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AMC Recap Written by Mary

While the police continue searching for Zach and Greenlee, Aidan conducts his own private search for his girlfriend while Richie searches for Zach. Celine Dion arrives at the studio for her appearance on “New Beginnings.” Krystal and Jenny arrive at The Comeback to begin preparing the Thanksgiving meal. At the hospital, Kendall sits with Spike in her lap and Ian in his crib, saying a special prayer for Zach’s safe return. Zach and Greenlee sleep in the bomb shelter. As they wake up, Greenlee realizes Zach has a fever and dabs his head with water. Everyone begins to gather at The Comeback for their Thanksgiving dinner. Kendall gets a visit from Ryan in the hospital who offers to help search for Zach. Kendall and Ryan go to the search area. Jack and Derek join in the search for Zach and Greenlee. Richie finds Zach’s money clip. Babe lets Krystal know that she is spending the day with Richie at Ryan’s and Annie’s. Babe refuses to be used by Ryan and Annie to get to Richie . Richie falls down next to the hole where Zach and Greenlee had fallen into the bomb shelter.  Seeing debris falling down, Greenlee thinks they're saved.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly dreams of having her family back but then realizes she is all alone. An irate Katie and Brad come face to face, but Brad doesn’t know anything is up – yet. Meg worries that Craig will never forgive her; she owes it to her baby to make a commitment and family with Craig. Craig sits on the bluff and has a vision of Meg telling him that she doesn’t love him and is leaving him with the baby. Holden and Jack commiserate over their lives. Lily agrees to meet up with Dusty after the Snyder Thanksgiving. Katie makes Brad aware quite soon of what she knows when she dumps mashed potatoes and gravy on him. They have it out and Katie orders Brad to stay out of her life. Jack goes to see Katie. Chris and his dad have a blow up about Chris’ decision to let Evan use a hospital lab. Meg finds out that Craig sent a text message to Paul and rushes out. Meg and Craig talk at the water’s edge about how she wants to be a family with him. A distraught Brad goes to see Carly. Jack goes to see a devastated Katie, who tells Jack of Brad’s involvement, but then asks him to leave. Carly goes to see Katie and genuinely pleads Brad’s case. Jack has it out with Brad and fists end up flying. Emma breaks up the fight, but Jack vows it isn’t over. Chris is upset and walks away from Emily to regroup, as Dusty walks up. Emily thinks Dusty is spending the holidays alone… until he tells her that he is going to see Lily. Lily leaves the festivities to go see Dusty and Faith is keen to it. Carly realizes she isn’t alone, as Kit walks out of the kitchen and Carly is incensed. She kicks her out until Kit says some words that resonate with Carly. Katie goes to the farm to see Brad (Jack is hopeful it is for him and then looks crushed when he realizes she isn’t there for him). Katie and Brad work through things, to his immense happiness. Emily sees Lily and Dusty kissing and then reacts by kissing Chris. Craig tells Meg he wants to be with her no matter what and Meg responds by a genuine show of affection and welcoming him into her home, which thrills Craig. Carly and Kit decide to go into business together. Lily tells Dusty that she is where she wants to be – with him. Jack learns that Katie has forgiven Brad and they are still tight… much to his dismay.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric hears the shot coming from the runway. Storm calls the district attorney’s office to file a restraining order on Stephanie; he wants it delivered today. Eric bumps into Katie who is acting nervous and distracted yet says nothing is wrong. She denies she heard any strange noise. Donna finds Stephanie on the floor, her chest covered with blood. She’s bending over her when Eric walks in and demands to know what she has done? He calls an ambulance and tells security to lock the building down, no one is to leave. Frantically he assures Stephanie she will be alright. Nick is stopped before he can leave the building, but Jackie manages to get out. She brags to Clarke that she ‘did it’, she stood up to that bloody Stephanie. Stephen returns and isn’t surprised that a Forrester is implicating another Logan. He won’t tell them where he has been. Lt. Baker shows up and wastes no time in telling them that no one is leaving until they have been tested for gun residue and they have given statements. Stephen scoffs that he’d try to pin this on him. Yes, he hated Stephanie probably more than anybody in this room, but that doesn’t mean he shot her. And there is Donna with blood all over her hands, Lt. Baker will start with her.

Storm wants to cooperate in any way. The faster they all give statements, the sooner they can be eliminated as suspects and get on with their lives. It’s Stephen who wants to give a lot of lip and doesn’t want to cooperate. Jackie hastily packs a bag and doesn’t even tell Clarke where she is going or when she will return. The family is devastated, but Bridget assures them they will do all they can for Stephanie and she will keep them informed. She is being prepped for surgery to remove the bullet. Eric leans over her and says she is always telling him what to do; this time he’s giving the orders. She is going to pull through this, forget what has been happening between the two of them. She opens her eyes just long enough to try to talk but the words do not come out. Felicia, Thorne and Eric all question her – who shot her?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie passes off the test to Kayla so Steve doesn’t see it. The test turns out to be negative. Steve privately admits to Kayla that he knew the test was really for Stephanie. Steve is so outraged at the thought of Stephanie having a one-night stand but Kayla stops him from calling her. Ford confronts Chelsea about posting the defaming fliers. Chelsea punches Ford when he makes a crass comment to Cordy.

Hope and Bo discuss whether Philip is truly out of Belle’s life and Shawn overhears them. Shawn insists on being the one to un-invite Philip to the wedding and warn him about staying away. Philip is angry that Belle only came over to vent about Hope spreading their secret. Philip seduces Belle and they are close to lovemaking when Shawn’s call of warning comes. While Philip is talking to Shawn, Belle leaves.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Little joy or thanksgiving is felt, due to Emily's death, as Thanksgiving dawns. Carly decides to not ruin things for the boys by telling them about Emily, and she also tries to help Mike in the kitchen, but only gets as far as opening flour before he stops her. Maxie is openly bitter about Felicia's lack of maternal care. Jerry's surgery is successful, thanks to Robin and Patrick's skills. Later, she discourages Patrick from joining the Scorpio family table. Scott tries to establish a bond with his son. Lulu and Tracy keep from Luke the fact that Lucky is missing, saying he has to work. Then, Lulu joins the Baldwin Thanksgiving. Monica is very angry and upset, lashing out at the slightest provocation, including Ned and Dillon's arrival. The Quartermaines take a turkey dinner to the hospital staff in Emily's honor. Luke is decidedly, vocally unhappy over losing his booze and cigar rights. Nikolas' grief knows no bounds.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley and the boys are setting up for Thanksgiving dinner. Gus and Natalia talk. She is serving dinner along with her son. While putting up decorations Harley spots one that has Gus' name on it. She pauses and then talks to the boys about moving on. Daisy shows up and the mood gets better. Daisy wants to help Harley with the cooking prep. Daisy kindly reminds Harley she can't bake. Harley says Thanksgiving is the kind of day to be thankful for "Perfect Daughters". Alan and Natalia have words about Gus. Gus winds up at Harley's. The boys are excited to see him. Daisy then says she will take the boys, just then Marina walks in the door. Marina takes Gus aside and says you haven't told her yet, have you. Just then Frank and the rest of the Coopers appear. Frank and Marina say their names while Buzz looks on. Later Frank and Marina have words about Cyrus and Frank's trying to get him out of the country. Marina still isn't happy with her father. Marina sees something going on with Harley as she is talking with her Dad. She throws a pillow at Harley. Alan and Rafe talk about Natalia, while Rafe is picking up a couple of dishes. Rafe talks to the Caterer and The Caterer fires Rafe. When Rafe tells him that he is working his mother too hard. Alan sees this and tells the Caterer that if he wants his business he leaves Rafe alone. The Caterer says, "Yes, Mr. Spaulding." Buzz says a prayer over Thanksgiving Dinner. Gus doesn't know what to do about Thanksgiving. Rafe winds up at Harley's. He is drunks. Gus asks him why he isn't at the Spaulding house working. Rafe says he quit. At dinner the Coopers talk about what they just saw with Rafe. All the guys except Cyrus are putting Rafe down for being a quitter. Cyrus sticks up for Rafe. All of the sudden the mood changes and they are all playing touch football in Harley's House!! Green Team against the Purple Team. Then a fight between Frank and Cyrus changes the mood again. Gus is talking to Rafe about his mother. Gus says he hasn't given up hope for them. Natalia interrupts and asks Gus if the proposal is still on the table. Gus says yes. Then Natalia excepts. Coop ask Ashlee to make a wish on a wishbone. She does and says she got what she wished for and kisses Coop. Gus shows Natalia and Rafe the engagement ring and puts it on Natalia's finger. Rafe is on the phone with Daisy one minute and meeting her somewhere the next. Coop and Ashley take off. Coop says they still can have a dinner of their own. Ashley says no, but she will see him later. Ashley decides to spend time with her mother. Ashley says she has leftovers. Doris tries one of Harley's treats and says no bad. Harley and Cyrus wind up drinking at a bar together. While Marina, Frank clean up. Music plays and we see everyone doing their thing with somebody......

Another In the Light Moment at a school in Miami.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex dreams that he and Adriana just finished making love. Adriana pulls out from under the covers an uncooked turkey leg which is in a Ziploc bag. Adriana then alerts him back to reality and tells him that she is not cooking Thanksgiving dinner by herself. Antonio, Cristian and Jaime gather themselves together at the diner to spend Thanksgiving together. Antonio gives Cristian a hard time for not inviting Sarah. Talia comes into the diner. Viki comes up to the café door and changes the closed sign to open. Moe and Noelle argue over their entries in the bake-off contest. Gigi shows Marcie the wanted poster. Gigi grabs Marcie’s wig and yanks it off. Bo comes to St. Anne’s to visit Lindsay, but is quite upset to find R.J. there with her. Adriana and Rex share Thanksgiving dinner with Layla, Vincent, Michael and Roxy. Bo and R.J. share Thanksgiving with Lindsay. Antonio, Cristian, Carlotta, Sarah, Talia and Jaime all spend Thanksgiving together. R.J. stops by to see Jaime and Antonio asks him to spend Thanksgiving with them .Bo and Lindsay before he leaves. Marcie denies Todd Manning being Tommy’s father. Michael gets a call from Marcie in which she tells him to forget about her.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Y&R did not air on Thanksgiving Day.

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