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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam sits on the veranda when he gets a visit from Hannah. Krystal tries to explain to Tad about what had happened the night before, but Tad doesn’t want to hear her explanation. Richie meets up with Babe in the park and tells her that he had gotten the job, and she won’t guess who his boss is. Ryan lets Annie know that he hired Richie. When Lily asks what happened to Ava’s hair, she tells her sister that she lost her mind when she got the Mohawk. Lily tells Ava that she had met a man and his name is Richard. Richie lets Babe know that he came to Pine Valley to let Annie know that he forgave her for what she did to him years ago. Adam orders Hannah to finish the job that he hired her to do or he will expose the fact that she slept with Alexander Cambias, Sr. Ryan tells Annie that he had a camera installed so they will know Richie’s every move before he makes it. Tad becomes so aggravated with Krystal’s sleeping with Adam that he locks her in the closet. Hannah picks up a knife and tries to stab Adam when he threatens to expose her past liaison with Zach's father. Tad demands to know if Krystal is going back to Adam. Krystal denies planning any such thing. In Ryan’s office Richie sits down at his desk and signs a paper as he looks into the camera and smiles. Ava and Lily make a pact to tell each other everything before they do it .

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will and Allison’s hovering slightly annoys Gwen so she gently tells them she is going to get some air. Will asks Allison for a favor.  Iris has a proposition for Sophie.  Maddie announces her intentions of possibly transferring to Wesleyan to Henry and Vienna.  Luke and Lucinda are worried about how Holden is dealing with Lily.  Lily wants to stay with Dusty after feeling rejected and separated from her family.  Lucinda pleads Lily’s case to Holden.  Lily is distraught over Holden’s beliefs and possibly Luke’s.  Luke is happy when he gets a visit from Noah.  Lily starts to drink even though Dusty suggests that she not.  While Gwen is out for her walk, she comes across Iris trying to pay off Sophie so she will leave town.  Sophie takes the money while Gwen and Iris have it out.  Noah and Luke talk about his PT and their relationship, as Maddie walks in on a close moment between them.  Holden learns that Lily is upstairs having wine in Dusty’s room.  Lily spills wine on herself, as she is busy feeling sorry for herself so she gets into Dusty’s robe before she passes out on his bed.  Holden comes to the door and sees Lily like this and storms off, as Dusty tries to explain.  Maddie tells Noah and Luke of her plans; Noah feels guilty.  Maddie gives Noah some advice that he takes to heart causing a heart felt conversation and a confession to Luke.  Will finds Iris with her hand on Gwen and shuttles her away.  Gwen tells Will what Iris did.  Will gives Gwen a locket for their baby’s picture.  Maddie starts to say her goodbyes to Henry and Vienna realizing she has already made her decision.  Dusty asks for another room so Lily can stay in his.  Gwen clutches her stomach in pain.  Emily comes back to town to find Holden drowning his sorrows because Dusty is upstairs with Lily. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget eases Brooke into her house and warns her about the painkillers. Doctor’s orders, don’t drive and do anything more strenuous than eating chicken soup. Brooke repeats to Bridget what she told Ridge and how he feels about her being the mother of Taylor’s baby. Brooke doesn’t intend to give up on Ridge though. Ridge opens the door, stunned to see his mother standing there. He tells her there is nothing for her here. No forgiveness…..she comes in anyway. He lambastes her for running away instead of confronting Brooke. She admits she couldn’t run anymore, she had to meet things head on. He says that she is mistaken if she thinks time can heal all wounds. He will definitely never forget her part in Brooke’s rape. Empty promises - that’s what he thinks of Stephanie’s statement that she won’t interfere anymore in his choice between Ashley or Brooke. She wants to see Brooke and apologize. Sternly, he warns her to stay away from Brooke, don’t go anywhere near her. Felicia tells her dad if he calls it off right now with Donna, everything will go back to normal. He warns her to stay out of this, he won’t listen to this. He has to make a choice but until Stephanie apologizes to Brooke, he’s not even going to talk to her anymore.

Eric drops in on Brooke and tells her that Stephanie is back. Brooke is adamant that she doesn’t want to see that woman again. She knows her words would only be hollow and she really wouldn’t mean them. She doesn’t know what she would do if she saw her standing there right now. Eric promises he will keep her away. Stephanie tries to explain to Ridge that she only wants to make amends; there must be something she can say or do. He argues that Brooke is now traumatized and she is like a time bomb, there is no way she can heal with Stephanie around. Leave her alone! Brooke is on the phone with Ridge who is issuing a warning about Stephanie. She thinks Eric is back at the door for a forgotten folder, but it turns out to be Stephanie. She comes on in despite Brooke throwing the folder at her and shouting for her to get out. Stephanie repeats over and over how sorry she is to a wild-eyed Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle and Philip make love. Belle panics when she knocks over a vase and throws Philip out of her room. Shawn tells Hope about his suspicions of Philip getting him kicked out of the academy. Hope advises Shawn to get proof before confronting Philip. Shawn spots Philip leaving Belle’s room and confronts him where Philip gloats about being in love with Belle. Hope heads up to Belle’s room and finds the room in disarray. Hope can tell something happened between Belle and Philip and demands the truth out of Belle.

Lucas and Sami disagree at first on whether to run another DNA test on the twins. Marlena takes Lucas’ side but Lucas chooses to then side with Sami. Marlena later convinces Sami to allow the test. Lucas accuses Kate of prompting EJ’s claim that he fathered one of the twins. Hospital staff overhears Lucas threaten EJ.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alexis suggests that Sam might want to discontinue her relationship with Lucky while the divorce and custody issues are going on, but she refuses. Whether Lulu living with someone in the midst of a mob war or being involved with Logan is worse is confounding to Tracy and Luke. Alan is also worried that if Luke gets into the war, Tracy will die and they'll both be condemned to haunt the rest of the family for all eternity. Elizabeth and Lucky abruptly turn reasonable, with him ceding custody to her and she allowing him unlimited visitations. A very befuddled Spinelli agrees to father Robin's child. Hearing a new orderly singing a particular song ticks Epiphany off royally.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh and Cassie are excited to going to their first fertility appointment. The doctor tells them that Cassie must first undergo a procedure, minor operation to remove scar tissue from her uterus. Cassie wants to do it right away. As she comes out of surgery and is delirious Cassie accidentally tells Beth tat Alan is the father of her baby. Beth is upset and goes to josh and Rick. They lie and blame it on the medicines used during surgery. When the results of the procedure come back, Cassie makes a startling decision. She doesn’t want to have another baby, she wants to get Will back. Whatever Cassie wants Josh agrees to go along with. He thinks bringing Will home to Springfield is a great idea though it may be tricky from the legal standpoint.

Josh calls Reva to enlist her and Jeffrey’s help in the legal matters. Reva agrees to get Jeffrey on it as soon as he returns to town.

Cassie calls Will to let him know she has some exciting news and will be visiting very soon. Cassie is anxiously awaiting the return of her son. For the first time in months Cassíe is really happy and beginning to have faith again. Will plays alone in a garage like area where he is met by his Uncle Edmund, apparently his only friend in the world. Edmund promises to get them both home to see Cassíe just as soon as he can. But for now he doesn’t want Will to tell Cassíe that they are talking.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr, Cole and Markko are at school when Langston hurries in and asks for their help. Dorian is on the phone and becomes very annoyed that they put her through hoops. Blair asks her if there is any progress. The police arrest Michael for perjury. John asks to see the arrest warrant. Viki catches on to waiting tables in Paris, Texas. Nash and Jessica play loud music and awaken Jared from a sound sleep. Renee, Clint, and Nora reminisce over some old pics. Jessica lets Jared know that they are going to throw a Halloween party. Clint tells Renee that the lawyer wants to set up a time to hear Asa’s last will and testament. Jared gets dressed and leaves the house. When Natalie calls Viki, she lies as to where she is. The social worker arrives at Dorian’s home and tells them that Langston had disappeared from the children’s home. As Starr takes Langston home to Dorian’s, she runs into the social worker. Dorian suggests to Blair that she be Langston’s foster mother. Blair has doubts at the time. When the social worker tries to take Langston away, Blair steps up and agrees to be Langston’s foster mother. Langston has her doubts about this situation. Michael begs John to let Marcie go with Tommy if he finds her. Michael is taken away to jail. John and Todd hit the road in pursuit of Tommy. John reveals that he has a lead as to where Marcie and Tommy might be.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon are at the hospital with Noah, who will be okay, but has to have his spleen removed. Colleen arrives at the accident site. Victoria's purse is found in the rubble. Meanwhile, Victoria and Adrian are trapped together. Victoria tells him she can feel the baby moving around. The rescue workers now have cameras and microphones to drop into the rubble to see if they can spot anyone. A body is found, it's Joe, the crooked supervisor. The cameras are dropped in and Victoria and Adrian are spotted! They say they are fine. The workers say they have to get them out as the methane gas is starting to build up to a dangerous level. Just then, there is an explosion. Workers go flying everywhere and rescue operations are ordered to be stopped. That doesn't stop Victor who runs into the hole with an oxygen tank. He manages to find Jack and gets him out. Victoria and Adrian are okay except that Adrian has a piece of metal stuck in his leg. When JT sees Victor come out, he rushes in to find Victoria. He pulls them out. Just when Victoria emerges and it looks like she is finally safe, a piece of rock comes falling down and hits her in the face, knocking her over. She goes tumbling down a pile of rubble and lies unconscious.

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