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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach feeds Little Ian as Kendall measures his foot. Happy that he has grown, they can’t wait until they get him home. Julia comes into the nursery and tells them that Joe wants to talk to them about Spike. Greenlee sits by the window when Aidan joins her. Greenlee lets him know that she had just about decided to sell her Fusion stocks to J.R. J.R. meets with his web page designer outside of The Comeback when Ava joins them. Annie coaxes Ryan into having a cup of her coffee that she just made. Jonathan stops by and Ryan fills him in that Richie is now claiming he has leukemia. Jonathan tells Ryan and Annie that he wants to talk to them about Ava. Tad comes into The Comeback and asks Krystal for a cup of coffee. Hannah joins him at the bar. Krystal watches Tad’s reaction to Hannah. When Julia comes into the bar, Tad immediately joins her. Julia lets him know that Kathy wants to have him over for dinner.. Hannah watches Tad as he talks to Julia. Ryan is surprised to find out that Jonathan is getting married to Ava. Ava tells J.R. to buzz off. J.R. lets Ava know that the business venture is taking off. Ava tells J.R. that she cannot work with him and it is over. Zach and Kendall stop by Ryan and Annie’s to let them know that Joe wants to see them about Spike. Greenlee questions Aidan as to what she should do. J.R. accuses Ava of having it bad for him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Rosanna is nervous about the wedding but Paul assures her he will marry her and they will be happy. Katie thinks that Carly may not be as sick as she claims and after some investigating at the hospital she discovers that Carly's doctor has been sent on vacation because the hospital fears a lawsuit because Dr. Evers misdiagnosed a patient. Carly persuades Jack to go to Rosanna's wedding with her in hopes that it will help him decide to marry her again. Meg talks to her mother and decides not to give up on Paul without a fight and asks him to meet her at the cemetery so they can talk. Paul meets Meg and she tells him that it would be a mistake for him to marry Rosanna. Kim and Susan advise Chris and Emily that their relationship is a mistake but the couple insists they are only having fun and don't intend to have a serious relationship. Craig and Rosanna worry because they can't find Paul and Meg.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Reminiscing, Brooke lays in Ridge’s arms and wonders if she is being selfish feeling the way she does. He admits they have made mistakes and have hurt each other, but getting to this point and loving each other has been exactly right. He does feel badly in that he will hurt Ashley and her little girl. Ashley returns home and the first thing she does is call Ridge to come over. One look and she realizes he has taken her up on her ultimatum, choosing her or Brooke. Ridge tells her how sorry he is……they won’t be using the chilled champagne she had waiting. She feels so foolish; she even sent out the invitations from romantic Paris. She hands him back his engagement ring; guess it was for Brooke after all. Donna returns to Eric’s office, hoping Stephanie and her broomstick aren’t there. She thinks she is speaking to Eric behind his desk, only it turns out to be Stephanie who assures her she is going nowhere. Donna flaunts her new status in Eric’s life, plops herself in his chair and gloats that despite Stephanie calling her only Eric’s sex toy, she ain’t going anywhere either. Fine, says Stephanie, Eric will not take her to the country club or out wining and dining. It will be the bedroom and that is as far as it will go. Katie drops by Brooke’s and Brooke questions her about her feelings for Thorne. But she is absolutely in shock when Katie tells her about Donna and Eric.

Ridge tells Ashley he really loved her; never doubt that. Is there anything he can do? She tells him she will be just fine; just for him to be happy. She’s worried about him since this has happened so many times with him and Brooke. Call it fate or destiny, he just knows this time in his heart that it is forever. Not wanting to hear anymore, she asks him to please leave. She breaks down and cries. Stephanie warns Donna that sex can only take her so far. Sooner or later Eric will tire of her parading around in this little outfit or that, or no outfit at all, and he will never marry her. Donna has her say how controlling Stephanie has been throughout the marriage, and if she wants to push, Donna will push back. It is now her turn to be Mrs. Eric Forrester. She gets a hard, quick slap across the face and the pussycats glare at each other with pure hatred in their eyes.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Ford returns to the sorority house drunk but Max keeps him away from Cordy. Max confronts Cordy with his theory that she’s leaving because of Ford but Cordy won’t talk about it. Stephanie runs to Kayla and Steve for consolation over losing Max to Morgan. Steve gives Stephanie the idea of getting a job at the Cheatin’ Heart so she can be near Max.

Nick deduces that Chelsea can be saved if they replace her with something of equal weight on top of the bomb. Umar Abboud comes to rescue Chelsea and Nick but they soon learn the bomb was a fake. Nick is reunited with Artemis and DeMarquette but has to say goodbye because they are to be reunited with their real parents now that the kidnappers have been caught. Jett asks Chelsea about resuming their relationship but Chelsea would rather spend time with Nick.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Layla refuses Patrick's invitation to the black and white ball, then encourages him to take Robin. After hearing more of why Carly wants him to go to the ball, Jason refuses to go, and Jax is not happy that Carly still insists on attending. So, he cancels his trip so he can go with her. Emily and Nikolas begin planning a vacation, possibly to Egypt. Spinelli remains over the moon, albeit somewhat nervous, over the fact that Nadine is willing to go with him to the dance. When Ric catches Luke in his office, riffling papers, Luke distracts him with warnings that Scotty is after his job and an offer to help him, as long as Ric doesn't have Luke arrested. Skye contemplates with whom she should be business partners, Luke or Ric. Two of Zacchara's men are gunned down. Ric suspects Jason. Fearing for Lulu's safety, Johnny clubs Ric in the head so he can escape his home.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh and Cassie don’t receive good news from Jeffrey about their custody case to get Will back. Edmund is going to testify for Alonso. Also they are ordered to meet face to face with Edmund at the mental hospital he has been transferred to. Little does anyone know Edmund is out free and meeting secretly with Will. Will is anxious to please his beloved uncle and only friend so he baits Cassíe along on the phone just as Edmund has coached.

Dinah can’t stand being locked up especially after she is visited by matt and Vanessa. Dinah assumes Matt has come to free her but grows angry when Vanessa walks in. Both had hoped Dinah was on the road to recovering but her anger is only hindering any progress she could be making. Dinah is furious and hurt that Matt and Vanessa are back together.

After Matt and Vanessa leave Dinah starts a fire in a waste basket. When the orderly busts into the room to put out the fire Dinah slips out the door. As Dinah is running for her freedom she bumps into Edmund who is roaming the halls freely. Dinah is frightened and stunned.

Mallet and marina are suspicious of Alexandra’s behavior and what she really knows of Harley and Cyrus’ whereabouts. Alex tells them Cyrus is on the run. She thinks he is going to the islands to get Dinah. Mallet and Marina decide they have to follow every lead and they must go check out Alex’s theory.

Harley and Cyrus lie under the rubble barely able to speak. They are weak, scared and in a lot of pain but they keep talking to each other for comfort. Cyrus holds Harley and eventually their comfort turns into a kiss.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex overhears Adriana on the phone and he thinks that she is pregnant. Starr and Langston watch a scary movie, but Langston’s mind is far from on the movie. Langston lets Starr know that she doesn’t think that she can do this. When Starr questions her as to what she is talking about Langston tells her that she doesn’t think that she can fit in here. In Angel Square, Roxy and Miles are busily giving out balloons to the children for Halloween. Blair frantically searches for Jack. She finds him sitting on a bench. Jack tells her that she is more concerned with Starr and Todd is more concerned about his other son and Jack feels left out. Blair tries her best to assure him that he is loved and cared about the same as Starr and Tommy. Marty is at the diner and she telephones John for the umpteenth time. She leaves him a message once again. A masked man watches her from outside the window. Ramsey barges into the dressing room of the drag queens while they are dressing. He wants to ask them a few questions. John and Todd come into the bar and they want to find Marcie before Ramsey does. Layla and Vincent kiss when trick-or-treaters arrive at the door and to Layla’s surprise it is Antonio, Talia, and Jaime. Rex questions Adriana if there is anything that she wants to tell him. Starr assures Langston that she is already part of the family. There is a knock on the door and it is Cole and Markko in their Halloween costumes. Starr begins to throw candy at them. Ramsey shows the pic of Marcie to all the drag queens unaware that Marcie is dressed as one of the drag queens. As Marty starts to leave the diner, the masked man comes in and refuses to let her pass until Blair comes in with Jack. The masked man leaves. Markko lets Langston know that he is not who she thinks he is. Starr and Cole and Langston and Markko are kissing when they hear Blair drive up. They immediately get up and pretend as though they are watching television. Ramsey busts John and Todd for following him to Georgia. The drag queens and Marcie manage to escape before she is found out by Ramsey. Ramsey breaks into the back room again and finds the bartender there. Ramsey holds a gun on him to make him talk.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis complains to the prison chaplain that she can't spend time with her family while on work release. He considers resigning as Senator and gets a visit from his father's spirit who tells him that he didn't raise a quitter. Victor is convinced the accident was sabotage. He hires private investigators to speed things along. The accusations fly when David shows up at the hospital to see Victoria. The Newmans and JT hold vigil over Victoria's bed, but she still doesn't wake up. Victor and Nikki pray in the chapel. Noah is upset about missing Halloween so they have a little party in his room to cheer him up. Jack is furious when he finds out that the press knows he is a suspect in Ji Min's death. He blames Maggie who swears it wasn't her but vows to find out who it was. later he finds out that the police can't prove the dog hair came from Fisher. There are a lot of yellow dogs in Genoa City, even Victor has one.

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