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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack is on the phone when Erica comes to visit him.  He promptly orders her out but she refuses to go.  They argue, as usual, when Jack confronts her that he knows she forged Mary Smythe’s signature on the document to have Greenlee committed to an insane asylum.  Annie and Babe discuss Richie not showing up for Thanksgiving.  Babe gets a call from Joe Martin saying that Richie is in the hospital with pneumonia.  Ryan visits Kendall and the children.  Greenlee is more than a little upset when she realizes that she and Zach may die in the bomb shelter.  She frantically tries to find a way out.  She takes a fall which renders her unconscious.  Kendall begins to blame herself for what is happening to her, because of the things she did to Greenlee.  Annie and Babe visit Richie in the hospital.  Babe tries to give him a reason to go on living.  Richie tells Annie that he wants to confess.  Erica asks Jack to marry him, but he won't.  Erica and Jack bring up their past resentments.  Derek lets Kendall know that they found J.R.’s car abandoned at the airport with Zach’s blood on the seats.  Erica doesn’t believe that Jack doesn’t love her anymore and vows to stay there and save their relationship, but Jack is unable to forgive her any longer and walks out on her.  Richie admits to Annie that she was right about everything that she accused him of and asks her to give him a drug that will stop his heart and solve problems for both of them. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Chris is happy that his father trusts him enough to begin delegating some of his chief of staff duties to him in preparation for Bob's semi-retirement in a year.  Later, Chris tries to get up to speed about Jennifer's foundation and asks Dusty for help but Dusty makes it clear to Bob that he doesn't intend to work with Chris and will pull his foundation from the hospital.  Bob fears that Dusty will go to the hospital board and that this incident could cost both him and Chris their jobs.  Dusty refuses to buy out Emily's shares of the paper and Emily can't sell her shares without Dusty's approval.  As a result, Emily considers going to court to force Dusty to buy her out of the paper.  Emily isn't ready to move in with Chris but to prove a point to Dusty she gives Chris a kiss and agrees to move into an apartment with him.  Parker schemes to get Jack and Katie back together and they have such a fun day that he ignores a call from Carly telling him that Sage has been taken hostage by two thieves in Old Town.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric grimaces; Stephanie is saying that Donna shot her. He knows she was kneeling and leaning over her when she was found, but Donna? Ridge checks on his mother by phone, but he and Brooke continue their back and forth that this could have been anyone in her family responsible for shooting Stephanie. He asks if Brooke is willing to support her family if it means putting their family at risk? And he can’t believe Brooke’s theory that Stephanie would say anything to blame her family. She’s learned her lesson about that. Brooke lets Ridge know that if he really thinks Donna is a gold-digger and the shooter to boot, then they really have nothing more to say to each other. Eric sees Donna looking in and goes to join her. He remarks that Stephanie’s prognosis is okay, but she’s not good, she’s been shot. She’s shocked when Eric tells her that Stephanie said it was Donna that shot her. Yes, she admits they argued, but she did not shoot her. Eric says he needs to know what happened, he needs to know everything. She gets that he is trying to find out if she had an alibi. He hopes someone might have seen Donna. Vehemently, she says Stephanie is confused or she is lying and he has to believe her. He won’t go home with her, he’s staying at the hospital.

Eric returns to Stephanie but tells her she needs her rest, not to try to talk. And perhaps he will go home and come back early in the morning. One last time he asks if she is sure she saw Donna pull the trigger? The nurse explains that Stephanie has had a sedative and probably won’t wake until morning. He returns home……and immediately smells pot roast. Pam eagerly greets him, purring she didn’t think he’d ever get home. She heard the news at the airport after the fashion show. She’s surprised that Eric didn’t know she was coming. She’d tried to get in but they wouldn’t let her, even for Stephanie’s sister. Eric isn’t hungry or in the mood, but she cajoles him into eating a bite that she forks in. Like Miss Betty Crocker, she assures him that it is her pleasure to take care of him. She is aware of the separation. She has put her things in the back bedroom and even brought her little dog with her. He tells her that is fine, but she should be aware that he is not alone here. She knows about that too. She’s got his bed turned down and would like to go upstairs and draw a hot bath for him. A shadowy figure slinks to Stephanie’s bedside - Donna. She taunts the sleeping figure that she can't stand to see anyone happy. She just had to steal her spotlight, so is she happy now? Stephanie wakes up slightly and tells Donna to go away. But not before Donna tells her that she is wrong, she had nothing to do with the shooting. And Eric may feel sorry for her right now, but it’s over. He’s still committed to her and she is going to be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester and there is nothing Stephanie can do about that. So she can keep her mouth shut about her. And she wouldn’t put it past Stephanie to have someone shoot her to gain sympathy from Eric. But if Stephanie didn’t do it and Donna didn’t do it, then that means the shooter is still out there. She’s not safe and should be out there looking for the real culprit.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas questions Belle when she leaves Shawn's side to visit Sami. Lucas talks with Belle about his failing marriage and it reminds Belle of her own infidelity. EJ and Sami disagree on when to let Stefano spend time with Johnny. Sami stands up to Stefano and EJ takes her side. Privately, Stefano threatens Sami if EJ doesn't force Sami to honor his wishes. Philip claims to Shawn that he is backing off but Shawn has no interest in resuming their friendship. Philip offers Belle the chance to advance Shawn's career by giving him Kate's gun to turn in in exchange for spending the night alone with him. Belle turns down the deal.

Marlena denies having been at the church when questioned by Bo. Roman and Bo let Shawn tag along while they investigate a shack near the church but Shawn gets in trouble when he ruins evidence at the crime scene. While Bo is busy, Hope follows up with Marlena and catches her in the act of disposing of the gun. Marlena opens up to Hope about how he she came to shoot at EJ.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

It's the day of Emily's funeral. One bright spot happens for Monica; Carly brings the boys over to see their grandmother. The remaining musketeers band together to attend the service. Nikolas blames himself for her death, but Monica blames Sonny and Jason, banning both of them from attendance. Michael still wants revenge and is angry that his father or Jason did not kill Anthony long ago. Luke resists all coddling.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Gus and Natalia are talking about engagements when Alan interrupts. Gus tells Alan he is marrying Natalia. Alan couldn't be happier. He hugs Natalia and says, "Welcome to the Family." Gus is amused that Harley never got that kind of greeting. Alan says he never wanted Harley in the Spaulding Family. Gus says he is going to use Aitoro as his last name. After Gus leaves, Alan says that this shouldn't surprise you that he's going to spend all the time with Harley. Marina and Cyrus are having a heated discussion about Harley. The two remind each other of who Cyrus is and who Harley is. Frank runs into Olivia. Frank says there is a report of a breaking at the hotel. Olivia tells him Emma had a nightmare. Frank says he would have helped if needed. Gus and Harley do meet to talk. Frank and Marina talk about rebellion. She reminds him she is too old for rebellion. Frank leaves her an envelope. After Frank leaves, she opens it. Gus talks to Olivia about her daughter. Cyrus meets with Alan, though Alan doesn't like it. Marina and Harley talk about Cyrus. It seems the envelope Frank left was a lead to what is going on with Cyrus. After Marina leaves. Cyrus visits Harley and starts asking questions about Marina.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At the Bon Jour Café, Viki and Clint enjoy some time alone on Thanksgiving.  Nigel warns Jared if he is the Buchanan heir, then he might as well say good-bye to Natalie.  Clint is on the phone when Nora comes in.  She inquires if he had a phone call.  He lets her know that he was going to make one and that he broke up with Dorian.  Dorian is lying unconscious in the bushes.  Cristian took Sarah home from the Angel Square diner.  Sarah and Cristian confess to one another that they missed each other.  They begin to kiss when Layla comes in.  Layla lets Cristian know that she went to visit Evangeline and saw her move her hand.  Sarah and Cristian kiss.  Charlie finds out that he has a son that lives not too far from Paris, Texas.  David finds a matchbook in which Dorian had scribbled something about a bouillabaisse recipe that she wanted from the Bon Jour Café.  Talia and Antonio clean up the diner and talk.  They kiss.  Nigel vows that he will never let anyone know that David Vickers was Asa Buchanan’s son.  Charlie arrives at Asa’s ranch and is confronted by Chuck.  Charlie sees Dorian lying in the bushes.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Tempers flare between Neil and Cane over Newman's responsibility for covering the expenses of the Clear Spring debacle.  Cane tells Neil that Chancellor Industries is not going to continue to go into the red because Victor won't handle his responsibility.  Lily tries to mediate the situation and calm Cane as she takes him his misplaced PDA.

The battle for the lives of Victoria and the baby is argued in court.  As the court decides who will be appointed Victoria's guardian, the war wages on between Nikki, Victor, Brad, and JT.  JT returns to the hospital and appears to be ill.  As the judge prepares to deliberate his verdict, Brad runs into the courtroom with a letter written by Victoria that states her wishes for the baby if anything happened to her.

Glo and Kevin, the schematic duo, are now plotting to sway Jeffrey's attention away from Glo and onto none other than Jill.  Glo provides Jeffrey with all the information (negative) on Jill and her vindictive ways.  When provided the opportunity, Jeffrey decides to ask Jill about Glo, to which she says, "Don't trust her.”

Jill has come up with a brilliant campaign for Jabot, inspired by Lily's words about Dru and inner beauty.  Jill shares this new campaign with Glo excitedly calling it "Fresh Faces of Jabot.”  As she thanks Lily, she also suggests she enter the contest; Cane also urges her stating, "It's a great idea."

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