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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan, Annie, Corrina, and Emma arrive at the park and Ryan suggests that they get some hot chocolate.  Emma is surprised when she sees her grandfather and gives him a hug.  She tells him that she is glad that he is there.  Richie asks Dr. Chambers how things are in the nut house.  Dr.  Chambers tells Richie that for someone, who almost died, he shouldn’t act so smug.  The psychiatrist reminds Richie that he had something to do as part of their deal.  Tad and Aidan make plans for Sylvester’s property.  Erica and Kendall arrive at Tad and Aidan’s to hire them to find Zach.  Greenlee has almost reached the top of the ladder to escape from the bomb shelter.  Greenlee falls back to the floor, but Zach breaks her fall.  Greenlee realizes that with the ladder broken, they are completely out of options.  Greenlee begins to panic that they are going to die down there.  Zach offers her comfort.  Dr. Chambers reminds Richie that this was all his idea.  Lily comes to visit Richie, and she reminds him of their date.  Richie acts as though he doesn’t remember her or their date and he asks her to leave.  Lily bumps into a woman and begins to shout, “Don’t touch.”  She also panics when she sees the red roses that the woman is carrying.  Jack meets up with Julia at ConFusion and is telling her how Greenlee had been dressed at the police station.  Julia lets Jack know that Greenlee doesn’t deserve all that she is going through.  Richie reminds the psychiatrist that he is the one “calling the shots.”  Zach and Greenlee come up with the option to dig themselves out of the bomb shelter.  Zach digs into the rock wall.  The wall collapses on top of Zach.  Lily overhears Richie planning to murder someone.  Jack arrives home and finds Lily rocking back and forth on the floor.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack wants the real estate agent to get the house back that he and Katie wanted to buy. Katie is overwhelmed with Brad’s offer, but she is not getting married to him, as Brad tells her that he didn’t want that either; he just wants to have a baby with her. Barbara demands Iris get Sofie and Cole out of town ASAP because Alison is onto their arrangement. Jack learns that Brad bought he and Katie’s house. Alison tells Will and Gwen that she knows who the mother of their baby is. Aaron and Cole fight, as Sofie feels the baby kick. Brad explains that after talking with Vienna, he wants to do this because of her ‘ticking biological clock.’ Alison weaves the story about how they know about Sofie and Cole being the parents, as Will and Gwen are disbelieving. Aaron tells Sofie that Cole set it up for Will and Gwen to adopt their baby for money. Sofie can’t believe it. Iris finds out she is going to have a granddaughter and is thrilled. Jack confronts Brad about the house, as Brad explains his intentions with Katie. Katie comes to see Vienna about Brad’s offer. Cole tries to diffuse the situation with Sofie, as Alison tells Will and Gwen about Cole picking her up, pretending to be pregnant to the lawyer and all the other coincidences. Will and Gwen finally believe her. Aaron tells Sofie about how Cole tried to pick up Alison and how he is going to LA when he comes into money. Cole has Aaron kicked out, as she demands he tell her what is going on? Henry tries to remind Katie all the reasons she shouldn’t have a baby with Brad, as Vienna defends Brad. Jack has an image of Katie, Brad and their child in the future. Emma suggests Katie still loves Jack and if he wants her, then he should fight for her before Brad gets in his way. Gwen thinks they should warn Barbara, but Alison explains that she thinks Barbara is also involved. Will thinks it is a possibility, but Gwen won’t believe it. Cole pretends he just found out about Will and Gwen being the adoptive parents. Sofie wonders if he loves their baby? He does and that is why giving her up is the best thing. Henry and Vienna talk about her growing desire to have a baby too. Henry is in no rush and is admittedly petrified so he wants them to shelf the conversation, but a frustrated Vienna tells him that she is going to go find a Brad Snyder for herself if he isn’t careful. Katie calls Brad. Jack goes to Vienna to find Katie, but she tells him that Brad is going to give Katie what he couldn’t. Cole calls Iris to tell her that the game has changed. Will and Gwen go to see Barbara to ask her if she is involved? Brad is excited when Katie tells him that she wants to have a baby with him, as he kisses her. After a moment, she stops him and tells him that is not the way they are going to do it. How? Artificial Insemination. Brad reluctantly agrees still. Barbara and Iris are together when Will and Gwen come looking for Barbara.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Handcuffed to a chair at the precinct, Stephen is irate that Forensics is taking so long to prove if the gun found in his room is the one who shot Stephanie. And even if it was, it doesn’t prove that he shot her. He insists he was framed and demands to be released. Stephanie is a little scared since the shooter still seems to be on the loose. Pam suggests she might make a list of all who dislike her….even though that might take all night. (ouch, sister dear). Nick shoots daggers at Clarke for even suggesting either he or his mother shot Stephanie. Brooke is shocked when Donna and Katie fill her in on the news that their dad was arrested. Only Katie seems pretty adamant that it could have been her father who shot Stephanie. The gun is proven to be the one and Stephen is booked, mugged and fingerprinted.

All the girls discuss their alibis at the time of the shooting. Lt. Baker pays another visit to Stephanie and get her to identify the gun as being the one she gave Brooke. And he confides it was found in Stephen’s room and he is being booked and processed as they speak. Ridge confronts Nick and wants to know where he and his mother was when his mother was shot. Nick quips if he has a search warrant? And fires back at him – what was Stephanie doing in the building anyway? Eric calls to tell Ridge that Stephen was arrested. Nick overhears and snarks that as usual the dressmaker was wrong; no apologies needed. Stephen uses his one phone call to call Stephanie and warn her that he is innocent which means the real shooter is still out there. She better keep her ears and eyes open. If there is anyone out there who hates her more than he does, then they will be returning to finish her off. She wonders who that can be?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea plots with the sorority sisters to use Slone as a decoy to get him over to the house and drug him. Meanwhile, Ford rapes another girl in his room. Stephanie and Max offer to close up the bar and they spend the time talking about relationships and getting closer.

EJ interrupts Sami and Lucas’ lovemaking when he returns home from the hospital. Stefano and EJ demand that Johnny come stay at EJ’s apartment and Sami obliges. Lucas convinces Sami to supervise them with Johnny and Sami ends up arguing with Stefano over where Johnny will be raised. Sami turns down EJ’s invitation to spend the night to help out with Johnny. Lucas walks in on Sami and EJ physically teasing each other.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick wants to try again with Robin but she’s hesitant.  Patrick wants a year off from thinking about having a child.  Leyla notices the rekindled spark between Patrick and Robin.  Carly resents that Jax “checked up on” her but she fails to tell him she’s trying to get pregnant.  Detective Harper advises Nikolas to admit to killing Emily.  Emily insists to Nikolas that he’s innocent of her murder.  When Sam comes to see Nikolas, she asks him why she heard voices.  Kate wants no part of Sonny’s criminal life, including his protection. Jason overhears as Liz agrees to let Lucky act as Jake’s father.  Sonny offers to buy Johnny’s way out of town but Johnny insists that he’s entitled to run the family business.  Sonny advises Trevor to leave town.  Lulu questions why Johnny wants to be involved in the family business.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz and Coop are putting up a campaign banner with Lillian's guidance from the ground when Doris comes by. Doris makes a snide remark and Lillian takes it upon her self to defend Buzz. Olivia talks about how she feels funny all the time. And Harley talks to Jeffrey. Rick and Edmund have it out when Edmund insists that Rick help him from preventing him from getting on a plane. Edmund says if Rick helps him, that Rick will get to raise his baby. Reva and Jeffrey. Ashley and Doris have yet another fight. At the end of the fight Doris hugs Ashley and says this would make for a great therapy session. Marina wants Harley to talk to her. Harley just says she wants office space and that she made a mistake and it will never happen again. Referring to her situation with Cyrus. Some news guy is at the Towers and when he gets on the balcony Ashlee talks to him. She says she knows Doris hired him. He says she can't prove anything. Ashlee goes on like she can prove it. Talking about a firewall and that she knows someone who can figure it out. Later Harley and Cyrus meet to talk about their situation. Harley doesn't want to hurt Marina. That things are in the past. Reva is talking to the late prince Richard at a church. Rick is caught it a sticky situation, when Jeffrey walks into an examining room Rick is standing over Edmund's body. Jeffrey closes the door and asks Rick if Edmond told him about the baby. Rick says yes. It seems Rick slipped Edmund a shot to put him to sleep. Jeffrey checks on Edmond saying they don't have much time to move Edmund. Reva is still talking to the late prince, Richard at the church. As you know he is dead. She is talking to him as if he were there. Cyrus talks to Marina about being partners. She puts her arms around her neck. Harley is talking to herself, then takes off. Doris is at The Towers when Ashlee walks by. Ashlee tells her she knows Doris hired the reporter. Ashlee doesn't want to see Doris go to jail, so she makes a deal that shocks Doris. Doris says to Ashlee if she loved her she'd let her have this. But it is a joke. She loves Coop and his family more. Ashlee says maybe Doris can change maybe a little bit. Doris says you want to see real power? I will crush all the Coopers, Coop, Buzz all of them. Cyrus goes to see Buzz. Buzz is appreciative. Harley is talking to the delivery guy about the package. The guy is spouting off about how tough Harley is. Later Beth is opening a big box. It is filled with blue boxes of baby wipes. Rick comes home to her and they hug. Rick says he was driving home and got a great idea. Just go and travel. Beth is stumped. Rick says he wants to travel Europe. He wants to go to France. Beth reminds him she can't travel. She is too far along. Rick then changes it to a cruise. Jeffrey meets up with Reva. They talk about the plan with Edmund. Jeffrey says he's going to be able to sleep when this mission is over. Reva tells him to remind her never again to get on his backside. They hug. Ashlee meets up with Coop, his dad and Lillian. They are not happy. Buzz says the polls are down. It is due to family stuff. Ashlee is sorry. Marina and Cyrus are together and talking. Cyrus talks off his jacket, Marina talk off hers and they fall onto the bed. Harley is home alone. Taking off her jacket angrily she notices some pictures that make her squeamish. Beth tells Rick she is not going anywhere, no flights, Cruises. She reminds him that they are people who face their problems whatever. Edmund wakes at Reva's and is talking to Jeffrey. Jeffrey leaves to get a cup of coffee for Edmund and Reva goes on the couch next to Edmund and reads him the riot act. Then Jeffrey returns.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

The van carrying Marty and Cole leaves the house in which they had been held hostage.  Ramsay and John sneak through the woods to get in front of the van.  Upon seeing the van, Ramsay shoots the tires.  The van goes down over a bluff.  Starr goes into a bar and circulates pictures of Marty and Cole.  David confronts Marcie that she had him going for a while, but he figured out that she was Marcie and she was holding Todd, Jr.  David also lets her know that Todd was offering a million dollars for info on Marcie and Todd and he was there to collect.  Marcie blasts David for wanting to take Tommy away from the only Mother he had ever known.  Starr reminds Michael that he had known for months that Tommy was Todd’s, but he hadn’t told anyone.  At Asa’s mansion in Llanview, Charlie lets Jared know that he is his father.  Charlie tells Jared that he wants him back in his life.  Natalie can’t believe that Jared is Asa’s son.  Clint gets a call and refuses to answer.  John finds Marty in the wreckage of the van.  Marcie begs David not to report her to Michael, John, or Todd .David promises not to report her to John or Todd if she can match the million-dollar reward that Todd offers for info.  Bo lets Matthew know that Jared may be his uncle.  Dorian listens to Charlie and Jared’s conversation.  Jared refuses to have anything else to do with Charlie.  David insists that Tommy stay with him while Marcie gets her hands on the money.  Charlie makes his way into a bar and contemplates whether to have a drink. 

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis and Nick finally get to share some alone time, enabling Nick to give her a worthy homecoming.  Meanwhile at the hospital, Dr. Webb tells Victor and Nikki that he is uncertain as to when Victoria will come out of her coma.  This prompts Dr. Webb to suggest that Victoria be moved to a long-term care facility.  Nikki and Victor ponder the idea and then decide to move her back to the ranch.  When Nikki suggests she move back, Victor acquiesces.

J.T. and Brad hold vigil over the baby and comment about him not having a name.  Colleen joins them and asks if J.T. and Victoria had any names they were leaning towards.  J.T. names a few but admits that nothing was etched in stone.  Brad runs into Dr. Okamura and decides to ask about the blood type.  When the doctor shares that it's O positive, he becomes excited and hugs Colleen.  His bubble is burst when J.T. informs him that he too is O positive, so they are back to square one.  Brad secretly decides to give the baby his father's name, Arthur.

Going green seems to be the theme at the GCAC where Genoa City's finest seem to be Neil, Karen, Heather, and Cane.  Cane confronts Neil about some Clear Springs business getting him riled up.  Karen quickly declares this night will not include talk about business.  Cane apologizes then asks if Lily will be attending.  Neil abruptly answers no.  Unexpectedly Lily walks into the banquet with Adrian.  She has agreed to accompany him because Colleen's comforting Brad at the hospital.  Neil spots her with Cane and his blood boils.  He is not too keen on Lily's judgment in men especially this "blunder from down under.”  When Adrian leaves early, Cane offers Lily a ride, but Neil vetoes that idea stating he'll drive his daughter home.  Heather finally takes the hint that Cane is not that into her and suggests they just be friends.

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