Thursday 11/15/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/15/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie comes downstairs and inquires of Ryan if he heard anything more about Tommy Brennan. Ryan informs her, “nothing.” Zach goes in search of “Paradise" and meets a realtor who accompanies him to see an abandoned house on Paradise Hill. Richie steals J.R.’s car in order to search for Tommy. Julia lets Jack know that she saw Greenlee and she is fine. Derek comes into the bar and lets Jack know that they have a lead on Aidan and Greenlee. J.R. still tries to drown his worries at the bottom of a Scotch bottle. Jack reprimands J.R. and Zach for trying to con Greenlee into turning over her shares of Fusion to them. Amanda runs into J.R. leaving The Comeback and offers to pour him a drink. Babe visits Ryan and Annie and scolds them for their recent treatment of Ritchie. Jonathan finds out that someone hacked into their computer at work and read all of Ryan's e-mails. Ryan and Jonathan go in search of Richie who has Tommy's address. Greenlee escapes, leaving Aidan behind to deal with the cops and Jack, but her motorcycle won't start, so she takes off running. Zach has a flat tire and gets hit by Richie as he stands by the side of the dark road.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Bonnie lends support to Holden as he struggles to deal with his upcoming divorce from Lily. Lily and Dusty share their troubles with each other and some memories as well when Dusty takes Lily to what used to be Mabel's restaurant. Dusty and Lily make love inside Mabel's and later make love again in Dusty's room since Lily doesn't want to go home and be alone. Meg asks her friend Eli the lab technician to not label the DNA test samples with Craig or Paul's name. Rosanna slips back into a coma and dreams that Paul and Meg are back together and they have a baby girl. Paul begs Rosanna to come back to him and Rosanna later opens her eyes when she hears Meg talking to Eli in the hallway. Sage runs away hoping that Jack and Carly's search for her will bring them back together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Storm and the Logan girls discuss if Eric is telling Stephanie goodbye and how hard that might be. Eric returns and tells Donna that he did tell Stephanie that their marriage was over and his future was with Donna. Stephanie was devastated. Stephen interrupts and explains they better not start celebrating yet. Eric thinks this showing can be a whole new era for both families and praises Storm for being a good brother, a good lawyer, and offers him a job on his legal team. Bitter Stephen chastises him for snaring all the Logans away from him when he is trying to repair his relationship with them. Stephanie goes to Forrester’s where she knows she is not supposed to be. She runs into Ridge and they discuss the Eric/Donna matter and how Eric wants out of their marriage. She accepts it is too late for her marriage but asks Ridge if she can repair their relationship. He’s non-committal but warns her to stay away from the showing tomorrow.

Eric is wary of Forresters bearing gifts. Brooke suggests they try to mend old fences and come together as one family. Stephanie assures Ridge she will be there tomorrow, Donna or not not just for Eric but for Ridge and Felicia who have worked hard as well. Ridge discusses it with his dad and reluctantly gives his support to him and Donna. Eric is determined this company will get back to what it once was. The Logans, Donna, Brooke, Katie, Storm and dad Stephen all march into the Forrester showroom where Stephanie makes her presence known. They will call security if she does not go home. Stephanie states that she will be at the showing tomorrow. She helped found this company along with her husband. She belongs there. They all pitch in that she is not wanted there, this is Donna’s day with Eric choosing her. Stephanie will do what she wants, but Stephen shakes his finger in her face and states not any more. If she shows up or tries to belittle Donna in any way, he WILL stop her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea and Stephanie share stories from their own lives to try and convince Cordy to testify, but the sight of Ford sends her running. Morgan steps up and agrees to testify instead but Ford’s lawyer twists everything to make Ford look like the victim. Chelsea rallies the sorority sisters to make and distribute fliers around campus declaring what Ford has done.

Colleen tries to convince Sami that telling EJ she loves him will give him the will to live. The doctors are able to stop EJ’s convulsions but EJ asks Stefano to bring him a gun so he can kill himself. Stefano calls Tony and Kate in to help EJ fight but Tony won’t even bother to try. Kate calls Sami back to the hospital and Sami considers taking Colleen’s advice. Lucas demands the gun back from Philip but Philip lies about having disposed of the gun already. Lucas wants to know if the gun had been fired but Philip won’t give a straight answer.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason finds Nikolas loose and bruised and Emily dead. Nikolas goes into denial and refuses to let go of her body. While Jason goes to find the killer, Carly and Jax try to figure out how to get Nikolas to put Emily down and return to reality. Sonny and Kate go off by themselves to get away from the Lansings. She wonders if he could leave the business, but he says it's impossible. Finding Lulu alone makes Johnny upset with Logan. The two share stories about what it's like to have an insane parent. Everyone is devastated by Emily's loss. Nikolas begins to have hallucinations. While Sonny's back is turned, Zacchara grabs Kate.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Will hears Josh and Cassie talking about him and he decides to let Josh teach him baseball just like he taught Shayne to play baseball. Edmund wants Reva to team up with him to break up Josh and Cassie but she turns him down flat. Vanessa and Billy wonder what happened to Bill in Venezuela that has changed his personality. Bill gets Dinah to help him plant news on the wire that Billy is a drunk and that news costs Billy a business deal. Bill apologizes to Lizzie for using her and despite knowing better she forgives him. Josh and Reva both ask Jeffrey to stop guarding Cassie's house from Edmund and as a favor to Reva he backs off despite the fact he is still concerned about Cassie. Reva tells Cassie they should team up to wipe Edmund off the face of the earth. Edmund tells Josh that he knows that Beth's bay is Alan's and Cassie switched the test results. Edmund also tells Josh that he knows the truth and is covering it up to protect Cassie.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John slams Miles up against the wall and demands to know what he did with Marty and Cole. Roxy demands to John to let Miles go. Cristian calls Sarah. Gigi inquires of Viki that she had known those people at the table. Viki slips up and lets Gigi know Dorian’s name. Clint proposes a toast to Asa. Jessica notices that Natalie and Chuck have been gone a long time. Nash slugs Jared for his remark about Jessica. Gigi questions Viki about her date with Charlie and was it fun. Miles denies knowing anything about Marty’s and Cole’s disappearance. John lets Michael know that he has not been able to find Marcie and Tommy. Michael demands to know where Marcie and Tommy are in Texas. Marty awakens in an abandoned room and doesn’t know what happened to her .Clint and Nora spend some quality time together during the barbeque. Cristian questions Sarah as to why she is in a “crabby” mood. Nora refuses a horseback ride with Clint and Matthew. Jared doesn’t like what all this is doing to Renee. Jared calls the Buchanan’s “an interesting family.” Ramsey arrives to search the Angel Square Hotel and accuses John of knowing where Marcie and Tommy are and he coming back to Llanview to tell Michael where they are. Cristian finds out that Jared accompanied her to Texas for the reading of the will. Michael runs upstairs with Ramsey right after him. Charlie comes into the Bon Jour Café and inquires of Viki if he swept her off her feet. Ramsey finds out that John had found his bug in his car. Michael is taken away for questioning. Ramsey slugs John in the stomach. Viki asks Charlie his last name. Ramsey fills John in on Patrick Thornhart’s involvement with a terrorist group in Ireland. Dorian, Alex, and David arrive on Asa’s doorstep in Texas.

Y&R Recap Written By Dora  **One Day Ahead

Gloria continues to work her magic with getting in with Jeffrey so she can find out what he is up too. The doctor gives Victoria bad news. And lets them know they have no time. He has to do something now or they will lose both the baby and Victoria. Nick watches over David with Nicky. Neil is happy to invite Karen to Thanksgiving dinner. She is very excited about it until she overhears a conversation with Lilly and Devon. She cancels.

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