Wednesday 10/31/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/31/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica sits at her desk at the studio of “New Beginnings.” She imagines Greenlee coming into the office and telling her that she is just dying to know what Greenlee and Jack were talking about. Kendall comes in and she and Greenlee begin to argue. Two men in white coats come in, put a straightjacket on Greenlee and takes her away. Zach comes into work and Lilly gives him his messages. Zach lets her know that Spike can have the Cochlear ear implant. Aidan and J.R. argue over the fact that J.R. demands Greenlee’s Fusion stock in exchange for telling her where her frozen embryos are. Greenlee visits Ryan, but Kendall, Zach and Annie leave so that they can talk. Greenlee tells him that she wants to talk to him about babies. Kendall visits Erica and lets her know that everywhere she is Greenlee shows up. Kendall lets Erica know that Spike can have the ear implant. Kendall is very upset over Greenlee being everywhere she is, but Erica assures her that Greenlee will be taken care of .Annie tries to force Richie to get treatment for his Leukemia. Ryan and Greenlee have a very civil conversation and Ryan apologizes to Greenlee for the things that he had done to her. When Greenlee begins to feel good about things, Ryan drops the bombshell that Greenlee will never be part of their family. Ryan gives Greenlee some helpful advice about the future. Greenlee meets up with Aidan and J.R. at the Comeback Bar. Greenlee tells J.R. that she doesn’t want the embryos. Kendall overhears Greenlee talking to Aidan and she thinks that Greenlee is still after Spike. Lilly lets Zach know that she had met a man named Richard. Ryan receives a package from Richie with pictures of him and Annie at Halloween. Ryan finds Richie with Annie and wants to take him on a trip.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Craig wonders if Rosanna knows where Paul is? He agitates her by suggesting Paul and Meg are together and perhaps she won’t end up getting married today. Luke wonders if his mom and dad’s marriage is over and if it is his fault? Lily admits that they are separated, but she assures him it has nothing to do with him. Meg tells Paul that the child in her could be his, but Paul isn’t moved because he is sure that it is Craig’s. Katie learns that Carly’s doctor left the hospital because he misdiagnosed someone. She wants to find out if it is Carly, but Brad tries to damage control suggesting she just looks bitter if she goes down this avenue. Meg begs Paul to reconsider how he thinks and the possibility of having a future. Noah comes to see Luke, but things go south quickly when Luke is agitated after breaking a glass and Noah’s suggestion to go to a fair. Brad is able to get Katie’s mind off of Carly and Jack as they have fun competing and hanging out at the Halloween fair. Meg wants Paul to come back to her. Rosanna leaves right before her wedding. The wedding photographer thinks Jack and Carly are husband and wife. Lily gently suggests that Luke go to the fair. Jack offers to go find Rosanna. Rosanna listens as Meg pleads with Paul not to marry her. Luke falls when he goes to meet up with Noah and leaves mortified. Dusty leaves with Noah so they can talk. Paul won’t stand up Rosanna because Meg made her choice when she stayed with Craig and he intends now to stay with Rosanna. Lily thinks Luke should talk to Noah. Katie wonders if she should leave town for a while to clear her head? Brad starts to tease her and she can’t help but have fun. Rosanna returns back home right before Paul does. Meg comes home to find Craig waiting for her. Craig tells her that her walks to where ever are going to come to an end, which annoys Meg, but he tells her that he can do that since he wants to protect her and his baby. Luke calls Noah and Dusty brings him over. After he feels that Noah is treating him with kid gloves, Luke tells him that things aren’t going to work out. Lily tells Dusty that she would be lost without him. Katie tells Brad she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Jack spies Katie and Brad playing around giggling and having fun. Rosanna asks Paul if he is having second thoughts? Paul assures her that he is not and does not intend to ever walk away from her…so he wants them to hurry up and get married.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge explains to Brooke that it wasn’t easy telling Ashley. Brooke knows Ashley is a good woman, but she did give him an ultimatum so she must have suspected something and it’s better that she knows now. She’s very sorry for Ashley, but so happy for them. Bridget brings in the discharge papers for a very sad Taylor as she is packing to go home. She lashes out at Bridget and partly blames her for the hospital’s mistake. She gets upset and doesn’t want to hear any explanation from Bridget…. just too many coincidences with Brooke as Bridget’s mother and then Nick as an ex-husband with whom she lost a baby. Bridget cries that her mother will sign away those papers as being the biological mother; Taylor has nothing to worry about although it is perfectly understandable.

Nick drops by Brooke’s and thinks they need to talk. She tells him that she and Ridge are back together, for good this time. This is what she wants. He doesn’t agree, but wants to keep this about his son. He wishes her to donate some of her blood for any future use that Jack might need. Brooke is agreeable, and even assures him she will make no claims on Jack ever……it won’t bind her to Nick. Ridge joins them and is polite but less than friendly when he wonders why Nick is there? Since he is back with Brooke, do everyone a favor and leave her alone. Call next time. Taylor tells Nick that she has a problem leaving Jack at the hospital alone…’s like she is going home without ever having a baby. He points out that boy there is theirs, and he sees his future, his family in his eyes.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ shoots at Kate’s car to make it look like an assassin had shot at her car while she was driving. Kate has EJ cut her forehead with the glass so it looks like she was in the car at the time. Kate is glad when Lucas comes running when he hears about her ‘accident.’ Lucas gives Kate a gun for protection and Kate threatens EJ with it.

Belle confides in Sami that she slept with Philip and that Hope knows too. Sami confirms that Belle wants to be with Shawn and advises her to stay away from Philip. Marlena asks Bo to try and change Sami’s mind about marrying EJ but it doesn’t work. Marlena tells Hope that she fantasizes about killing EJ and is considering acting out these fantasies. Spooked by what he believes the DiMeras just tried to do to Kate, he agrees to the divorce.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nadine's beauty overcomes Spinelli's terror about the ball at Wyndemere. Emily accepts Nikolas' proposal, even though he fears he's dying. To keep an eye on the prince's possibly risky behavior, Jerry crashes the party, but Alexis intercepts him and brings him as her date. For Maxie's sake, Georgie asks Coop to bring her to the black and white ball, but it appears her worries over her sister being alone were groundless. A mysterious stranger claims Maxie as his dance partner. Even though Lucky brings Sam to the affair, the first dance belongs to Liz, for old time's sake. Luke commandeers Scotty's invitation and does his best to prevent the special prosecutor from attending. When Lucky breaks up a catfight between Sam and Liz over Sam's handling of Jake's paternity, Sam dares the other woman to tell Lucky what they fought about.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh, Cassie, and Jeffrey arrive at the mental clinic on an unnamed island. They have arrived for a court ordered custody hearing. Edmund seems to be free to roam about here and there. Moments before the hearing begins the lights go out. For a time the halls and rooms are lit by red back up lighting. Edmund is out of his cell and runs into Cassíe who has been separated from Jeffrey and Josh. Cassie is scared but her fears subside when Will appears out of the dark shadows. Along with Will Alonso has arrived. He is determined to keep his son. Suddenly the lights go out again before regular light is restored. In the darkness Alonso is electrocuted. Cassie runs away with Will to shield him from the horror. Edmund is accused of killing Alonso. Cassie and Will are met by a crazy angry patient of the clinic who blames the royal family for all of his problems. He comes after Cassie and Will but Edmund finds them. Edmund and the angry man fight. Edmund has saved Cassie and Will’s life.

Lizzie wonders around lost and comes across Marina who has arrived with Mallet to hunt down Cyrus and Harley. Lizzie has come to visit Dinah and leaves to find her friend after making short conversation with Marina. Mallet takes the opportunity during the blackout to spend time with Dinah. It goes well until she asks him to get her out of the clinic. He can’t do that. Dinah grows angry. But things look up for Dinah when she runs into Lizzie. Lizzie stole Marina’s jacket that had her visitor’s pass on it. She gives the jacket to Dinah and they walk right out the front door.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Ramsay tears the room apart, looking for Marcie and Tommy. Ramsay demands to know from the bartender where Tommy is. The bartender refuses to tell him anything. Meanwhile on stage, Marcie attempts to perform with the other men in drag. John notices Marcie performing on stage. John succeeds into getting Todd to leave the bar until Marcie can get backstage. In the park, Cristian and Natalie have been trick-or-treating. They share their candy. In her subconscious, Natalie imagines seeing Jared in the park with them .Back at Sarah’s apartment, Sarah invites Jared in for a cup of hot chocolate. Jared, in his subconscious, imagines having a conversation with Natalie. Natalie argues with Jared as to true feelings for him. Jared argues with Natalie over his true feelings for her. Harvey creates a diversion so that Marcie and Tommy can escape. John and Todd get arrested as a result of the fight. At the jail, Todd calls Blair to send him twenty five thousand dollars. Blair questions him as to where to send the money. Starr, Cole, Markko, and Langston watch television. Starr looks up and sees a masked man outside the window. Starr screams. Cole, Markko, Starr and Langston investigate outside, but find no one there. The masked man hides behind the bushes. They all go back inside. Once again Starr sees the man outside, but this time the man is the man from the electric company. He apologizes for scaring them, but he advises them not to be outside.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Paul contemplates telling Heather that he is her father. Lauren, having a difficult time dealing with the aftermath of being trapped at Clear Springs, has a nightmare that Paul is dead. Michael calls him so she can hear his voice and she asks him to come over. He tells her about wanting to tell Heather he is her dad. Maggie accuses Cane of leaking the story of Jack being a suspect in Ji Min’s death. After she leaves, Jill admits to Cane it was her. Later he goes out on a date with Heather. Jeffrey comes by and invites Gloria to dinner. Kevin invites himself along. They talk about Clear Springs and accidents. He tells a story of how he once accidentally hurt a bully, and asks Gloria if that’s ever happened to her. After dinner, Kevin warns Gloria that Jeffrey is up to something. Back in his room, Jeffrey pulls out a tape recorder that he used to tape their conversation and presses listens to it.

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