Monday 11/19/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 11/19/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Jonathan search Tommy’s room for clues on his whereabouts.  Annie calls Ryan to see if there is any information.  Greenlee and Zach are in the woods as she tries to get him to a house so he can get help.  They both fall into a bomb shelter.  Kendall and Erica search for Zach along the road.  The police arrive to help them.  Zach is shown unconscious.  Ava plays pool at The Comeback when J.R. walks in, still drunk.  Kendall urges the police to search for Zach.  Aidan and Jack are arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive.  Richie arrives at Annie’s apartment and asks for five minutes of her time. Kendall begins to blame Greenlee for maybe killing Zach.  J.R. can’t even remember how he had gotten to the bar.  J.R. goes out and finds blood on his car seat.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack hangs up on Carly. Cole pretends he is concerned about Sophie and doesn’t want Aaron butting in anymore. Katie tells Henry and Vienna she spent the ‘night’ with Brad after she ended things with Jack. Jack learns Brad spent the night with Katie. Sophie almost tells Gwen what is going on, but Cole stops her. Aaron and Allison share time together when she finds him in a bad mood. Jack and Brad argue about Katie and his feelings. Katie admits that she misjudged Brad. Carly tells Gwen that she is going to find Katie to give her the money from her check. Jack hears Brad had plans to leave town and wonders why? Cole tries to diffuse Sophie again as he suggests they move to LA on the beach; Sophie wonders how they can afford that since they can’t afford the baby? Cole backpedals and tells her that his mother is giving them money. After Sophie rebuffs his advances, Cole bumps into Allison and tries to pick her up, as Aaron walks back up unnoticed. After Allison gently turns him down, she learns Cole is who tried to pick her up. Aaron asks her to let Cole come onto her to help Sophie, which infuriates her. Carly and Katie cross paths. Carly offers Katie her money and Katie tells her what she thinks of her. Brad and Jack have it out, as Brad calls Jack on his true feelings. Jack and Parker leave to have Jack appointed as Parker’s legal dad. Katie calls Brad (against the counsel of Henry and Vienna) and asks him to help her at the diner with the dinner for the homeless, as Brad jumps at this. Allison decides to take Cole up on his offer and plies him with liquor. Cole admits to going to LA and coming into some cash soon. He asks Allison to come with him. Carly wants Brad to give Jack the money he won’t take from her. Jack and Carly argue about his involvement in the cover up. Brad tells her that he wants to be a better person and he is done with her games, but little does he know that statement will be heard by someone else. Jack gives Parker his varsity jacket after the adoption becoming official. Carly runs into them and realizes they had the official adoption without her and is devastated when she is told by Parker that he wanted it that way. Allison tells Aaron that she had drinks with Cole and now knows he is up to something bad. Katie inadvertently hears Brad’s admission to Carly and realizes he knew all along.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric’s finest hour on the runway continues. His designs get rave reviews. Felicia, Thorne and Stephanie all agree they don’t want to see Eric fall before his entire audience. Donna gets a huge red box of candy, just a little sweets for the sweet from Eric. Nick is furious that his mom and Clarke were thrown out of Forrester’s by Stephanie. Part of the deal in getting the company back was that Eric was going to divorce her, so she should not even be there, much less throwing people out. Stephanie tries one more time to warn Donna not to interrupt the big day. Stephen steps in and quiets Stephanie and then Katie has to settle him down. Stephanie tells Donna don’t let it be said she didn’t try. She tells the kids now it is to Plan B. Brooke comforts Donna, tells her don’t even think about Stephanie, just focus on Eric and the show.

Fooling her by saying she has chocolate on the back of her dress, the show-stopper, Thorne and Felicia manage to hi-jack Donna and lock her in a closet. That’s one way to keep her off the runway. Nick and Jackie slip back into Forrester’s to take a look at the situation at hand and immediately look for her highness. Donna beats on the door in desperation, and vows to get Stephanie for this. When the moment comes, Eric makes a glowing speech about his new muse and love, his inspiration that got his juices flowing again and introduces her – viola. Thorne insists that his mother take the stage, so reluctantly Stephanie does much to Eric’s dismay. Storm, Katie, Stephen, Brooke, everyone is stunned. Jake takes photos of the couple as they always have been in the past basking in their glory.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip corners Belle in her car to plead his case for them reuniting. Belle accidentally says Philip’s name as she vows that she wants to be with Shawn. Sami kisses EJ to give him the will to live.

Kate denies owning the gun so Roman prepares to arrest her. Privately, Roman admits that the gun he ‘found’ doesn’t really belong to Kate and convinces her to admit that she gave her gun to Philip. Philip however refuses to answer any of the police’s questions.

Steve admits that he was at the church intending to kill EJ but never fired a shot. Bo brings Steve in to the station where Roman admits that the gun really belonged to him and Steve was merely covering for him. Bo decides to keep Roman’s secret in order to keep him on the case.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Edward's nitroglycerin pills do not help Luke, sending Tracy into a panic. Anthony decides not to make Jason and Liz jump, and does so instead. Then, Trevor tells him it's time for him to die. Carly is attacked from behind and left for dead, but Johnny saves her life. Although Sonny's been shot, he recovers. Alexis comes through her appendectomy safely. Lulu realizes that there are two killers. Nikolas considers suicide, but does not do it. Sam finds him and lets him talk through some of his grief. Robin is able to save Luke. The cops are able to get to the Island and begin getting people off. Zacchara dies and his men escape right before this happens. Lucky goes missing.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh asks Jeffrey to take care of Edmund permanently. Jeffrey is okay with taking on the job but unsure Josh can live with himself. Josh assures Jeffrey he will do whatever it takes to protect Cassie and his family. Jeffrey gets right to work calling in reinforcement. Edmund thinks he is living a Scott free life in Springfield, going as far as to book a celebratory massage. Edmund is celebrating purchasing a house only one mile from Cassie, he tells Jeffrey. Jeffrey sends in his muscle as Edmund is on the massage table. Marina and Cyrus are desperate to spend their lives together and start making money. Marina goes to Cassie and asks for a job tailing Edmund. Cassie turns her down, not wanting to believe the worst in Edmund. No problem though, Harley has proposed opening her detective agency again, and Cyrus and Marina can work for her. Also Harley is going to host the annual cooper family thanksgiving dinner. Cyrus and marina are invited in hopes of making peace amongst Frank, his daughter, and his sister. Harley goes to Alexandra asking that she not give Cyrus any problems with dinner and his new job. Alex is amused and recognizes that Harley has a thing for Cyrus. Jeffrey calls Josh claiming that Edmund is taken care of then phones Reva. They agree to meet at the airport to go see Jonathan and Sarah in Montana.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jared and Natalie kiss but they are interrupted by David, who looks for Dorian.  Clint and Nora kiss, while Dorian watches from the door.  Alex confronts Nigel about David being the long lost son of Asa Buchanan.  Nigel denies saying that David was Asa’s long lost son.  Blair and Todd are in Paris, Texas and are just across the hall from Marcie and Tommy, and just next door to Viki.  Marcie tells Tommy to have a good night’s sleep.  Todd wants to go search for Marcie and Tommy, but Blair stops him.  Charlie talks with Viki about Todd.  Charlie wants to know more about Todd.  Jared bears his heart and soul to Natalie.  Nora and Clint vow to be just friends and to forget about the kiss.  Viki invites Charlie to the Thanksgiving dinner at the café.  Todd knocks on Marcie’s door, but Marcie refuses to answer.  Todd knocks on Charlie’s door, but Charlie cannot give Todd much help.  Gigi spies the poster that Todd had placed on the pop machine.  Natalie pries herself away from Jared so they can have another date.  David and Dorian make love.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Where will Cane spend his first traditional Thanksgiving? Well if it's up to Amber it will be with her; but not if Lily gets to him first. Lily does get to him first and he gladly (eagerly) accepts the invitation which Karen overhears. Karen tells Lily the true reason why she won't be attending Thanksgiving dinner and Lily feels like a complete dodo. Trying to make things right she discusses her dilemma with Devon; who as the voice of reason tells Lily Neil's happiness is important. If Karen provides that, that's all that matters. Lily pleads with Karen to come to dinner and she obliges; Neil is shocked by this new discovery and even more shocked to find out that Cane will also be joining them; wondering if he invited himself. Karen confirms Lily invited him.

Happy days are here again, sort of, as Phyllis is released from prison to run into the arms of a distraught Nick; who's dealing with the worsening condition of Victoria and his bickering parents. Meanwhile, Nikki and Victor continue their meeting with the mediator; still not agreeing on a decision the mediator decides that they need to meet with friends and family members to help them in the decision making process. Victor enraged tells her that his mind is made up and all this wasted time does not benefit Victoria in anyway.

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