Thursday 10/25/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/25/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Stuart (really Adam) stops by Krystal’s to see what she wants him to do today. Krystal and Adam both reveal their innermost thoughts in their mind about the other. Tad meets a mysterious woman at the Comeback Bar and she wants him to learn her how to play pool. Hannah watches the pathetic actions. Hannah gets up and kisses Tad. Zach and J.R. meet in the park and discuss their plans for Greenlee. Greenlee stops by Jack’s and asks for his help. Erica stops by Kendall’s. Erica is overjoyed to see Spike. Erica confronts Kendall that she is still going to try to get back at Greenlee for what she had done to Spike and Ian. Kendall denies what Erica had just said. Erica insists on knowing the truth about Kendall’s plans. Greenlee reveals her plans to Jack that she wants to have a child. J.R. questions Zach if they are going to give Greenlee her happily ever after. Aidan attempts to hack into Zach’s computer and succeeds. Zach finds out that Aidan had hacked into his computer. Tad and Hannah share some quality time together at the bar. They leave the bar together much to the dislike of Colby, who had been watching their actions from behind the bar. Kendall puts some clothes into a shopping bag and acts as though they had been purchased by Greenlee. Kendall pulls out a silver-plated revolver which she wraps in a clean white cloth when Zach walks in. Aidan finds some interesting info on Aidan’s computer which he shares with Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden asks Lily for a separation even though she wants to try and work things out with him to save their marriage. Will and Gwen are told by the doctors she will never be able to carry a child to term. Will and Gwen visit the grave of the child she lost. Alison and Dusty are shocked when Emily and Chris arrive home from Paris and inform them they are now a couple.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne confides in Katie that he can’t imagine what his mother did to make his father turn his back on her. What did she do to deserve that? And if Donna is involved, what is that? He begs Katie to tell him anything she knows. Oh God, if Donna is going to be his step-mother! She does tell him that Brooke was raped……and his mother had something to do with that. She had encouraged this Andy to go after Brooke. Now Thorne realizes why Eric is so disgusted with his mother. He wonders if there is anything he can do to help? Stephanie tries to make amends with Brooke, but only makes the situation worse. Brooke insists that bastard never would have raped her if it hadn’t been for Stephanie. Stephanie accepts that responsibility, but declares she wants her to know it was not deliberate. She keeps apologizing, talking, explaining, prodding, making Brooke remember more. Brooke picks up but drops the letter opener, the same one she used that night to stab Andy. For once Stephanie is devastated, speechless even with finally a look of compassion for Brooke. Eric leaves a voicemail for Stephanie’s cell phone and demands that she not go to see or be in touch with Brooke, that is too volatile now…no telling what would happen. Ridge agrees; Brooke still has too much anger in her and doesn’t want to admit it or talk about it.

Thorne states his mother’s obsession with Brooke has gone way too far. He wonders if she has learned anything? Katie thinks Brooke needs someone to talk to, not keep it all in. They get personal and Thorne thinks Katie can be very good for him. Stephanie comforts Brooke and tells her she is a good woman, not a whore, and the rape was not her fault. If anyone’s, it is Stephanie’s fault and she is so sorry, so sorry.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip stands up to Shawn but Shawn is convinced that Belle wouldn’t leave him. Philip taunts Shawn about winning Belle back and a fight ensues. Hope forces Belle to admit that she slept with Philip but agree to keep Belle’s secret if Belle cuts all ties to Philip. Shawn decides against taking Bo’s advice about telling Belle about Philip’s taunts when Belle declares that she has cut Philip out of their life.

Abe, Roman, and Bo confront Harry Jenks but he denies having any involvement with the DiMeras. The cops bring EJ in to see how he and Harry react to each other but the interaction convinces Roman that EJ and Harry don’t know each other. Roman finds Andre’s number in Harry’s phone and Harry is arrested for John’s murder. Bo goes against Roman’s wishes and tells Sami about their latest lead in the case. Lucas imagines what it would be like in the future after having to split up the twins so each man could raise their own biological child.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Johnny does all he can to push Lulu away. Despite Ric's allegations that Sonny is only steps away from madness, Kate stands by him and invites him to take her to Nikolas' ball. He can't; he's leaving for Puerto Rico. Nikolas goes off on Sam for wrecking Lucky's family. The Jackal's enthusiasm for his paternity project seems undimmed, until he has to produce, then he calls Jason for back up, insisting that the other man provide the sperm. Jason had just been at the warehouse, surveying the incongruous damage done there. Luke lets Trevor know that he will have to deal with Luke if he wants to get waterfront access for Zacchara.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Daisy has a hard time at the student Council meeting because everyone refuses to get to work so she runs off because she can't handle that right now.  Rafe sees the hassles the student council is giving Daisy and urges them to give her a break because Daisy is going through a rough time with her Aunt Marina missing.  Daisy returns and hears the last part of Rafe defending her and is touched because she knows Rafe loves her.  Daisy goes to the mansion and once again apologizes to Rafe for not talking to him before she had an abortion.  Rafe is still hurt and tells her he can't forgive her so their relationship is over  Dinah uses all her tricks on Mallet to try to persuade him to take her home but he tells her she must stay and get better.  Dinah calls Matt who also refuses to help her and tells her to use the time and get better.  Dinah gets an anonymous note saying I can help you.  Cyrus and Harley fail to escape through a window and Griggs returns because he knows that the Spalding account numbers Cyrus gave him were fake.  Griggs has a severe asthma attack and when Harley doesn't give him his inhaler he coughs so strongly that he falls through a hole in the floor.  Harley and Cyrus notice a flyer that Griggs dropped which says the church will be torn down tomorrow.

BONUS GL Recap Written by Beth

When Mallet comes to visit Dinah, she tries to pretend she's all better and ready to go home, but Mallet isn't buying it. When Dinah's manipulation doesn't work, she kicks him out. A desperate Dinah calls Matt for help, but he sheepishly admits that he's in touch with Vanessa again. Dinah gets an unexpected letter, slipped under her door, reading, "I can help you." Alex calls Marina gullible, telling her Cyrus did indeed keep the stolen money and then she slyly comments on the chemistry between Cyrus and Harley. Mallet shows up to keep Marina company, and the two bond over their respective lovers being in trouble. Mallet is driven to find Harley and Cyrus. Daisy flips out when some of the students are rude to her during her first meeting as Student Council Vice President. The students are about to have a new election, when Rafe intervenes and defends Daisy. She sees it all, and chases after him. Daisy confronts Rafe, saying she knows he still loves her and she pleads with him to get back together, but he can't bring himself to. Pretending to be Harley, Daisy calls the school and says Daisy will be missing from school indefinitely. Plotting Cyrus gives Griggs more Spaulding account numbers, but when Griggs leaves he reveals to Harley he made the numbers up. Harley and Cyrus try to escape, when an infuriated Griggs returns, knowing the account numbers were false. Griggs is just about to retaliate against Cyrus for lying when he starts having an asthma attack and it is revealed that Harley has snaked his inhaler. He wheezes and suddenly falls through a hole in the floor. A frantic Cyrus and Harley notice a flier he was holding and it reads that the very church they're in is to be demolished tomorrow.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair questions Ms. Woodrow as to what it will take for her to become Langston’s foster mother. Renee still urges Jared to move into Asa’s mansion when Bo walks into the room and immediately feels that that is a terrible idea. Marcie and Tommy stop in Danville, Virginia for a meal. She pulls out the letter from Ron and finds out that he had given her all his life’s savings. Todd and John follow up on a lead on Marcie and Tommy. Natalie talks to Viki on the cell phone and urges her to come home. Viki tells her that she is not ready to come home yet. Natalie comes up with the idea that she will visit her in Paris. This idea unnerves Viki. After Viki gets off the phone, Gigi questions her as to who that was. Viki tells her that that was her daughter. Viki goes on to tell Gigi that she has four children. Renee assures Bo that she is able to take care of herself and she wants Jared to move in here with her. Dorian commends Blair for how she had handled the situation with Ms. Woodrow. Clint visits Jessica, Nash and Natalie and invites them to the reading of Asa’s will at his ranch in Texas. Nash reveals to Clint his and Jessica’s dealings with Jared Banks. Renee talks Jared into moving in with her. Bo instructs Nigel to keep an eye on Jared Banks. John and Todd find out that Marcie had dyed her hair and she and Tommy had assumed different identities. In Ron’s letter, he instructs them to go to Georgia.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Mostly everyone is back in Genoa City. Colleen is with Adrian, who tells her to take a picture of his injured leg for his book. Jack is glad to see Sharon and thanks Victor for saving his life. They seem to call a truce. He tells Noah that he is a hero for making Lauren feel better. Neil and Karen are still in Clear Springs dealing with the aftermath of the accident. Lauren tells Michael that she couldn't have gotten through this without Paul. Meanwhile Paul tells Maggie that Lauren helped him too. Brad has damage to his eyes. He tells Sharon he'd give up his sight if it meant that Victoria's baby will be okay. Victoria's baby is okay, but isn't out of the woods yet. JT blames himself for Victoria being hurt and is upset when he isn't allowed to see her, because he isn't family.

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