Friday 11/30/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie and Ryan arrive at the hospital and they meet up with Julia coming out of Richie’s room.  They inquire as to how Richie is doing.  Julia lets them know that he is still in rough shape, but he has a visitor.  Babe stands at the foot of Richie’s bed as he asks how it went with J.R.  Babe lets him know that J.R. was arrested for the hit and run on Zack Slater.  Annie’s father walks up behind Annie and Ryan as they look through the window into Richie’s room.  Her father feels that they should be overjoyed because Richie was dying and that was exactly what they had wanted all along.  Jack blasts Erica for showing Greenlee’s picture on television.  Kendall calls Derek to see if he had any word on Zach.  Greenlee finds out from Zach that he wouldn’t let Kendall confess to framing Greenlee for the alleged kidnapping of Spike.  Zach notices something strange on the ceiling.  Kendall receives a package from Zach.  Richie has flashbacks of the night that he hit Zach and made it look as though J.R. had done it.  Kendall opens up the package and finds that it is a bracelet, custom-made for her, from Zach.  Erica pays a visit to Kendall and becomes quite upset when Kendall doesn’t answer the door.  Emma is introduced to Walter, her grandfather at the hospital.  Dr. Chambers and Richie are cohorts in a deadly scheme.  Zach helps Greenlee get out of the bomb shelter.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Just when it seems Kit is getting a hold of her life and changing a man from her past that means trouble arrives on Carly’s doorstep. Kit is ready to forgive and forget but Carly reminds her she wants more out of life. Carly steps out to give Kit the chance to bid farewell to her old flame. Rather than saying good bye, Kit and Sam rekindle the fire they once had started. Carly decides a self-help book about going at life alone will help her new friend. Running into Jack who makes fun of her for having the book only makes Carly feel worse. She decides maybe she should read a few pages.

Jack is struggling with how to win Katie back. He thinks of flowers but Margo tells him no. Katie gets flowers anyway and assumes they are from Jack. Jack figures out he who actually sent the bouquet. It was Parker! Jack catches Parker just before he delivers a huge slab of chocolate to Katie. Parker wants Jack to do something drastic to win Katie back, like buy the house they wanted. Jack returns to the station to learn the house has already been purchased. Little does Jack know Brad bought Katie’s beloved house. Brad wants to live in the house and make a life and babies with Katie. She can’t believe how far Brad has gone this time.

Will and Gwen learn that they will be adopting a little girl. They are thrilled. Also the baby will arrive sooner than expected. Cole and Sofie were so close to getting out of Oakdale but contractions sent Sofie to the hospital. Cole was angry with her and the doctor. He could have cared less that they are having a little girl. Alison and Aaron work to discover the truth before it is too late. Together they get just the information they need to link Will and Gwen’s baby to Sofie and Cole’s baby. Aaron goes to the hospital and punches Cole out while Alison is at Will and Gwen’s to break the news.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge catches Brooke looking again at Jack’s picture. She claims she was trying to decide what to do with it; every single moment is irreplaceable. After a little exchange, she hands it to him to give it back to Nick. It’s important what Ridge thinks. They realize they can have differing opinions on who shot Stephanie without harming their relationship with each other. All the family meets in Stephanie’s room. She’s better and eating like a horse. Pam explains that her mother is off on a cruise and she doesn’t know about Stephanie’s condition yet. Lt. Baker and Charlie pay a visit wanting to take Stephanie’s statement. All she blabs is they should arrest Donna Logan. Eric doesn’t want to spend so much time doing the police work, he just wants Stephanie to concentrate on getting better. Katie is sarcastic to her dad and it’s obvious she thinks he might have been the shooter. Storm tells them that none of them can leave town now; they are all suspects. He doesn’t know about the others, but says Jackie was on a flight two hours after the shooting on the way to London.

Ridge and Brooke make love and she assures him she will always need him and will never pull away. The Logan’s are still discussing all the possible suspects, even Pam, when Lt. Baker stops by. Stephen says his middle name is ‘co-operation’ so they can come in and just help themselves looking around. However, he changes his mind when Baker starts fingering the suit he wore the night of the shooting, he’d taken it to cleaners. Then Stephanie’s own little derringer is found in his room. He’s indignant and swears he is being framed. Donna too is clearly disturbed since she thought they were there to blame her. Katie and Storm seem indifferent.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate refuses to answer Roman’s questions until she talks to Philip. Kate criticizes Philip for selling her out so he can get back with Belle. Kate then admits to Roman that she gave Philip the gun to dispose of it but Roman is skeptical. Kate eavesdrops as Roman gets the ballistics report back about Marlena’s gun. Philip claims to Chloe that he and Belle were at the hotel because they were meeting about Claire but Chloe can tell that there’s something more going on. Shawn surprises Belle by dressing up in a cop’s uniform to seduce her.

Chelsea proudly hands the evidence photos to Bo but Stephanie surprises everyone when she is so angry about Chelsea’s actions. Bo doesn’t think he can use the photos without being able to find the real items. Bo and Steve pay a personal visit to Ford where they rough him up and warn him to stay away from their daughters. Bo insists that Chelsea stop going after Ford but Nick agrees to accompany Chelsea on any future plans.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin and Patrick work together to try and save a nearly fatally injured patient. It is plain to all around that they love each other. Trevor offers to "guide" Johnny as he assumes power. Jax confronts Sonny about the danger that the killer presents to those around Sonny. Nikolas and Emily's ghost share a lovely night, but the new day has them both happy and confused. Carly talks to Jason and Kelly about her desire to have a baby. Both of Jake's fathers want to discuss his future with Liz. Patrick realizes he wants to be with Robin again. Lulu is baffled by Johnny taking up his father's mantle. What forensics reveals prompts the police to arrest Nikolas for killing Emily.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Beth, Tammy meet up with their kids at the park for the Holiday Play. Will wants Edmond there. Jeffrey asks Reva for a favor that has to do with Edmond. She says no. When she gets flowers she doesn't like them. When Edmond asks for water, Reva takes the vase and gives it to Edmond. Marina and Harley want to go into business. Harley explains to Cyrus about the Spaulding family history. Josh comes up with some story to tell Will that Edmond has to go to San Cristobel in place of him. Beth, Harley and Cyrus meet. They are talking about Philip and a gift with no note. Beth and Cyrus talk. Beth says a bike messenger dropped off the gift. She gets the paper the gift came in. Harley sees Beth and Cyrus interact and she doesn't like it. Reva visits Josh saying she doesn't like what she did to her. Referring to the visit Jeffrey and Edmond made to her. Reva and Josh talk about Edmond. She doesn't want Josh to be a part of what is going on with Edmond. Reva doesn't want Josh to go over the edge with Edmond. She knows the feeling. That is why she is there now. Rick is giving Edmond a physical. Edmond starts asking personal question about Beth. Rick does something to make Edmond yell Ouch. Harley and Cyrus meet a guy named Bruce. Harley asks this guy if he knows of Philip Spaulding. Bruce says yeah but then springs something that scares Harley. It has to do with a delivery date. Harley now is acting weird. She says she doesn't feel right. She is on a stair step and Cyrus goes to her. He walks her out of the stairwell to the outside. Cassie and Will return home to show off his costume. Cassie sees Reva there. Reva thanks Josh for the coffee and takes off. Patting both Josh and Cassie's arms. Cassie talks to Josh about Will. Cassie thinks maybe they should let Will go. Harley and Cyrus are back at the hotel. Cyrus is worried. Harley says she missed breakfast. Beth is at the hospital with James. He tells Rick he doesn't feel well. Edmond and Beth talk. But it is not pleasant. Beth goes to the examining room to be with James. Cyrus happens to get the delivery log from the delivery company. Then they start to talk about feelings. And of the incident in the stairwell. She says she got scared. Meanwhile Marina happens to look inside Harleys house from outside and is shocked. Cassie and Josh are on the couch and Will is behind them listening to them talk. Rick and Edmond talk about Alan and Beth. And if Rick pushed Edmond too far that Rick could loose Beth and their new baby. Jeffrey and Reva talk about a plan that doesn't exist. Jeffrey says Edmond will be dead soon.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie inquires of Bo and Clint as to what is going on.  Clint lets Natalie know that Nigel finally decided to tell them the contents of the letter that Asa left in Nigel’s care.  Natalie walks out with Jared.  Nigel begins to open the letter from Asa.  Charlie knocks on the door and Nash answers it instead of Jared.  David finds some groceries outside of Marcie’s door.  She opens the door and grabs them out of David’s hands.  David goes to the café, deep in thought, as to who the woman is.  Viki explains to Gigi and Noelle that David is an old friend that just needed a place to stay.  Mo becomes upset when he finds out that his best frying pan isn’t in its rightful place.  When Viki mentions Marcie, then David puts the name to the face in the motel.  Todd is in his office when Starr comes to visit.  Todd offers a million dollars for info on where Marcie and Tommy are.  When he sees how upset Starr is over Cole, he also offers millions for info on Cole.  The kidnapper puts Marty and Cole in a van.  The kidnappers catch Ramsay and John.  John lets them know about the microchip in exchange for them releasing Marty and Cole.  When Jared is told that he could be Asa’s son, he declines the offer because he had fallen for Natalie.  The van carrying Marty and Cole goes over a high bluff.  David goes after the million dollars that Todd offers for info on Marcie and Tommy.  David confronts Marcie as to who he should call, Michael or John.  Marcie makes plans to leave Paris. 

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It is time to burn Jack at the stake as he goes before the Ethics Committee in an attempt to save his Senate seat.  The Committee is ruthless in not cutting Jack any slack and Jill and Glo are on the sidelines awaiting their turn to castrate him verbally.  Jack's only support are Ben, Daniel, a peeved Sharon, and the ghost of John Abbott Sr. who acts as his conscience reminding him to tell nothing but the truth.  Things get worse as Daniel reports that his following is 9 to1, the 9 being against him.   

Has Kevin suffered a head injury?  Lauren and Michael ask this question as they wonder why he is so obsessed with marrying Jana, the woman who tried to kill him.  Jana shoots down his proposal once again saying that she will be convicted for Carmen's murder.  Lauren tries to talk some sense into Kevin who is delusional and refuses to accept that Jana won't be his wife. 

At the hospital, Newman and company continue to stand vigil at Victoria's bedside hoping she soon will come to.  Nikki has now bought in pictures of the baby for Victoria as an act of inspiration.  Meanwhile, Victor is confronted by Maggie who's there to question him about none other than Ji Min's homicide.  Victor is outraged, of course.

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