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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan visits Kendall to spend some time with little Spike before his surgery.  Ryan has just arrived when Erica comes rushing in.  Amanda comes into work at Fusion and finds Babe already there.  They begin to argue as usual.  Ava visits J.R. in jail, posing as his sister.  Aidan sees a bright light coming from outside.  Tad panics when he doesn’t find Jenny in the nursery but then he finds Colby feeding Jenny a bottle.  Colby and Tad both feel bad about J.R. being in jail.  Adam is in on the phone with J.R.’s lawyer, Dwight.  Krystal walks in and listens to Adam on the phone.  Krystal urges Adam to let J.R. handle this.  Ava tells J.R. that she is going to get him out of jail.  Babe confesses that she is worried about J.R. being in jail for allegedly hitting Zach and the fact that Zach may never be found.  Babe wishes that J.R. can remember what happened the night that Zach was hit.  Amanda remembers being with J.R. that night.  Aidan searches for Greenlee in the woods while some unknown person watches him.  Ryan spends some quality time with Spike.  Livia visits J.R. and tries to get him to remember what happened the night that Zach was hit.  Colby visits J.R. and begs him to promise that he will quit drinking and to keep his promise this time.  After Babe leaves Amanda alone in the office, Amanda watches a video that she made of J.R., drunk, the night that Zach was hit.  Tad and Krystal argue over Adam and what happened to Jenny.  Krystal slaps Tad’s face for his accusations.  Adam visits Krystal and demands to see Tad.  Adam sees that Krystal’s hand is cut deeply and in need of stitches.  He insists that he take her to the emergency room to get stitches and that they take Jenny with them. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Meg and Craig help a woman give birth when they are trapped in the Lakeview elevator and later at the hospital, the woman decides to name the baby after Craig.  Paul admits to Rosanna that he slept with Meg before they were married and tells her that Meg is pregnant but Craig is the father.  Paul swears to Rosanna that he is not in love with Meg anymore.  Jack and Carly argue when Sam, Kit's boyfriend, ends up in jail for breaking into Metro.  Sam is later released and Carly tells Jack that she is going to give Kit and Sam a second chance and she doesn't care what he thinks about it.  Brad gives Katie some more time to think about making a baby with him and later Katie and Brad begin to make love but are interrupted when Carly bursts in to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie conducts her press conference from her bubbly tub and then tells the police they are barking up the wrong tree about Stephanie’s shooting, she is totally clean (no pun intended). She answers their questions evasively and tells them if anything important pops into her head, their little cell phones will vibrate. Jake’s camcorder is turned in from the lost and found department and he’s grateful to have it back. Donna assures Katie that Eric loves her and they are fine. He’s spending time with Stephanie just until she recuperates. Stephanie is brought home with almost the entire family there to usher her in and make her comfortable – Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Pam and even Tiny, the dog.

Stephanie thanks both Eric and Ridge for being so kind and welcoming, considering they have not forgiven her for what she did to Brooke. She surmises it took a bullet to bring Eric back to her, but this is where she wants to be, just to love him in this house they built. Eric is smothered with kisses by Donna when she finds out he is going to a hotel and not staying in the house. And if her dad is responsible for the shooting, he is not holding her to any blame. Jake and Katie find a surprise, the discovery that his camcorder accidentally was left on and he taped the confrontation with Brooke and Stephanie the night she was shot at the showing. In viewing it, Katie realizes they can freeze-frame and see the hand and determine who shot Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ waits for Sami to leave and then demands that Lucas let him see Johnny. Lucas refers to EJ as brainwashed if he thinks Sami really loves him. EJ later waits until Lucas leaves and then pretends to need Sami’s help getting back in his wheelchair. Sami vents to Marlena about her conflicted love life and Marlena questions whether Sami truly hates EJ. Lucas meets with Kate to question her about the shooting but Kate swears she was solely aiming for EJ. Lucas likes Kate’s idea of pretending the vendetta is continuing in order to get Sami to leave EJ.

Caroline worries that Max is spending too much time working and not enough time with the ladies. Chelsea dreams that Ford has come back to life to attack her. Stephanie insists on being the sole person to dispose of Ford’s body and calls Max over to help.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin and Patrick try to talk out their differences, but she thinks a year will not change his mind about babies. Leyla's words fail to reassure Alexis about what happened and she proceeds to dismiss Jerry as a client because he'd take advantage of a drunk young woman, but he silences her momentarily with a kiss. She then summons Patrick to pick up the girl. After frightening Kate's decorator, Sonny uses muscle to convince him to continue to work for her. Kate maintains that Sonny must respect her restrictions on their contact. Luke escapes the hospital, but is brought back after he collapses. He gives in on surgery.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Today's show starts off where Wed ended. Josh is talking to the congregation when Edmund's body comes down from the balcony. Gus and Natalia are having dinner and discussing the wedding plans and Christmas. Natalia wants a wedding date. Olivia's phone is ringing while she is spending time with her daughters. It seems it is hospital related. She asks whomever is on the other end to call her when there is an opening. Josh calls for Rick as Cassie tries to hide Will's face from the situation. Reva tries to help her with this. Bill is talking with Olivia. Seems Bill wants to see his daughter. He knows of Olivia's health situation and wants to take their daughter to live with him. Olivia reminds him that he can hardly take care of himself let alone a little girl. Bill says he'll have his family help. Josh makes an announcement to the congregation about leaving the police to do what they have to in order to get Edmund's body out of the church. Cassie is talking with Josh about the current situation. That they have to help the congregation deal with what happened. Josh agrees. Lizzie has tracked down Bill reminding him of a business meeting they have. Jeffrey and Reva have coffee and talk of the incident at the church. Mallet talks to Josh about what happened to Edmund. Edmund is on a stretcher when Will comes by to talk to him. Edmund is awake. But cannot talk. Will look at it as if to say don't you tell them anything. Mallet tries to interview Edmund, but Rick throws him out of the examining room. Bill meet Ms Andrea Daniels, the client. Bill give Lizzie an order as he and Andrea leave. Gus visits Olivia. He wants to help. Olivia says no. Later Gus is with Natalia. Rick runs into Jeffrey and Reva at where they are. Mallet tells Josh and Cassie what the doctor told them about Edmund. Mallet tells that someone says they saw Edmund dragged off. Mallet asks Josh if he might know where. Later Cassie asks Mallet if she can take Will home. He says yes. Jeffrey and Reva, Rick are talking about what just happened. Reva tells Rick that it is the truth, "Word for Word.". Vanessa and Lizzie talk about Billy and Bill. Lizzie says she cares. And doesn't want to see Bill hurt. Vanessa goes to see Bill. She is shocked to see Bill with the business associate (Andrea) he and Lizzie were to meet. Andrea then leaves in a huff calling Bill a jerk. Natalia goes to see Alan. Alan brings up Olivia and Gus' relationship. Natalia is confident that she means nothing to Olivia. Alan says Natalia can trust Gus, but that Olivia is another matter. She has bed all the Spaulding men from him to Alan-Michael. Olivia is at the hospital awaiting test. Gus is with her. They are laughing when the heart specialist comes in. It seems that Olivia cannot be put on a list for a transplant. Gus is furious and suggests that she was a Spaulding and is on the Board at the hospital. Josh and Cassie are still in a discussion about Will and the events that happened today. Will is in the other room listening in. Bill gives Lizzie the riot act about sending Vanessa over to spy on Bill. Then turns around to thank her for the presentation to did at the meeting. Then walks her to the door and shuts it on her, with a smile on his face. Natalia goes to see Olivia about Gus and why he is spending time with her. Rick, Beth and Mallet are talking about the events at the church. Mallet is questioning Beth. Josh and Cassie are still in shock of today's events and that she wants to protect Will. After Josh goes to bed, Cassie calls Reva to set up a meeting to talk about Edmund.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie is on the computer in the living room at Llanfair when Jessica and Nash come to visit.  Jessica begins to ask her if it is true that Jared is Asa’s son.  Jared sits on the sofa in the living room in Asa’s mansion.  He reads the book centered on the many lives and loves of Asa Buchanan.  Renee comes in to join him and wants to know what had been going on since she was gone.  Jared lets her know that Nigel read the letter that Asa had left and it was revealed that he was Asa’s son.  Miles and Roxy are going over the books to determine how many community service hours they have left.  Roxy gives Miles a box of hair dye to be put up in the back of the beauty shop when Rex and Adriana come in.  Rex wonders if Roxy saw Michael.  Blair, Langston, Markko, and Dorian find out from the news on television that Marty Saybrooke was killed when the automobile in which she was riding went over an embankment.  Todd comes in and wonders what is going on.  Blair lets him know that it is about Marty.  Starr and Cole come into the living room arm-in-arm.  John stands on the dock and remembers how the van exploded with Marty inside.  Ramsey comes up behind him.  Natalie wants to know why Jared would fake being Asa’s son.  Renee is happy that Jared is Asa’s son.  Clint and Nora walk in on Renee telling Jared that she is going to throw him a big party.  Blair explains to Todd that Marty was killed.  Everyone offers Cole his/her condolences.  Nora finds out via the cell phone that Marty had been killed.  Todd feels guilty that Marty was killed.  John attacks Ramsey for being the cause of Marty death.  The two have a big brawl.  Ramsey pulls a gun on John.  In fighting, the gun falls to the floor and lands at the foot of Cole.  Cole picks it up and holds it on both John and Ramsey.  Miles heads to Natalie for comfort in the death of Marty.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Gloria's shocking revelation threatens Jack's senatorial seat further, but Jack refuses to take this lying down and vows to fight fire with fire. Gloria and Kevin prematurely celebrate over dinner and champagne at the Athletic Club adamantly promising to strip Jack of everything.

Victor angrily confronts Nikki about the love letter he found and read from David. Nikki protests that she was not aware of it and did not maliciously bring it into his home. Victor stubbornly believes otherwise and kicks her out of the ranch house.

Sharon questions Jack's character and her support of him, when she realizes he did indeed trick John into writing Gloria out of his will. On a happy note, Lauren surprises Michael with an anniversary present and thanks to Kevin who's occupying Gloria, they celebrate in style.

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