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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Although Erica denies her association with Adam in getting Greenlee committed to a psychiatric hospital, Joe repeats his accusation that she had indeed conspired with Adam to have Greenlee committed. Ryan suspects that Aidan is up to something and that something has to do with Greenlee. At the courthouse, Jackson pleads with his daughter not to plead guilty. Richie’s doctor advises Richie to get his affairs in order. Babe refuses to join J.R. and Little A on an outing to the movies. Krystal serves Adam with a restraining order that he cannot come near her or The Comeback again. Adam pleads with her not to do this. Greenlee takes the stand and owns up to everything that she had done to Kendall (it was the other way around, Kendall had done these things to Greenlee). Taking all she can of Greenlee, Kendall disrupts the court which results in the judge calling a recess. Adam tears up the restraining order. Lilly suggests to Richie that they get together to talk about math and logic. Joe warns Erica that if she doesn’t tell Jack what she had done then he will. Rejected, J.R. turns back to the bottle. J.R. calls Adam to help him with his network backing. Kendall decides to come clean about what she had done to Greenlee, but Zach and Erica urge her to keep quiet. Richie agrees to meet Lilly at BJ’s for coffee. The courthouse suddenly fills with smoke which sets off the sprinkler system which results in chaos in the courtroom. Ryan sees Aidan fleeing with Greenlee, but decides not to say anything.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Meg goes to the doctor accompanied by Craig, she makes an excuse to get away from him so she can order the DNA test on the fetus. Rosanna’s PI watches and reports back to Rosanna. After her doctor’s appointment Meg agrees to attend Carly and Jack’s wedding but will not allow Craig to go with her. Rosanna, Paul, Will, Gwen, Emma, Lily, and Holden prepare for the wedding. Lily warns Carly before the wedding if she doesn’t tell Jack when he finds out she will lose him forever. Jack is having a hard time getting enthusiastic about today but feels it is the right thing to do for the kids. Brad is also having trouble with to day but for different reasons. Brad refuses to be a part of the wedding or Carly’s scheme anymore. When he finds out Katie is home he warns Jack. Jack calls Katie to tell her that he is marrying Carly later today. At the church with everyone gathered Carly calls Jack. She is outside in the limo and needs to speak with him. Jack makes his way to his wife to be.

Katie sits next to the lawyer that handled the malpractice suit for Carly. He begins to reveal details about the case, unaware of who he is talking to. Katie puts the pieces together and does a little shady investigating. After seeing Carly’s chart at the hospital she vows to stop the wedding.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna thinks Stephen has a right to know, it’s not just her spin, how Andy got into the house and had so much information – it was from Stephanie. He agrees, they need to stand up to Stephanie and make her pay. Katie sides with Brooke who wants to be left out of this vengeance. Donna and Stephen plan to pursue it. Brooke assures her dad she will be fine as long as things stay quiet. Donna will fill in her dad on her plan when they get to the car. Eric goes to Stephanie’s hotel room and warns her that Nick might be after her. She says she was surprised he came to her room, but she thinks he went home to his wife and baby. She appreciates Eric coming to check up on her. She wishes she could go back and change things, give him the respect he wanted and deserved, he just hopes it is not too late. They hug. Eric is shocked, considering what a hothead Nick is, when he finds out it wasn’t Brooke but Donna that told Nick. Katie confides to Brooke this affair with Eric and Donna will go nowhere except the bedroom. Brooke actually approves and thinks it might be good for Donna and anybody would be better for Eric than Stephanie.

Stephanie is on the phone with Felicia when room service arrives. She thinks it’s a sweet gesture from her ‘secret admirer', must be Eric. She’s appalled to find a large dead black bird under the dinner dome. She rushes to the door to catch the waiter only to find Stephen somberly standing there. He comes in and gets in her face and tells her she has tortured his family for years and it is going to stop right now. Slowly, he backs Stephanie into a corner as she inches closer and closer onto the terrace and to the railing, looking down. Steely-eyed, she dares him to go ahead and push her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn starts work as an office clerk at the police station. Claire runs to Philip when he walks in so Philip uses it to make Belle feel guilty about keeping him out of Claire’s life. Claire climbs up on the bar to get at some toys and knocks over a hot pot of coffee. Belle and Philip rush Claire to the hospital but she is deemed fine with only minor burns.

Sami and EJ get through the ceremony but the second it’s over; hidden gunmen fire three shots. One-shot hits EJ and he is rushed to the hospital with Stefano and Sami at his side. Stefano warns Sami that the vendetta will continue should EJ die. Lucas lies to Billie about owning a gun but tells her about having been at the church. Lucas acts shocked when Bo and Shawn stop by to tell him about the shooting. Kate asks Philip to dispose of her gun for her. Steve hides his gun behind the bar at the pub. Stefano tells the cops to suspect Kate as the shooter.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke realizes how useless his feud with Baldwin is and shares that epiphany with Tracy. Sam takes every chance she can to snipe at Liz. Gradually, refuges join Jason's hidden cache of people in the barn. Lulu offers friendship and apologies to Spinelli, who gratefully accepts them. Then, she finds out he conked her on the head and is less than happy with the geek. After getting away from Zacchara, Emily and Nikolas discuss the future, then, he goes off on her for an alleged lack of trust in him. Giving blood to Ric endangers Sonny's life, but both survive surgery. Johnny wants to get Layla to safety; she is his mother's mirror image. Nikolas insists that Emily should lock him up and get to the barn. Sam is on the verge of telling Lucky the truth she says he deserves. Tracy and Luke's quiet moments are interrupted when Anthony bumbles into their hiding place. He and Luke get into a fight that goes from verbal to physical; Luke suddenly cries out in pain.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Marina and Cyrus enjoy their day and freedom together but not for long. Frank has reported Cyrus to immigration on trumped up kidnapping charges. Cyrus’ arrest and deportation sends Marina into hysterics. Harley who had been in a meeting with Gus and Father Ray quickly scribbled her signature on the annulment papers so she could rush over and help save Cyrus. Harley can’t believe Frank told a blatant lie about Cyrus just to get rid of him. Gus is hurt that Harley rushed out and signed the papers so quickly. He struggles with signing the papers. Natalia marches in taking the annulment papers and tears them up. After talking to Olivia about love and watching a DVD of Gus and Harley’s wedding she realizes that Gus loves Harley.

Olivia is sick of working with Alan to keep Natalia and Gus apart, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Olivia calls off their deal. To get back at Olivia Alan breaks into her suite and vandalizes it, making the trashed room look as though Phillip had been there. It works, Olivia falls for it and is frightened. Seconds after Alan slips away unseen a mysterious man appears at Olivia’s door with a teddy bear in his hand.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

In Paris, Texas, Gigi and Noelle coax Viki to leave the diner early so she can prepare for her big date with Charlie. Alex and David, keeping their private motives to themselves, get married at Dreamland that very day. Asa’s lawyer, Beaver Calhoun plays the DVD Asa had made for his last will and testament. When John comes to retrieve his car, he finds that Ramsey had already beaten him there and had questioned Celia and Wendell about the whereabouts of Marcie and Tommy. Starr comes to Cole’s apartment and finds no one there. She calls for reinforcements in Langston and Markko. Asa’s first bequest leaves Renee in tears. Jessica and Natalie are touched by their grandfather’s loving words. Marty suggests to Todd that they find a way to get along for the sake of their children. While John isn’t looking, Ramsey plants a tracking device in John’s car in hopes that John will lead him straight to Marcie and Tommy. Asa leaves his beloved ranch to Chuck Wilson. Everyone is totally surprised. John begs Celia and Wendell to tell him the whereabouts of Marcie and Tommy. After careful consideration, Celia tells John that Marcie is headed for Paris, Texas. Marty tells Todd about her uneasy encounter with the masked man at the diner. Clint assures Chuck that the Buchanan family is fine with Asa’s decision to give him the ranch. As the DVD continues, to the dismay of Renee, Asa gives the house in Llanview to Nora and Matthew so that she, Matthew, Nigel and Renee will always have a home. To the surprise of everyone in the room, Asa mentions the son that he never knew he had until recently. Starr, with the help of Langston and Markko, breaks into Cole’s apartment and finds his cell phone. Also, Starr finds the mask of the man that she had seen outside of the house at Dorian’s. Starr tries to call Marty, but she receives no answer, because the masked man had sneaked up behind Marty and clasped his hand over her mouth.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya **One Day Ahead

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