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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is on the phone, confirming Spikeís surgery appointment.  Krystal picks up the newspaper and looks at the headlines which let her know that J.R. was arrested for hit and run.  Tad walks up behind her, and reads the headlines.  Erica and Lily are at the television studios.  Lily tells Erica all about their Thanksgiving, saying it could have been better if Erica had been there.  Erica lets her know that she and Jack are taking a break from each other.  Greenlee sits alone in a corner while Zach sleeps.  Greenlee relives the conversation that she had with Zach in which he said that Greenlee got what she deserved.  Babe arrives at the police station to see J.R. and finds Ava and Amanda already there.  The officer lets them know that J.R. already has a visitor.  Tad came to visit J.R.  J.R. lets Tad know what happened when he was drowning his sorrows in a bottle of tequila.  Erica comes up with a plan to get Jack back by using Lily as a go-between.  Lily calls Jack and asks him where all the photo albums are.  Jack and Aidan map out a plan to try to search for Greenlee.  Greenlee, posing as Kendall, tries to persuade Zach to give up this vendetta against Greenlee.  Jack arrives at the studio and discovers that Lily had given Erica a picture of Zach and Greenlee to show on the air.  Aidan and Tad pay another visit to Sylvester.  Greenlee finds out from Zach that Kendall hadnít cleared her name because he wouldnít let her. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke is a little upset because Noah can't express his true feelings toward him so Holden advises him to be patient with Noah.  Noah sees Lily at Yo's, kissing Dusty and tells Luke who later blasts his mother and says he can't be around her for a while if she continues to lie about wanting to be with Dusty.  Holden plays a game of basketball with Bonnie.  Aaron and Alison both suspect that Will and Gwen are adopting Cole's baby and vow to find out the truth before Will, Gwen, and Sofie get hurt.  Will and Gwen decorate their house for Christmas and hang a special ornament Barbara bought for the baby.  Iris gives Cole money to take Sofie out of town.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget catches Brooke lovingly looking at Jack’s picture and chastises her for being too concerned and involved with Taylor and Nick’s baby. And she is risking her future with Ridge by doing so. Ridge walks in and overhears this and makes his case known. She wants to change the subject, but he says for the sake of their own family, he has to talk about it. Charlie makes a color chart with all of Stephanie’s shooter suspects. He and his dad add details such as motive, opportunity….. revenge etc. The kids gather with Eric in his office to discuss if their mother named her shooter. They can’t believe that he’s not going to give Donna’s name to Baker. Donna walks in and defends herself as not the shooter. She didn’t have to kill anyone to be with Eric. Just as she mentions Pam’s name, up pops Miss Betty Crocker bearing lemon bars. She coos to Eric not to be late for supper; she has made him another of his favorites.

Eric demands that Stephanie is confused in what she saw. Felicia tells him it’s time for him to say goodbye to Miss July and come back to the family, they all need him. He tells Donna that it’s not over and he believes her that she is not the shooter, but his family needs all his attention now. He warns her that she might be prepared that it was her father, but they need to let the police do their complete investigation. Ridge tells Brooke that he’s not going to share her with anyone and that goes double for Nick and his offspring. He can not handle them in his life. It will destroy everything precious in their lives and she has to realize this before it is too late. She cries that this is not going to be an issue for them at all, she will not look at him again as her child. As soon as Stephanie gets better, they will plan the wedding and gat married. She will not let anything or anyone get in the way.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea and Nick break Ford’s window in order to gain access to his room. Inside his room, they use Chelsea’s cell phone to take pictures of the evidence they find. They hide in the closet when Ford returns home with a girl. Ford spots the broken window and the journal still lying out and removes all evidence from his room. Later, after Chelsea and Nick use the chance to escape, he confronts Chelsea and Nick but they deny being in his room tonight.

Belle tricks Shawn into being in the alley in time to witness two henchmen hired by Philip pretend they are trying to sell a stolen gun. Shawn gets the gun from the seller and rushes to turn it in to Bo. Philip tells Kate that his car was broken into and the gun was stolen. Hope brings Bo Marlena’s evidence. The police prove that Kate’s gun matches shell casings found at the church and are able to identify her fingerprints on the gun. Roman is forced to arrest Kate. Belle reports to Philip’s hotel room per the deal and admits that she loves him as well as Shawn. Philip decides that it isn’t worth breaking up Belle’s marriage so he lets her out of their deal. On the way out, Belle runs into Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax suspects that Carly is up to something, but can't figure out what when she is very romantic and won't drink champagne. Kate comes over to Sonny's in a spooked state, because she thinks she has an intruder, then finds out that it's Max and his men upgrading her security which they've been doing for weeks.  Kate is also not pleased by Max's assertion that if she breaks up with Sonny, he'll try to get Carly back. Despite this, she walks out on Sonny. Georgie takes Spinelli, who has a cold, chicken soup. While visiting Liz after the funeral, Jason confesses his love. Emily can't understand why Nikolas thinks she is dead. Alfred does not see her, though. She is shattered by the realization, but Nikolas is just glad to have her back.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey tries to talk out Edmund. Cassie spends some time with Josh and Will. Natalia and Alan are talking about Rafe. Olivia and Gus are talking when a box arrives. Olivia carries it in her room. They talk and then kiss. Olivia then says she wants to be with Gus. Gus says you don't want to be with a guy who's heart is somewhere else. Alan talks to Natalia about Gus and Harley. He tells her that they are near divorce. Natalia then calls Rafe in the room. Rafe wants to move back home to Chicago. He doesn't trust Gus. Natalia says an hour ago Rafe wanted her to marry Gus now what's the change. Cassie talks about Edmund and Alonzo. Cassie wants Will to spend some time with Edmund. Gus and Natalia are having a passionate kiss and talking about marriage. Olivia is alone and her heart races. Cassie agrees to let Edmund talk to Will about his leaving town. Rafe and Daisy meet. Daisy says she misses Rafe. Gus and Natalia are having a passionate moment when Natalia's phone rings. She has to go. When she leaves Gus calls Olivia to ask how she is holding up. After Olivia ends her conversation with Gus she gets startled by a heavy knock on the door, its Alan. making sure they still have a deal to break up Gus and Natalia. Josh tells Cassie that Rick overheard a discussion with Jeffrey about Edmond. As Edmund goes, Will has a fit. Edmund then turns and says he'll stay for Christmas. Josh and Jeffrey don't know what to do.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

In Dublin, Ireland, John and Ramsey wait outside the house where the kidnapper is holding Marty and Cole.  John pays off a man to keep him from talking and telling the kidnapper that he and Ramsey are outside.  An old acquaintance of Martyís is thrown into the room with Marty and Cole.  At La Boulaie, Blair starts to make a call and she prays that Todd wonít do something stupid.  Dorian comes into the room, hobbling on a cane.  Blair lets Dorian know that they still hadnít found Toddís son.  Dorian introduces Charlie to Blair and she is more than a little bit surprised.  Nora and Clint, sit on the sofa, looking at the newspaper.  Nora confronts Clint that his mind is still on Dorian.  Bo comes in and welcomes Clint and Nora home.  Bo tells them that Matthew told him how things had gone in Texas.  Bo also lets them know that he checked into Jared Banks' background.  Jared hurries downstairs as Nigel catches up to him.  Nigel hopes that Jared thought seriously about trying to pass himself off as Asaís long lost son.  If you will notice carefully, the brown manila envelope is still in Nigelís coat pocket.  Natalie arrives on Jessicaís doorstop.  Jessica hopes that Natalie decided not to see Jared anymore.  Natalie lets her know that she decided quite the opposite.  Marcie is quite beside herself because she doesnít know what to do next.  Gigi pays her a visit and brings her groceries.  Gigi goes next door and knocks on Vikiís door and calls out her name.  She is completely surprised when David opens the door.  He tries to take the groceries out of Gigiís arms, but Gigi quickly pulls away.  Todd pays Michael a surprise visit and demands to know where Marcie and Tommy are.  Gigi demands to know from David what he did with Viki.  Blair lets Dorian know that Marty and Cole are both missing.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack is facing "political suicide" if he does not release the tape Ben has bought forth, which implicates Victor as the puppet master behind his demise.  If the tape is released, he will no longer be the only suspect in Ji Min's homicide and attention will be deflected to Victor.  Sharon hates this idea because of the recent turmoil Victor and the Newman clan are facing so she pleads with Jack to ease up, but he can't.  This has to be done to save his senate seat and Ben gives the tape to Maggie at Crimson Lights.  Maggie admits to Paul that the dog hair Jack gave her was a closer match then Fisher's.  This again leads all roads to Victor.

The Newman clan is waiting patiently for a miracle as Victoria's condition stabilizes and the baby's life hangs in the balance.  Dr. Webb informs them that her condition has not changed, and he is not quite sure when it will.  They all continue to plead with Victoria to wake up for the sake of her baby boy.

Amber again in full on scheme mode creates her alter ego, Marina Dryden, trying to fool Cane so she can enter the ĎFaces of Jabotí contests.  Cane plays along but then speculates along with Lily when Kevin is spotted with Amber's phone that there's more than meets the eye.  Meanwhile, Lily has decided to enter, and Colleen advises that she let "her inner Dru shine through" and Cane requests that she flash her beautiful smile when making her video entry.

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