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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall overhears Greenlee telling Aidan that she wants Ryan’s child. Kendall misinterprets what Greenlee is saying and she vows revenge on Greenlee tonight. Greenlee and Aidan go off to celebrate Greenlee’s change of attitude. Kendall goes to the hospital to visit Ian and she has an ulterior motive. Kendall looks in on Ian. She starts to break into the drug room when a nurse comes out and questions her as to what she wants. Kendall lies to her as to what she really wants. The nurse leaves the drug room and leaves the door ajar. Kendall goes inside the medicine room, but then Julia appears up. She asks as to what Kendall wants. Once again, Kendall lies and tells her that she wants some blankets for Spike. After Julia leaves to get the blankets, Kendall steals some chloroform from the medicine room. Babe is completely beside herself at the Comeback Bar. When Krystal questions her as to what is wrong, Babe is reluctant to tell her. Babe finally gives in and tells her that she had meddled in Ryan’s, Annie’s and Ritchie’s lives. Krystal is completely beside herself when she finds out that Babe was alone in the park with Ritchie. Ryan handcuffs Ritchie, and he and Annie take him aboard an airplane. Ryan tapes his one hand to the chair and he handcuffs the other arm to the doorknob. A doctor comes out and takes blood from Ritchie to see if he really has leukemia. Greenlee and Aidan go home to celebrate Greenlee’s change of attitude. They kiss and can’t seem to get enough of each other. Kendall makes it to the boat dock when Simone appears to her. Simone tries to talk Kendall out of doing this to Greenlee, but Kendall insists on getting even with Greenlee for what she had done to Ian and Spike .Kendall orders Simone to be gone. Simone disappears as mysteriously as she had appeared. Kendall calls Greenlee to meet her at the boat docks. Greenlee agrees to meet her. Before Greenlee leaves Aidan, she tells Aidan that she loves him. Zach meets J.R. at the Comeback Bar and lets him know that he will no longer be a backer of his project. J.R. is devastated. J.R. goes into the bar and orders up a drink. Babe comes in and sees J.R. with the drink.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul and Rosanna get married in a beautiful ceremony even though Paul can't stop thinking about Meg. Rosanna also has doubts because she has a feeling Paul is still in love with Meg. Carly is disappointed when the weddings fails to have the desired effect on jack because while looking for Rosanna Jack sees Brad and Katie together at the cemetery and when he comes back to the wedding he can only think of Katie. Katie tells Brad to talk to Katie so that she will go out of town and hopefully go with her so that they can moth have a chance with the people they love. Meg vows to be a better wife to Craig after he promises to be a better husband to her. Barbara vows to do anything she has to do so that Gwen and Will can have a child because she can't stand to see Gwen in so much pain. Iris tells Barbara that she can give Sofie and Cole's baby to Gwen and Will for a price. Katie decides to go to the Bahamas to visit her mother Lila but she doesn't want Brad to go with her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget tells her mother how Taylor feels about Jack being Brooke’s biological son and how this might change all of their relationships. Jackie, Thomas and Phoebe welcome Taylor and Nick home and try to cheer them up with the promise of the new baby coming home soon. And how incredible it was that this egg donor came to the rescue for Jack. Being a little more intuitive, Jackie senses that something else is not quite right with Taylor. C.J. explains to his dad, Clarke, that Spectra fell on hard times so the previous sale Sally had made was bankrupt, and the company is back in his hands for him to re-sell. Ridge confides to Felicia that Brooke is the bio mother to Jack, but she is making no claims on him so they can all get on with their lives. Felicia is not so sure, it’s not that simple - look how long the two of those women have had a history with each other. Taylor slips off to lay down, to be by herself. Brooke stops by with some papers. Even though Taylor says she does not feel like company and Brooke does not want to upset her, she feels they do need to talk now.

Clarke shows Spectra to Nick and Jackie. Nick is dead set against them buying Spectra even though Clarke says this was no fru-fru business, Sally could always hold her own against the Forresters. Again, despite Taylor’s protest that she doesn’t want to talk about this now, Brooke persists that she doesn’t want to complicate anything, but she has papers for Taylor to sign making Jack totally Taylor’s child.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max tells Stephanie he is glad that they will be working together. Max asks Stephanie for her opinion but Stephanie assures him that he should be with Morgan. Chelsea pulls Max aside to question his feelings for Stephanie. Ford convinces Morgan to drive him home but secretly drugs her drink. Chelsea forces Cordy to admit that Ford raped her.

Lucas tries one last time to change Sami’s mind but signs the divorce papers when Sami is undeterred. The DNA results reveal that EJ is the father of the boy twin. EJ has Kate find out who is babysitting the twins while he gleefully tells Stefano the news. EJ sends Sami a fax with the results but Sami hides the fax from Lucas.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke and Scotty once again go at it, this time, in front of Lulu. She tells both of them off. Elizabeth asserts that Sam is only having sex with Lucky for revenge, citing that as the basis of the fight. When Emily seems to be on Liz's side, Nikolas lashes out at her, then does not remember doing it. Jerry tries to discuss Lorenzo's waterfront property with Skye. Ric once again warns Alexis to stay away from Jerry or he'll try to regain custody of Molly. Emily refuses to break her engagement to Nikolas when he asks her to reconsider. Johnny breaks into the party to warn Lulu that his father may try to kill her. Against her professional ethics, Diane warns Jason about Carly's plan to find and murder Leticia's killer that night. Robin and Patrick still can't get along. A storm closes the harbor, trapping everyone on Spoon Island, then the lights go out and someone screams in the darkness.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Marina has had enough of Alexandra’s lies, she decides to set Alex up by using Buzz. The plan works and it is a matter seconds before Marina and Mallet know where Harley and Cyrus are. Cyrus is unconscious but still alive. Harley is well physically but in a state of shock. Cyrus is rushed into surgery after being rescued. Harley and Marina wait for word on his condition with tears in their eyes.

Alan uses Olivia and her fear of Phillip to lure Gus away from the house so that Alan can move in on Natalia. The plan almost works but Gus comes home with something urgent to discuss with Natalia. He has realized his marriage is over and is going to ask Harley for an annulment rather than a divorce. Just after giving Natalia hope that they may be able to be together Gus gets a call from Buzz telling him that Harley has been found and is in the hospital. Gus rushes to Cedars to see his wife.

Coop finally catches up with Ashlee wanting to know why she has been blowing him off. Ashlee tells Coop what she saw. Coop turns it around making it her fault until Ashlee tells Coop why she was late. Ashlee can’t stand being around him anymore and leaves work for the day.

In her room Ashlee cries into a pillow until Doris stops by. Doris vows to get revenge on Coop and the entire Cooper family for hurting Ashlee. Ashlee begs her mother to let it go but Doris is like a pit bull and refuses.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas, Viki has just come into work. Gigi. immediately wants to know what had gone on the night before. Viki denies anything at all going on between her and Charlie. Clint brings Nora a cup of coffee. Nora apologizes to Clint for literally bumping into him the night before. Jessica and Nash come into the living room at Asa’s mansion and finds Jared sitting on the sofa, reading the morning paper. Jessica wants to know what he is doing here. Jared tells them that he is living here now. Sarah, busily packs for her trip when there is a knock on the door. It is Natalie. Natalie tells Sarah that this thing between her and Sarah needs to stop right now. Clint and Nora share a laugh and a cup of coffee when Dorian comes into the living room. Langston comes to visit Starr to let her know that Blair could become her foster mom today. Todd makes a scene in the jail cell when Blair and Marty walk up. Blair tells Marty that they had got there just in time before they upped the charge to manslaughter. Gigi and the other waitress give Viki a hard time over Viki’s friendship with Charlie. Charlie walks into the café and everyone has to stifle a laugh. Jessica demands to know from Jared how he had managed to wrangle his way into Asa’s mansion. Renee notices that Jessica and Nash aren’t a bit happy about Jared living here. Natalie tries to warn Sarah about Jared, but Sarah refuses to listen. Starr lets Langston know that Blair had gone out of town because Todd was in jail in Georgia. Blair gives Todd an ultimatum if and only if she bails him out then he is coming home or she will let him rot in this jail. Dorian lets Clint know that Blair had gone out of town, and she has to take care of the children. Dorian finds out that Clint and Nora will be flying to Texas alone. Jessica wants to know why Jared is staying here. Dorian explains everything to Jessica and Nash. Jessica lets her know that she doesn’t know the whole story. Renee tells Jessica to fill her in. Natalie tries to explain the situation about Jared to Sarah that Jared had only come to town for revenge. Marty agrees with Blair that they should come home.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis again complains about not having enough freedom on work release. They talk about John and she decides she is going to contact John’s former cellmate. At Newman, she finds out she will be working with Devon. Noah comes home and doesn’t seem to be himself. Jack wonders why the police don’t suspect Victor, only him. Later Jack tells Victor about the dog hair and that the police will be looking at him too. They both accuse each other of murder. Victor questions Paul on how the investigation is going. It isn’t going well, he does know that Joe was a criminal and covered his tracks well. Victor ignores business issues and focuses completely on Victoria and the Clear Springs investigation. Kevin and Gloria go to see Jana at prison and Jana brings up John’s will. Gloria is sure Jack forged the will. Jana promises to poke around and see what she can find out from the Chaplain. Cane still feels responsible for the accident. After telling Maggie that he would respect her mother’s wishes, Paul decides he wants to tell Heather he is her father. An investigator comes to Katherine’s house to tell her that they know what caused the accident.

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