Monday 11/26/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/26/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

While they enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at The Comeback,  Tad inquires of Derek if there has been any word on Zach and Greenlee.  Jack also questions Derek about Greenlee's whereabouts.  As Derek lets them both know that they may have a lead on the car that was involved in hitting Zach, Julia reminds them there is a child in the room as she points to Kathy.  Babe still can’t believe that Ryan and Annie want to use her to get back at Richie.  Ava and Jonathan come in and Ava thinks that Ryan and Annie are arguing about her.  Jonathan takes Ava out on the balcony to admire the view while Ryan and Annie settle their differences with Babe.  Kendall and Erica arrive home with Spike and little Ian and find Myrtle there to welcome them.  Kendall calls for Zach, but doesn’t get an answer.  Zach and Greenlee beg Richie for help from down in the bomb shelter, but their pleas fall on deaf ears.  Aidan, nervously, paces the floor in the cabin as he wonders where Greenlee could be.  Ryan promises Babe that he and Annie will not do anything to harm Richie.  Jonathan questions Ava as to what is going on with her and J.R.  J.R. paces the floor at The Comeback, as he doesn’t remember what he did the night that he fell off the wagon.  Amanda visits Janet at the institution and tells her all about J.R. and Babe.  Janet has a lapse in memory and doesn’t remember anything that Amanda previously told her.  Richie drags a heavy piece of metal to cover the hole where Zach and Greenlee are.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily and Dusty wake up together happy to be in a stress free zone. Lucinda learns from Faith that Lily left Thanksgiving dinner early. Noah seems uncomfortable around Luke. Lucinda finds Lily in Dusty’s bed and voices her concern. Things are still tense between Katie and Brad. Jack comes to talk with Katie, as Brad tries to stop him. Kit and Carly talk about and make plans to work together. Lucinda is upset with Lily, as they have a disagreement and Lucinda suggests that Faith thinks Lily ditched them to be with Dusty. Holden and Luke talk about relationships. Carly admits to Kit what she did to Jack, as Kit agrees with her methods. Katie tells Jack that she has forgiven both he and Brad, but she doesn’t know if she can get past how he chose Carly over her because she is certain it would happen again. Lily tells Lucinda that she and Holden are divorcing. JJ finds Kit at Carly’s and attacks her, as Carly pulls him off. JJ races off to call Jack. Jack rushes out on Katie when JJ calls, which proves again to Katie what she already knows. Brad tries to show her that she will always come second, as he pleads his case subtly. Noah and Dusty bond more. Lily tells Lucinda that Holden has made it clear there is nothing to salvage of their relationship. Lucinda thinks that the kids obviously need more reassurances. Jack pulls a gun on Kit, as Carly tries to explain. Jack finds out they are in business together and is infuriated, as he kicks Kit out and turns his anger towards Carly. Kit takes Carly’s check and leaves. Lily goes to see Luke to talk, as Holden overhears her telling a lie, which further frustrates him, and he treats her accordingly because of that. Brad offers friendship – or more to Katie, who turns him down, but Brad thinks she is in denial as to how they can be together. Katie tells him angrily they won’t be anything again, and he needs to get over her. Jack tells Carly that if she so much as gets on an elevator with Kit, he will file for sole custody and will make sure she never sees her kids again. Carly calls Kit to call their deal off, but Kit has the check, pretends that she can’t hear her over the phone, and hangs up!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne and Felicia lean over their mother as she is waiting for surgery, desperately trying to get her to say who shot her. Ridge barges in and pushes them out of the way, wanting also to know. He assures her that she will be okay and the family is all here. Donna is fingerprinted and checked for gun residue. Lt. Baker is interrogating Brooke and she can’t believe that he would believe she had something to do with this. He just needs to know the last time any of them saw Stephanie. Stephen snarks that it wasn’t one of his daughter’s, but he’s sure like to shake the shooter’s hand. Donna tells Baker that she had no reason to shoot Stephanie. Donna had already won; Eric was in love with her and she was part of the company. She was lucky the old goat hadn’t shot her. Stephen says it again in case Baker didn’t hear him. They were lining up around the block to get at Stephanie, they all hated her….but he didn’t shoot her nor did any of his kids. The nurse and attendants come to take Stephanie to surgery, but not before the kids all want her to try one more time to name her shooter. All they can make out is one word – Logan – which one? Eric refuses to leave Stephanie’s side so he follows her to the prep room while the nurse is rushing things along so they can remove that bullet. Katie acts surprised when she hears that Stephanie has been shot. Storm even advises his dad that if he is responsible he thinks he should go now to the D.A. and try to work out a plea bargain before Stephanie comes to and tells what she knows. Brooke states that everyone in the Logan family had motive, but that didn’t mean they would do it. Katie asks about the gun and Brooke is shocked when she checks and realizes it is gone. They all deny using the gun though Stephen says he can’t tell them how many times he fantasized about shooting that woman, how much easier and happier their lives would be, but he did not do it.

The surgery goes well, the bullet removed and the nurse tells Eric they will be watching over her. He shakes his head and wonders how anyone could have done this; they came so close to losing her? Ridge bursts in on the Logan’s and demands to know which one of them shot his mother? Brooke berates him for accusing her family and wants to speak with Ridge alone. Stephanie awakens with Eric by her side and he tells her that she came through surgery like a champ and she’s pleased to hear he was there the entire time. He tells her she needs her rest, they will talk tomorrow, kids too. Brooke and Ridge argue back and forth and she pleads with him not to do this. All of her family said they did not do it, and she believes them. The list of suspects does not begin and end with her family. Still Ridge persists. He knows how much her family loves her and wants to avenge her. Perhaps today with Donna was just the last straw. And the truth will come out. Stephanie will come to and be able to tell them. Baker and son ask the nurse when can Stephanie be questioned? The 22-caliber bullet helps, but she could save them a lot of time by just telling them who shot her. Donna gets off the elevator and overhears Felicia and Thorne rejoicing that their mother is alright. Eric holds Stephanie’s hand and kisses her on the forehead, says he is not going anywhere, they are intertwined for a lifetime, now and forever. But she said earlier that a Logan shot her. Which one? With Donna herself looking through the glass panel door, Stephanie replies “Donna.” Eric is shocked and confused.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope tells Marlena that Belle is still seeing Philip and uses Philip’s voice mail message to convince Marlena. Belle realizes that she left her phone at Hope’s house and panics. Belle hides Shawn’s watch and lies about knowing where it is. Marlena tells Hope to continue keeping Belle’s secret until she can talk to Belle. Stefano tells Bo to investigate the woman in black that was spotted at the church during the wedding. Bo questions Sami about the woman and Sami realizes it could have been Marlena. Bo confronts Marlena as a suspect.

Sami is surprised to see EJ so energetic and positive again but EJ credits the change to her love. Sami complains to EJ about Lucas shutting her out of her kids’ lives but questions EJ’s motives when he tells her to go home. Stefano lectures EJ about not forcing Sami to let him spend time with Johnny so EJ demands that Sami take Johnny over to see Stefano. Sami refuses.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Lucky visits Luke, he learns about Emily. Jason suspects Nikolas did it and goes to Wyndemere to question him. Later, when Lucky and Sam talk, he says that the worst part of the Liz situation is losing Jake. Sam thinks it might be possible for him to not lose the boys. By chance, he and Jason visit Liz and the boys at the same time. Carly asserts that someone other than Emily's killer tried to strangle her when the police question her. Luke resists the idea of a quadruple bypass. Tracy is insistent that he have one, however. Nikolas has dreams indicating he killed Emily. Lulu decides her place is back home because her family is falling to pieces. Spinelli understands. The boys are told about Emily, and Michael believes she'd be alive if Sonny had done what he should have and killed Zacchara. Before the now paralyzed Anthony is taken to a home for the criminally insane, he tells Johnny to use Trevor, then kill him before he is the victim instead.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Cassie talk about the holidays. Edmund, Josh and Jeffery are talking about Cassie when Jeffery, who is behind Edmund, hits him over the head. Then says to Josh, "You told me to take care of him." Marina and AC are talking at the police station. Harley and Cyrus have a drink at the bar. They seem to have a good time. Then Harley changes it by suggesting Cyrus wants to get back to Marina. Cyrus says he wants to stay with Harley. Lizzie and Bill have a fight. Jeffery gets a call. Edmund is awake and know is handcuffed to a pole. Marina and AC continue their discussion. Roc is watching Edmund. Roc uncuffs him. Josh gets a call on his cellphone outside his house, where Bill meets up and talks to him about Billy. Billy opens the front door to see them talking. Cassie and her son talk. Marina gives AC a file. Harley, Cyrus and Lizzie are talking and it gets uncomfortable. Harley and Cyrus talk about a job. Harley says she'll call him. Billy and Bill talk. Something is up with Will as he bangs on a cement door saying that Edmund is in there. Josh gets a weird look on his face. A maid gets into it with Josh. Josh makes a fake call to the police. Edmund and Josh talk about Will. It is Roc who says no to plans to release Edmund. Harley and Cassie are talking about feelings for Cyrus. Cassie tells Harley that the feelings will go away.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John and Ramsey are on their way to Dublin, Ireland.  David and Alex argue over the fact that they had just gotten married and he slept with Dorian.  Nigel and Jared argue over the fact that Jared wants a piece of the Buchanan millions, but Nigel refuses to give him anything.  Jared demands the envelope with the vital info in it that reveals who the real Buchanan heir is.  Blair, Todd, and Starr eat breakfast together at Dorian’s.  Todd and Blair try to comfort Starr as she worries about the whereabouts of Cole.  Clint lets Dorian know that it is over between them.  Nash gives Natalie some very sound advice about Jared.  Marty reveals to Cole how his father really died.  John finds a microchip hidden in the booklet that he had been writing in.  He carefully hides it from Ramsey.  David finds out that Alex has an island, but when confronted about it, he carefully denies it.  Nigel finally agrees to give Jared the envelope, but he asks Jared if it is worth losing Natalie in order to find out the truth.  Clint calls it quits between him and Dorian and puts her out of his house.  Alex hits Dorian with her car outside of Asa’s mansion.  The kidnapper tells Marty that she has until morning to tell him the other two names or one of them will watch the other one die.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis and Daniel are trying to save Jack's senatorial reign as they get bombarded with calls from reporters.  Heather, everyone's favorite ADA, is also a target of the media, who are questioning Jack's involvement in Ji Min's homicide.  As she recognizes a friendly face (Mr. Cane Ashby), she declines to comment and goes over to him to chat.  They realize they are both attending the same event the following night and Heather suggests they carpool; Cane obliges.

Lily confides in Colleen about her Cane issues and Colleen says, "Girl you better tell him what the deal is, so you'll know where he stands.”  Lily agrees with her suggestion and starts practicing her speech.  At Jabot, Glo and Kevin send off yet another e-mail bashing Jack Abbott.  Jill enters to confirm her meeting with Glo and then they express their utter excitement over Jack's anticipated hearing in front of the Ethics Committee.  Glo also scolds Kevin on his marriage proposal to Jana.  Jana calls Kevin and tells him she'll be at GC Memorial for a brain scan.

Mother and son unite as Cane greets Jill with a big hug and a smile.  Jill loves it and is shocked to hear about the lack of chemistry he has with Heather.  However, Jill states how important chemistry is and Cane listens attentively making a mental note.  Lily is chilling at The Club when Cane slides into the vacant chair next to her and whispers sweet nothings in her ear.  Lily's ready to practice her speech on him but is interrupted as he takes an important call; long sigh.  Jill now meeting with Glo at the club summons Lily over and asks her opinion on make-up.  Lily shares and so does Cane who calls her "a natural beauty" which Jill picks up on.  Lily's feeling a bit embarrassed being showered with all these compliments, so she decides to leave.  However, little does she know that Cane will soon be paying her more compliments at Crimson Lights.

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