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AMC Recap Written by Mary

After making love, J.R. suggests to Babe that they get married again. Jackson accuses Erica of setting him up with flowers and candles and making love when she had known all along what was going on. Zach pressures Kendall into telling him the real story behind Greenlee’s arrest. Babe refuses J.R.’s marriage proposal by telling him that she thinks that it was a mistake. Krystal admits to Tad that she had known it all the time that it was Adam visiting her instead of Stuart. Derek shows Jackson the commitment papers that Mary Smythe had signed to get Greenlee committed to a sanitarium. Kendall confesses to Zach everything that she had done to frame Greenlee. Greenlee vows that she wants her embryos back . Aidan gives her the bad news that her embryos are gone. Erica, in talking to a reporter, states that Greenlee is in need of psychiatric help. Babe shudders when she thinks that she is turning out like Krystal. Tad warns Krystal that he will never allow Jenny close to Adam. Stung by Babe's rejection of his marriage proposal, J.R. tells her that it was just a joke. Zach blames himself for Kendall getting herself into this mess. Zach tells Kendall that Greenlee wasn’t going to take Spike away from her, because he had made her think that her embryos were still viable.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty and Lily find friendship in each other as they watch the people they love drift out of their lives. Chris asks Emily to move in with him but she declines fearing they are getting too involved. Later after being kissed by Dusty Emily agrees to move in but not be committed to Chris. Lily is hopeful Holden has changed his mind about lawyers and divorce when he calls her to the farm. To Lily’s disappointment he called her to talk about Luke and his struggles personally. Lily and Holden go get Noah feeling he is what will make Luke feel better. When they find Noah they discover he is in worst shape emotionally that Luke is. Holden and Lily bring the boys together to help both of them.

Jack purposes to the delight f the kids and Carly. Brad makes Carly feel guilty and doubt why Jack proposed. Carly just wants to accept what she has for the time being and enjoy her new engagement. Brad feels bad about himself for helping Carly break hearts and fool people. He is made to feel worse when Katie texts him, stating he is the only Snyder man she can trust.

Brad isn’t the only one having trouble accepting the flip-flopping of wives in Jack’s life. Parker isn’t as happy as JJ and Sage though he does help plan a romantic dinner for his parents.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke admonishes Stephanie to just go. She doesn’t want to hear one more time how sorry she is. Before she does, Stephanie asks her if she is going to support this relationship between Eric and Donna? And she’s not surprised when Brooke vows that she will. Those Logan girls, two of a kind, alley cats! Brooke threatens she had better not go after Donna or anybody that she loves, as it will be the biggest mistake of her life. Everybody will hear what Stephanie did. Donna is filling Nick’s ears with all sorts of ugly thoughts about the rape and Stephanie’s part in it. He finds it a little hard to believe, and thinks Donna is in this strictly because she is after Eric and has an agenda. He’s upset though when she tells him that Stephanie is trying to worm her way back into the company when his stipulation for the sale in the first place was that Eric divorce Stephanie and she be no part of the business. Donna begs for Nick not to let Stephanie get away with this. Skeptical, he wonders why Ridge is willing just to give his mother the cold shoulder and everything goes back to the way it was. Amusingly, Clarke watches as Jackie has a bathtub installed in her new office digs at M. It’s time to put Rub-a-dub dub into action. Clarke admits the press who are shocked but delighted to find Jackie giving the press conference from a tub of bubbles.

Stephanie returns to Forrester’s only to get Donna’s goat. Both women gloat that just wait until the fashion show and see who’s arm is on Eric’s as he walks down the runway. Nick reconstructs in his mind what he remembers Brooke telling him about the attack. Brooke comes home to find Nick there and he tells her he brought Jack home, and that Donna told him about Stephanie. If this is true, God help her. He won’t stop until that bitch flies. He can’t let it go, not the way he feels about Brooke, not after all that they share, especially now. They hug and she relays that she feels the same way about him, but just be there for her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Hope argue over whether to tell Shawn about Belle cheating but Hope finally convinces Bo to keep quiet. Belle explains that she wrote the letter because she was against Shawn taking such a dangerous job. Shawn is understanding and convinces Belle to rush into a Thanksgiving wedding. Stephanie tries to use their shared bartending time to flirt with Max but Max bails when Morgan walks in. Ford comes into the Cheatin’ Heart but Stephanie refuses to serve him. Max steps up when Ford gets angry but Nick and Jett keep him from hitting Ford.

Sami and Lucas try to spend some time alone with their new twins but EJ interrupts claiming that he needs to talk with Sami over honeymoon destinations. EJ demands to take baby Johnny wanting to have his son living with him but Sami and Lucas refuse despite EJ’s court order. EJ announces that he’s booked the church for his wedding to Sami for tomorrow night.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli is able to get Nadine away from "the demented denizen," aka, Anthony Zacchara. While fumbling in the dark, Jason finds Liz doing likewise; she warns him that Sam is out for emotional blood and may reveal their secret. Trevor believes they should find Johnny and get him back home, so as to end his father's reason to be on the loose. He and Sonny also have an argument about why Zacchara might be out and who the real intended victim might be. Nikolas admits to having another blackout. The Jax brothers argue over who should take the primary risks in getting Ric to help and safety. Everyone continues to speculate, express fears, and consider options as the ordeal drags on. Finally, Sonny threatens, loudly, to shoot Johnny unless his father comes out in the open, even as Zacchara confronts a young woman with a head injury in the dark.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Jeffrey has not so good news for Cassie and Josh. Edmund is no longer a prisoner in San Cristobel and is being returned to Springfield to face charges. This is kind of good news for Cassie who still believes the best thing for Will would be to see Edmund. Against the advice of Josh and Jeffrey Cassíe takes Will to meet with Edmund. Will lights up when he sees his imprisoned uncle. Edmund discusses Will’s new life with him and brings Will around to working on being part of the family and going to school. Cassie can’t believe the different man Edmund seems to have become. Will returns home with Cassíe ready to go to school and in a great mood. Jeffrey pays Edmund a visit and threatens him if he tries to harm Cassie or her family in any way.

Coop is still trying to cope with Ashlee’s erratic behavior and on again off again feelings. Doris is up to her spiteful tricks when she sends a health inspector to close CO2 down. Coop and Ashlee ignore the inspector to hash out their bizarre relationship. Coop promises it is Ashlee he wants not Ava. Ashlee is happy again but only for minute, she sees Doris lurking in the distance and fears her mother is going to come after Coop and hurt him.

Buzz learns the early poll numbers place him ahead by six points. This is super good news after he just received a clean bill of health from Rick. Buzz is inspired to forge ahead and win the election.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

The Buchanan clan arrives at Asa’s ranch in Texas. Immediately, they notice a pic of a ranch hand on the nearby table. Dorian tells Starr that there are going to be some changes made since she is in charge of Starr and Jack with Blair and Todd out of town. Disgusted, Todd hurries out of the motel room and declares that he is going to find him a room to himself. Natalie becomes quite attracted to the ranch hand after meeting him. Clint orders Natalie and Jessica to stop giving Sarah a hard time about Jared accompanying her to Texas. Renee is quite amused by how much Matthew knew about Asa’s old sayings. John explains to Marty why Ramsey hates him so much. Starr lends a sympathetic ear to Dorian about Dorian’s love life with Clint. Jessica urges Natalie to make a play for the handsome ranch hand. Dorian calls Clint’s cell phone and to her disgust, Nora answers his phone. Blair and Todd share some quality time together . Starr calls her parents and tells Blair that her application to be Langston’s foster mother was turned down. Marty lets John know that Patrick was murdered also.

Y&R Recap Written By Dora  **One Day Ahead

Everyone is gearing up for the much awaited Enrique Iglesias concert benefiting the Clear Springs Charity. Lauren has flashbacks and trouble breathing. Michael finds out that Victor is responsible for Clear Springs' disaster. Lily is saddened to see Cane with Heather. Neil feels Cane is too old for Lily and lets her know. Heather overhears a conversation between Paul, Maggie, Lauren, and Michael and can't believe what she has heard. Amber lets Daniel know he is her BFF (best friend forever). Devon has a great evening with his date. Paul reminds Heather of their lunch date tomorrow. He plans to tell her the truth. Maggie has stomach pains from a wound she got when all the Sheila stuff was going on, which is what sends Lauren into her flashbacks.

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