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AMC Recap Written by Mandy

Ryan sees Aidan carrying Greenlee out of the courthouse.  J.R. is drinking again.  Babe finds out the truth about Richie’s condition.  Ryan tells Annie what he saw.  Aidan wants to get Greenlee out of the country.  Kendall thinks that her boys are in jeopardy.  Amanda finds out about J.R.’s betrayal.  Babe and Richie discuss his reasons for coming to Pine Valley.  Kendall gives Joe an ultimatum.  Aidan scares Julia.  Jack rejects Erica.  Joe gives in to Kendall’s demands.  Julia gives Greenlee something to think about.  Erica tells Kendall and Zach what she did.  Julia makes Greenlee an offer, but she is turned down.  Jack asks a favor of Derek, but he knows it is impossible.  Zach asks Josh to help Kendall. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie secretly watches outside the church, as Carly asks Jack if he is sure? Meg asks Paul for a DNA sample, but then seems to show some distress, as Craig rushes to her side assuming it was something Paul did. Brad decides to leave town. Carly and Jack talk about why they are getting married. Jack thinks he sees Katie in a car outside the church and takes off to see if it is she. Carly calls him on it and they talk about what he is really feeling. Rosanna watches Paul and Meg. Katie comes to the farm, as Brad is leaving. Brad thinks she knows his role, but is confused when Katie hugs him. Lily pleads with Carly to tell the truth before it is too late, but Carly is in too deep and too close to her goal. The wedding begins; Jack pours his heart out to Carly and she rethinks her plan. Carly tells Jack how she was feeling when she got sick and then finally admits that she isn’t dying; everyone is elated until Rosanna asks a question. Brad and Katie talk about Carly covering up that she is not dying and Katie decides again she can’t let Carly go through with hurting Jack. Brad goes with her, but she stops herself again when she convinces herself Jack really loves Carly and he will only forgive her in the end. Jack realizes Carly has known for a while that she wasn’t dying, as the wedding ends quickly. Brad wrestles with his guilt, as Katie leans on him more. Katie and Brad become closer then ever, as Jack realizes the scope of Carly’s lies. Jack and Carly fight, as Carly pleads for him to understand and Jack not wanting to go down this road ever again. Paul gives Meg some of his hair. Rosanna learns Meg is at the hospital getting a DNA workup. Holden figures out that Lily knew the truth about Carly. Lily admits that, but tries to explain her side. When Holden doesn’t want to hear it, Lily seems fed up and walks out. Katie realizes she is not married really anymore and seems to be looking at Brad in a new light. Carly asks Jack for one more chance.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephen looks down, a long way down from the hotel balcony and tells Stephanie that it looks like her day of reckoning is finally here. One little shove and she would be history. She remarks that he doesn’t have the guts. And she is so sorry, she has apologized and apologized, what more can she do? How dare she tell him how she cares for Brooke or any of the Logan’s, he muses. She lowers the boom on him by reminding him of all his failures, by leaving his family and then at the end tells him about Donna sleeping with Eric now. Katie brings in the latest copy of a fashion magazine to show Eric and Donna with Jackie in the tub on the cover – what a splash! She suggests their own magazine cover and both want to hire her for PR on the spot. Brooke tells Ridge about her father being in town, but she doesn’t want to dwell on the negative when there is so much good in her life right now. They need to set a wedding date.

Stephen doesn’t want Stephanie to change the subject away from Brooke. He throws the silver platter across the room, and is seen leaving the room as he announces someday when she is least expecting it, she is going to pay for hurting his family. Eric convinces Katie to take the job and she wants to get started right away. Eric and Donna want to get started too, only something a little more personal, too bad they can’t be less public. Stephen barges into the building, with steam coming out of his ears, and won’t even wait to be announced to go up to the Forrester floor to see Eric or Donna. He has to knock the door in, but finds the unclothed pair on the couch draped in each others arms practically on top of each other.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle tells Philip to stop using Claire to get to her. Philip tries to convince Belle to give their relationship another chance but Belle pushes him away. Shawn rushes home once he receives Belle’s messages but while annoyed that Philip was there instead of him, still understands.

Bo questions Lucas about EJ’s shooting but while Lucas can’t vouch for his whereabouts, he lies about having been at the church. Lucas packages his gun in a box and mails it to himself. Bo also questions Kate but Kate lies about where she got the gun and what she did to dispose of it. Philip demands that Kate tell him the truth about her gun or risk him taking her gun to the cops. Abe questions Roman about the shooting but while Roman lies about having been at the church, he recalls that the shots were fired before he had a chance to use his weapon. Lucas comes to the hospital intent on bringing Sami home with him but Sami refuses to leave EJ. Roman notices a bullet hole in Sami’s dress, fearing that EJ wasn’t the only target.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly takes the news that Sonny loves Kate badly. Zacchara leaves Luke, who is having a heart attack. After locking Nikolas away, Emily finds her way to where Luke and Tracy are and does what she can, with Scott and Tracy's help, for Luke. Nikolas yells, screams, and begs to be let out of confinement. Jason and Liz finally admit the truth about Jake. Needless to say, Lucky is angry and hurt, while Sam makes herself into an innocent victim. Zacchara next encounters Robin, Patrick, and Layla. He thinks the latter woman is his late wife, Maria, and demands that she choose one to live and one to die. Jerry comes in with the news that the boat he and Jax were on sank, and he could not find his brother in the water. Carly goes into prompt denial.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Harley arrives just in time to save Cyrus from deportation. Before Cyrus is released Harley is forced to choose between family or the truth. Harley tells the truth about Frank’s lies simply to get rid of Cyrus. Doris overhears and can’t wait to exploit the dysfunctional family. Marina is relieved Cyrus has been spared from being sent home. Cyrus and marina make plans to celebrate his freedom. Cyrus insists Harley join in. Harley agrees but shortly into the toasts decides she is the third wheel and excuses herself. Coop is busy campaigning away for Buzz while Doris is doing her best to destroy his family and their good name. Ashlee cheers Coop on . It seems they may finally be on the right path in their relationship. Doris has a new focus other than Ashlee and her friends. Doris is working with Alexandra to rig the election. Ashlee figures out what Doris is up to. She tells Coop and asks him to help her sabotage Doris. Coop is reluctant but agrees.

Cassie and Josh feel they have a problem on their hands with RJ. Little do they know it is Will that is acting out and blaming RJ. Edmund seeks spiritual advice from Josh who laughs at the idea of offering guidance and support to Edmund. Josh is next visited by Rick. Edmund listens as Rick and Josh discuss the paternity of Beth’s baby. Edmund figures out it was Cassie that was instrumental in keeping Alan from knowing the truth about his daughter. Edmund’s resentment and anger returns feeling Cassie was hypocritical to banish him for doing the very same thing.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John finds out that Marty is also missing. Starr, Langston, and Markko break into Cole’s apartment and find that he is missing. Starr finds Cole’s cell phone lying on the floor. Going into the hallway, Starr finds the mask that the man had been wearing that she had seen outside of Dorian’s window. Starr tries to call Marty to alert her of Cole’s disappearance, but before Marty can answer, a man grabs her from behind. John finds out of Marty’s disappearance. Asa’s continues letting the other Buchanan’s know what he had left to them in his will. Everyone is surprised as to what each one is receiving. Marcie and Tommy have arrived in Paris, Texas and also at the Bon Jour diner. Gigi makes friends with Marcie and Tommy and suggests that they stay at the motel across the street where they will be safe. Marcie is happy with the help. Viki is enjoying herself on her date with Charlie. Charlie lets her know that the file that he has in his possession is something that he is working on in finding his missing son. Starr alerts Bo of Cole’s disappearance. Bo and other cops arrive at Cole’s apartment and start to investigate for clues. John makes up his mind to return to Llanview in case Marty is headed there herself. Todd is beside himself when he finds out.  John is no longer helping in finding his son. John lets Todd and Blair know that Marcie and Tommy are headed to Paris, Texas. John heads back to Llanview and Blair and Todd head to Paris, Texas. Roxy encourages Dorian to catch the first stagecoach out of Llanview to go to Texas to be with Clint .

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

"Vengeance is mine", exclaims Heather Stevens emotionally distraught after the discovery that Paul is her biological father. She decides to go on a legal rampage first starting with Paul, Michael, Lauren and Maggie for the illegal kidnapping of Sheila. Then Daniel and Phyllis for parole and work release violations. Paul confronts Heather and asks if she's really seeking justice or out to avenge what he's done to her.

Karen wonders if Neil is leading her on as he declines her dinner and a movie invitation. Sharon gets wind he's using her as an alibi and comforts him by sharing that Dru would indeed want him to move on. Neil takes Sharon's advice and goes on a dinner date with Karen.

Dr. Webb suspects that Victoria may have a condition called preeclampsia which is the cause of her high blood pressure. Dr. Webb informs Newman and Co. that Victoria will have some more tests run on her to confirm this diagnosis and also shares that this can seriously endanger the baby.

The game of cat and mouse intensifies with Gloria & Jeffrey as he hints he knows more then he's letting on about the Jabot "tainted creme scandal" and Gloria finds his little secret device. Gloria's mission now is to get that creme.

Victoria and the baby's fate hang in the balance; the fear of Victoria's labor being induced is dissipated when the doctor insists the baby won't be able to survive outside the womb this early. Victor orders the doctor to keep an eye on Victoria 24/7, ensuring he's doing everything necessary. Abby also pays a visit to Victoria and spends some quality time with Colleen.

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