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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Aidan share another night of blissful lovemaking, but in the morning she reveals to Aidan her plans to have a child by Ryan. Aidan is skeptical as to why Greenlee would want to have Ryan’s child after their history together. Greenlee still insists that she wants to have a child. Aidan promises to help her find her missing embryos. Zach encourages Kendall to focus on their children and give up on this vendetta against Greenlee. Kendall sees through Zach’s little ploy and wonders what he is up to. Krystal wakes up with a start and finds herself in Adam’s bed. She hurriedly gets up and gets dressed. Adam tries to talk to her, but Krystal insists that they have too many heartaches between them that they could never start over. J.R. insists to Amanda that they are headed for fame and fortune. Tad becomes apprehensive when Krystal hadn’t come home all night and hadn’t even called to check on Jenny. Julia tries to give Tad some helpful advice concerning Krystal. After talking to Stuart, Adam realizes that Krystal still loves him. Krystal arrives home and lets Tad know that she has something to tell him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden picks up carry-out from Al’s for Luke who is enjoying his first night at home. Lily feels Holden is keeping Luke from her to punish her. Holden denies that he has any intent on punishing Lily but he is rude and short with her limiting the time she spends at the farm with Luke. Dusty is on hand every time Lily turns around to be the friend that she needs. Finally admitting complete defeat Lily asks to stay with Dusty her only friend. Seeing that Lily is in a bad place emotionally dusty lets her crash in his room.

Luke pulls the truth about his parents failing marriage from Faith. Luke confronts Holden and asks his father’s forgiveness of Lily. Luke warns, you had better make up with Lily or you will lose her.

Craig and Rosanna wheel and deal. Rosanna doesn’t want to relinquish ownership of Montgomery Enterprises until Meg actually gives birth. Craig blackmails Rosanna into going ahead and dropping the litigation over the company. Paul over hears after he just walked away from Meg and telling her that he will never be with her if she has Craig’s child. When Paul becomes angry and suspects Rosanna of working with Craig Rosanna ends their engagement.

Rosanna leaves the house angry and driving for the first time since coming out of the coma. Paul calls her and fears for her safety. He sets out to find Rosanna just in time to witness her crash. Paul is frightened and worried for Rosanna. Rosanna comes to. Paul is so grateful he didn’t lose her again. He has a renewed sense of who it is he is in love with. Paul makes her promise to marry him ad he promises she is the only person he loves.

Meg is very upset about being tossed aside by Paul earlier. Craig tries to lift her spirits by doting on her but it doesn’t work. When Craig mentions Rosanna gave him back the company Meg questions what Craig did to make her do that. Craig defends himself and lies. Craig vows to be completely committed to making Meg and their baby the happiest in the world.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge keeps questioning Brooke about why the doctor referred to Taylor’s baby has ‘her” little boy? But I guess he would with Brooke’s blood now flowing through his veins. Slowly she manages to explain there was a mix-up some time ago and she is the egg donor. Taylor may have carried him, but that is her DNA. Ridge still considers it and can't get past that it is half Brooke, half Nick. Then Brooke reminds him that before the phone call to do this, Ridge was about to commit himself to her again. Tell her that hasn’t changed? Stephanie stops at Brooke’s door thinking about what Andy did to Brooke. She is accosted by Donna who chides her about looking for the key to the door….no can’t do that, Andy took it! She tells Stephanie to save her breathe, her sister will NEVER forget this or forgive her.

Nick keeps convincing a doubting Taylor that Brooke simply was the egg donor; they are the boy’s parents and he sees the future as Marone’s. They need a name. He proposes Hayes Hamilton Marone, giving it his last name and her family’s name. They decide on her choice – Jack after his mother and her father. Nick likes it – Jack Hamilton Marone it is. Donna tells Stephanie that she better watch out for the temperature, she is about to be burned. She mentions Brooke and Ridge, but obviously is meaning herself and Eric as well. Brooke asks Ridge not to pull away from her. This is complicated, but it is not insurmountable. She is not going to let him slip away from her again.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn enters the church after Belle pushes Philip away but can tell that something happened between them. Philip convinces Belle that they should get back together. Shawn’s entrance into the academy is postponed when the board learns of his breach of custody agreement with Claire. Shawn wants to confront Philip.

EJ approaches Lucas about raising the twins as his own children but Lucas wants nothing of the sort. Lucas gets Bo and Abe to let him handcuff EJ to a booth in the pub to keep him away from Sami when she’s giving birth. Sami and Lucas decide to name the boy twin John Roman in honor of Sami’s stepfather and after a complicated delivery with the girl twin, both are born safe and healthy. EJ unscrews the pole on the booth to get free and he and Kate barge in on Sami moments after the twins are born. EJ comments on how the babies don’t look alike.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

For the first time, possibly, Carly expresses concern that she and her boys might be paying too high a price for her initial involvement with Sonny. Then, she feels the need to once more warn Jason away from Liz. After that, Lulu arrives to discuss the fact that Logan just broke up with her, for her own good. Carly suspects it's a ploy. Someone blows up one of Sonny's warehouses. Shortly after Sam comes home and Lucky dumps his divorce/custody woes on her, the two go to bed together. Anthony Zacchara goes on a rant when he sees Johnny, wondering why the boy is always leaving him, stating that he's all that Anthony has left, and why didn't he die instead of his mother? Sonny warns Trevor that no one will take Port Charles from him. When he's alone with Kate, Sonny worries that in twenty years, he will be Zacchara, because of his own bi-polar condition. Spinelli and Carly want Jason to stop Lulu from seeing dangerous men. After Lucky goes to investigate the fire, Jerry arrives and warns Sam that if she does not cooperate, police business could get very dangerous in Port Charles. Zacchara wants to know all there is to know about Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cyrus sustains a bad blow to the head from Griggs when he attempts to break free from his captor. Alone in an abandoned room and building Cyrus begins to se visions of Marina that encourages him to pull it together so the can be together at last. Also in Cyrus’ mind he is haunted by Harley who lectures him on lying about the stolen account codes.

Marina is close to a meltdown as she and Frank argue over saving Cyrus’ life. Marina swears she will never forgive Frank if he lets Cyrus die. Frank can’t move past his hate for Cyrus to help mend his daughter’s broken heart.

Aunt Harley is standing by and is aware of the real person Cyrus is. Harley agrees to help when Marina is too weak to search for her lost love. Harley remembers tips that Cyrus gave her about Griggs and locates Cyrus. Before they can escape Griggs returns and now has Harley and Cyrus as his hostages.

Reva wants to help Daisy begin healing from the traumatic week she has had. The first way is for Rafe and Daisy to talk. Unfortunately they encounter the judgment of Natalia who treats Daisy as if she is trash. Reva speaks alone with Natalia and has had enough of her saint like attitude. Natalia is faced with the hypocritical truth that she has been sinning some herself since coming to Springfield. Natalia feels bad about herself.

Gus returns home cheerful. He has decided it is time for him and Natalia to start dating and make an honest effort of being a family. The news Natalia has waited months to hear has come too late. Natalia has promised herself she is going to live a better life. She is not going to have sex until she is married.

Reva is overwhelmed by all that has been happening with Daisy. She has been there for everyone but no one has been on hand for her. Reva tearfully calls Jeffrey telling him that she misses him and wants him to come home.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Sarah comes into the Capricorn Club per Cristian’s request. He makes up some lame excuse for getting her there at that time of morning. Sarah sees through his little ploy and accuses him of being jealous that she and Jared had shared. Nash and Jessica come up with a ploy to get Jared out of their home, but it seems to backfire on them when their other two poker players leaves. Nash challenges Jared to a poker game to regain sole ownership of the house and vineyard. Jared lets them know that nothing will stop him from going out with Sarah. Todd sneaks into Blair’s bedroom to pack his things to go to search for Tommy with John and Michael. Todd and Blair share a passionate kiss good-bye. Natalie barges in on Miles and tells him what has been going on over to Jessica’s and Nash’s and Jared barging in on them. Miles sees through Natalie’s reactions to the situation and accuses her of having feelings for Jared. Natalie denies what Miles is saying as the truth. John and Marty also share a passionate good-bye. Todd soon arrives. Michael lets Roxy know that he had known for quite awhile that Tommy was really Todd’s son. Michael calls John and lets him know that he is ready to go. John, reluctantly, lets Michael know that Todd had just arrived also. As they get ready to leave, the Llanview Police arrive and place Michael under arrest for perjury. Todd whispers to John that Michael will not be accompanying them on their little road trip.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jack continues to make his way through the rubble. He seems to be losing hope and when he finds a flyer for the casino, he takes a pen out of his pocket and writes Sharon a letter, telling her how much he loves her and how much she means to him. Victor, Nikki, Paul and Neil wait for word on more survivors. Amber makes her way out of her car, screaming and talking to herself the whole time. Meanwhile Cane, JT and Katherine are trapped together. Katherine has injured her arm and Cane makes a sling for her out of his jacket. Cane and JT climb up an elevator shaft to try and get out and get help for Katherine. After they leave Amber comes across Katherine and stays with her, distracting her from the pain she is in. They share a nice moment as Katherine tells Amber that she reminds her of herself. Jill has arrived at the site looking for Cane and Katherine. JT and Cane get out. Cane lies to the rescue workers and tells them he has more experience at this sort of thing and they need to let him help go get Katherine. They get Katherine and Amber out and Jill and Katherine exchange I love you's. There is still no sign of Victoria.

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