable to come up with 50 words that describe her worthiness of winning the Faces of Jabot contest.  Colleen tries to pump her up and tells her that she needs to highlight her accomplishments.  Cane overhears their conversation and praises her, then shares attributes of hers that are noticeable to him.  Meanwhile, Amber tries to recruit Daniel to assist her with entering the contests.  Daniel refuses, stating that what she's doing is wrong and she's liable to get caught; no matter if she's disguised as Marina.  Of course, Amber does not listen and convenes with her preparations.

Marry me or else; Jeffrey has made it clear of the consequences if Glo does not accept his proposal.  Feeling trapped, Gloria tries to figure a way out and comes up with nothing.  Kevin adamantly tells her she needs to tell Jeffrey to shove it.  Glo doesn't think that'd be wise and caves, confessing to Kevin that she's going to accept his proposal.

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