Monday 10/29/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/29/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall arrives at the park and doesn’t find Greenlee there. She is surprised that Greenlee wasn’t there waiting on her. Kendall carefully places the gun in a clean white cloth and puts it in the bag that she carries. Kendall speaks Greenlee’s name out loud just as Zach walks up. He wonders why Kendall is meeting with Greenlee. Zach rummages through Kendall’s shopping bag and finds the pistol. He wonders what she is going to do with this. Greenlee meets with J.R. about her Fusion stocks. Greenlee refuses to get rid of her Fusion stocks no matter what. Richie denies to Ryan and Annie that anything is wrong with him. He walks out on them. Annie picks up the bottle of pills that he had thrown away and begins to wonder if Richie is really dying. At The Comeback, Richie confronts Babe for letting Annie know about the pills. He also wants to know why she is so interested in his business. Babe owns up that she does care. Erica begs with Adam for his help in getting Greenlee committed before she and Kendall come to blows. Adam, reluctantly, agrees to help Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will and Gwen learn they won’t be considered as parents for adoption, as Gwen is devastated and loses her cool.  Aaron worries about Sophie.  He finds Iris and gives her the third degree.  Carly suggests a proposal to Jack, who is amazed and a bit upset since he just had to sign annulment papers.  Brad and Katie continue to get closer.  Carly backpedals.  Iris tells Aaron she handsomely paid Sophie off, who happily took her money and left town.  Gwen takes out her frustration on Barbara.  Brad wrestles with whether he should tell Katie the truth, and then goes in search of Carly to make things right.  Sage misunderstands and thinks his parent’s are remarrying.  Jack can’t let go of his feelings for Katie, as Carly is worried about how to get Jack back before it is too late.  Kim worries about Katie and Brad’s budding relationship.  Kim thinks Katie should be on her own instead.  Brad and Carly fight about her telling Jack and Katie the truth now or else.  Barbara and Iris have words about Gwen and her losing the baby.  Sophie calls Aaron, who thinks she should come back to Oakdale.  Barbara and Gwen make up.  Cole comes back to town and hatches a plan.  Katie decides to drop off her wedding album at Carly’s to give to Jack rather then throw it away, and is stunned to spy Carly dancing with a beer through the window.  Jack takes off his wedding band.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge she thinks he is ready to make a life with her. But he’s made a commitment to Ashley, and he is an honorable man and that will be difficult to let her down. He agrees, there is no choice. The only life he has is with Brooke. He’s saying yes to her. He will tell Ashley when she gets back. Brooke asks him to come lay down upstairs with her. He tells her she is crazy, but he loves her and they make love. Stephanie berates Donna and Eric for being an old fool. This dalliance won’t last long, but in the meantime she would appreciate it they’d be discreet. She’s shocked to hear that the Forrester buy-back is contingent on Eric divorcing her. She knows no court would find that clause enforceable. In front of Stephanie, Donna tells Eric that she loves him before leaving the couple alone. Stephanie points out this mental vacation makes him feel good for now. Eric wants to know why she loves him….he knows she does, but why if he is so old and useless? He takes off his wedding ring and announces he is not asking for a divorce, but he does want a separation. She gives it the same consideration as before – first with Brooke twice, Lauren, Sheila, there have been others.

Donna catches Katie and Thorne kissing in the office, and asks why then can’t they give her the same consideration with seeing Eric? Stephanie says she will find the strength somewhere, what goes up will come down…..and she will be there to collect. This is NOT the end of “us”……all she asks is there are no babies. She does not want a lot of little Logans running around her house.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max, Nick, and the sorority sisters search for Chelsea when she doesn’t return to the house. Billie confirms that the call from campus security was fake. The kidnapper has Chelsea call Nick and give an address to come to. Once there, the kidnapper demands Artemis and Demarquette, who followed Nick, to be handed over in exchange for Chelsea’s release. After a fight, Nick gets locked in with Chelsea who is strapped to a bomb.

EJ offers to get Lucas to like Kate again in exchange for her convincing Sami and Lucas to get a divorce. Kate turns him down at first but after seeing the babies’ names changed to Horton, she gives in. Lucas changes his mind about granting Sami a divorce. Sami dreams that all of her family was killed with EJ as the executioner.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate tries to convince Sonny she can handle his world. Robin explains that the sight of Ric's blood triggered some response in her that made her think it was her own. Ric continues to fail as Jax tries to figure out how to get him to the mainland. Nikolas is full of regret for the whole affair. Georgie tends to believe Carly could have been right about Coop. Spinelli and Logan are worried about Lulu's continued involvement with Johnny and her plan to make herself bait. Trevor's coldness to Ric shocks Alexis. Fears, regrets, and suspicions fly through the group. Zacchara accosts Nadine.

One of Nikolas' mood swings causes him to lash out at Liz over the divorce, after likewise having a moody incident with Sam and Lucky. Sam worries that attending with Lucky will cause problems, but agrees to. Jax does not think Jason will go to the ball with Carly, and he still would prefer she not go. Ric applies pressure to Logan to get back into Sonny's good graces and continue to spy for the D.A.'s office. Old and new rivalries are dug up and re-aired when Luke and Scotty argue about not only Lulu and Logan, but Laura's past. Jason refuses to find Spinelli a date for the ball. Therefore, he asks the new nurse in town, and she agrees. Everyone seems to be looking for Sonny, or at least Kate and Ric. No answers are forthcoming. Jason agrees to go to the dance.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Olivia celebrates Emma's 7th birthday party and is startled when Emma gets a birthday present from Philip. Once Alan, Rick and Beth arrive at the party Olivia tells them the news and everyone is very worried but they all promise they will be ready for Philip this time if he returns. Olivia asks Alan for his protection if Philip returns he agrees only if she promises to be a wedge between Gus and Natalia. Olivia agrees to the deal and when she bumps into Gus after the party she tells him she needs his protection from Philip. Gus agrees to protect her and Olivia manages to end up in Gus's arms. Natalia thinks about moving out of the mansion but Gus tells her she can move into the pool house and he can still be close by if she and Rafe need him. Marina tells Frank that Harley was looking for Cyrus and she hasn't talked to her since earlier today so Frank and the SFPD begin a search. Griggs arrives at the hospital and manages to tell Alexandra that Cyrus and Harley are inside St. Michael's Church which has been blown up by now. Alexandra cries and refuses to tell Mallet and Marina what she knows about Cyrus and Harley. Alan gives an antique cross which Ava secretly purchased to Natalia but he tells her it belonged to Gus's mother. Alexandra goes to St. Michael's church to lay a rose and say good-bye to Cyrus but she leaves without noticing someone moving in the rubble.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Renee advises Cristian and Natalie to get a room. Natalie lets Renee know that they were only kissing because Jared and Sarah were making a spectacle of themselves. In Decatur, Georgia, Marcie and Tommy are still in the bar. Marcie talks to Tommy and tells him that she hadn’t ever had him in a place like this. Harvey dresses up like a woman to take the attention off of Marcie when Ramsay gets too close for comfort. Marcie dresses up like one of the other dancers in the bar so that she will not be recognized. On their way to Decatur. Todd makes snide remarks about the kiss that John gave Marty before he left. Renee takes up for Jared when Cristian and Natalie insult him. Later, Renee asks Natalie to give Jared his job back. Natalie also finds out that Renee invited Jared to live at the mansion with her and Clint. While having dinner with Sarah, Jared has second thoughts about moving in to Asa’s mansion. Ramsay heads for the room where the ladies are dressing. Harvey tells him that he doesn’t want to go in there for the ladies are dressing. Viki is very impressed with how Charlie handles a situation with Gigi’s son. Viki reveals that she is just not ready to start dating again.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

At the office, Nick and Phyllis discuss having sex in the supply closet but decide it's too risky. She comes across the letter Jack wrote in case he did not make it. Phyllis is upset when she has to go back to prison. Jill is disgusted that Jack is being called a hero when she believes he is a murderer. Frustrated with the lack of progress on the case, she tips off the press that Jack is a suspect in Ji Min's death. Amber goes to see Katherine and brings her a scarf that she can use a sling, to be fashionable. Katherine gives Amber a gift too, a pin. Cane and Jill come home. Jill thanks Amber for being there for Katherine. Cane is blaming himself for what happened and Amber suggests starting a fund for the victims, which they all think is a good idea. Katherine tells Jill that the accident made her realize how important family is and wants Jill to forgive her for everything. Jill says she already has. Victoria still hasn't woken up. Brad (without any bandages on his eyes or apparently any damage at all) sees Logan, and complains that no one is telling him anything. She proceeds to tell him all about Victoria's condition and what could possibly happen with her and the baby. The Newmans learn that sabotage is suspected, as well as payoffs, with the guilty parties varying depending on who is talking. Later Victor confronts Cane and Katherine and blames them for the accident. He also thinks that David had a part in it somehow.

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