Friday 12/7/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/7/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jonathan and Ryan pose as FBI agents to gain access to an insurance agentís office and the info he has on Richie.  Annie visits Richie and wants to know the real reason he wanted her to kill him.  Kendall bursts into Aidanís and demands to stay with him until they find Zach and Greenlee.  Zach and Greenlee are busy at work trying to dig themselves out of the bomb shelter.  Greenlee begins to cough and canít breathe.  She feels as though the walls are closing in on her.  Adam brings Krystal into the hospital to get stitches in her hand despite her protests.  Annie lets Richie know that she and Ryan arranged for him to be taken care of by nurses.  Walter reads a story to Emma outside of Richieís room.  Richie asks to see his father before he leaves town.  Richie questions Walter as to why he is getting so close to Emma.  Ryan questions Stan, the insurance agent, about Richie Novak and the insurance policy that Richie took out.  Ryan takes Stan outside the office to question while Jonathan searches the office.  Julia is on the phone with Jack about Lilyís condition when Tad walks in with a cup of coffee for both of them.  Tad reminds Julia that he said that Krystal could have anyone except Adam.  Zach insists to Greenlee that she get herself something to eat, despite her protests.  In searching for something to eat, Greenlee finds some old love letters.  Tad is angry when he sees Adam holding Jenny in his arms.  Kendall finds a piece of paper in an old box with a diagram on it that matches the diagram on her bracelet that Zach had made for her.  Upon seeing this picture, Kendall is positive that Greenlee is with Zach.  When Ryan looks at the insurance policy that Jonathan stolen from Stanís office, he realizes what Richie is up to.  Adam tries to reach a peaceful solution to his and Tadís problems.  Ryan confronts Richie with the insurance policy that he took out.  Ryan knows now that Richie came to Pine Valley not to kill him or Annie, but for one of them to kill him.  In the bomb shelter, Zach finds the skeleton of a manís hand.  After Tad leaves with Jenny, Julia finds a paper on the floor which Adam snatches out of her hand.  The paper is an adoption certificate.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Craig gets suspicious when he finds Meg seemingly upset when talking to Eli and then later Eli and Rosanna are awfully cozy. While Paul is running around trying to get Rosanna released from the hospital Eli is blackmailing her. Eli tells Rosanna he knows she wasn’t always in a coma and he knows she switched the DNA results for Meg’s baby. Eli demands a great sum of money to keep his secret. Unfortunately Craig may be onto the lab tech and heiress. Chris is assuring everyone specifically Even and Craig that he will get the go ahead to bring the Walsh research lab to Memorial. Bob is counteracting every promise Chris makes. When Bob discovers Chris making promises to get the lab and get Bob out of the way an intense argument ensues. Chris and Bob yell and threaten each other. Dusty listens outside the door to part of the argument. Dusty walks away just before Bob fires his son. Chris storms out vowing that Bob will be sorry. Alone to calm himself down Bob suffers a stroke. Dusty finds him later unconscious on the floor.

Jack has hopes of having Katie back by Christmas but little does he know any progress he could have made Carly has once again flushed down the drain. Carly believes she is doing a good thing for Katie and Jack when she interrupts Katie and Brad just before the have sex to conceive a baby. Katie doesn’t want to hear anything Carly has to say. Brad steps out in the hall with Carly where they greatly disagree about the right and the wrong of the entire situation. Inside Katie calls jack angry and believing he sent Carly to do his dirty work. Jack doesn’t know what is going on but he is going to put a stop to it. Jack is waiting for Carly when she arrives home. He blasts her for pushing Katie further into the arms of Brad. Carly claims she didn’t think of that but Jack believes that was her plan all along. Carly was wrong and Jack was right. After the troublesome blonde left Katie jumped into Brad’s arms, even after he told he didn’t know if this was the right thing to do.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Jake this is critical evidence. Blow up that frame and don’t erase it. They have caught Stephanie’s shooter on his camcorder. Jake makes a copy on his computer and she calls Brooke to stay put, she’s coming over to see her and Donna. She barges in and says she has proof of who shot Stephanie Forrester. Despite their disbelief, she shows them the pictures of ‘the hand’ and the ring on it clearly is Stephen’s. Rick sees Ashley in the lab and praises her for doing such an excellent job as a chemist and with their products. He hands her the wedding invitations he had in Paris and didn’t mail. She’s appreciative because he saved her mountains of humiliation, but wishes he had at least told the bride. His friendship means so much to her and they hug. With Eric and Pam in the kitchen licking the spoons from her baking, Stephanie is perturbed to be left alone. And completely shocked when she looks around and there is Stephen who has just walked through the terrace doors. She hollers for Eric who manages to throw Stephen out.

Just as his family is learning that he must be the shooter, Stephen walks into Brooke’s and wants to return now to the loving arms of his family who believes he is innocent even if the Forrester’s don’t. They first question him about his ring, how he almost never takes it off, he’s always worn it for as long as they can remember. Then Katie shows him the picture. He states this is fakery, but Katie keeps repeating, “it is you.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman tries to give Marlena back her gun and offers to pretend the crime never happened but Marlena refuses to let him do that. Kate threatens to have Philip report Roman’s attempt to cover up Marlena’s crime if Marlena doesn’t turn herself in. Marlena gives in to Kate’s demands. When Abe learns that Kate’s gun was traced to a woman in Ohio, Bo and Hope volunteer to head there in hopes of getting more information.

Max realizes that Ford’s body can’t be removed from the house due to the security cameras so he is forced to bury the body under the basement’s dirt floor. Max, Chelsea, and Stephanie decide to let the other sorority sisters believe that Ford’s body is gone. Max dons Ford’s clothes before leaving so that the security cameras would appear to have caught Ford leaving the house.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny's plate is full; he is trying to find the killer, who seems to be after women in his life, and then Kate hires Alexis to sue him over a wall. Sonny has Diane countersue, and when she sees the shoes Alexis got as a retainer, she becomes determined to win. Tracy fumes over Skye's attentions to Luke. Trevor asks Ric to pin the murders on Zacchara, but he refuses. If he asked for Lucky's help, he might have better luck; the officer is determined to do so, since that would make Jason indirectly responsible. Nikolas heads to Zurich for treatment. When Monica intends to operate on Luke, Tracy blocks her and wants a different doctor, one not in mourning. Maxie might be the next victim. Trevor wants to make Skye an offer she cannot refuse.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia and Natalia are discussing Gus. Bill and Dinah are talking about Billy and the company. Cyrus and Harley meet up with Gus. Gus asks about her boys. They all have a hot drink. Bill tells his sister, Dinah about a girl he just met. Dinah laughs. She tells him she always thought he was being good for her. Bill write a message on Dinah notebook, it reads," Don't get caught. She laughs. Olivia and Natalia are still at it. Olivia says she feels for Natalia. Gus and Harley are outside the restaurant taking about Philip and get into a small argument in front of Cyrus. Harley is not feeling good though claims she is fine. Marina is with Mallet and talking about evidence in Edmund's Fall case. He wants to bounce ideas off Marina. He tells her Edmund jumped. Marina laughs. Mallet gets a call and takes off. It is a home invasion. So he says to Marina. Bill is on the phone calling Dinah. She comes in the restaurant. Bill asks her about the "Good". Dinah says not exactly. The Mallet comes in. Dinah facial expression changes. Marina and Cyrus are talking and kissing. Then there is a knock at the door. Cyrus goes to it. It is none other than Alexandra Spaulding!! Meanwhile Harley and her boys are talking about the Christmas tree. They want to decorate it. She hands them cards. There is a postcard with suspicious message. Harley gets nervous. Puts it down and leaves the room where the boys are. Gus is visiting Olivia. fixing a music box. They are talking about her medical status. Then the subject changes to Natalia. Gus wants to do something really special and is asking for Olivia's help. She is telling him of her ideal wedding a symphony, white chairs, flowers. Gus says that he thinks that is not what Natalia wants. Back at Cyrus and Marina's Alexandra is threatening Cyrus with Immigration. Saying their love wasn't real. He says it was. Harley gets spooked and turns off the lights. She is walking around with her gun. Lo and behold it is Natalia. Harley asks what she is doing. No real answer. The subject changes and they talk about Gus and Christmas. Marina and Cyrus are talking about his current financial situation. He leaves. Harley is later with her boys putting the decorations on the Christmas tree. She is on the ladder putting on the star when she gets dizzy. There is a knock on the door. One of the boys goes to it. Harley orders him to open it. It is Cyrus. He helps Harley down off the ladder with the boys holding on to the ladder. She thanks them for getting her down. Cyrus asks what happened up there. Harley says nothing happened. Gus is at Cedars Hosp. when Natalia arrives. He says he is here to talk to a doctor. The discussion becomes Olivia. Natalia is a little jealous. Mallet is giving both Dinah and Bill the riot act about what happened. Bill decks Mallet. A fight starts with Dinah yelling for it to stop. She separates them and she tells Mallet to leave her brother alone and if he wants to arrest someone, arrest her. Gus assures Natalia she wont loose him. Bill is aiding his lip when Dinah gives him a piece of paper with some info on it. Marina gets a call from Cyrus. He tells Marina he's going to be late. After the call. Marina whispers, "Give him space."

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair encourages Todd to go back inside where it is warm.  Todd tells Blair that he is leaving her.  Gigi brings Tommy a cherry lollipop among other kinds of food and snacks.  Gigi lets Marcie know that she can work at the Bon Jour Cafť.  Noelle gives Michael a piece of her special pie.  Mo also brings Michael a piece of his pie.  Charlie walks in and introduces Michael to both of them.  Charlie questions them as to where Viki is.  They tell him that Viki is gone.  Viki stands outside the door at Llanfair.  Miles is devastated at the death of Marty because he knows how close she and Cole were.  Viki walks into the house much to the surprise of everyone.  Dorian lets Nora know that they are having a very hard day today.  Nora lets her know that she is there to see Cole.  Cole holds the gun on both John and Ramsay.  Cole tells Ramsay that he is the reason his Mother is dead.  David walks up behind Nora.  Dorian lets David know that she had been hit with a car in Texas and that is why she had the cane.  Everyone is glad to see Viki home.  Viki offers her condolences to Miles.  Michael is given the tip that Marcie and Tommy could be staying at the motel across from the Bon Jour Cafť.  Dorian lets David know that she needs him.  Blair lets Todd know that she loves him now and always.  Cole shoots Miles by mistake.  Michael knocks on Marcieís door, but she will not answer it.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Sharon runs over to Jack's nemesis Victor's crib and confesses that Jack's behind him being investigated for "Ji Min's demise." She also gives him details regarding her crumbling marriage. Sensing her distress, Victor suggests she stay at the guest house. Sharon happily obliges, abandoning Jack; who is beating him self up with the help of John's ghost. Unable to deal with Sharon's disappointment in him, Jack goes to the guest house and apologizes profusely on the doorstep. His plea is ignored as Sharon goes upstairs. Jack desperate to win Sharon back, contemplates resigning from the senate. While Sharon and Brad seek comfort in one another over drinks at the Athletic Club, Brad vows to help Sharon with her Jack situation.

Glo's web of deceit is coming to an end; Jeffrey is on to her. Showing her his severely burned hand, he threatens to expose her to the police for contaminating the cream; causing the Jabot scandal. Glo refuses to display defeat and calls his bluff, stating that a flimsy note from William means nothing. Jeffrey thinks otherwise especially as she tries to shift the focus to Jill.

Still furious at Nikki, Victor summons Neil to discuss business matters and also call in her loans. At the hospital with David, Nikki holds vigil over the baby.

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