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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee finds out with the help of Aidan that Zach has had her frozen embryos hidden (or so she thinks). Greenlee really lashes out when she thinks that Zach has had her embryos all this time and hadn’t told her. Erica begs Jack to tell her what Greenlee had told him when she was there, but Jack will not betray Greenlee’s confidence. Erica comes up with the brilliant idea to get Greenlee out of town as far away as Paris. Jack will not agree to have Greenlee sent out of town. Kendall quickly hides the gun inside a soft white cloth in the bag of clothes. Promising to give Greenlee what she deserves, Kendall hides a gun in her bag. Zach comes in and suggests that they spend the day together, but Kendall refuses. Kendall tells him that she had a play date scheduled and cannot break it. Kendall lies and tells him that she is in charge of the Halloween party. When Kendall breaks their plans for a picnic, Zach knows that she is up to something. Babe and Annie have a confrontation in The Comeback about Richie. Annie cautions Babe to be careful of Richie and for her not to get too involved. Babe also reveals that Richie had thrown a bottle of pills in the trash and when Babe had had them analyzed, she had found out that Richie is dying. Richie and Ryan have yet another bitter confrontation. Richie reveals that he had done research on the cochlear ear implant and Spike stands a very good chance of being able to hear again. Annie bursts into the office and demands to know from Richie when he was going to tell her that he was dying. Kendall arrives at the park just after Greenlee leaves. Kendall is surprised by a visitor.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will and Gwen are told they can't adopt because of Will's criminal record.   Jack and Katie sign the annulment papers officially ending their marriage.  Parker, Sage, and J. J get ready to go to a Halloween party.  Craig is excited about the baby and sets out to find a mansion for his family.  Meg tries to persuade Paul he is making a mistake by marrying Rosanna.  Barbara tells Meg to stay away from Paul and concentrate on protecting her baby from Craig.  Carly asks Jack to marry her to help the kids through this difficult time. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Brooke there was no way she could know what kind of man Andy was, but she does take full responsibility for what happened. Brooke calls her a liar. She was trying to take her children away from her. There is nothing she can do now, so just get out. She also calls Stephanie pitiful for saying she won’t stand in the way of she and Ridge if that happens again. Stephanie states that Brooke did not steal Eric away from her, she drove him away. She’s trying to right things and she wants to start with Brooke. Brooke remarks that she used to respect Stephanie, but she doesn’t any more. She used to want her approval. Now she just wants her to go. Even after what happened to her, she is not damaged, she is stronger than ever, probably better than Stephanie as no one wants to see her or talk to her now. Eric is astonished that Donna wants to sell him – the boss is back. She shows him numerous designs of nuEric. Then she begs that she wants a life with him, and a fabulous new life for him, just him without Stephanie controlling it. With some hesitation, he accepts her plan. Stephanie comes by Eric’s and she notices the new haircut and the jacket. She realizes their situation can not be fixed overnight, but if they can just take it one day at a time. She also notices the designs and wants to make a few changes. When Eric doesn’t take her advice, she adds it all up – new haircut, new jacket, new cologne – he’s having an affair. When Donna returns to his office, Stephanie suddenly realizes the affair is with Donna. Another of her son’s rejects, she tells Eric, what an old fool!

Ridge calls Ashley just as she and Rick are on the tarmac waiting for their flight home. Ridge apologizes for not being in touch and they both declare their love for each other. Rick chides Ashley for not mailing her wedding invitations as she spoke of from romantic Paris. Ridge drops by Brooke’s and she informs him his mother has been there, and nothing is in their way for them to have what they want. Or is there? Ridge explains that nothing has changed, and there is always the possibility with the baby now that she could go back to Nick. Brooke continues her plea, she has never loved any man like she loves him. If he can just give her one more chance, she will prove it. She realizes Ashley is special, but it is their time, and Ashley will understand. She pleads, “just come back to me.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Morgan questions Max about his feelings for Stephanie when he reacts anxiously to the news of Chelsea and Stephanie moving in but Max insists he is single. Morgan questions Max about his feelings for Stephanie when he reacts anxiously to the news of Chelsea and Stephanie moving in but Max insists he is single. Stephanie runs off rather than see Morgan and Max doting on each other. Cordy announces that she plans to leave school but won’t tell why. Everyone can tell by Cordy’s reaction to Ford and his reaction to her leaving that something happened between them on their charity date. Chelsea is set up to be attacked. Lucas stands by his decision to disown Kate but allows Kate to spend some time with the twins. EJ decides to capitalize on this change.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli spouts off and announces to one and all, in his hysteria, that Dr. Robin had wanted him to father her child, when Jason shows up to bail him out. Jax and Sonny, both of whom are scheduled to be out of town at the time of the black and white ball, fret because their ladies plan to go to the ball alone, and between Nikolas and the mob war, things are dangerous. Sonny does decide to make sure he gets home in time to take her after all. After Nikolas nearly kills Sam, he confesses to her that he can't remember doing it. She tries to dissuade him from having the party, but he is more worried about disappointing Emily. Lulu returns Johnny's mother's necklace; provoking two emotional outbursts, one from Jason over her risky behavior, and one from Zacchara, Sr. to his son over the blonde rejecting him. Diane confides, hypothetically, to Diane that Leticia's killer sent her a message, wanting to meet her at the ball, and she plans to kill the SOB. Is there any way to do it and not be prosecuted? Diane tries to talk sense into her.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Lizzie contacts Bill and leaves a message for him to let him know that Dinah is in trouble and needs his help.  Cassie and Josh contact Edmund and ask him to help them get custody of Will  Doris takes Marina's badge and rank away and accuses her of helping Cyrus steal money from a charity.  Harley and Cyrus are still trapped in the tower of the old church and although they try to scream for help to some construction workers before the church is torn down the construction workers don't hear them and the church explodes. 

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

On their way to find Marcie and Tommy, Todd begins to realize that John is going to try to keep him away from his son. Natalie comes to visit Cristian at the Capricorn. She tricks him into going to the Palace for dinner. Cristian owns up that Sarah has a crush on him, but he doesn’t admit that it is a two-way attraction. John gets a call from a bar in Decatur, Georgia. Todd questions John as to what they will do when they find his son. Marcie and Tommy arrive at the bar in Decatur. At first, the bartender attempts to throw them out, but Harvey Dewitt comes out of the back room just in time. Harvey seems to be a friend of Eric and James’. Marcie tells Harvey about Eric and James’ wedding on Cape Cod. The bartender begins to worry that J.D. Elroy will see the boy in the bar. Antonio takes Jaime trick or treating. Talia comes in, dressed in a sexy, revealing dress. She becomes embarrassed when Antonio and Carlotta see her. Jaime invites her to go trick or treating with them .Natalie begins to realize that Sarah is going out with Jared just to prove something to them. Cristian and Natalie watch Sarah and Jared. Cristian bends over and kisses Natalie. Seeing them kiss, Jared kisses Sarah. Gigi urges Viki to date Charlie.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis arrives at Jack's office for her first day of work release. She promised the warden that she wouldn't break the rules and is nervous when people show up to see her. Katherine and later Lily try to convince Cane that the accident wasn't his fault. He vows to find out exactly what happened. The Newmans are frantic over Victoria, who still hasn't woken up and no one seems to know why. Her baby is okay though, and Victor, Nikki and JT listen to the baby's heartbeat. The doctors tell Sharon that Noah can go home soon, however something is wrong. He complains of a terrible pain in his stomach and forgets that his father had visited him just a short while after he had left.

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