Wednesday 12/5/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/5/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jonathan visits Ryan and upon seeing all the papers on the table, he asks what is going on.  Richie is sitting in his hospital bed when he notices Babe walking by the door with Joe.  Babe questions Joe as to how Richie is doing.  Joe lets her know that Richie is doing better.  Richie gets out of bed to see what they are discussing and falls to the floor.  They rush in to help Richie back into bed.  Kendall questions Aidan as to what he is doing out here in the middle of nowhere.  Aidan orders Kendall off of his property.  Greenlee and Zach are civil with each other despite their predicament.  Zach mumbles for him not to take them away from him.  Julia comes to visit Jack to check to see if he had picked up her house key by mistake.  Julia wants to know if there is any word on Greenlee.  Jack answers, “No word.”  Lily sits in her bed, rocking back and forth.  Jack takes Julia upstairs to visit Lily to see if she can get through to her.  Julia makes some progress in talking to Lily when she exclaims, “Murder.”  Babe finds out from Joe that Richie will be dismissed in a few days.  Babe comes to visit Ryan to ask for his help in getting Richie the help that he needs.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily is worried because Dusty seems preoccupied with Emily. Emily, Chris and Evan are sure that they project will go through thanks to her article in the Intruder, but elsewhere Bob is fuming. Henry learns that Katie and Brad are doing artificial insemination today and calls Jack to put a stop to it. Bob and Chris have it out, as Bob refuses to budge on his stance, while Emily and Kim have words as well. Lily wonders if Dusty is still in love with Emily, but he claims that he just is looking out for Emily because he hurt her. Brad is having trouble making a ‘donation’ and wants Katie to help. Vienna is mad when she finds out that Henry called Jack. She feels as if Henry betrayed Katie by trying to stop her from her dream. Henry wonders if this is just as much about Vienna wanting a baby now as Katie. Jack goes to the hospital to talk with Katie, and they end up fighting so Jack leaves and then confronts Brad, who is more rattled and can’t end up going through with it. Bob will talk with Chris after the holidays about the project so Chris decides to stay in town for Christmas. Evan is disappointed when he learns that Chris couldn’t sway his father yet and has plans to go elsewhere until Chris has an idea on how to forcibly convince his father. Brad tells a depressed Katie that he can’t do the artificial insemination. Bob learns something interesting from Dusty. Bob tells Kim if Chris is going to act this way then he is forcing him to push back. Katie walks into her room to find pink and blue balloons all over and Vienna tells Katie how lucky she is that someone wants to have a baby with her, as Katie realizes that she is. Katie calls Brad. Lily invites Dusty to lunch or dinner, but he tells her that he will have to call her later, as Lily looks depressed. Jack is confident that he stopped Katie and Brad from doing the artificial insemination, as Vienna thinks it is good so they can now make a baby the more fun way, as Jack looks horrified. Brad tells Katie that she made the right decision – he would be terrible dad; he wasn’t thinking, and from now on, they will just be friends, as Katie jumps into his arms kissing him. Brad is stunned when Katie suggests making a baby the old fashioned way, as Brad eagerly agrees.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke holds and cuddles with Jack, absolutely loving it. Nick swears he is an angel now, she must have the magic touch. She confesses she thought she could stay away from him as his biological mother, but she looked into his eyes and she just can’t. Nick realizes there is a connection and they can’t pretend there isn’t. He doesn’t think she can be denied contact with Jack. He thinks both Ridge and Taylor will come around with this and they won’t be threatened. Until then, it will be their little secret and they’ll find a way for Brooke to spend time with Jack.

Stephen comes back to his hotel room and all but Katie welcome him. He’s shocked that she would think he’s actually capable of murder. She says his word is not enough; she needs proof. Donna and Storm’s support means more than the world to him. He admits that he did blame the Forrester’s for things he did and decisions he was incapable of making at the time. He states that he has complete confidence in Storm and that his future in his hands. And he hopes they will give him a chance to pay them back. Lt. Baker tells his son, Charlie, they need to clean up any loose ends, no surprises, make sure nothing is overlooked, make sure they have the right man. Pam drops in on the police department, bringing them cookies as she is grateful they got the right man and arrested him. Suspicious and curious, Baker wants her checked out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas and Sami argue about Sami choosing EJ. Sami tries to prove her loyalty to Lucas by forcibly seducing him. Stefano receives daily threats from an old nemesis. Stefano has Rolf perform surgery on someone at the mansion to prepare them to fight Stefano’s old nemesis. Tony warns EJ to protect Johnny from Stefano but EJ maintains that Stefano would never hurt Johnny. EJ decides to return Johnny to Sami and Lucas’ care. Tony asks Stefano to leave Johnny alone but Stefano won’t hear of it.

Chelsea tries to get away from Ford by running upstairs but Ford chases after her. Chelsea pushes Ford away and he falls down the stairs to his death. The sorority sisters as a whole decide to stash Ford’s body in the basement rather than call the police and risk punishment.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

The girls from General Hospital send Leyla home in a cab when she is clearly wasted, then go on to remember Emily as they drink. After Alexis rejects his invitation out, Jerry runs into Leyla as she comes into the Metro Court. Scotty finds Logan telling Lulu he'll be there for her and suggests he should join the PCPD. Lulu has been upset because she has inferred that Johnny, who is taking over the Zacchara mob family decisively to Trevor's dismay, is in danger from Sonny. As Lucky and Jason conclude their conversation on the agreement that Jason will stay away as long as Lucky does not hurt Liz or the boys again, another cop arrives, questioning Jason further about Emily's death, as evidence points to a non- Anthony Zacchara culprit. Scotty thinks Jerry might have killed Emily, something Alexis won't consider, but she does go to see Jerry, where she finds Leyla in what appears to be a compromising situation. Alexis would have been right in her assumptions, but Leyla's foray into romance with Jerry ended with her puking.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh is helping Will with his wings while he is getting dressed in his preacher garb. Edmund is driving Reva crazy. When Edmund leaves the room Jeffery and Reva talk about ways to get rid of Edmund when there is a knock at the door. Seems someone caught Edmund sneaking out of Reva's and was bringing him back. Edmund jokes, "I tried." Rick and Beth are just getting up when Rick is looking for something he come up with a pregnant test. Josh is talking with his fellow minister, Reverend Steven when the family comes into the church. Alan gives Beth a gift and Rick is not happy. Reva and Jeffery arrive at St Mark's for the Christmas Pageant and Josh's ordination. The kids are singing Christmas carols when Alan whispers to Rick. Then some men take Edmund out of the church. Will is not happy when this happens. After the Pageant the Reverend Steven tells people that after a bit Josh's Ordination will begin. Jeffery is with Edmond and the guy that dragged him out of the church. Jeffery tells Edmund to go. Leave town. Edmund tantalizes Jeffery. Tells him that Cassie was perfect for him but he let her go. Jeffery tells Edmund to have a nice flight. Edmund is pissed when the "deal" he thought he had he doesn't. Jeffery tells him he is going away and getting convicted. Edmund says he didn't kill Alonzo. Jeffery says otherwise and says he's going to pay. Reverend Steven reminds Josh what today is when Josh looses it for a second. Later Josh is talking with Edmund saying he wants to stop this plan with Edmund. Jeffery is shocked he knows. Reva spills it that she told Josh. Cassie speaks to Jeffery about this and Jeffery tells her what is done is done. Rick and Beth are talking. Rick goes into his medical bag and cannot find what he was going to give Beth. Josh is out looking for Edmund when he comes upon a body and a syringe near the diner. Rick is overhearing this and realizes where the missing syringe went. The Ordination is about to begin. At Reva's, Reva and Jeffery are talking. Jeffery says he is not mad at her or Josh. They kiss until there is a knock on the door. It is Rick. He tells them about the syringe and Edmund. The Ordination begins with Cassie confirming that Josh is worthy. Meanwhile Edmund has returned to the church. So has Reva and Jeffery. Jeffery then leaves when he notices something or someone. Reva goes upstairs of the church. Cassie is confused. Rev Steven asks if anyone knows where or not this ceremony should continue. Edmund has Will on the balcony with him. Edmund tells Will that they are all after him. Will asks why. Edmund tells him that he is going to do something to them. Will says, No! you can't hurt my mother. That Edmund lied. After Josh is ordained he gives a speech. That he is honored to be accepted. Meanwhile Edmund and Will are talking. Will says he killed Alonzo. As Josh continues his speech Edmund comes hurled off the balcony!

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

While fending off David's persistent advances, Viki insists that she doesn’t love Charlie.  John and Cole are on their way back to Llanview.  Charlie wakes up on Michael McBain’s sofa.  Charlie finds out that Michael is a doctor.  Starr is on the internet, looking at a picture of Cole when Langston and Markko come to visit.  Cole relives the moment when the van exploded in flames and ended the life of his Mother.  Antonio and Talia come into Rodi’s.  Antonio asks Talia if everything is cool between them.  Talia assures him that it is.  In a corner booth, Adriana is on the computer.  Rex comes up to the table and she tells him that she is working on her Christmas gift list.  He hugs her while, all the time, looking at her computer screen.  Marcie confesses to Gigi that she doesn’t know what to do next.  Gigi lets her know that she does.  Langston is glad to see Dorian back in town.  Mrs. Woodrow pays a visit to Dorian.  Dorian asks her if she is going to be Langston’s foster mother.  Marcie lets Gigi know that she called Michael.  Marcie remembers that she loved Michael.  Marcie decides that she wants to go home and for all of this to be over.  Viki lets David know that she is proud of him for doing the right thing.  Dorian is permitted to be Langston’s foster mother.  Dorian immediately makes plans for herself and Langston.  John suggests to Cole that he come to live with him.  John takes Cole to see Starr who is overjoyed when she sees Cole outside her door.  Cole lets Starr know that Marty is dead.  Viki finds out from the television that Marty is dead.  Viki gives David a lottery ticket.  Markko, Langston, Blair, and Dorian watch some news about Marty’s death on the television.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor becomes a person of interest in Ji Min's homicide.  His home and Newman Enterprises are searched by the police.  After the search is over, Victor finds the love letter that David wrote to Nikki and removes it from the box.  Before Nikki notices, he reads it and hides it from her. 

Gloria reads the love letter that John wrote her which confirms that she truly was the love of his life.  Gloria decides that this is leverage to discredit Jack.  She goes back to Madison with the family and testifies, once again before the Ethics Committee, sharing the letter and exposing that Jack tricked his father into writing her out of the will.  This presents another obstacle for Jack, and his Senate seat is endangered once again just when he thought the smoke had finally cleared after his heartfelt apology.

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