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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Aidan urges Jackson to buy him some time so he can prove Greenlee innocent. Kendall feels very badly when she finds out how badly she and Zach treated Greenlee and how she misinterpreted what Greenlee said. Annie slaps Richie hard across the face and tells him that she can’t wait until he dies from his leukemia. At the jail, Ryan condemns Greenlee for trying to steal his son for a second time. Jack lets Aidan know that he is sure that Greenlee will be denied bail. Richie insists to Annie that he came to Pine Valley to reconnect with his sister. Greenlee explains to Ryan how Zach conned her into believing her embryos were still out there somewhere. Kendall begins to regret her actions, but Zach reminds her that their enemy is out of the picture at last. Ryan bursts into the room and demands to know what they did to Greenlee. Aidan asks Greenlee to trust him, because he has a plan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke and Noah try to hash things out, as Lily and Holden head off to give them some alone time. Barbara threatens Iris if they try to cross her. She wants the baby and then she and Cole to leave forever. Gwen and Rosanna bond over their shared desire for children that propelled them to take matters into their own hand. A man takes Meg’s phone and plants a tracker into it. Cole goes to see Aaron to find out where Sophie is, knowing Aaron can lead him to her. Aaron calls Sophie and when she hears Cole is asking about her, she thinks that she and Cole should talk, which upsets Aaron. Aaron offers to go see her. Lucinda learns of Meg’s bundle of joy and voices her concern, which rattles Meg. Evan Walsh applies for a job at Montgomery Enterprises, and doesn’t seem to have much love for Lucinda. Luke and Noah grow closer, while Lily thinks she and Holden are as well. Rosanna offers Gwen advice, as she thinks of her own secret predicament with Paul and Meg. Aaron leads Cole to Sophie, and Sophie chooses to talk with him against Aaron’s opinion. Cole plays Sophie. Margo and Meg talk and after she leaves, Meg calls her doctor. Lucinda learns of Evan’s possible job with Craig and is displeased, which leads Craig to hire him on the spot. Lily and Holden see Luke stand in his wheel chair for Noah and are happy for the breakthrough, but Lily is crushed when she realizes nothing has changed for she and Holden when he admits he is going to talk to Bonnie about filing separation papers. Sophie finally falls for Cole’s fake promises and agrees to give up the baby. The man lets Rosanna hear the tape of Meg calling her doctor to set up a paternity test and Rosanna wants to step up surveillance so she can know all the details. Iris warns Cole of Barbara’s real threat and hopes he has reeled Sophie in, which he just did. Cole calls Barbara and demands the second installment because their plan is a go. Barbara receives the good news while looking at baby pictures of Will with Gwen and she is tickled pink – or blue!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As they hug, Brooke tells Nick that the rape aftermath is over, please do not go to Stephanie. That’s the reason she did not want him to know. Ridge and the kids are alright; he won’t let Stephanie hurt her, so just let it go. She states she can take care of herself. Stephanie gloats to Donna that Eric would be the laughing stock of the town if he walked down the runway with a little tart like her. And Nick never wanted the company; she’s not the least bit concerned. She vows she will take her place in the company again, and warns Donna to stay away from Eric. Donna can’t wait for Nick to get his hands on Stephanie. Eric explains to Thorne and Felicia that if it weren’t for Donna, there would be no upcoming show. Their mother can not be there at the showing, and he won’t stay in this room and be called a fool by his children. How come they can’t understand that Donna may actually care for him? And what she does for him; how happy he is nowadays? He owes her everything for his new attitude, a new and improved Eric Forrester and if they can’t see that ……..this fashion show will be his emergence and then he will decide who he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Brooke berates Donna for telling Nick so much. God knows what will happen if Nick doesn’t do what he says he will and loses control. She did not want to drag him into this, but Donna says he is the only one that understands what Stephanie did and she wants her to pay for it, and be out of their lives. Brooke reminds her again that she wants no part of this vendetta; leave her out of it. Donna heads straight to the phone and calls her dad. She bemoans that Brooke is in trouble and can he come to L.A? She needs his support. Of course, he replies, he’ll be on the next plane; he misses his family. Stephanie returns to her hotel room and from the darkened terrace emerges Nick. She’s frightened and asks how he got in? Smugly, he says he found the key under the flower pot. She wants him out, but he stays and points out she can call the police but then she would have to answer the conspiracy to commit rape. Among other things, he tells her if she ever hurts Brooke again – he will kill her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip lies to Kate about having slept with Belle. Philip considers Kate a hypocrite because she tries to talk him out of breaking up Belle and Shawn when she tries to break up Sami and Lucas. Hope lectures Belle about staying committed to Shawn while Bo is tempted to tell Shawn the truth.

Sami agrees to the wedding date and allows EJ to hold his son. Lucas confronts Stefano about trying to kill Kate but Stefano denies it. Lucas confronts Kate about working with EJ to stage the murder attempt and has to get EJ to turn on Kate when Kate denies the claim. Colleen visits Sami and accuses her of wanting to be with EJ. Lucas gathers the Brady family to stage an intervention for Sami at the wedding.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly finds herself discussing roses and sons with Zacchara. Jason puts Spinelli and Nadine in a room with Liz to keep them safe. No one is willing to go on the boat Jerry is ready to pilot through the storm to the mainland. Despite his threats, Sonny doesn't shoot Johnny. Emily begs Nikolas not to go off looking for his brother and Elizabeth, but to reassure him, says she trusts him not to lose it or hurt anyone. Patrick and other available medics prepare to do surgery on Ric. Tracy's scream brings Luke to her side, but she's only fallen in the dark, not met any killers. Lulu wants to make herself bait for the killer; no one likes the idea.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Cassie and Josh have a welcome home party for Will and R.J tells his brother he wishes that he had stayed in San Cristobal. Will is playing with R.J in the barn and he gets mad when his brother won't play with him and leaves him alone in the barn. Will locks himself in the barn and Edmund who has been pardoned by the attorney General arrives to get Will out of the barn. Josh questions Will about how he ended up locked in the barn and he blames R.J. R.J tells Josh and Cassie he didn't do it but they don't believe him and he gets sent to his room. Edmund tells Cassie he is staying in Springfield to smooth the transition for Will so he moves into the Beacon. Jeffrey warns Edmund that if he comes anywhere near Cassie or her family he will kill him. Later Edmund returns to the farm where he finds Will in the barn and the boy admits to his Uncle Edmund that he locked himself in the barn and blamed R.J. for it because he doesn't want his mom to love R.J. he just wants her to love him. Edmund gives Will a hug and tells him that he understands hw he feels because he wants the same thing too.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marty reveals to John how that she had never told anyone, including Cole that Patrick had been murdered. Blair and Todd begin to give in to their emotions, but pull apart and agree that making love would be a bad idea. Rex refuses to make love to Adriana because he feels it would hurt the baby. Alex refuses to marry David. Adriana laughs when she finds out that Rex had thought she was pregnant. Adriana reveals that she had been doing research to do a maternity line. Nora reveals that she had answered Clint’s cell phone and it had been Dorian. Clint assures her that she had not done anything wrong . John tries to console Marty after she tells him how Patrick had died. David feigns indignation when Alex refuses his proposal. Adriana promises Rex that she would share the news with him immediately if she ever did become pregnant. Natalie finally gives in and asks Chuck for help. Marty and John make love. After aggravating David a while longer, Alex finally agrees to marry him, but only if they sign a prenuptial agreement first.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Karen and Neil get closer. Succumbing to their passion, they break down and make love, with no regrets. Heather realizes that she has to uphold the law and go after Paul for Sheila's kidnapping. Lauren still not quite herself has a full blown panic attack while Maggie and Paul are over the apartment sparking Michael to tell her Victor was behind the explosion.

At the hospital Victoria is visited by Adrian and Colleen; Nikki, JT and Victor are informed that Victoria is not out of the woods when the doctor tells them her blood pressure has gone up. He explains that they will be monitoring her vital signs more frequently in the next few hours; which will provide more information.

Feeling alone, Lily  goes over to confide in Colleen, while Cane declines Heather's advances. After Lily explains her loneliness to Colleen and Adrian, she receives a late night phone call from none other than "the Adonis from Down Under" who has just called to tell her the title of the Enrique Iglesias and Lionel Richie duet. Needless to say when she hangs up, both parties are on cloud nine, and Lily's stoked because Cane dropped off Heather and called her.

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