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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach is on the phone with Hannah, ordering her to find Greenlee and call him. Aidan and Greenlee arrive at their hideout. When Aidan says he has to prove she's not a baby-stealing crazy woman, she insists that he is the crazy one for the escapades that he pulled in the courtroom to help her escape. At the bar in The Comeback, Hannah comes up behind Tad. They share a laugh and a kiss. In the hospital room with her boys, Kendall has a dream that she is being chased by Greenlee, who tries to kill Kendall. When they show the one killed, it is Greenlee. Kendall mumbles that she had to do it because Greenlee made her do it. Kendall wakes up and finds Zach in front of her. Kendall lets him know that he made her do it. Tad and Hannah play a game of pool. Hannah begins to question Tad about Aidan and his whereabouts. Hannah realizes that Tad is covering for Aidan., Adam has planned a very special breakfast for Krystal at the Valley Inn. Adam is totally surprised when Krystal arrives that she has Jenny with her. Ava is at the boathouse when she smells something. When she begins to investigate, she finds J.R. drunk in the bushes and orders him to stay away from her. Aidan lets Greenlee know that he has to leave her for awhile, but his friends will take care of her. Kendall begins to blame Zach for all that is happening with them . Aidan leaves Greenlee alone in the cottage, but in a few minutes, he returns. Aidan and Greenlee make love. Kendall orders Zach to tell her where Greenlee is right now. Krystal points out to Adam all the problems that they would face with a newborn in the house. Krystal also points out that they need to really think about what they are doing. Krystal leaves and goes home with Jenny. Tad arrives home just as Krystal is coming downstairs. There is a knock on the door and it is Adam with flowers.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack as well as Parker ,J.J and Sage are devastated by Carly's lies. Parker tells Carly he wishes she had never come back home. Jack tells Carly he wishes he never had to see her face again. Jack goes back to Katie and begs her to take him back because he loves her. Katie refuses to take Jack back because she knows that no matter what he will always go back to Carly. Katie admits she knew about Carly's lies and didn't tells Jack the truth because she knows he will always love Carly. Brad offers Katie comfort and support and after Jack leaves Katie asks Brad to stay with her because she doesn't want to be alone. Sofie and Cole meet with the adoption lawyer and Sofie almost backs out of the adoption but then agrees to give up her child because Cole promises her a bright future with him. Barbara gives Will and Gwen the news that they will be parents because a young couple has decided to give up their child.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephen shakes his finger with rage at Eric, who is naked wrapped up with Donna on the couch. Stephen barks that Eric did this to his wife and then Brooke and now he is NOT going to let him continue this with his other daughter. Donna defends Eric as not using her, but that she is in love with him and he has changed her world by bringing her into his life. Stephen tries to understand; if it was any other man, but not Eric. She cries and pleads for him to please, just be happy for her. Kate lets brother Storm look over her Forrester contract, and he’s happy for her. But, surprised and upset to hear that their dad is in town. He doesn’t feel he should be here; Storm has always been able to take care of her. He doesn’t want to see his dad, and tells Katie to call and tell him to go back to Paris or wherever. Eric assures Stephen that he understands his concern, after all he has grown daughters of his own. This is not a fling, but he honestly is in love with his daughter and only wants to make her happy. Stephen asks about Stephanie? Eric says they are separated. Stephen quietly leaves and goes straight to son, Storm. Storm isn’t glad to see him and in fact tries to shy away from any happy greetings. Both end up pointing fingers at each other for past mistakes, and Storm blames Stephen for not being a man, not being a father or husband. He tucked his tail and ran instead of staying and fighting for his family.

Over coffee at the cafe, Brooke grills Nick about how Taylor and the baby are working out? Is she bonding with Jack? He’s not sure she ever can forget this is Brooke’s baby. Stephen hurls back the insults and shocks Storm by asking where was he when Brooke was raped or when Donna started sleeping with Eric? For someone professing to take care of his sisters, seems Storm is running a little short there. And as long as Stephanie is around, he’s not going to leave. Storm hands his dad the gun he just found in Brooke’s wall safe and recounts that story of Stephanie asking Brooke to kill herself ~ just what Stephen would like someone to do to Stephanie. Katie interrupts and makes Stephen put the gun in a desk drawer. Eric shows Donna the showstopper gown he designed, and wants her to proudly wear it tomorrow at the fashion showing.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope refuses to believe that a Brady could have shot EJ but Bo fears that it was a Brady family conspiracy. Bo asks Roman to spy on Kate but Roman refuses. Sami has decided to return home to Lucas but rushes back to the hospital when EJ wakes. EJ survives the surgery though the bullet still inside him renders him paralyzed from the waist down.

Kate makes up a back-story to explain her actions with the gun until Philip’s threats to turn her in force Kate to admit the truth. Kate tells Philip that she was debating whether to shoot EJ or Sami and was aiming at Sami when the gun accidentally went off. Kate guilts Philip into disposing of the gun.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Rather than allowing Zacchara to shoot either Robin or Patrick, Leyla takes the bullet, leaving them to try and save her. Emily leaves Luke and goes in search of Nikolas, who shows up and is panicked that she is out there alone. Lulu is still angry with the Jackal for clocking her and still wants to be bait. Liz and Jason consider the future, but reach no firm decisions. Lucky is almost as angry with Sam for keeping the truth from him as he is Jason and Liz. Emily finds Jason in the darkness and argues with him about her going back to the barn vs, her helping him look for her lost prince. She eludes him and continues to search. Carly is in severe denial about Jax's possible fate. Jerry reports that they did get Alexis to safety, but could not convince any officials to provide a rescue effort for Spoon Island. When Carly demands to know why they came back, why Jerry didn't stop Jax, he says he agreed, getting back to Carly was worth the risk. Tracy informs Luke that she will enforce a healthy living plan for him when this is over. Lulu goes out of the safe area and dares Zacchara to come after her. He does and is not pleased that Johnny begs him to not shoot Lulu, and even demands that his son shoot the girl if it is true that he does not care about her.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Will wants to interfere with Cassie and RJ’s day out alone. Luckily Cassie doesn’t give in so easily. Cassie and RJ seem to be making progress with his adjustment to Will returning home. Edmund helps out. At first his help is not welcomed but Cassie sees Edmund is really getting through to RJ and doing a good thing. Edmund asks if he can speak with Cassie alone. She believes he is up to no good but it is Tammy’s death he wants to talk about. Cassie becomes emotional and drops her guard. Edmund preys on Cassie’s emotions to learn details of Cassie’s revenge on Alan. Josh and Will work in the barn. Josh begins to suspect that Will isn’t as innocent as he leads everyone to believe. Josh tries to explain to Cassie that he thinks Will locked himself in the barn but Cassie won’t hear of Josh accusing Will of wrong doing. Edmund confirms the date and location of Josh’s ordination, so he can crash it.

Olivia is running around Springfield trying to gather any allies she can in case Phillip does return. Olivia wishes bill were in town to help look after Emma. Careful what you wish for Liv. Bill Lewis is back and bunking in with Lizzie and Dinah. Lizzie isn’t thrilled by the arrangements or the constant flirting by Bill but goes along to be a team player. Billy is trying desperately to get in touch with Bill. Bill keeps his reasons for returning to town from Lizzie but confesses the truth to Dinah. Dinah knows he is up to something and declares she wants in before she knows any details.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At the airport, Dorian is on the phone with Carlotta, thanking her for coming on such short notice to care for Starr, Langston and Markko. Just as Dorian gets up to catch her flight, she runs into David and Alex. Dorian is surprised and questions him about what he is doing here and what is he doing with Alex. Starr and Langston come into the kitchen at La Boulet and find Carlotta there. Carlotta lets Starr know that Dorian is on her way to Texas to surprise Clint. Starr lets Carlotta know that Cole is missing and may have been kidnapped. In Paris, Texas, Marcie is getting settled into the hotel room. There is a knock on the door. Charlie explains to Viki about his son and how that he hadn’t seen him in years. Asa continues to tell his family his plans for their future and for his money and business. Asa surprises them all by not leaving them anything. Asa had placed his entire fortune in a trust. Asa leaves his company to the entire family. Gigi comes to visit Marcie to see if she is getting settled in. Gigi introduces her son, Shane to Marcie. Shane lets Marcie know that his father had gotten killed. Markko and Langston fill Carlotta in on what had been happening with Cole. Starr starts to leave to find Cole, but Langston and Markko stop her. Starr insists that something is wrong with Cole. David explains to Dorian what he had been doing.

Alex explains to Dorian that she and David are married. Dorian is completely shocked . David pulls Dorian aside and explains everything to her. Dorian lets Alex and David know that all the Buchanan’s are in Texas for the reading of Asa’s will. Alex suggests that they go to Texas that Asa may have left her something and also David. Viki begins to talk to Charlie about her children. Marcie begins to have doubts about what she is doing. Starr places pics of Cole on the Internet. Gigi encourages Marcie to give Paris, Texas a chance. Viki explains to Charlie how she had needed a break from her life and had just walked off. Viki lets Charlie know that she doesn’t want to lead him on because she will someday have to go home. Charlie encourages her not to go home. Viki shakes her head, “No.” As Gigi and Shane leave, she interrupts Charlie beginning to give Viki a kiss. Nigel puts a brown manila envelope in his pocket and takes drinks into the Buchanan’s. They propose a toast to Asa.

Y&R Recap Written By Dora  **One Day Ahead

Paul gets it from both Lauren and Michael for telling Heather everything. Gloria steals the master key so she can search Jeffrey's room. Lauren and Michael agree they will leave town if they are named in the case. He later sees Heather and has a chat with her. It puts him in a very bad mood. Gloria and Jeffrey have dinner. Lauren goes to talk to Heather. She gets no where. Paul and Heather meet. It isn't pretty. Gloria gives Jeffrey the run around so she can search his room. She finds something very important.

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