Wednesday 11/14/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach is on the phone with Josh and he instructs him that when he finds Greenlee to let him know immediately. Adam comes to visit Krystal with flowers in hand. Without even letting Adam explain, Tad slams the door in his face. Adam pleads for Tad to open the door. Erica comes to the hospital to visit Kendall, and immediately notices that something is wrong. Kendall lashes out against Zach and his actions, and declares to Erica that she is through with Zach. Lily meets up with Zach in a restaurant. She lets him know that she is meeting Richard. Richie shares a cup of hot chocolate with Babe. Adam lets Tad know that he and Krystal want to be together. Richie tries to kiss Babe, but Babe pulls away. Annie and Ryan find themselves alone in the house. Ryan wants to make love to his beautiful wife until he gets a phone call from Tom Brennan. Although Ryan tries his best to gain info out of Tommy, Tommy refuses to let him know anything. In the midst of the argument between Adam and Tad, Colby arrives home and wants to know what is going on. Adam takes Colby outside and lets her know that he and Krystal are trying to be a family again. Tad, stubbornly, refuses to let Adam near Jenny after what Adam had done to her. Lily lets Zach know of a house that she had been looking for for Ava and Jonathan. Zach becomes anxious to know more about the house for himself and Kendall. Zach goes to the hospital to see Kendall, but finds out that she had gone somewhere with Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily and Holden tell their kids that they are divorcing and Faith seems to blame Lily. Dallas calls Noah to the station to pick up a box of belongings from his mother. Noah is unsure that he wants it. Emily calls Dusty because she wants to talk with him; Dusty finds out that Emily wants to buy him out of the paper. Meg realizes she is being followed and confronts Craig, but when she sees Craig wasn’t involved, she backs down, but Craig wants to know the deal and heads to Rosanna’s to confront her. Rosanna’s detective tells her that Meg saw him. Rosanna asks Paul to get her some medication because she has a headache. Craig demands to know why Rosanna is following his wife? Rosanna hints that Meg is trying to meet up with Paul and hasn’t been faithful. Rosanna fires her detective but not before he gives her an audio to listen to of Paul and Meg talking about her having an appointment this afternoon to find out the DNA. Faith thinks Lily is going to move in with Dusty. Dusty refuses to buy Emily out. Emily and Dusty talk about what happened between them and where she is now in her life. Dusty thinks she is lying to herself and refuses to let his career get tanked because she is afraid of what is between them. Lily and Faith talk privately and Lily admits that she hopes that she and Holden get back together. Holden goes to see Bonnie to sign the divorce papers. Bonnie and Holden talk about divorce and she admits how her divorce from Isaac affected her. They decide to go for a walk. When Bonnie offers Holden a hug after he finally decides to sign the papers, Lily secretly sees this. Dallas suggests that Noah open his mother’s box with a friend so he goes to find Luke. Noah reads some letters from his mother and is confused because she sounds nice and that she cared for him; why did she wind up like she did then? Meg goes to the hospital for her test. Rosanna tests Paul to see if he will stay with her knowing Meg has a test at the hospital. Paul lies and tells her that he is going to look at wedding pictures. Emily threatens to sue Dusty and take the paper from him if he doesn’t do as she asks. Craig meets with Evan and gets an update on his lab research; he learns Bob is blocking it so he offers to go talk to him. Paul shows up at the hospital for Meg’s test where they talk about her test and the likelihood of this being his baby; she is glad that he is there, but Paul doesn’t want her to read anything into it. Meg smiles; she knows what he won’t admit. After Meg leaves, Paul comes face to face with a furious Rosanna. Meg has her test and is told that she should get the results soon. Craig sees Meg there and wonders what she is doing there again? A furious Rosanna confronts Paul and tells him she knows about Meg, as Paul tries to explain. Rosanna suddenly collapses. Noah helps Luke with his exercises and Luke tells him that they worked so hard that his legs hurt. Luke and Noah realize what that means. Lily and Dusty commiserate over her divorce and he and Emily being over. They grab a bottle of Whiskey and head off together because neither one wants to be alone. The doctor tells Paul that Rosanna may have had a relapse and isn’t sure if she is going to wake up.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tells Eric that she can’t believe she got that lucky; that he is in love with her. He wants to go tell Stephanie. Ridge catches him first and would like to know his decision, between Donna and his mother? He states he knows Brooke’s rape and Stephanie’s part in it got to him, but they are not out for revenge. Eric states he loves Donna, this is not revenge. The Logan sisters are happy for Donna when she tells them. Storm shows up and sadly asks Brooke if what his dad told him was true, about her rape? He really wants her to press charges against Stephanie. Ridge and Thorne visit the Forrester site being renovated. Jake McClain, an ex-Felicia flame, is working there now. They all think it is a good thing that Eric is going over to celebrate with Stephanie… all old times the night before the showing. He doesn’t like what Eric is doing, but he’s a grown man and Ridge doesn’t feel they can stop him or stand in the way. If Eric is miserable, he has a right to move on. Stephanie happily greets Eric, drinks to his success and in fact tells him all the other stuff can be worked out later. She just wants the show to be about him, the man returning to where he belongs.

Storm tells Brooke he is disappointed that she couldn’t come to him about this. She knows he is still looking out for her when he says he brought the gun back to her office to give back to Stephanie. Eric tells Stephanie he is sorry, but he’s in love with Donna. She begs for him not to make this decision so quickly and certainly not announce it at the fashion show. That’s all everyone will be talking about; they won’t even see his fashions. She begs for forgiveness, for the way she has treated him over the years, but it’s too little too late for Eric. He tells her he will always love her in his own way, but he’s not going to stay here, stand there and be miserable. He’s happy now with Donna. Stephanie grabs him and powerfully kisses him, but he does pull away, even then with her eyes and expression begging him to please don’t go. Without looking back he does, and she forlornly slumps onto the bed.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas demands the gun back from Kate. Though Kate denies having shot at Sami, she is forced to admit that she gave the gun to Philip. Kate offers to take the fall if Lucas shot EJ but Lucas turns her down. Sami tries to urge EJ to fight and get better but EJ tells Sami to go home to Lucas since he feels like he’s not worthy of her anymore. EJ goes into convulsions. Lucas doesn’t like hearing Sami be so intent on encouraging EJ to live but Colleen visits Sami to tell her she is doing the right thing.

Chelsea, Stephanie, Morgan, and Billie arrive to testify about Ford but Cordy doesn’t arrive until the last minute. Ford acts smug to get a rise out of the ladies. Cordy is unsure about testifying. Kayla questions Steve about the shooting but Steve denies being at the church.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Trevor talks to Skye about Adela, Sonny and Ric's mother. Zacchara decides to wait to kill Lulu. Nikolas finds Jason arguing with Emily and attacks; Emily is slightly hurt and Jason overcomes the prince and ties him to a chair. Then, over her objections, Jason does as Nikolas begs him to and he probably would have anyway, takes her back to the barn. Jax comes in out of the storm, having survived his ordeal. Now, he is worried about Jerry, who is still recovering from his stab wound. Robin and Patrick talk again and are clearly in love, but realize they cannot get past their differences. Sam and Elizabeth continue to battle it out. Zacchara finds Nikolas, bound in the ballroom, and claims to have Emily hidden away. Lucky and Sam come in the middle, and he escapes. Liz tells Emily about Jake's paternity and that the truth is out; Emily does not condemn her, but supports her. Sam and Lucky free Nikolas and he gets away from them. When he runs into Emily, Nikolas turns hysterical and begins to choke her.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Bill lurks around Springfield revealing his presence back in town to people one by one. Everyone can tell there is something wrong or on his mind, but Bill pretends everything is just fine. Every time Bill turns around, someone is talking about how great Lizzie is and how great she and Billy are together. Lizzie is due to close a huge business deal today for Lewis Construction, but not if Bill can help it. He reads her diaries to learn just what makes her tick. Bill gets Lizzie drunk and seduces her. Lizzie passes out after having sex with Bill and misses the press conference she was supposed to hold. Luckily Bill is on hand to save the company and his father from public embarrassment. Bill is armed with files he stole from Lizzie.

Lizzie is in a daze with questions about how she missed the meeting. When she returns home, she discovers her diary has been tampered with and realizes Bill knew just how to get to her. Lizzie is waiting with a baseball bat when Bill returns home. As they argue, Bill turns cold and calculating insulting Lizzie and degrading her. In a rage, she swings the bat, knocking him into a shelf of glasses. Bill is fuming over a deep gash n his arm. He walks out just before Billy walks in. Lizzie tells Billy what happened and he confronts his son in Cassie’s barn. Bill is showing his true anger now. He screams at Billy about what really happened in Venezuela and his resentment that he lived everyday in danger and was almost killed when Billy fired him. Billy feels horrible but it appears it is too late for Billy to mend his relationship with his son.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Bo and John head back to Marty’s apartment to search for more clues in their disappearance. At the gym, Michael is angrily punching a punching bag. Antonio and Cristian walk in and just watch Michael taking out his frustration and anger on the punching bag. In Texas, Marcie takes out a pic of Michael and Tommy. Viki comes out of her hotel room just moments before Marcie comes out to get a soda. Alex, Dorian and David come into the Bon Jour Café. Viki comes in the door of the café and sees Dorian, Alex and David. She immediately hurries back out. Miles walks into the Angel Square Hotel and meets up with Roxy who wants to know what he is doing there. He informs her that he thinks that the police is after him. Bo and John search Marty’s apartment for clues. John wonders if this has anything to do with Patrick Thornhart. Starr relives what had happened the night at Dorian’s when she saw the masked man outside of the window. Viki asks Gigi to take care of the table where Dorian, Alex, and David are, but Gigi refuses. Dorian calls for Viki to get them some coffee. Viki tries her best to avoid her. Viki tries to avoid David and Dorian at all costs. Viki feels that she has been found out when Dorian recognizes a smell coming from the kitchen. Gigi brings Marcie and Tommy some breakfast. Gigi notices the pic of Michael and Tommy on the table. Marcie becomes angry with Gigi when she begins to talk about how abusive she thinks Tommy's dad was to Marcie and Tommy. Gigi wants Marcie to admit that she had done nothing wrong and that Michael is not a good man. Against her will, Marcie finally does as Gigi asks. Viki hides behind a table while Noelle takes Alex’s, David’s and Dorian’s order. Miles lets Roxy know how the police are trailing him and asking him questions about the last time he had seen Marty and Cole. Bo tells John that Patrick had had trouble with a rebel group in Ireland. John tells Bo that Marty had let him know that Marty had had trouble with a masked man Halloween night. John also tells Bo that if Miles had had anything to do with Marty’s and John’s disappearance he will kill Miles. John finds some evidence on the floor of Marty’s apartment which implicates Miles. Going to the Angel Square Hotel, John attacks Miles.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Newmans are faced with a hard decision when Victoria's blood pressure spikes out of control. Dr. Webb informs them that the baby must be delivered now before her condition worsen. The prematurity of the baby, who's still at 22 weeks, scares them because of the uncertain survival rate. Michael goes to appellate court to argue Phyllis's appeal; things look optimistic until Daniel is caught with his cell phone on and thrown out of the courtroom. Michael tells Phyllis that things could still work in her favor while Heather chastises Daniel for making a stupid move.  Phyllis and Nick also share some passionate kisses at Newman Enterprises.

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