Wednesday 11/28/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/28/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan arrives at the hospital to check on Richie’s condition and to find out where Annie is.  Annie holds the vial of medicine in her hand and contemplates whether to kill Richie.  J.R. sits at the bar in The Comeback and has a drink in his hand.  Adam watches him through the window.  Aidan knocks on the door and shows the picture of Greenlee to the man inside.  The man tells him that he hasn’t seen the woman.  Aidan bursts into the house and holds the man at gunpoint, as he demands some answers.  Zach has lapsed into unconsciousness again.  Greenlee tries her best to revive him.  Zach begins to hallucinate and thinks that he sees Kendall with him instead of Greenlee.  Zach then demands to know what Greenlee did with Kendall.  Greenlee comes up with a plan to get Zach to fight for his life by pretending to be Kendall.  Adam tries to convince J.R. to let him supply him with an alibi.  J.R. tells him to call Derek.  Ryan and Babe find out from Annie that Richie wanted her to kill him.  Joe is consulted concerning the matter and lets Richie know that this is against the law.  Joe tells him that he will set up a time for Richie to see a psychiatrist.  Joe lets Ryan and Annie know that Richie may not make it through the night.  At the police station, J.R. confesses that he blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened the night that Zach was hit.  J.R. is arrested.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly and Sage are held hostage. Katie spends time with Jack and tries to push down her feelings, which are resurfacing. Meg can’t get over Paul and tries to recommit herself to Craig. Paul is frustrated with the lack of change in Rosanna’s condition, and he has yet another run in with Craig ordering him away from Meg. Parker tries to keep Brad away from Jack and Katie. Carly calls Brad, as she struggles as she is being held hostage. Brad alerts Jack who rushes off. Meg and Paul share time together until she has cramps, which lands her in the hospital with Paul at her side – until Craig finds out and is none too pleased to find them together there. Kit puts herself on the line for Carly and Sage, as Jack watches. Kit struggles with the man that has Sage so Jack can whisk her away. Katie and Brad watch as Carly, Sage and Jack happily reunite. Katie is reminded why she and Jack will never work. Jack takes Carly and Sage to the station, while Katie commiserates with Brad about how she will never have kids. Brad assures her that she will. Carly pleads Kit’s case. Jack goes to find Katie as soon as he is assured Sage is fine, but finds her with Brad. Paul and Craig have a heated discussion. Meg learns her baby is fine and Craig and she are happy. Sage tells Carly that her wish will come true one day. Carly tells Kit they can become partners because Jack reconsidered. Jack wants to pick up where he left off with Katie, as she admits that would be easy since she had so much fun with him, but after seeing him again with Carly, she realizes he will always be connected with her. She has made a decision; she can’t be friends or even see him anymore, as she races off.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. Bridget gives Nick the good news, that Jack is out of the woods, completely healthy and happy. Taylor is away, but he knows she will be delighted. Brooke stops by and is also happy to hear the good news, but is very upset to hear that Taylor is not breastfeeding the baby. She’s not convinced that Taylor is doing everything she can for “our child.” Donna assures Eric that she was not Stephanie’s shooter and she is dismayed that he would even think that. That person is still out there and they should be looking for them, not Donna. Pam sneaks into Stephanie’s room and laments how strong a woman she was and now look how weak and helpless she is. The bitterness spills out as she presents the sleeping Stephanie with her favorite soft pillow from her Chicago home. And then vows that she personally plans to see to it that Stephanie “gets exactly what you deserve.” She compares her dreary life of giving, giving, giving and living with that dreadful mother, suffering all those years, with no help……and Stephanie’s here in a sunny paradise laced with a celebrity lifestyle. And what if the person comes back to finish off the job? She lays beside Stephanie in the bed and tells her it might just be easier to close her eyes and not to wake up, slip away and never stop dreaming, like on a cloud.

Nick gives Brooke the papers that Taylor signed before she left. Bridget lectures her mom that she is not the mother, just the egg donor, so she needs to leave Nick to do the feeding and nurturing, Jack will be okay. Brooke promises Nick that she will just watch Jack grow up from a distance. She lays out her problem with Stephanie’s shooting and that she is scared for her family. Donna figures out real quickly that Pam might be resentful of her sister for being out of their lives so many years, and if Pam is in love with Eric too, she might like nothing more than her sister to be out of the way. Donna descends the stairs at Eric’s to be greeted by Pam. She calls her “Ho’gan and charges her for going after her sister’s husband. She remarks she heard Donna try to talk her way into Eric’s bed, sorry it didn’t go too well. Then hands her a well chewed up tiger thong of Donna’s, says Tiny ate it up. Lucky he didn’t catch Donna wearing them – he hates cats! Donna calls Pam a jealous, crazy lady. But she backs off when Pam calls 'Tiny' to meet their guest, who is just leaving – and he turns out to be a Doberman, fiercely protective….just like Pam. She relays that Donna has no idea who she is messing with, “Tootsie.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo lectures Shawn about taking responsibility for messing up the crime scene. Roman offers to talk to the other detective on Shawn’s behalf but Bo turns down the offer. Shawn lets it slip that Belle wrote the letter that got him kicked out of the academy and Bo is furious. Shell casings are found at the crime scene and Roman and Bo consider them to be left behind by someone out target shooting. Marlena asks Belle about Hope’s accusations and Belle denies having slept with Philip at first. Marlena forces Belle to tell the truth and Belle admits to loving both men. Marlena advises Belle to cut Philip out of her life completely. Hearing about Shawn’s rough night at the crime scene, Belle calls Philip to take him up on his offer.

Unable to convince Cordy to testify against Ford, Chelsea asks for Nick’s help to break into Ford’s room to seek evidence. Nick refuses until he sees that Chelsea is determined to do it with or without him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

While most of Port Charles attends the funeral, the new doctor in town tries to convince Luke to not kill himself and change his life, while Scotty needles his nemesis. Carly stays home to take care of the boys and receives a visit from Johnny; they agree Lulu should stay away from him. He also asserts that his father did not strangle Carly. Elizabeth eulogizes Emily, then one and all who attend begin to move towards making amendds to those they are in conflict with or letting those they love know it. Lulu visits Carly to do the latter and suggests that Carly needs to have a daughter. When Nikolas comes home, Emily is waiting for him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

An unconscious Olivia partially awakes with a hand on her shoulder. She says Philip. But the hand on her shoulder has lightly painted fingernails. It's Natalia. She tells Olivia that she found her laying on the floor. Emma is gone. Ava has left a note about taking Emma. Olivia takes off for the hospital. Rick looks at Olivia and tells her that if Philip was back in town he'd know it. When Rick leaves the examining room. Olivia takes off. She is on the phone. Beth meets up with her surprising her. Olivia tells Beth about Philip attacking her. Beth is wary. But it seems both women have received a message from Philip. Back home Olivia talks to a guard. She asks for help. The guard hands her a piece of paper saying this guy is good. When Olivia gets into her room she sees blood on the floor. The Ava and Emma come in. Ava ask Olivia about her neck. Then asks about her phone call. At that moment the phone rings, it's Rick, and he's not happy she disappeared from the hospital. Gus and Olivia run into each other on the street. Gus questions Olivia about her being ok. She looks a little wobbly he says. Olivia asks Rick how's Philip. Rick evades her question by telling her he wants her to have some tests down. While in a bathrobe and jonnie she meets with a male doctor. Not Rick. He looks over the reports and looks at her x-ray. It shows something near her chest. He listens to her lungs, checks her legs and feet and tells her he is almost done. He tells her she has cardiomyopathy. She says lets fix it. He says he can't do that but can manage it. She asks if it is fatal. The Doctor says yes, worse case scenario. But she is a good candidate for a heart transplant. He wants to monitor her sodium intake. Olivia has trouble taking it all in. She goes for a walk. She is on the phone with someone telling them everything is fine. She drops the paper the guard gave on the ground. Back at the hotel she is arguing with one of her workers. Emma nanny gives Olivia an invitation the children at Emma's school made for a dinner. Olivia says this is important and will be there. Olivia meets up with Mel. Olivia wants to make sure if anything happens to her that the girls are ok, especially Emma. Bill and Olivia have a drink at her place. Olivia tells Bill that Emma missed him while he was gone. Bill tell her that he kick Billy out of his own company. And he is tired of people saying he's a nice guy. This winds up a dream. Olivia later runs into Buz. Then goes to see Ava to thank her for taking care of Emma. Ava says no problem, loved it. Nice to have a little sister to pal around with. Ava then notices Olivia's facial expression change and asks what's wrong? Olivia takes Ava's hands into hers and starts, then Ava goes for a glass of water. Again Ava notices a facial expression. They talk about Ava having her whole life ahead of her. Ava says she knows. Olivia tells Ava to never let anything way her down. Later Olivia is back outside at the bench talking to herself or to God. She says One she never will see grow up and the other she barely gets to know. Olivia goes to see Alan and makes a deal. Well the deal falls before she even leaves the Spaulding Mansion. She goes back home to see Emma asleep on the couch. She starts talking to her. Gus is at the door listening in. While Olivia tells Emma who's going to be there for her. She starts to cry and Gus comes in and hugs her. A special moment with a viewer and Frank.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cristian and Sarah kiss.  Talia starts to leave the diner, but comes back and gives Antonio a big kiss.  Viki and David come face to face with each other at the Bon Jour Café.  David immediately thinks that Viki is Niki.  Viki finally manages to convince David that she is Viki.  Charlie arrives at Asa’s ranch and meets up with Chuck.  Charlie sees Dorian lying in the bushes.  Chuck and Charlie get her into the house and begin to doctor her.  Dorian opens up to Charlie and lets him know what Clint did to her.  Charlie, in turn, tells Dorian about looking for his son.  They make plans to go to Llanview to hunt for his son.  Talia is deeply hurt when Antonio isn’t ready for a relationship with her.  Sarah also feels that she has lost Cristian because of the remark that she made about Cristian still having feelings for Evangeline.  Viki and David have a heart-to-heart talk.  Both Sarah and Talia seek moral support from Layla concerning their love lives.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack wants his name cleared and out of the mud, so he strategizes with his campaign manager Ben about how this can happen.  They both agree that he needs to have his name cleared in the Ji Min homicide investigation and get the officials to focus on Victor as a suspect.  Sharon hates the idea and begs Jack not to do it giving him an ultimatum.  As Ben talks to Maggie, their conversation is recorded and uploaded to the internet.  Jack and Sharon are infuriated at Ben who arrives gleefully with a package.  Ben shares that this proves that Victor is the culprit behind the whole Ji Min mess.

In the courtroom, Brad reads the letter in which Victoria expresses she wants the life of her baby saved before hers.  Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst as the judge deliberates and an emergency C-section is performed.  The C-section was met with complications, "placental abruption" to be exact, and Victoria's condition has now been classified as critical, due to heavy internal bleeding, and the baby is gone.

At Crimson Lights the buzz is about, ‘The Fresh Faces of Jabot’ contests.  Kevin shows Cane the website and Cane asks Lily if she is going to enter.  Lily informs him that she's still on the fence.  However, Amber thinks this would be a great opportunity for her to shine, and she shares this with Cane and Jill who both tell her "Hell no."  Cane is still trying to convince Lily that she would be perfect for the contest when Heather comes in and interrupts their flow.  After once again mentioning the "not" date with Cane, she tosses around the idea of entering the contests.  Lily looks at Cane and says that she will definitely be entering the contest now.  Meanwhile, Amber and her scheming ways, creates a disguise to use to enter the contest. 

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