Monday 12/10/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach urges Greenlee to pull herself together while he gets rid of the skeleton hand.  Upon seeing the sketch, Kendall is certain that Zach and Greenlee are together.  Kendall tells Erica the news that they will find Zach and Greenlee soon.  Josh questions Erica as to what is going on here.  Kendall confirms Spike’s appointment with Dr. Norton.  Josh tells Erica that he is there for her and Kendall and the boys.  Josh lets Erica know that he is moving in to Kendall’s until this is all over.  Josh opens the door and it is Joe Martin.  Erica tells Joe that he is not welcome here.  Jonathan and Ava visit Jack and he fills them in on Lily’s condition.  Sean tries to talk to Lily, but all she can say is “Murder.”  Ryan confronts Richie as to his plans for getting either him or Annie to kill him so that Dr. Chambers can collect the insurance money.  Sean is unsuccessful in getting through to Lily.  Ava visits Lily, too, but also is unsuccessful in finding out what is troubling her.  Jonathan talks to Lily and gets her to open up and tell him what is bothering her.  He shows her a picture of Richie and identifies him as “Richard” and reassures her that there will be no killing.  Josh offers Erica some helpful advice about getting back together with Jack.  Aidan talks Kendall into going home to her children.  Ryan enlists Joe Martin’s help in moving Richie to a different part of the hospital where he meets Janet.  Josh advises Erica to tell Jack that she is sorry.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad enjoys the afterglow with Katie, as she seems to be regretting it. Jack wants to know what Carly was trying to do by going to see Katie? Carly tries to explain that she was trying to make things right, which Jack doesn’t believe. Dusty and Kim find Bob collapsed. Chris admits him and tells Kim they have to run tests, as Kim fears the worst. Brad thinks Katie’s cavalier attitude is a front because he knows she enjoyed herself. Jack wants Carly to stay out of his life, as Carly tries to explain herself. Katie reminds Brad what they are doing is not a relationship, but a project, as Brad pulls her into a kiss. Carly tells Jack that she can help him get Katie back. Katie and Brad talk about how professional they have to continue to be at work. Margo interrupts them, as Brad hides but then conveniently shows himself so Margo knows what is going on. Bob’s family learns he suffered a stroke. Dusty insinuates something about Chris when he sees Emily. Kim pleads with Bob to come back, as she wonders what happened to Bob since he was so relaxed that morning. Chris doesn’t share that he and Bob fought. Margo questions Katie’s decision to have a baby with Brad, but she stands firm. Brad acts giddy around work and then admits to having something with Katie. Jack shoots Carly’s offer down to find out how Katie feels about him through Brad, as he orders her to stay out of his life. Chris pleads for his dad to wake up; he was wrong and he needs him to wake up so he can tell him that. Carly tells Kit she can’t take Jack hating her; it is worse then him loving Katie. Dusty overhears a nurse ask Chris who is going to fill in for Bob. Katie finds out that Brad told people about them at the station and is furious. Margo is about to tell Jack what is going on with Katie and Brad when she finds out about Bob and has to leave. Carly finds out that Brad and Katie slept together when he calls to tell her that he owes her one because Katie was so mad that they did the deed. Carly thinks Jack will never talk to her again. Chris tells Emily that his father collapsing is his fault.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Pam to stop always taking the good in people, that is Stephen’s ring and hand in the photo so he is the shooter. Eric calls Donna to warn her there is photographic evidence that will devastate her. Stephanie announces that she is going over there to Brooke’s to confront them herself. Stephen denies that is his ring, the photo could have been doctored. The girls are finding this hard to believe and Katie is the loudest. She claims she didn’t want to believe he was capable of this, but this from the same man that left his wife and four children years ago. And even with proof positive he is continuing to lie and not own up to what he has done. Stephanie and Eric surprise the Logan’s by showing up. Eric says this doesn’t have to be hard, they don’t even have to go to trial….just be a man and confess. He admits if he meant to shoot her, he wouldn’t have missed. The police show up and arrest Stephen again for violating his court order to stay away from Stephanie. With Taylor’s dad alright, she surprises Nick and returns home. She catches up on all the news and Jack’s well being. Ann calls Pam to let her know she’s home from her cruise. Their conversation is contentious when Ann mentions that Pam forgot her medication….and she read the headlines about Stephanie. Pam didn’t really take her seriously, did she, that she’d make a better wife for Eric than Stephanie? She didn’t shoot Stephanie, did she?

Ann accuses Pam for making a mess of things there and Pam confesses the family isn’t as nice to her as they used to be. Ann gives the orders, put Tiny in a crate, pack and don’t leave a note to anyone, certainly not the police, and come straight home. Before they take him away in handcuffs, Stephen asks permission to talk to his daughter, Brooke. She is not convinced of his innocence like Donna is or his guilt like Katie. She listens as he says he knows it is not going to be easy, but he needs her help while he sits behind the jail cell. When he is through speaking, she says she believes him and she will be there for him and find out who really did this and framed him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve rethinks having another baby for fear that he will be like his abusive father but Kayla talks him back into the idea. Lucas rethinks his decision to join Kate in faking a hit on the Brady family but Kate decides to go through with it anyway. Kate cuts Steve and Kayla’s brake lines and is almost caught in the act by Steve.

Bo and Hope arrive in Cincinnati and find Lee’s widow, Lindy, trying to sell Lee’s old supply of stolen guns in order to raise rent money. Lindy helps them find the receipt and security photo from the date and time Kate’s gun was sold. The photo shows that Lucas the gun buyer and that he bought two guns that day. Lucas gets a call of warning about Bo and Hope’s latest discovery.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke affirms his atheism when Tracy tries to get him to take better care of himself. They both admit to loving each other, but he repeats that he will not change his style of living. Sonny backs Tracy's position. Georgie's arrival saves Maxie's life. During questioning, Georgie says she was warned via text that her sister was in danger. Because Kate let Sonny inside, Diane and Alexis find reason to clash again. Skye both can't and won't deal with the Zaccharas over Lorenzo's waterfront property. Jerry tries to warn Kate she's in danger. Monica says Luke has to have surgery ASAP.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is confiding in Jeffery. Josh and Cassie are discussing Edmund, then Cassie leaves the house and leaves Josh and Will to talk. Marina orders Mallet to sit down and shut up and listen. Harley is talking with Cyrus about what Frank used to do when they were kids. She later tells Cyrus where the blankets and pillows are and shows him the couch. She goes to bed so does he. But later Cyrus gets up and looks at the pictures on the mantel. Neither of them can sleep. Cyrus later calls out to Harley thinking he heard her. Later he is in her room. She is moaning. They she wakes, she says she had a dream of all that rubble from the cave in. Mallet and Marina are talking about a girl that he knew. He talks off a ring on his finger and twirls it. Cassie arrives at Reva's. Jeffery says he has to go anyhow. It starts out as a fight at first about Edmund. Cassie doesn't want to fight. Cassie says she saw Reva near the loft. It hurts her. Reva asks "You don't think I pushed Edmund?" Josh is questioning Rick about the fall. Rick says he didn't see anything. Cassie says to Reva that she saw Reva go to the loft shortly before Edmund came tumbling down. Josh still at the hospital talking with Rick when some kid with a broken arm comes in. Rick says he has to go for a bit, but Rev Lewis will stay here until his mom comes in to take him home. Cyrus is trying to comfort Harley. He is worried about her. Harley gets up from bed saying she is hungry. And that Cyrus can't comfort her. He suggest he go back downstairs. Harley puts her head against the closed door. While music is playing all the stars are doing their thing. Josh comes home, Harley still worried about the dream, Reva joining Jeffery in the church. After her shower Harley catches Cyrus and Marina together in her house! Harley ask what Marina is there for. Cyrus tells Harley he called Marina for help. He tells Marina that Harley got a threatening postcard from Phillip. Marina says she is here because she loves her aunt. Wants to help her deal with Philip. Marina repeats her suggestion of help. Mallet goes to the hospital. He is out of breath. Rick asks why. Mallet doesn't answer him. But wants to ask a question about Edmund. Will gets an early Christmas present from Cassie for doing such a nice job at the Christmas pageant. Josh wonders about that day. Cassie says Will is shaken from seeing his favorite Uncle fall. Jeffery is asking Reva if she thinks he is capable of doing anything like that to Edmund. or Alan Spaulding. If so walk away. Reva ignores him. Rick gives Mallet what he wants as far as files. Then Mallet goes out side to a phone and calls someone asking about Edmund Winslow. Cassie is reading a story to Will, who has fallen asleep. RJ asks what that is and Cassie says that Will got a special present. RJ then gets one. As he leaves, Will opens one eye and looks ask if he could kill RJ. Then he really awakes and tells Cassie that she is his (Will's) only friend. Jeffery tells Reva not to compare him to Josh. Reva says she isn't. She continues to say it wasn't Josh who was there when everything with Alan went down. He later whispers something in her ear to make her laugh. He then says he'll make omelets. She says that is what she wants. Him and his omelets.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Michael knocks on Marcie’s door, but she and Gigi refuse to answer the door.  Michael is insistent on getting in, and he yells for Marcie to open the door.  Marcie quickly hides before Gigi lets Michael in.  Cole holds a gun on both John and Ramsay.  Miles walks up and Cole accidentally shoots him causing him to fall into the river.  Langston visits Starr in her room.  Starr lets Langston know that she hadn’t heard a word from Cole.  Langston relates to Starr how she felt when she found out that her parents were dead.  Blair lets Todd know that she still loves him and always will.  Todd kisses Blair.  Dorian lets David know that he is the only man for her.  Michael tells Gigi how very much he loves Marcie and their son.  Just about the time that Marcie is about to reveal herself to Michael, the police arrive.  John manages to get Miles out of the river, but Miles has no pulse.  Rex comes to visit Roxy.  Cole runs off after shooting Miles.  Cole runs straight to Starr to tell her that he shot Miles.  Angela panics when she sees the hairstyle that Roxy gave her.  John urges Miles to breathe as he gives Miles CPR.  Dorian tells David that she was a fool ever to let him go.  Todd and Blair kiss.  Dorian and David kiss.  David asks Todd if he gave up the search for his son.  The helicopter arrives to airlift Miles to the hospital.   

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Who is the baby's daddy?  This is the million-dollar question for Brad and J.T.  Brad tires of being treated like an outcast, while J.T. is just anxious to know.  When the baby's breathing becomes irregular, the doctor speculates that it could be caused by carbon dioxide contamination in the blood.  J.T. asks how they can be sure this is the problem.  The doctor states that blood tests will confirm this.  The light bulb goes off in both gentlemen’s head and they plead with Nikki to have the paternity tests done.  Rushing back to the ranch, they wait for Victor's approval.  He orders they proceed with the tests.

Sharon's officially ready to throw in the towel and angrily expresses her feelings to Jack, because she can no longer deal with his deceit.  Jack pleads and begs as she leaves.  When Ben confronts him about making a statement, he lashes out at him.  Jack realizes his reign as senator is ending and his only options are to resign or be impeached.  Jack chooses to resign and asks Sharon if she'd stand by his side one last time at his press conference.  Jill's ecstatic as she watches and listens to Jack resignation speech along with Kay, Cane, and Kevin.  An overjoyed Kevin calls Glo to share the good news. 

Glo, however, has troubles of her own and his name is Jeffrey Bardwell.  Threatening to expose her, Jeffrey offers a solution that will enable him to keep his trap shut...marriage.  When Neil tells David he's calling in Nikki's loans, he, of course, explodes, and Sharon tells Nikki it's ok if she stays at her old house on the ranch.

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