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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach and Greenlee come to and try to move. Greenlee tries to get up and falls into Zach’s arms. J.R. comes home and mumbles to himself that he doesn’t remember what happened nor where the blood came from on his car seat. Kendall comes in and demands to know what J.R. did with her husband. J.R. denies knowing anything about the whereabouts of Zach. Ryan barges in on Annie and Richie and demands to know what happened to his Boy Scout buddy. Richie denies knowing anything. Ryan orders Richie out. Babe and Colby make plans for Thanksgiving. Adam and Tad come in and want to know what is going on. Colby asks them both if they could get along long enough to spend Thanksgiving together. Kendall shows J.R. the pic of Babe, J.R. and Little Adam that she had found under the wheel of Zach’s car. Kendall demands to be taken to where Zach is. J.R. lets her know that he blacked out and doesn’t remember anything. Greenlee and Zach realize that they are in a bomb shelter and no one will come looking for them. Zach begins to blame Greenlee for hitting him with a car. Richie brings Babe a bunch of flowers. Annie and Ryan come to the conclusion that if Richie really cares for Babe then they might be able to use her to find out what Richie is after. Tad and Adam finally agree to spend Thanksgiving together at The Comeback.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah and Luke have a heated confrontation with Winston before he goes off to prison and Luke gets so angry at Winston for calling him and Noah names that he stand up for the first time on his own. Lily tells Holden she slept with Dusty and he gives her separation papers. Later Holden and Lily are so happy about Luke standing up that Holden invites her to thanksgiving dinner but quickly takes back the invitation when Lily gets flowers from Dusty. Holden tells Lily to sign the separation papers as soon as possible. Craig finds out about Meg's paternity test after offering Eli a job working with Evan Walsh. Meg admits to Craig she slept with Paul and begs him to forgive her after she and Paul say a tearful good-bye and Paul finds out he isn't the father of the baby. Craig is angrier when he meets with Paul and Paul tells him that no matter what he will always be Meg's second choice. Rosanna awakens and Paul begs her never to leave him because she is the only person who can save him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The entire Logan family is looking for Donna. Eric even questions Stephanie as to what she has done. Meanwhile Donna looks like a drowned rat banging on the locked door of the steam room. Nick berates Stephanie for still being a part of Forrester’s and vows it won’t be long but someday someone will bring her down. Jake releases Donna and when Stephen finally sees her he charges out after Stephanie. Katie thinks it’s a good idea, let him strangle Stephanie. While looking for a tissue in the drawer, she sees the gun. Brooke defends Donna to Stephanie and blasts her for sabotaging her sister. Katie has unkind words for Thorne for losing his integrity and not being any different than the rest of the Forrester’s. Eric consoles Donna who says she only wanted to be beautiful for him. She laments that she can even forgive his children, but not Stephanie. Somebody has to stop her. Stephen is next, he corners Stephanie and tells it like it is. This will be their last conversation…..he will pick his moment and she will never see it coming.

Donna takes her turn and questions Stephanie on how she could do this to Eric? Stephanie tells her that she warned her and she has spent half her marriage saving Eric from his ‘free spirit’; that’s why he married her and stays with her. Donna hurls that he won’t ever go back to that miserable life with her. Jackie sends Nick off to home and tells him she is going to find Eric. Ridge tells Eric that he wasn’t in on this with Felicia and Thorne, but he understands why they did it. Eric blasts all of them and suggests they just need to stand back a little further and not worry so much about him. Stephanie is on the runway turning the lights out when a gun is aimed at her and a shot rings out. She slumps to the floor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie fears she might be pregnant and Kayla agrees to keep the news from Steve. Steve finds the box from the pregnancy test so Kayla claims it was her test that turned out negative. Stephanie walks in talking about the test; unaware that Steve was in the room. Lucas surprises Sami with the news that Will has already left for Zurich choosing not to say goodbye to Sami. Lucas tells Sami about his plans to seek sole custody of their daughter but offers to drop the claim if she leaves EJ. A girl hits on Philip but he is so rude, she walks away. Max lectures Philip but Philip believes Belle is the only girl for him. Hope surprises Belle with the Brady home decorated for the wedding. Hope makes Belle assure her that she’s ready to marry Shawn. Belle is outraged to learn that Hope told Kayla her secret. Belle calls Philip on his private line and requests they meet.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

A doctor warns Tracy that Luke must start living a healthy life or else. Liz promises Emily's dead body she will not wait, but pursue her dreams. Leyla does well in surgery. Sonny tells Kate about how much Emily meant to him, how she saved him. Nikolas refuses to allow Emily to be taken from him. Monica rejects Jason after he tells her about Emily. Lucky is missing.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina and Frank admit they miss each other and sit down and share a drink and talk about past thanksgivings everything seems back to normal until they begin to fight about Cyrus. Harley tells Alexandra she doesn't have feelings for Cyrus but later she is happy when Cyrus shows up with a turkey and helps her make thanksgiving dinner. Marina discovers Gus has asked Natalia to marry him but she hasn't given him an answer yet. Marina tells Gus not to tell Harley until after Thanksgiving but he doesn't want to lie to her anymore so he leaves a message for her to call him back so they can talk about something important. Rafe is upset with Gus because he wants to accept Harley's invitation to Thanksgiving instead of spending it with him and Natalia. Natalia persuade Rafe to help her work at Towers on Thanksgiving. Dylan is happy Daisy is getting involved in school activities instead of thinking about Rafe. Beth and Daisy get stuck in an elevator at Towers and Beth calls Alan to rescue her instead of Rick.

Dylan is happy to see his daughter Susan/Daisy involved in something to help others. Natalia and Gus are getting closer. Rafe tells Alan the reason he is late for a meeting, he was grounded. Alexandra and Harley discuss relationships. Harley's daughter and Cyrus'. Marina talks to Cyrus. Beth and Daisy meet in an elevator and have an interesting chat. That is until the elevator stops working. And they get stuck. Natalia questions Rafe where he was. Rafe gets offensive. Natalia is ok with Rafe spending time with Alan. Wants him to spend Thanksgiving with him. Gus and Harley talk about Thanksgiving. Harley thinks he has plans with Natalia. He says no. They plan on Thanksgiving together before Harley leaves him for an errand. Beth calls Alan from the elevator. He tells her his is coming over with help. Rafe talks to his parents about Thanksgiving and being a family again. Rafe still thinks Gus is leading his mother on. Gus says Harley and he are getting a divorce. Gus asks Rafe if he's let him down since moving to town. Rafe really doesn't answer the question just spouts off some more and leaves. Harley and Cyrus run into each other at her place. He helps her with her groceries. He offers to help with the cooking preparations. Harley playfully tells him to get out, but he stays to help. Beth and Daisy/Susan are still in the elevator when they hear Alan. They then are out and Alan asks Beth why she didn't call him. Of course he is still worried about her. Beth thanks Alan and leaves. Marina goes to see Gus and sees he is in a glum mood. She asks Harley or Natalia. He says Natalia is the reason. Daisy/Susan goes home to an empty apartment. Rafe and Natalia talk. She says she can get triple time to work Thanksgiving for both of them. Does he want to join her. He says yes if she agrees to let him spend the money the way he wants. Alan is told by an employee that Natalia and Rafe will be working Thanksgiving. Alan is surprised to hear it. Cyrus and Harley are having a good time cooking and talking. Cyrus sees his shirt is dirty and asks Harley if he can throw it in her wash.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair and Todd walk into the Bon Jour Café. They begin to question Gigi if she had seen Marcie and Tommy. Gigi lies to them and tells them that Marcie was on her way to South America. This news dashes any hope that Todd has in finding his son. Todd offers Gigi one million dollars in return for any info that she can give him about the whereabouts of his son. Blair explains the whole situation to Gigi about Marcie and Tommy. Gigi begins to reconsider any previous remarks that she had made about Marcie and Tommy. Marcie and Tommy had started toward the café’ but Marcie goes back to find Tommy’s little horse. Nigel has Alex tied up in the barn. He offers her a boat and an island in exchange for her keeping silent about David being Asa’s long lost son. After much consideration, Alex decides to accept his offer. Clint walks in and catches Dorian and David in bed together. Clint tells her that they are through and leaves the room. Natalie lets Jessica know that she and Jared are going to start seeing each other. Clint comes back into the living room and tells Nora that he has something to tell her. Dorian barges in and calls Nora a “jezebel” right in front of Matthew. David walks in right behind Dorian, wrapped in only a blanket. Clint grabs a rifle on David and threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t get out of his house. Clint also orders Dorian out of his house. Natalie asks Jared to keep an eye on David. Jared agrees. Todd offers Gigi one million dollars for info about his son. Gigi tells Todd and Blair the make of the car that Marcie had been driving .Gigi goes to visit Marcie and calls her “Marcie”. Marcie is surprised.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Thanksgiving is being celebrated in Genoa City. Newman and Company are at Memorial hoping for a miracle. While at Crimson Lights, food is being handed out to the homeless. Lily is suffering from an emotional meltdown with the realization hitting her of Dru's death and the fact that her food is awful. Her solution is to bale out entirely on Thanksgiving dinner, because she can't bear having it without Dru. In the end Karen consoles her and dinner is on, now with an abundance of food. The Winters family and guests all go around and say what they thankful for.

Kevin heads to the prison to propose to Jana who does not accept. However, Kevin is not deterred and says he'll wait because he knew she would turn him down first. When made aware of the news from Lauren, Gloria throws a hissy fit and calls Kevin to tell him not to make a mistake. Amber is wallowing in self pity, because Cane ditched her to have dinner with the Winters, but Daniel comes to her rescue and joins her.

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