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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the woods, Aidan digs away the leaves covering a hole.  Ava tries to get J.R. to remember whether he hit Zach.  Kendall dreams that she and Zach are in the woods.  Zach tells Kendall that he needs her.  Kendall looks up and Greenlee holds a gun on Zach.  Kendall screams.  Aidan frantically digs to remove the leaves and dirt from the hole.  When he finally gets all the leaves removed, he finds that the hole is filled with things to make methadone.  Kendall dreams that Greenlee shoots Zach, but when Kendall goes to help, she finds that it is Zach, who shot Greenlee.  Tad and Hannah spend some quality time together discussing Zach and the problems that they had.  Krystal and Adam spend time together discussing J.R. and his problems.  Krystal advises Adam just to love his children instead of always trying to rule their lives.  Ava is caught smuggling contraband into the jail to J.R.  Adam begs Krystal not to leave him, but to spend the night.  Krystal calls Tad to let him know that she won’t he home for a while.  Waking up, Kendall decides to go find Zach herself.  Aidan looks up and sees Kendall standing behind him. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will and Gwen get Barbara to admit she paid Cole to buy Sofie's baby even though at first she blames Iris for everything.  Gwen's heart is broken and she loses all hope that she and Will are ever going to have children.  Will assures Gwen that someday they are going to be parents.  Lily has an honest talk with Faith telling her that Dusty is a good friend and will never replace Holden.  Emily writes a newspaper article about Evan's research project and tells Dusty that she will return to work if he prints the article in the newspaper.  Dusty isn't happy about the article but agrees to Emily's terms.  Cole leaves town since Barbara told him that Will and Gwen are not going to adopt the baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After Ridge is through raking Nick over the coals about his mother sneaking out of town so quickly, Ridge tells him to top dangling Jack like a carrot in front of Brooke. Deliberate or not, leading Brooke on has got to stop. Stay away from his family! As stunning news as it is, Brooke tells Katie that she is Jack’s biological mother, but she and Ridge are going to work out all these distractions. She confides she overstepped and criticized Taylor for not breastfeeding and bonding with Jack. Moments later she calls to apologize and finds out that Taylor is not home and has left Jack in a stranger’s care. Not able to reach Nick by phone, she charges out to see him.

Ridge shares with Ashley that things in his life are not going all that well right now. She concedes that Brooke fought awfully hard to get him back, so she doesn’t think she will let anything get in their way. Nick answers the door and like a whirling dervish, Brooke frantically rushes in and asks where Jack is and how long has Nick been home? Amid a thousand questions about Taylor and why she is gone and how Jack is, Nick invites her to sit down and soon Jack is in her arms. With Nick looking over her shoulder, they look like one big, happy family.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip dreams that Belle dumps Shawn for him. Belle feels guilty as she spends the night with Shawn. Hope and Bo reconsider keeping Belle’s infidelity a secret from Shawn when they each learn of Belle’s latest transgressions but decide to keep quiet until they find out what Belle told Marlena. Lucas attacks EJ and Sami has to pull them apart. Lucas storms out when EJ gloats about Sami’s love proclamation to him. Sami convinces EJ that she needs to talk things over with Lucas in order to get out of having to stay the night with EJ but Lucas would rather she leave than talk.

Stephanie convinces Slone that it would be too dangerous for her to act as the decoy with Ford so Chelsea steps up to replace her. Chelsea drugs Ford’s drink but while she isn’t looking, Ford drugs her drink. Ford also makes Chelsea taste his drink first. Ford tries to rape Chelsea once she starts feeling groggy but the sorority sisters burst in to stop him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Johnny rejects Sonny's overture of cooperation and refuses to ditch Trevor. Emily's spirit is able to follow Nikolas to the hospital. Leyla takes Patrick's dumping her badly. Alexis tells Trevor to stay away from Molly. Hearing that Jason, Lucky, and Liz have agreed to let Lucky remain both boys' father dismays Spinelli. Lucky further demands that Jason stay away from them. Nikolas prepares to see a new doctor. Alexis and Sam plan how to help him through Christmas, but Alexis does not like Sam's plans to share time with Lucky as well.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh goes to see his brother Billy. Billy is half dressed. Josh thinks he's drunk. Billy says he isn't. Reva and Edmund are talking. Cassie is helping Will with his angel costume and talking about Tammy and San Cristobel. Alan runs into Bill and gives him advice. Lizzie goes to Billy's to find him asleep. Lizzie offers to clean up Billy and his room. She packs his clothes into a suitcase. All Billy says is someone stole his boy. Cassie is talking to Josh about Will. When Will walks back into the room Josh asks him what an angel does. Edmund and Reva stop by. Will is excited to see Edmund. Reva is angry about what Jeffrey told her about the plan concerning Edmond. Though she doesn't come out and really say it in front of Will. Later Josh, Cassie and Reva are talking. Reva tells them that she doesn't know all of Jeffrey's plans. Meanwhile Edmund is talking to Will about an incident he caused with James. Will says he's a better angel than James is. Edmund tells him a story. Bill comes over to seek Josh's advice about Billy. Josh tells Bill because of what he did he's not welcome at Josh's. Alan and Billy run into each other at Towers and talk. Billy doesn't like what Alan is saying. Edmund helps Will with his wings. He tells Will like you're pretending to be an angel he has to pretend to like Reva, Josh and Cassie. Reva and Josh are outside talking about Edmund and Josh says something about getting rid of Edmund that shocks Reva. Cassie thanks Edmund for helping out Will. In the discussion between Billy and Alan. Billy sarcastically thanks Alan for stealing Bill away from Lewis. Alan thanks Billy for stealing Lizzie. Billy says Lizzie came to him first. Lizzie and Bill are having a heated discussion about life and understanding. Lizzie shocks Bill with her response. Which was they are always there for each other. Like what they had was real. Bill later is at the Spaulding Mansion talking with Alan. Reva is on the phone at her place when Billy comes in. After she hangs up, she hugs Billy and calls him, "Big Boy." Reva tells Billy what is in store for Will. And that she doesn't like it. Will and Josh are together and they are talking about Edmund. Cassie is talking to Edmund. Edmund mentions his time in the army. Later Josh comes in. Josh tells Cassie about his talk with Will. Edmund goes to Will. Will is not happy and tells Edmund so. Edmund doesn't like what he hears.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

David eats Tommy’s baby food while Marcie is away trying to get her hands on one million dollars.  There is a knock on the door and it is Viki.  Viki wonders what David is doing here.  John is with Marty inside the van.  John tries to offer her comfort.  Hysterically, Marty begs John to find Cole.  Bo demands to know from Jared who the man is and what he had to do with him.  Charlie orders vodka on the rocks from the barkeep.  Marcie calls Michael and asks for his help in getting her a million dollars.  John looks for Cole and finds him, lying on the rocks.  Viki gives David some helpful advice concerning the woman and her child.  Marcie comes back and tells David that she cannot get the million dollars.  She takes off her necklace and gives it to David instead.  David refuses the necklace.  David decides not to turn Marcie in to John and Todd.  The van blows up where Marty is trapped.  John and Cole watch in horror. 

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

In Madison, Jack has been called before the Ethics Committee to answer more questions thanks to Jill and Gloria's incriminating testimonies.  In his last ditch effort to save his senate seat he gives a heartfelt apology to the Ethics Committee, stating he has learned from his mistake and will be a better senator for it.  Phyllis has also joined them in Madison as a show of moral support.  Ben thinks her presence is a bad idea and asks Daniel to keep her out of sight.

Victoria is being released from the hospital and returning home to the ranch.  Victor is in preparation mode, having Miguel set up the rooms and get everything ready for the influx of people who will be staying at the Newman residence.  Victor is also faced with Ji Min Kim's homicide and the press wants answers about his involvement.

Nikki is also tying up some loose ends mostly David, who is at the Athletic Club with plans of pampering Nikki.  Nikki does enjoy the massage he has set up but breaks things off before she can partake in the breakfast he has ordered.  David is devastated and insists that they try to find a way to make this thing work. 

The scheming duo, Gloria and Kevin, listen intently to Jack's Ethic Committee hearing.  Kevin commends his apology as being good which infuriates Gloria who thinks the committee will see through it.  Kevin says in does not matter because he has located Todd Sheller.  Mr. Sheller enters and hands Gloria the letter she's been waiting for from John.  Gloria is elated to say the least.

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