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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie, Spike and Emma are trapped on the elevator. Annie tries to call Ryan, but gets a bad connection and cannot hear a word that he says to her. Ryan soon rescues them off the elevator. Greenlee bumps into Zach at the hospital. They soon begin to argue as usual. Julia lets Greenlee know that it will be a little while before she can see the doctor. Greenlee and Julia have a chat about fertility clinics and how embryos are stored. Aidan catches Kendall in Greenlee’s apartment . When Aidan begins to question Kendall about why she is there, Kendall lies and makes up every excuse that she can think of to keep from telling Aidan why she is really there. Zach questions Kendall as to the contents of the contents of the shopping bag that she has in her possession. Ryan and Annie take Emma to the hospital to have her stomach pumped to check if there were any toxins in the brownie that she had eaten that Richie had given her. Richie asks Lily if he can join her at her table at the Yacht Club. They get into a conversation. Lily lets him know that she is making wedding plans for her sister, Ava, who is marrying her ex-husband, Jonathan .

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul finds Craig with Rosanna, but they cover. Meg takes a pregnancy test. Katie is shocked to hear Jack’s admit to sleeping with Carly. Brad is angry with Carly’s silence about her getting better. Carly pleads for more time and also convinces Brad that if he tells Katie, she and Jack will believe he was involved in this too. Katie wants answers from Jack about why he would sleep with Carly. Jack promises that he was saying goodbye, but Katie is convinced now more then ever that he has not gotten over Carly and this proves it. She will always play second best to Carly. Katie admits to Jack that he mumbled that he loved Carly when he was in the explosion. She can’t go through this anymore as she tells Jack she is ending it. Meg finds out she is pregnant. Holden lets it slip to Meg that he and Lily are separated. Meg doesn’t want to face that she is pregnant, but Craig finds her thrown out test. He sets things up for Rosanna and Paul to go to the Lakeview where he is meeting Meg. Rosanna manipulates Paul into coming with her to the Lakeview where Craig will be with Meg. Jack tells Brad and Carly that he lost Katie. Katie tells Tom that she wants to start annulment proceedings, as Margo tries to talk her out of it. Carly tells Jack something has changed in Montana in respect to her health. Jack thinks she is saying this to help him get back with Katie. Carly tells him that she got her miracle. Craig toasts to he and Meg’s pregnancy in front of a shocked Paul and secretly thrilled Rosanna. Paul texts Meg to meet him now. Katie tells Brad that she is getting an annulment and then proceeds to ask Brad to hold her because she doesn’t know what she would do without him, as Brad stops himself from admitting the truth. Jack and Carly grow closer, as he admits to her that they are tied to one another no matter what. Paul asks Meg if she is pregnant? Is it Craig’s? Meg can’t manage to answer him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor rails on Brooke and wants her to get out – don’t dare go near her baby or try to take it away from her. All of this because of some stupid clerical error! However, Brooke assures her that nothing has changed, she is not going to claim the baby. Eric listens as Stephanie tries to explain she was only trying to help her grandchildren; she never knew or intended for Brooke to be raped. He lets her know if she came back for sympathy, she has come to the wrong house. Donna is hiding and listening from the terrace. It’s not that simple, explains Eric, and until Stephanie accepts full responsibility, there is no “us”. Ridge’s issues with Nick clouds his judgment at being overjoyed at the birth of the baby. Then he’s amazed when he gets a phone call from the hospital that Brooke will not be released tonight; he heads there right away. And is even more amazed when he is told Brooke’s bone marrow was donated to the Marone baby.

With Nick’s help, Taylor calms down, but she still has doubts that Brooke will feel this way a week from now or a year or ten years. Stephanie begs Eric to give her one more chance. He tells her that he has changed too while she was gone and he’s making no promises. She only hears what she wants to hear and heads out to make amends with Brooke….tonight before it is too late. Donna tells Eric that she heard everything and that Stephanie still has hopes for their marriage, but life is a banquet and it’s all right there in front of him if he wants it. Ridge talks to Brooke in the hospital and is blown away that she helped Nick and Taylor’s baby. Then unbeknownst to the doctor that Ridge is in bathroom getting Brooke a glass of water, Dr. Caron comes in and praises Brooke for being so courageous for her baby boy. Ridge asks what this means – her baby boy?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Tyler/Pocket is diagnosed with a genetic disorder affecting his digestion that mimics poisoning. Steve and Kayla are cleared of all wrongdoing. Kayla convinces Philip to consider letting the current foster parents adopt Tyler/Pocket. Bo tries to convince Shawn to give up joining the force but Shawn reminds Bo of how his parents felt when he decided to join the force. Philip professes his love for Belle and they kiss just as Shawn walks in. Marlena and Belle argue with Sami about marrying EJ until Belle begins to take Sami’s side. Sami goes into labor while visiting Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric rescues Trevor from Jason. Despite what Patrick thinks, Liz won't stop Lucky from fathering a child with Robin if he wants that. The two then discuss relationship issues. Sonny realizes that Zacchara is a two carat nut when he gets in to see the man and that Trevor's been running things for years. So, he goes to the man himself as the show ends. First, Carly lays down the law to Logan, then has a heart to heart with Lulu. Kate and Jax talk about his desire for a child with Carly and the potential problems with infertility she might have. Logan decides to break up with Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Harley finally lays eyes on Marina. Marina is weak and disoriented at this point. Harley feels her first matter of business should be to get Marina to the hospital. There is a hiccup. Cyrus who had been arrested by Frank arrives in cuffs. A dirty police officer that was on Griggs' payroll delivers the con-man. Cyrus speaks alone with Griggs and returns. It is safe for Harley to leave with Cyrus. Harley promises to come back for Cyrus. Little does Harley and Marina know Cyrus gave himself to Griggs who was hiding in exchange for Marina and Harley to be safe. Frank is so relieved to see Marina he forgets all charges he had planned to slap on Alexandra.

Alan bails Rafe out of jail. Rafe finds an ally once again in his grandfather. Rafe still isn’t willing to let go of his anger. Gus tries to talk to him but it is no use. Natalia needs some TLC as well. She decides she is at a loss with her son and life and seeks refuge at the church. Gus locates her and promises he will help Natalia and their son get through their hard times. Daisy waits for some contact from Rafe but it never comes. Daisy was the one who caught Gus up to speed on what has been happening.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nash and Jessica are wondering how they can get Jared out of their home, their company and their lives. He goes to Capricorn and gets into a friendly conversation with Sara. They take an instant liking for each other and they kiss. Both Natalie and Cristian watch and reveal they might be jealous. They warn Sara that she should beware of Jared. She tells them she respects the fact that Jared is unafraid to go out and make things happen for himself without being dependent upon nepotism, the way both Natalie and Cristian apparently are. Marcie is on the run with Tommy. A cop stops her. She wonders what he wants and what will happen. But after a long line of questioning, he seems to buy that she is Penny with her son Aaron and just tells her she needs to get some rest for the night and should check into a motel. John, Michael and Todd are all wondering what they need to do in order to find Marcie and Tommy. Viki has surprisingly been working as a waitress in a Texas truck stop for the last two months. We see how it happened. She randomly booked a flight to Tulsa, wound up going to the restaurant to eat and getting into a conversation with a waitress and her manager. And she concluded that maybe she needs a change in her life. So when she overhears that they are short-handed and worried about the success of their business, she concludes that they should give her a chance to contribute and help them. And she gets the job as a waitress.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon refuse to leave the accident site until Noah is found. Lauren borrows Paul's phone to call Michael, who can barely hear her before the phone goes dead. Michael, Gloria and Kevin head up to the site. Lauren blames herself for them all being trapped. Phyllis is able to reach Nick on the phone. She is on edge, not really knowing what is going on. Neil and Brad arrive and take David with them to see if they can spot Victoria. They aren't sure if she was in the building or not. Neil also issues a statement to the press. Kevin builds a website to update people on what is going on. Maggie seems jealous when Paul comforts Lauren, who has a panic attack. Jack is shown still trapped under the rubble. Lauren, Paul and Maggie tend to Noah, who seems to be getting worse. Finally they see the rescuers bringing someone out, and it's Noah, along with Paul, Lauren and Maggie. Daniel finds out that Amber had gone to Clear Springs too. Katherine is shown waking up inside the building.

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