Thursday 11/8/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 11/8/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack visits Greenlee in jail and is quite upset when he learns that she plans on pleading guilty. He tries to talk her out of it to no avail. Erica stands by the nursery and marvels at how much Ian had grown. Opal comes up to join her. Opal notices that Erica is quite nervous. They discuss Greenlee being a lunatic. Opal lets Erica know that she may “snow “ some people, but she can’t snow her. Aidan visits Tad and enlists his help in breaking Greenlee out during the arraignment. Ryan demands to know from Kendall and Zach what they had done to Greenlee. Ryan wants to know how Zach could be so cruel. Erica explains to Opal that before all this happened that she was trying to get Greenlee the help that she needed . Opal finds out that Erica could clear Greenlee, but Erica refuses to do so. Erica gets to hold Ian. Zach and Kendall refuse to tell Ryan anything about what they had done. Jack calls Kendall and tries to get her to help Greenlee, but Kendall brushes him off. Jackson also lets Kendall know that Greenlee’s arraignment will begin in thirty minutes. Kendall decides to be at the arraignment. Aidan visits Greenlee and lets her know that the plan is in place. Greenlee decides to represent herself in court despite Jack advising her against it . Kendall, Zach and Ryan appear in court.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Chris is hurt when Dr. Bob refuses to allow Evan to use the hospital lab for his cutting edge medical project. Jack just wants a low key wedding at the court house but Carly wants a church wedding. Jack and Carly fight for a while but he finally agrees to a small church wedding. The Minister talks to both Jack and Carly but he is hesitant to marry them until Jack persuades him that even though he loved Katie when he married her Carly's illness made him realize he has always loved her. Jack admits to Emma that he still loves Katie but he must do everything possible to make Carly's dying wish come true. Brad advises Carly to tell Jack the truth before while there is still a chance he could forgive her. Katie sends Brad a text message saying she is coming home tomorrow which is also the day Jack and Carly are getting married.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia catches Eric and Donna as they kissy-face and she pumps up his ego about his upcoming decision on the runway. Felicia thinks yuk, she doesn’t need to see this in the office. Nick shows up and kindly reminds Eric he is supposed to divorce Stephanie if he wants to run the company again. Is he going to hold up to his end of the bargain or not? Nick chides him to step up to the plate and be a man. And if he sees Stephanie there, he’ll take him to court. Brooke remembers all she told Nick about the rape, and suddenly there is her dad at the door. Brooke tells him that Donna was wrong; she does not need Stephen’s help with anything. When Donna returns, Brooke blasts into her for calling their dad and for this continuation of trying to grind Stephanie into the ground. She had made it clear that she wanted no one else to know. Donna still thinks it’s for Brooke’s own good and gives her a good, long lecture of what Brooke has done wrong over the years. Stephen will not be shunned from the family and tells all the girls that he needs to know what is bothering Brooke. She tells him she was attacked….. raped.

Eric defends Donna and tells Felicia that she will have to respect her as she is a part of this company and now a part of his life. She agrees that her mother can be awful, but she is ‘ours’. Get him some hookers and do what he must, but don’t fall for those implants….how many mid-life crisis can one person have? Stephen is devastated and even more so when he finds out the rapist had help….Donna fills him in about Stephanie’s part in this. Brooke’s look admits it’s true.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Colleen visits Sami in the church and they argue over Sami’s true feelings for EJ. Roman, Kayla, Steve, Bo, and Hope aggressively try to stop Sami from marrying EJ and Sami is so unnerved that she faints. Despite her reaction, she is still determined to marry EJ. Roman threatens to shoot EJ when the intervention doesn’t work so Bo takes Roman’s gun. Roman reveals that he has another weapon hidden.

Kate pulls a gun on EJ and Stefano to confront them for telling Lucas about her staged murder attempt. EJ safely takes the gun from Kate but gives it back to her once she calms down. Kate, following Stefano’s advice, tries to appear sympathetic to Lucas but Lucas tells her he’ll only forgive her if she stops the wedding. Lucas hires a babysitter so he can grab his own gun and head for the church. Will, now against Sami marrying EJ, asks to move back to live with Carrie and Austin.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly protests vehemently when Trevor asks Sonny to donate blood to save his brother's life. Sonny agrees, reluctantly. Maxie being missing causes a sensation, though some suspect she's just hiding, wanting attention. However, Zacchara has her trapped and wants to play Russian Roulette. Jerry is determined to get his family to safety, or at least his brother, but Sam suspects her cares about more people than he lets on. Emily and Patrick, with Robin looking on, try to save Ric's life. Robin discovers that Alexis' appendix needs to be removed. Since there is no way to do an appendectomy, she almost allows Jax to get her to the boat, then can't leave Ric. Jerry threatens Coop, aka, Three, with great pain if his interference in any way harms Carly. Lulu's insistence that she must endanger herself to draw the madman out and end this dismays Spinelli. Carly and Jax barely escape some paid goons. Emily and Nikolas stumble through the dark, seeking meds for the surgery and Alexis, and they run into Zacchara who begins fighting with Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Natalia tries to help Rafe by bringing father Ray to talk to him but Rafe misinterprets her actions and thinks she thinks he is a sinner because he got Daisy pregnant. Alan is there for Natalia to support her but she is convinced she has been a bad mother to Rafe and is determined to set a better example for him. Gus and Harley explain to Jude and Zach that he will always be a part of their family even though Gus won't be living with them anymore. Rafe blames Gus for all his problems because he wasn't there when he was a child. Harley's sees Rafe's anger and hurt and decides to go through with the annulment so that Gus can try and make a family with Natalia and be a full time father to Rafe. Alexandra , Harley and Marina save Cyrus when Frank sends immigration after him. Marina moves into the mansion with Cyrus after telling Alexandra that she will send her to jail for kidnapping unless she lets her live there with Cyrus.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cris dreams that Sarah came back from Texas early because she had missed him. They make love. At the Buchanan ranch in Texas, everyone has gathered in the living room. Renee wonders where Natalie, Jared and Sarah are. Jared passes by Natalie’s door and hears her scream. When he pushes the door open, he sees Natalie and Chuck in bed together. Natalie asks him if he knows how to knock. John and Marty are in bed together after a night of making love. Blair and Todd wake up together. Antonio visits Cristian and gives him a hard time for his feeling for Sarah. Cristian relates to Antonio how Sarah told him that she had a crush on him, but Cristian pushed her feelings aside. Natalie comes into the living room, all aglow. Renee asks Chuck if he is the one responsible for Natalie’s happiness. Bo visits Lindsay at St. Anne’s. Bo lets her know that all the other Buchanan’s are at Asa’s ranch in Texas for the reading of his will. Lindsay immediately wants to know why Bo hadn’t accompanied them. Bo gives in and lets Lindsay know about his and Asa’s differences. Matthew calls Bo and lets him know that they have made it to Texas and the reading of Asa’s will is that day. Chuck asks Natalie to go for a ride. To spite Natalie, Jared asks Sarah to go for a walk. Marcie refuses to take the money that Wendell offers her. Before she leaves, Marcie gives Celia a bracelet that Michael had purchased for her. Ramsey arrives and questions Wendell about Marcie. Ramsey threatens to throw Wendell in jail if he doesn’t cooperate with the FBI. John calls Wendell to see if his car is ready. John decides to come to Wendell's home to get the car. When John arrives to get his car, Ramsey meets him at the door and lets him know that he is too late. Blair goes out for coffee thus leaving Todd alone with Marty. The lawyer arrives for the reading of Asa’s will, but the lawyer lets him know that it will be Asa that will be giving them what is coming to them .

Y&R Recap Written By Dora  **One Day Ahead

Victoria's condition is getting worse and the family wants answers. Paul is looking forward and dreading telling Heather all at the same time. Heather is going to each Shelia victim and asking a ton of questions.

Kevin and Jana work on some inside info to get info about John's will. Michael gets good news about Phyllis' appeal. Paul tells Heather she is his daughter. She is speechless.

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