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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall goes through with her plan to frame Greenlee for the alleged kidnapping of Spike. Greenlee is arrested despite her trying to explain the situation to the police. Kendall tells Greenlee that it was all in her mind that Kendall had wanted to forgive Greenlee for the accident which had caused Spike to go deaf. Although Greenlee tries to explain everything, Kendall, as well as the police doesn’t believe her. Greenlee is arrested and taken down to the station. Jack and Erica can’t seem to get enough of each other. Erica begs Jack to stay the night . Richie holds the pilot around the neck, and tells Ryan and Annie that they will have to do as he says. The doctor comes out and tells them all that Richie is indeed dying of leukemia. Ryan and Annie realize that Richie has nothing to lose in what he is doing. Adam, posing once again as Stuart, comes to visit Krystal at the bar. After talking a few minutes, Adam owns up that he is not Stuart, but Adam. Adam vows his love to Krystal and begs her to come home to him. Tad and Hannah are enjoying a game of pool. Richie holds the pilot around the neck for so long that the pilot collapses. Ryan and Annie have to land the plane. Ryan wants to make Richie pay, but the pilot , as well as, the doctor refuses to have anything to do with it. Richie vows revenge on Ryan and Annie for kidnapping among other things. Aidan calls Jack to let him know that Greenlee had been arrested for kidnapping Spike. Erica becomes worried that her plan had worked to admit Greenlee to a psychiatric hospital. After Jack leaves, Erica calls her friend and he lets her know that their plan hadn’t worked at all. Erica realizes that Kendall had gone through with her plan to frame Greenlee. Erica rushes to the police station. At the police station, Kendall makes her statement and then signs it. Greenlee talks to Jack and explains to him what had happened. Jack meets up with Erica and lets her know that one of their daughters is lying. Greenlee is booked and tossed in a cell. Aidan is next door to her. Tad kisses Hannah before she leaves the bar. When Tad leaves, he sees Krystal and Adam kissing.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack sees Carly’s big payday and wonders what is going on? Lily and Holden have words again, with the subject of Dusty being front and center. Dusty thinks Emily is using Chris to make him jealous. Chris and Allison realize they might be working together again. Carly tells Jack the check is because a law firm wants to hire her. Lily wants to go with Holden to talk with the Physical Therapist after Holden voices his concern over Luke’s state of mind, but Holden has an appointment. Emily assures Dusty that her and Chris’ relationship has nothing to do with him. Allison and Chris talk about Emily. Carly and Jack talk about his guilt over letting Katie down after he found out she left town. Jack tells Carly that his marriage didn’t end because of her; he just realized his feelings for her never went away. Bonnie meets with Holden and finds out he is looking to get a divorce. Emily and Dusty go back and forth, as they disagree; Chris walks up in this heated moment between them. Jack talks with Lily about Carly’s ‘job,’ as Carly stops him from getting into detail. Later, Carly admits to Lily finds out Carly that she could receive a settlement because of a misdiagnosis. She is thrilled Carly is not going to die, but she is greatly concerned that Carly isn’t sharing this news with Jack, her kids or her sisters. Chris wonders what is rattling Emily about her time with Dusty? Emily admits to a previous relationship, but she assures him that they are through. Dusty is frustrated when he sees Allison and voices his doubt over the relationship between Emily and Chris. Allison thinks he is wrong and that he is mad that Emily moved on before he could do anything about it. Bonnie and Vienna cross paths and it isn’t pretty based on some bad history and blood between the two. Bonnie tries to talk Holden out of a divorce and suggesting he give it a week based on her experiences with her own divorce. Lily is adamant that Carly come clean with Jack that night no matter how she tries to justify it. Jack reads a ‘Dear Santa’ letter from Sage. Parker gives Jack some words to thinks about. Lisa lets the cat out of the bag to Lily when it comes to Holden’s legal appointment with Bonnie, who she mentions specializes in matrimonial law. Lily realizes what this means. Carly is practicing her speech when Jack overhears part of it. They both have something to tell the other. Jack goes first; Parker said something to him that made him realize how he feels for her and how he wants to make the best of the time they have together since he now believes her when she told him that they belong together. He wants her to marry him!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick awakens to find a troubled Taylor standing over the baby’s crib in their room. She doesn’t know when Jack is going to come home, so she’d like the crib moved out. She cries she doesn’t feel she can bond with him. Stephanie muses to Felicia how is it that two fairly intelligent men in her family have fell for this bimbo, Donna? Eric is ecstatic working on new sketches and assures Brooke that Stephanie will not step foot back in this office. He’s happy to hear the news from her about her and Ridge being back together. And he confesses that his intentions toward her sister, Donna, is real. Donna walks in on this moment and adds her two cents worth. She genuinely has feelings for this dear man.

Eric leaves for a crisis in another department; Brooke and Donna continue to have it out about having revenge and justice with Stephanie. Donna thinks Brooke is incredibly naïve if she thinks Stephanie is out of her life now. She feels they have her against the ropes; knock her out now! When Stephanie shows up at Forrester, Donna calls security to have her removed. Nick has brought Jack home and Taylor is cuddling him, but then interrupted on the phone by Donna. She mentions the word rape and that he will want to hear this. Face to face, she tells him that the person who fed Andy all the information, the person who hates Brooke the most, that person was Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The board decides to deny Shawn’s entry into the police academy without letting him share his side of the story. Shawn is convinced Philip wrote the damaging letter but Bo talks him out of confronting Philip. Philip refuses to believe that Belle really wants Shawn and tries to silence her protests with kisses. Shawn refuses to believe it when Philip denies having written the letter. Belle admits once Philip leaves that she was the one who wrote the letter.

Hope tells Kayla about Belle sleeping with Philip. Kayla advises Hope to tell the truth but reconsiders when she thinks about Bo’s temper. Hope decides that she must tell Bo the truth and Bo is determined to tell Shawn.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate tries to convince Sonny she can handle his world. Robin explains that the sight of Ric's blood triggered some response in her that made her think it was her own. Ric continues to fail as Jax tries to figure out how to get him to the mainland. Nikolas is full of regret for the whole affair. Georgie tends to believe Carly could have been right about Coop. Spinelli and Logan are worried about Lulu's continued involvement with Johnny and her plan to make herself bait. Trevor's coldness to Ric shocks Alexis. Fears, regrets, and suspicions fly through the group. Zacchara accosts Nadine.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Today was a day of recovery in Springfield. Dinah adjusts to being out of the hospital while Lizzie has her plate full. Lizzie now has Dinah pushed on her, while staying busy helping Billy in business and his personal life, locating Little Bill. As if that weren’t enough Beth tells Lizzie that Phillip may be back. Lizzie decides to retreat to her room but finds there isn’t any privacy to be had with Dinah taking over. The women and distant relatives talk about their dysfunctional families and decide they do have a pretty strong bond after all. They vow to be best friends for life and roommates. The girls settle in to their new arrangement as if they were throwing a slumber party.

Cassie and Josh help the two boys adjust to all of the changes in both of their lives. Neither RJ or Will likes the other. It’s going to be rough road ahead for the family. Josh decides possibly to make things smoother he will adopt both boys. Will doesn’t really seem to care either way all he wants is to see Edmund. Josh puts his foot down, absolutely not. They will have to find another way to make Will happy. Cassie goes behind Josh’s back to ask Jeffrey about Edmund’s legal status. After seeing Josh and Cassie embracing and obviously in love, Will decides to try and fit into the family fold.

Marina prepares to bring Cyrus home and begin their life together. Alex makes it clear she will do whatever she has to, to prevent Cyrus and Marina from being together. While Cyrus waits on marina his bond with Harley isn’t cut. Harley turns to Cyrus feeling there isn’t another adult she can talk to. Cyrus understands her pain and confusion, he is dealing with some of it himself.  Marina takes Cyrus home where they make love. Harley goes to Daisy’s room and asks her to move back home. They need each other right now. Daisy agrees and is glad. She packs and goes home with Harley.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

When Cole arrives home, he finds the masked intruder inside his home. At the rehab center, David is amazed at how wealthy Alex is, and that she suffers from sex addiction. Marcie accompanies Wendell when he goes on a towing run. Viki turns down Charlie’s invitation for dinner. Roxy tells Michael that Marcie may never be found .Marcie panics when she realizes that the car Wendell is towing belongs to John, Todd, Marty and Blair. Alex continues to tempt David. Viki reminds Charlie at how little that they know about each other and she wants to keep it that way. Michael thanks Roxy for standing by him and Marcie. The masked intruder makes Cole lie to Starr when she calls him and asks him what is taking him so long. Gigi pressures Viki into accepting Charlie’s invitation. Wendell covers for Marcie, who hides in the drain pipe. Alex tells David that she could never turn over her fortune to anyone unless they were married. David scrambles to pop the question to Alex. John, Todd, Blair and Marty have to share a single hotel room.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

JT and Colleen bring Victoria presents. Brad also visits her, and he and JT argue. JT tells him to leave. Neil confirms that the explosion was due to a faulty gas monitor. Sharon asks Jack not to get into a public argument with Victor. Jack sees Maggie and Heather at the coffee shop and reminds them that they should have had a search warrant for the dog hair they took from Fisher. Victor holds a press conference and refuses to take questions. Lily tells Cane that she is glad he is okay. Later Heather invites him to Indigo for a special event they are having. After she leaves, Lily comes back and asks him to the same event and he says no. Noah tells Sharon he has been having nightmares. Jack goes to see Victor and secretly steals some of his dog's fur. He gives it to Maggie who throws it in the garbage.

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