Friday 11/16/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 11/16/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack orders Aidan to tell him where Greenlee is. Aidan refuses to give him any info. Greenlee runs through the woods to escape from the police .Ryan and Jonathan are on their way to find Tommy before Richie can get there and kill him. Kendall cleans up the mess of the broken coffee cup. She is completely beside herself with worry about Zach. Erica comes to visit her. They discuss where Zach could be. Lily walks up and tells them that she knows where Zach could be. Lily informs them that Zach had gone to see “Paradise.” Greenlee stops running for just a moment and relives scenes from the past. Richie hits Zach with his car. Richie stops to see how he is, but tells Zach that he doesn’t have long to live. Richie steals the money out of Zach’s money clip. Zach begs Richie for help. Richie helps him up and to his car. Richie, later, dumps Zach’s body in the bushes. Erica and Kendall go searching for Zach. Jonathan suggests taking Richie somewhere where he can never get to their family again. Richie makes it to Tommy first, and lets him know that he doesn’t think that Ryan received the e-mail that Tommy sent Ryan. Greenlee finds Zach’s body and tries to take him to a nearby house for help.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Carly blames Jack and Jack blames Carly for Sage running away. They get word that a young girl has been hit by a car and go into worry mode. Dallas soon learns it isn’t Sage. Jack and Carly return to the house after checking the barn. Carly becomes emotional with fear and worry. Jack comforts her. Sage smiling and proud of herself reveals that she has just been hiding because she hoped they would get back together like they did after JJ was found. Rosanna awakens from her coma determined to keep Paul away from Meg. Rosanna makes her way to the lab and changes the paternity test for Meg’s baby. Rosanna makes it back to her bed just in time to see Paul. He is so happy and grateful that she is awake and begs her for a chance to be happy. Meg is waiting at the hospital for her test results, Craig returns and is not happy to learn she is still there. He questions Meg and hovers around. Meg is trying to get rid of him so she can learn the truth. By the time she and Eli get to the lab the results have been changed and no one knows. Meg is devastated.

Gwen tells will she wants to meet the birth mother of their baby. Barbara tells them it is impossible, the mother wants a closed adoption. Sofie is having the same notions. She wants to meet the parents that are going to adopt her baby. After meeting with Barbara Cole tells her the same thing Gwen was told. The mother wants a closed adoption. Sofie is having second thoughts especially after Aaron tells her there are tons of parents willing to have an open adoption. Gwen doesn’t care she would like to meet the mother but she wants to adopt this baby. She goes to pick up her paycheck and runs into Sofie. Sofie tells her things aren’t what Gwen assumes them to be with her pregnancy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric confronts Stephanie at the showing and she admonishes him again for wanting to parade this little blonde out on the runway. This should be about his talent, not his love life. It will be a big mistake. And she reverses her original statement; when this dalliance is over, she will take him back. Brooke finds the gun in her briefcase and puts it in a drawer at Forrester’s. This is in front of Storm who wants to take the high road and not worry about Stephanie. Stephen and Donna lean the other direction, wanting to get rid of her. Stephen vows if she shows her face, she will have to deal with him. Storm warns Stephanie that his dad is in the building. Stephanie announces that if anything happens between them, they have her word that she won’t start it. Brooke even tells Stephanie she better not dare try to spoil this day for Donna. She asks her to take the gun out of her drawer; she wants nothing to do with it. Stephanie takes delight in pitching Jackie and ‘Valentino’ Clarke out on their ear so they can’t rip off any Forrester fashions….or frocks as Jackie calls them. Donna tries to dissuade Stephanie one last time not to stick around and be humiliated and then gloats that she is off to find Eric so he can ‘help’ her get into her showstopper.

The show goes well. Rick rescues Ashley from having to answer embarrassing questions from Jarrett about her missing engagement ring and breaking off with Ridge. Donna and Thorne don’t need much encouragement from Stephanie. They all agree that she is the key; don’t let her get on the runway. She must be stopped.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo calls Kate in for further questioning when they can’t find her gun in any dumpster but she sticks to her story. Bo has Kate redo her statement while he instructs Roman and Abe to search her home. In her home, they find her gun. Steve comes back for his gun but is spotted by Shawn. Steve makes a quick exit but Shawn finds the gun. Shawn hands the gun over to Bo so Bo is waiting for Steve when he returns.

Lucas talks to Billie about seeking full custody of his daughter and Billie urges Lucas to be upfront with Sami about his plans. The cops bring Will home for drinking and Lucas agrees to send Will back to live with Carrie and Austin. Sami tries to convince EJ to live for Johnny but EJ is undeterred. Sami refuses to leave EJ’s side, vowing that he’ll have to die in her arms if he’s so determined to die.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny goes after Kate, who Zacchara has. Anthony offers to play Russian Roulette, with Kate's head as the target, but Sonny won't agree; he will tell him that if he or Kate dies, Jason will kill Johnny. After Sonny and Kate are put in a room, Trevor shows up and orders the goons to go after them and kill Sonny, making it look as if Zacchara did it, and spare Kate. Lulu defies everyone to go to Nikolas. Spinelli rallies Logan and Cooper to try to stop the deadly chaos. Nikolas remains in a bad place, dazed and unable to make sense. After Logan tells Tracy and Luke about Emily, Luke wants to go to Nikolas, but collapses. Sonny apparently over-gave blood to his brother and is very weak. Jerry's condition remains not good. Zacchara grabs Liz and forces her to stand on the parapet. When Jason arrives, Anthony offers him a choice, he shoves Elizabeth off, or Jason takes her place.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Rafe’s attitude isn’t improving with anyone. Daisy is worried he is throwing his life away because of his anger. She goes to Gus for help. Gus is concerned but thinks Daisy is over reacting because she misses Rafe. Gus grounds Rafe when he comes home and lies about cutting class. When Gus tells Natalia that he had to ground Rafe he also thinks he has a solution to help their son. They should get married and become a stable family unit. Natalia is surprised and needs time to think about it.

Reva is speaking of odd stories and plans to wipe Edmund off the face of the Earth. Cassie thinks she is joking and doesn’t give it anymore thought. While Cassie is with Reva, Edmund is confronting Josh and giving him an ultimatum. Josh is to leave Cassie for Reva or Edmund will turn Cassie in for switching Beth’s babies DNA results. Josh is left with a couple of days to decide. Edmund meets with Blake telling her he intends to stay in Springfield and wants to buy a house. Josh wants Cassie and the family to take a more drastic approach in keeping Edmund away from her and the kids.

Jeffrey purchases tickets and makes plans for him and Reva to spend Thanksgiving in Montana with Jonathan and Sarah. Reva is thrilled he made something so special happen for her. They tell each other that they are over Josh and Cassie and committed to each other. While Reva is out shopping for gifts for Jonathan and Sarah, Josh visits Jeffrey. He wants to hire Jeffrey but not as a lawyer. Josh wants Jeffrey to make Edmund disappear.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair and Todd are on their way to Paris, Texas. Blair hopes Todd’s son is there. Starr looks at a pic of Cole on the internet and wonders where he could be. Ramsey questions John if he knows Patrick Thornhart’s widow and son. John, at first, refuses to tell Ramsey anything until Ramsey takes the cuffs off him. Ramsey reveals to John that a terrorist had been after Patrick in Ireland. Marty prays that John will soon find her. The door opens and the kidnapper throws Cole in with Marty. Charlie reveals to Viki that he is known as Charlie B. because he is an alcoholic, and always will be. Nora lets Clint know that she is going horseback riding under duress. Jessica and Nash share some quiet time together until Jared and Sarah barge in on them. Sarah lets Jessica know that she had brought them blankets. Nigel listens in on Alex’s, Dorian’s and David’s conversation. Nigel walks in on them and asks if they are all traveling together. Alex, immediately wants to know how Nigel, Bo and Clint had made out in Asa’s will. Dorian wants to know where Clint is. Nigel lets Dorian know that Nora had gone riding with Clint. Chuck and Natalie cozy up together much to the disgust of Jared. Ramsay and John decide to work together to find Marty and Cole and most of all the kidnapper/terrorist. Todd and Blair arrive in Paris, Texas and the lights of the Bon Jour Café.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It's Victor versus Nikki in a decision to save Victoria or the baby's lives. Nikki insists that Victoria would sacrifice herself for the sake of that child; while Victor feels Nikki is being heartless in trying to sacrifice her own daughter. To level the playing field Nick is asked for his opinion; which results in a deadlock because he simply can't decide whether to save Victoria or the baby. Dr. Webb informs them since they are having so much trouble making a decision that a hospital mediator has been called upon.

Phyllis appeal decision has still not been announced; in prison she tried to take her mind off of it by making a dollhouse. Jana tries to console her and offer words of optimism. Phyllis, however is sticking to guns in believing Jana's words of optimism can do nothing more then jinx the situation. Jana covers for Phyllis when suspected contraband is found in their cell and is revoked visitation privileges after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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