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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan awaits Zach in his office. Aidan confronts Zach if this is just a scam to make Greenlee believe that her embryos were out there somewhere. Greenlee arrives at the boathouse to meet Kendall. After talking a while to Greenlee, Kendall lies to Greenlee and tells her that Zach had been in a terrible accident and she has to leave. Kendall leaves Spike with Greenlee. Outside of the boathouse, Kendall calls the police and tells them that Greenlee had taken her son. Erica plans a very romantic dinner for herself and Zach. Babe comes into The Comeback and finds a glass of whiskey in front of J.R. Babe walks over and throws the whiskey out. J.R. lets her know that the whiskey wasn’t for him. The doctor on the plane succeeds in getting a blood sample from Richie to test him for leukemia. Babe offers J.R. encouragement. Erica goes through with her plan to have Greenlee committed to an insane asylum. Erica begs Jack to make love to her. Kendall uses the chloroform on herself and makes it look as though Greenlee had done it to her when the police arrive. Kendall awakens slowly and is concerned about Spike. The police officer goes inside the boathouse and finds Greenlee with Spike. The police officer demands that Greenlee hand Spike over. The police take Greenlee into custody. Zach and Aidan arrive and they see that Greenlee had Spike. Greenlee realizes that Kendall had had her set up to be arrested . The results of the blood tests show that Richie doesn’t have leukemia. Annie and Ryan try to reason with him, but Richie grabs the pilot of the airplane. Richie lets them know that now they will do as he says. J.R. and Babe go back to his yacht and make love.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Gwen is not taking things well since hitting the adoption roadblock. After talking with Barbara Will encourages her not to give up hope for a private adoption. Gwen is sinking slowly into depression. Barbara decides to meet with Iris and Cole to hear them out about Sophie’s baby. Each party agrees upon the other’s stipulations for a private adoption.

Rosanna and Paul’s first day as man and wife isn’t filled with love and happiness. Rosanna confronts Paul about meeting Meg in the cemetery but she acts as if she could not hear what they were saying. Paul doesn’t volunteer any further information.

Craig interrupts to drop off a wedding present. In smug hopes that all hard feelings are behind them Craig asks that they all have dinner to celebrate all of their happiness. Paul angrily turns Craig down . Rosanna can’t help but notice the way Paul reacts when Craig hints that Meg isn’t feeling well. Meg spends her day at the farm with Emma. She tells her understanding mother how much she hopes and believes her baby is Paul’s.

Brad makes special plans for Katie to make her feel better after being dumped by Jack. Jack drops by the station to see Katie and he is told by Brad to stay out of Katie’s life. They argue over who and what is best for Bubbles.

Carly gets a call from a lawyer representing the doctor that misdiagnosed her. He is persistent and wants to meet. It is hard but Carly steals a few moments to see what the lawyer wants. The attorney gives Carly a check for a very large amount of money. It’s a nice offer but what catches Carly’s attention is the deal and her diagnosis will be private and never spoken of again. Her file will be sealed and no one except her, the doctor, and the attorney handling the case will know the truth. Desperate to keep her good health a secret from Jack Carly is intrigued. Jack finds Carly meeting with the lawyer. When he approaches the table and sees the high dollar check lying on the table, he has some difficult questions to be answered.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke wonders why Taylor is not signing the papers. She just signed over her rights to Jack; what is Taylor waiting for? Taylor cries that they are both still in shock, and she thinks they need to fully think all of this out before signing any legal papers. Brooke promises her that she can walk away from this baby if Taylor can assure her that she will love and bond with this baby, the way it deserves to be. Clarke assures Jackie and Nick while he and Sally were the masters of cheap rip-offs, he can produce anything they want for their clientele. Jackie is excited, the real Jackie M will emerge and she is going to come out swinging. Nick muses that he probably will live to regret this, but he gives his okay to the buy-out. Jackie salutes Sally and swears she will make this place alive again. And whatever beach Sally is resting on today, drink an Irish double for their success. She’s ecstatic and even has a name already – ‘M’ – as in mysterious…….and magnificent….and money…..lots and lots of marvelous money. She can predict big things now….when Lady M and Super Boy take off….hot stuff!

Bridget tells Ridge about her mother’s document and when it is signed she thinks it will put everyone’s minds at ease. Brooke tells Taylor that despite the fact that she and Ridge have broken up many times before, this time it’s going to work so Taylor does not have to keep looking over her shoulder. Taylor rails at her that she doesn’t want to sign. She is tired and just needs to rest. The papers don’t change a thing. She KNOWS who the biological mother is, Ridge knows, Nick knows. Reluctantly, Brooke leaves and goes to see Ridge. She tells him that Taylor is having a hard time bonding with this child, and she is struggling about signing any papers. Ridge claims that if Taylor can’t bond and love this child, then Brooke will. They both agree that Taylor just HAS to!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate tries to stop EJ from bursting in on Steve and Kayla to see Johnny but Stefano lets EJ go. EJ mistakes playful teasing between Steve and Kayla to mean that there is danger so he breaks in the door. Steve and Kayla won’t let EJ see Johnny despite his DNA results so Stefano seeks legal counsel. In the meantime, Kayla gets Bo’s help to make the hotel suite appear under quarantine to keep EJ out. Hope gives Bo a scrapbook detailing their family history as his birthday present. Sami falls asleep during Lucas’ massage and he finds the fax from EJ. Sami does her best to comfort Lucas.

A partygoer recalls that Ford has a web cam so the sorority house loads the site to find Ford preparing to rape an unconscious Morgan. Max and Jett are able to get to Ford’s room before anything more can happen. With Morgan still unconscious, Cordy steps up to identify Ford as the campus rapist. Since Ford is now in custody, Cordy decides to stay at school. Stephanie remains quiet about her own attack.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny and Kate find a quiet room at Wyndemere and share some champagne. He confides that he is supposed to be dead. Despite the storm, Jason makes plans to head to Spoon Island, fearing what Carly is going to do. It is Cooper who arrives to keep the appointment Carly had with Leticia's killer. Maxie tries to stop what's happening, but it's Jax who is able to at least distract Carly with an argument. Sam's moodiness confounds Lucky. When Ric is found stabbed, Layla works feverishly to save his life. When Patrick tries to get Robin in to help, she faints. Johnny and Lulu's conversation is interrupted by Trevor, who warns the boy that he must convince his father that he will not leave him to prevent innocent deaths. Nikolas and Lucky go in search of Elizabeth in the darkness. Luke does his best to keep the crowd under control and calm.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cyrus wakes up but doesn’t stay put long. After learning Marina was suspended from the job she loves so much because of him, Cyrus decides to leave town. He doesn’t get far. Marina catches him at the Spaulding Mansion. He explains why he was leaving and she in turn tells him it doesn’t matter what she loses as long as it isn’t him. Cyrus agrees to stay and return to the hospital. Marina goes to tell her father that he had better get used to the idea of her and Cyrus being together.

Gus comforts Harley who is still in a daze. Shock really sets in when she finds the annulment papers in Gus’ jacket pocket. He tries not to talk about it but Harley won’t let it go. She is hurt even more. Olivia calls Gus per Alan’s instruction to get him to her place so Alan can make an evening with Natalia. It works Gus goes to Olivia’s and they talk about how much Gus loves Harley and doesn’t want to lose her. Natalia waits all dressed up for Gus. When he doesn’t show up Natalia joins Alan for dinner.

Rafe is still sulking around giving everybody a bad attitude. When he sees Daisy isn’t in school, again, he goes over to check on her. Rafe thinks he is going to make Daisy feel bad and lay all the blame on her but Daisy sticks up for herself and her decision.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian gives Langston and Starr pointers on how to act and dress for their interview with the social worker. Cole and Markko arrive to aid their support to Langston and Starr. Alex finds David Vickers working as a waiter at Dreamland. John, Marty, Todd and Blair are headed for Louisiana. Penny and Aaron land on the doorstep of Clarence’s relatives, Celia and Woodrow. Viki assures Noelle that she and Charlie have only known each other for twenty-four hours. Dorian lets Ms. Woodrow and Mr. Preston know the reason why Blair had left town. David lets Alex know that he feels that it is a shame that a man of his caliber has to work for a living. Viki grows curious as to the work that Charlie is working on. Mr. Preston rejects Blair’s application to be a foster parent. Dorian instead volunteers to be Langston’s foster parent. Celia tells Marcie how her family had lost everything they had in Hurricane Katrina. Charlie asks Viki out on a date. Alex lets David know that she is in this rehab center because she is addicted to sex. Langston thanks Dorian for asking to be her foster mother. Marcie and Tommy settle in for the night at Celia and Wendell’s. John reaches Wendell to come and tow his car to a garage. The masked man again watches the goings on at Dorian’s.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Katherine are told that it wasn’t the substandard building materials that caused but something else. Later it is revealed that the disaster was caused by Victor’s company drilling for methane gas. Everyone is furious with Victor, who tries to deflect the blame. The only people who seem to defend him are Neil, Sharon and Nick. JT and Nikki bond when they go to get some things for Victoria at his apartment. Sharon is worried about Noah, who seems moody. Jack goes to see Victor and gives him grief for causing the explosion that put his own daughter in a coma. Neil tries to assure people that Victor had no way of knowing this would happen. Victor learns more details; there was a defective gas monitor, and a spark of electricity ignited a gas leak, causing the explosion. Victor breaks down while at the office.

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