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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Richie goes on his job interview and finds out that the man interviewing him is none other than Ryan. Ryan gives him three options: one is working for him: two is a check that he can take the money and run, and thirdly, Ryan pulls out a gun out of his desk drawer. At first, Richie refuses his job offer. Zach comes to visit Annie to bring her some things for Spike and for Annie. Greenlee hints around to Kendall that Spike may have a brother or sister before long. Kendall begins to question her as to what she means, but Greenlee is very evasive and will not tell her anything .Krystal accuses Adam of giving Richie a job in order to keep him in Pine Valley. Adam refuses even knowing Richie Novak. Jonathan meets with a party planner at the Yacht Club to plan a party for Ava in honor of their engagement. Ava arrives sporting a large cowboy hat and a bandana over her hair. Jonathan is surprised to see her like this. J.R., Amanda and others in the club can’t keep their eyes off Ava. Amanda tries to make J.R. admit that he wants Ava. Adam and Krystal bring up old hurts. Adam and Krystal are soon involved in a passionate embrace. Richie accepts Ryan’s job offer. After leaving Kendall, Greenlee goes to the hospital to find out more about embryos. Greenlee runs into none other than Zach, Emma comes downstairs, complaining with a tummy ache. Emma reveals to Annie that Richie had given her a brownie and had told her not to tell Annie. Annie takes both Emma and Spike out of the condo. They get stuck on the elevator. Kendall goes to Greenlee’s apartment and is surprised when she is confronted by Aidan.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Jack lies in Carly’s arms in Montana filled with guilt and regret for sleeping with her while he was married to Katie. Meanwhile back in Oakdale Katie is undressed and on the bed with Brad. They are getting pretty hot and heavy. Brad calls an end to what is about to happen when Katie starts crying. She doesn’t want to hurt for Jack anymore. Instead of having sex Brad takes Katie out to dinner. Katie realizes, just because Jack still cares for Carly doesn’t mean he can’t love her too. Katie decides to just be there for Jack when he is ready and offer him all of her support.

Jack wants to leave Montana and come back to Oakdale. Carly is disappointed but she got what she came to Big Sky country for. Upon returning to Oakdale Jack is silent and angry. Carly tries to talk to him about it. Jack admits making love to her meant something to him. Katie calls and asks to meet. When she meets jack he tells her without delay that he slept with Carly. Brad rushes over to Carly’s to learn she got the guy. Brad hates himself for being suckered into Carly’s scheming and now Katie is going to be hurt as a result. Carly doesn’t se what’s so bad about it.

Rosanna is busy as a bee making plans for her wedding to Paul. She wants Paul to be more involved and keeps asking if this is what he really wants. Paul lies and tells her it is but then he goes to meet Meg in the woods. Meg is ready to commit her life and her love to Paul starting immediately. Paul feels he owes it to Rosanna to support her. He does want to be with Meg and loves her. Meg is excited, pressuring Paul to break the news to Rosanna. Craig goes to Rosanna asking that she back off all of the law suits. She refuses until Craig gets Meg pregnant. Meg realizes after looking at her calendar that she is late. Could she already be pregnant?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With only the divider curtain separating Taylor and Brooke in the hospital, Nick tells Taylor that she really shouldn’t be up and out of bed. She begs that she just wants to thank the donor mother for her baby. Only when the nurses come and roll the baby away does she change her mind and forgets about the mother. Eric and Donna play kissy-face in his home until he pulls back and she wonders what is wrong? Is it because of what Felicia said about her being in this house and with her father? He surmises this will be mild compared to what Stephanie will do when she comes back….and she will be back. She can’t be away from her children and this house for too long, they mean too much to her. Donna says but not him, she takes him for granted, has for years. He knows he has allowed it. She mentions he is still wearing his wedding band. She knows he has forgiven Stephanie for so many things in the past, but surely not this, not for Brooke’s rape. Ann drives up to Stephanie’s door. She doesn’t know what she did so unforgivable, but she’s moped around the last week in Chicago so surely Eric threw her out and now it’s time to face the firing squad. Only temporarily does Taylor put the birth mother out of her mind. She soon returns to the subject and insists she wants to see her. Reluctantly, Nick has to explain to her there was a mix-up in the lab and the original donor mother they picked is not the one that was used. When she insists, Taylor gets hysterical when she finds out the egg used and implanted in her was from Brooke. Such hatred in her eyes when she looks around and Brooke is there trying to comfort her.

Ann leaves Stephanie at the door, anxious to get back for her flight. Stephanie does thank her for putting up with her for the week. Eric and Donna hear a knock on the door; it’s Stephanie. Eric tells Donna to go out on the terrace, and not say a word. Stephanie acts like nothing has happened though Eric reminds her that a lot has happened since she has been gone. She knows about the company; glad he got it back; Marone caved. He states that a few ‘I’m sorry’ written on a piece of paper can’t make up for what she has done. He needed her to change. He was looking for a turning point this past year when it came out about her abuse from her father and her resentment toward her mother. She needs him to know and understand that what she did is an unforgivable mistake of bad judgment on her part. For what happened to Brooke, she is totally sorry and she asks him to please forgive her one more time. She will go to therapy, they will go to therapy, whatever he asks. Just do not let this be the end of them.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena throws Stefano out of John’s funeral but Stefano returns to pay his respects after everyone leaves. Kate privately remembers her love for John. Marlena returns home alone to remember her love for John while the rest of the family gathers at the pub. Shawn Sr. leads a toast to John as everyone flashes back through his or her memories of John. Bo, Roman, and Abe go over the evidence left at the crime scene. Bo uses John’s death to lecture Shawn about being careful while on duty. Marlena talks with Belle about how it feels to go from counseling grief stricken people to being grief stricken herself. Belle and Sami vow to stay with Marlena to help her through the grief but Marlena refuses to let them.

Kayla and Steve rush to the hospital when the foster parents bring Pocket in with the same symptoms. Steve demands that Philip apologize to Kayla for suspecting her but punches him when Philip refuses.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

The judge refuses to allow Lucky emergency guardianship of Jake. When Elizabeth and Lucky send the attorneys out of the room to try to talk, things go badly, and just as the discussion ends in tears, Logan arrives to ask Lucky for help finding Lulu. The whole divorce/custody situation sparks a discussion that verges on an argument between Emily and Nikolas. Very reluctantly, Kate tells Sonny where the Zacchara house is. Patrick and Robin can't stop arguing about her wanting a baby. Robin's request gives Jax a chance to tell Carly how much he loves her and wants to father THEIR baby; however, she's not quite ready. Lucky is floored when Robin invites him to be the father of her baby. Trevor asks Ric to put out an APB on Johnny so he can get the boy out of town. After leaving there, Jason grabs Trevor to ask where Johnny and Lulu are. Sonny gets into the Zacchara home to demand a meeting.

GL Recap Written by Dani

As Ashlee searches for Marina on the docks, she is scared. Griggs comes up from behind and knocks her out. Coop is waiting wondering why Ashlee stood him up when there was something so important on his mind. Coop decides to drown his sorrows in a booze bottle. He gets drunk and returns to his room unstable. Ava helps him into his room and is more than willing to be the support Ashlee has failed to be.

Marina begs Griggs to let Ashlee live and to leave her alone. Frank finds Ashlee lying unconscious after discovering her scribbling at the police station. Frank takes Ashlee to the ER where she is treated and released. Ashlee hurries to Coop’s room but it is too late. Coop is kissing Ava. Ashlee runs off. Just after Ashlee leaves without Coop’s knowledge, he pulls away from Ava and turns her down.

Harley and Cyrus force Alexandra to call Griggs. Griggs agrees to meet Harley, alone with the last payment. Harley is determined to follow Griggs' directions and go alone, though Cyrus is desperate to see Marina. When Alex learns Cyrus is going to follow Harley, she tips Frank off. Frank meets Cyrus at the door before he can leave. Griggs and Harley finally come face to face.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian assures Starr that she will have Langston back at La Boulaie by nightfall. Marcie, with false identities and a different car, she starts out on a new life for herself and Tommy. Viki e-mails her children to let them know that she will be staying in Paris a while longer. Natalie tries to convince Jared to accept a large cash settlement for his leaving town forever. Dorian ask Bo for his help in getting Langston away from child protective services. Ron is questioned by the FBI as to what he knows about Marcie and where she could be with Tommy. Langston takes comfort in a phone call from Markko. Dorian lets Langston know that she will always have a home with her. Jared introduces himself to Sarah. Blair and Marty arrive at the police station to lend moral support to Cole and Starr. Bo is unable to get Langston released from child protective services. Cristian and Natalie watch as Jared and Sarah share a kiss. Viki is revealed to be keeping a secret from her family. She is employed as a waitress in a diner in Paris, Texas.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nikki calls Victor to tell him what happened. He tells her to get away from the site but she refuses to leave until she sees Nick. Phyllis panics when she sees the news about Clear Springs on TV. She tries frantically to reach Nick or Jack but can't. She calls Victor and asks him to make sure she is informed of what's going on. Victor heads up to the site. Brad an Neil drive up together after hearing what has happened. Jack, Sharon and Nick are trapped together under the rubble. Sharon's leg is injured and Nick and Jack have to help her walk. Jack tells them that there is methane gas and there could be a leak which would kill them if they don't get out. They come to a dead end and realize the only way they can proceed is if one person stays behind to hold up a large slab of concrete (using a long piece of pipe) so the others can get through. Nick and Jack argue with Nick ending up going. Nick and Sharon say goodbye to Jack. They try to stay optimistic but speak like they may never see each other again. When they get out, they tell the rescuers that Jack is still in there. Meanwhile when Jack let Nick and Sharon through, more rubble fell on him and he tries to free himself. They find out that Noah wasn't safely out of the building like they thought but is inside. He and Paul made a 911 call and Noah is seriously injured, and still trapped. Noah is shown lying unconscious.

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